A special JOTW offer to JOTW “nedworkers” from Dave Van de Walle

A special JOTW offer to JOTW “nedworkers” from Dave Van de Walle


We're working on the launch of 12 Minute Marketing, and I wanted to reach out to your community first – since the JOTW readership has been so supportive of our webinars over the past three years. (Can't believe it has been that long!)

As Area 224 has grown into a training and consulting firm centered on Social Media, New Media and Strategic Communications, we've found that the number one struggle in-house marketers, small business owners and solo practitioners have with marketing is this: “what to do when.”

12 Minute Marketing breaks marketing into digestible chunks – and your time investment, every day, is (get this) 12 Minutes.

This is a premium service and it will not be inexpensive – we think spending 90 days with us (we are running “Fixed Term Memberships” of 3 months) is an investment that will pay dividends for any person who needs to learn what to do when to become a better marketer.

For your community, and only for the first 100 registrants, a 12 Minute Marketing subscription will be just $12 for the first month, with no obligation to continue. After 30 days, it's $112 for each of the next two months. Here's the link just for JOTW readers: http://12MinuteMarketing.com/subscribe

Again, this is a special offer just for JOTW. We are testing pricing and delivery of this premium service – and right now a retail price of $297 a month is where we're headed for the rest of the world.

Thanks, and I can't wait to see JOTW faces as 12 Minute Marketing members.



Dave Van de Walle

Area 224

Creators of 12 Minute Marketing and SEO Samurai

dave@area224.com | http://area224.com | @Area224

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