Your Very Next Step newsletter for November 2011

Your Very Next Step newsletter for November 2011

By Ned Lundquist

“A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world.”

– Oscar Wilde

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”

– Lao Tzu

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*** In this issue:

*** Connie Mayse in Switzerland

*** Pat Valdata has our rapt attention:

*** Travel news

*** Japan may give away 10,000 flights

*** Two Airlines Battle Mileage-Tracking Websites

*** Delta Cements LaGuardia Grip With Trade of Flight Slots

*** That's Ridiculous! Low-cost Airlines that Cost More

*** Scariest waves?

*** Greening Your Personal Life

*** Best Burgers in the U.S.? What do you think?

*** A Look Inside Oregon State's Bicycling and Driving Simulator Laboratory

*** Texas Master Naturalist Program

*** America's Coolest Coffeehouses

*** Trail / Outdoor / Conservation volunteer opportunities:

1.) Nature Area Volunteer Stewardship Days, Chicago Park District, Chicago, IL

2.) Volunteer Opportunity, Journey to Freedom, Karen Elephant Sanctuary Baan Mae Storb, Mae Jeam district, Chiang Mai, Thailand

3.) Volunteer, Upper Valley Trails Alliance, Norwich, VT

*** National Rail-Trail of the month:

Trail of the Month: November 2011

Florida's Seminole-Wekiva Trail

*** Travel/Adventure/Outdoors/Conservation employment opportunities:

1.) Manager, Marketing, Yakima Products, Inc., Beaverton, OR

2.) Event Services Manager, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Missoula, Montana

3.) Outdoor School – Market Outreach Specialist, REI, Various locations

4.) VICE PRESIDENT, COMMUNICATIONS, The Atlantic City Alliance, Atlantic City, NJ

5.) Graphic Designer, AmericanRec, Boulder, Colorado

6.) Instructor Positions, Ocala Outdoor Adventure Camp, Silver Springs, FL

7.) Director, Institute at the Golden Gate, Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy, Sausalito, California

8.) n Counselor, Camp Vega, Echo Lake, Fayette, Maine

9.) California State Director, American Conservation Experience, Santa Cruz, CA

10.) Archery Promotions Coordinator, Easton Technical Products, Salt Lake City, Utah

11.) Program Officer, Western Pacific Coastal and Marine Conservation, David and Lucile Packard Foundation, Los Altos, California

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*** Do you have a travel adventure to share?

Send me your stories and I’ll post in the “Your Very Next Step” and on the YVNS website (

*** From Connie Mayse:

Hi, Ned! . I went to Basel, Switzerland (the point at which France, Germany and Switzerland meet) on business, recording interviews and video content for an executive production. Spent a lot of time in the old town shooting B-roll.

I enjoyed Basel, walking many miles and becoming adept at trains and trams. Had great Turkish, French, Italian food (though not all at once) and some yummy Swiss chocolate and cheese (again, not all at once). My 31st wedding anniversary occurred during the trip, so I brought hubby along. It was he who pointed out that Coke and beer are the same price in Basel, and beer is often the better value!

The parts of the city in which I spent most of my time exuded a certain old-world charm and could have been located in any of a number of European cities. But there was one building in particular, the rathaus – city hall – on the Marktplatz. There could be no doubt that you're in Switzerland when you see the rathaus (photos enclosed).

One day our videographer set off down a street in the old town that literally teemed with people to capture a few shots of the bustling nature of the street, while I headed into a nearby Starbucks to get him a cuppa joe. When I came back, he was gone and we didn't see him again for nearly an hour. We finally tracked him down, gave him the lukewarm coffee, and he told us that he got wrapped up in “the next shot” – one after another, an interesting angle here, the play of light and shadow there – and must have been off in another world.

Basel charmed us our first night in town. The desk staff at the Hilton recommended a restaurant, Goldenen Sternen, on St Alban-Tan on the Rhine. To get there, we took a tram to the stop just before the river, then walked winding and hilly streets for several blocks. We passed courtyards that reminded us of New Orleans and entryways reminiscent of London.

Finally we found Goldenen Sternen. A group was having a dinner party in the little park out front. Inside, the restaurant was empty of patrons. The maitre d' led us through the house to a delightful courtyard, where we found everyone. The furnishings were upscale patio style, with an elaborate umbrella and awning system that covered almost every table. Large art installations decorated the walls of the building, with ivy growing into the exhibits.

The food was simply incredible. I enjoyed a carrot and ginger soup with crusty bread, followed by pumpkin ravioli, a large portion I could not finish, and I felt guilty about leaving it on my plate! Simply one of the best meals I have had ever, and decidedly among the most expensive. C'est la vie.

Basel is an interesting study in contrasts – old coexisting with new, young with old, old-world charm against a backdrop of American chain restaurants and local adaptations of “American” food – but one contrast really struck me as odd. The city is closely regulated and pretty darn clean, but graffiti is everywhere. Five tram routes run through the central train station, Banhof SBB, and all the cars are sparkling clean but one. Its exterior is painted flat white, and it's completely covered with tags – mostly amateurs, though. The true graffiti artists have prominently tagged the city. Either the city leaders have given up fightign it, or they now honor graffiti as art (and art is everywhere in Basel).

Basel is home to over 40 museums, including the pharmaceutical museum, the doll museum, the cartoon museum, the antique museum – you get the picture. I enjoyed the Historisches Museum Basel and the Kuntsmuseum (art museum), which had a terrific collection of masters – Monet, Cezanne, Picasso – and a surrealism exhibit – Dali, Miro.

I love to take pictures of interesting doors, and tracked one down in the street outside the Munster – a thousand plus year-old church. I looked at the date on the building – 1809, I think it was – and exclaimed “So this is a new building!” My colleagues were kind enough to laugh.

I hope I have the chance to return to Basel. There's so much more I'd like to see. Thanks for listening, my friend. Auf wiedersehen.

Connie Mayse

(See photos at

*** Pat Valdata has our rapt attention:

Ned, thanks for running a story about hawk watches in YVNS. I coordinate volunteers at the Turkey Point Hawk Watch in Elk Neck State Park here in Maryland. We’re about two hours north of D.C. and about 12 miles south of Exit 100 from I-95. It’s an easy 0.8 mile hike out to the site with a spectacular view of the upper Chesapeake at the two ends of the trail. Turkey Point is on a high bluff overlooking the confluence of the Elk, Northeast and Susquehanna Rivers, which merge to form the head of the Bay. We have hawk watch observers there every morning from Labor Day through Thanksgiving weekend. Our observers are happy to point out what’s overhead and to talk about the migration. We don’t get huge numbers as they do at Hawk Mountain or Cape May, but we get close-up views that those watches rarely see. We have especially good looks at Red-shouldered Hawks from October into November, and see 16 types of raptors, including Golden Eagles and Northern Goshawks. There is more information at

Elk Neck State Park is a great site for camping and hiking, and the nearby town of North East has good restaurants and shops that feature local crafts. Just a few miles east is the Fair Hill Nature Center, which has 80 miles of hiking trails. There’s also a large equestrian center there.



Patricia Valdata

*** Here’s the YVNS Travel News for October:

*** Now, Even the Cheap Seats on Airplanes Come With a Fee

*** Japan may give away 10,000 flights

The Yomiuri Shimbun reports (according to a translation):

The objective is to have the 10,000 tourists discuss their experiences online, and allow word-of-mouth reports to propagate about safe and hassle-free travel in Japan. Visitors will also fill out a questionnaire about how they feel about visiting Japan after the earthquake and any proposals they might have to renew interest in tourism. The Ministry will request $150 million in funding for this program.

Amtrak: more popular – and more at risk – than ever

*** From Bernie Wagenblast’s TCN News:

Two Airlines Battle Mileage-Tracking Websites

Ruckus Over Online Companies That Display Frequent-Flier Miles, Hotel and Rental Car Points in One Place

Who owns your miles, anyway?

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*** Delta Cements LaGuardia Grip With Trade of Flight Slots

*** That's Ridiculous! Low-cost Airlines that Cost More

*** Scariest waves?

Raging Seas – Terrifying Surf, Storm Surge and Rogue Waves!

*** Greening Your Personal Life

An easy-to-use, economical and understandable four-step approach for individuals to reduce their carbon footprint. Learn to make a greener difference!

(You will need to register for this recorded webinar by supplying your email address.)

*** Best Burgers in the U.S.? What do you think?

*** A Look Inside Oregon State's Bicycling and Driving Simulator Laboratory

Link to blog on

*** Texas Master Naturalist Program (

What is a Master Naturalist ? Someone who's NOT afraid of digging in the dirt and slogging through the mud while giving back to the community.


The natural Texas is home to all of us, no matter where in the state we live. The natural Texas, the real Texas, is still to be found all across out state – from the wilds of rural areas to the squirrels in a city park to a wildflower in our backyard.

But as Texas grows more urban, we hurry to keep up with the hectic pace of urban and even suburban life. And we don't take the time to notice, to enjoy, and ultimately conserve the natural resources around us.

Become a Certified Master Naturalist!

Through the Texas Master Naturalist volunteer program, you can help children and adults in your community learn about Texas's natural resources, inspire them to a new appreciation of their environment, and ensure that others will be able to enjoy the natural Texas for years to come.

In the Texas Master Naturalist program, you will enhance your love of nature with research-based, scientific knowledge. You will receive in-depth training in wildlife and natural resource management taught by recognized experts in the field and customized to focus on the native ecosystems of your home. You will also have the opportunity for advanced training in special subjects that interest you.

In return, you will provide your community with volunteer service in the form of educational activities, projects, or demonstrations. You might serve on a speakers bureau to make presentations to community organizations, or you might introduce children to local plants, insects, and animals through an after-school project. You might serve as a guide at a local nature center, or you might build trails or exhibits at a local park. The possibilities are endless, limited only by your imagination!

As a Texas Master Naturalist, you will be helping people appreciate the natural environment around their homes, while you enhance your own knowledge and skills. And, perhaps most satisfying of all, you will have a chance to build friendships and work with others who share your love of the natural Texas.

Dedicated to providing instruction and volunteer opportunities for adults who wish to educate their community and demonstrate beneficial management of natural resources in Texas.

There are some who can live without wild things, and some who cannot. …Like winds and sunsets, wild things were taken for granted until progress began to do away with them. Now we face the question whether a still higher 'standard of living' is worth its cost in things natural, wild, and free. For us of the minority, the opportunity to see geese is more important than television, and the chance to find a pasque-flower is a right as inalienable as free speech.” – Aldo Leopold, A Sand County Almanac

•Become a Certified Texas Master Naturalist

•Contact: Michelle Haggerty, 830-896-2504

*** America's Coolest Coffeehouses

*** Trail/Outdoor/Conservation volunteer opportunities:

1.) Nature Area Volunteer Stewardship Days, Chicago Park District, Chicago, IL

2.) Volunteer Opportunity, Journey to Freedom, Karen Elephant Sanctuary Baan Mae Storb, Mae Jeam district, Chiang Mai, Thailand

A special project created in a rural setting to allow the tribal keepers of elephants to remain in their villages and preserve their environment. One week option.

Operates Oct-Apr

3.) Volunteer, Upper Valley Trails Alliance, Norwich, VT

There are many ways you can help! From helping out at one of the Upper Valley Trails Alliance’s annual events to collecting trail data, UVTA offers a variety of opportunities to match your talents and interests.

Collect Trail Data

Build and Maintain Trails

Lake Morey Skate-A-Thon Event

Other Opportunities

Do you have other talents or skills that you’d like to volunteer? Let us know! If you have experience or interest in a particular area, UVTA could use your help with other activities that support the organization, such as:

Grant Writing

Graphic Design

Data Entry

Website/Technology Support


Envelope Labeling & Stuffing

Tabling at Community Events

*** National Rail-Trail of the month:

Trail of the Month: November 2011

Florida's Seminole-Wekiva Trail

When most people think of Orlando, they picture the Magic Kingdom. Disney World may be the magnet for most visitors to this central Florida metropolis, but if you're a trail enthusiast—or if you need an escape from Mickey and the gang—you'll find a wealth of rail-trails in the area worth exploring.

One of the most popular is the Seminole-Wekiva Trail, a 14-mile rail-trail north of town that not only offers a pleasant recreational outlet but provides a safe commuting route and a boost for the local economy—all while linking scenic areas and tracing part of the region's history.

A century before Disney World opened in 1971, central Florida was experiencing its first boom—as an important agricultural area. The removal of the state's Seminole Indian inhabitants and the end of the Civil War brought a wave of settlers to the area, drawn by its rich soil and warm climate. Citrus soon became the king of crops here, and growers needed fast, efficient means to move their harvests to markets.

In the 1880s, a Russian immigrant named Peter Demens took over a struggling, nascent railroad—the Orange Belt Railway—and laid tracks from Lake Monroe (north of Orlando) to the Gulf of Mexico. At the western end of the line, he helped establish a new seaport and named it after the city of his birth: St. Petersburg.

The 114-mile line was, at the time, one of the longest narrow-gauge railways in the world. Ownership of the railway changed hands several times during its early years, and subsequent owners converted the tracks to standard gauge. Trains continued to haul produce and passengers along these tracks until the 1970s, when the line finally succumbed to the rise of trucks and cars as the preferred means of shipping produce and tourists.

Thanks to the foresight and work of local citizens and government officials, sections of the former Orange Belt Railway have been turned into rail-trails during the past two decades. In the Orlando area, both the West Orange Trail and the Seminole-Wekiva lie on these historical tracks. These two rail-trails, together with the newer (and as yet incomplete) Cross Seminole Trail, form the backbone of the greater Orlando area's growing and increasingly interconnected multi-use pathways—a world-class resource often overshadowed by the region's heavily marketed theme parks.

The Seminole-Wekiva Trail—the name of which derives from both the native inhabitants and the nearby Wekiva River—travels through rural, residential and commercial areas as it passes through the communities of Altamonte Springs, Longwood, Lake Mary and Sanford. It also bisects a hi-tech corridor in Heathrow, with its office buildings, restaurants and hotels. By stitching together these living and working areas, the Seminole-Wekiva serves as an important transportation corridor for local residents, who take a majority of the 400,000 trips on this trail each year.

Despite its route through some heavily developed areas and its location in a sub-tropical climate, the trail manages to keep its cool, says Seminole County Greenways and Natural Lands Manager Bryan Nipe. “The majority of it is shaded with a canopy of trees, so in summer you can get out there when it's 100 degrees elsewhere. It provides a respite for people to get out and ride for health purposes or social or recreational purposes.”

The trail's proximity to the Wekiva River, a federally designated 'Wild and Scenic River,' also provides opportunities for viewing wildlife. “You'll see a pretty good variety of animals—deer, hawks, turkeys, eagles,” says Nipe. “I had a call the other day about a mother bear and her cubs crossing the trail—we've got a big population of black bears in the area, but they're pretty docile.”

In addition to this important aesthetic benefit, the trail provides a significant boost to the local economy, Nipe points out. As is nearly always the case with rail-trails, the Seminole-Wekiva has increased the value of existing properties adjacent to the trail. “We've also found that hotels tend to locate on or near the trail—because it allows their visitors to get out and exercise or walk to local restaurants or meeting spaces,” says Nipe.

It also has proven to be a lure for college teams that travel from northern states to hold soccer, softball, tennis and lacrosse tournaments in Florida, Nipe says. “One of the reasons we can outcompete neighboring counties and cities is that we have the trails,” he says. “It's a big draw—the folks visiting have the opportunity to get from parks located on trails back to their hotels without a vehicle.” These sports tournaments provide an annual $20 million boost to the local economy.

The Seminole-Wekiva has also helped pave the way for the development of other trails in the area, says Jorge Borrelli, a landscape architect and competitive cyclist who has lived in greater Orlando since 1987. “It was one of the first major trails in the county,” says Borrelli, whose firm helped design the path. “Now Seminole County is one of the leading counties in the state—if not the nation—in terms of trail development.”

Officials in Seminole County are working with their counterparts in other Orlando jurisdictions to link up various trails (including the Seminole-Wekiva) into a bicycle-and- pedestrian beltway of sorts: the 200-mile Central Florida Loop. “I'm excited about that and the momentum it's generated,” Borrelli says. “The main thing is to keep the funding coming and the vision of a statewide interconnected system alive.” Borrelli, an active equestrian, has a long history of partnering with Rails-to-Trails Conservancy (RTC) on dozens of successful trail projects throughout the state, including such iconic trails as the Pinellas Trail and the Florida Keys Overseas Heritage Trail.

Ironically, one of the main threats to future funding for both the Central Florida Loop and other rail-trail efforts around the country comes from this area: U.S. Representative John Mica, the congressman whose district includes Seminole County.

Rep. Mica, chair of the U.S. House of Representatives Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, is pushing to eliminate dedicated federal investment in trails, biking and walking. As committee chair, Mica one of the most influential leaders in federal transportation policy, yet his positions are out of step with his constituents. In recent months, local officials throughout his district have passed 10 resolutions supporting federal funding for biking and walking.

“It's a shame that our one-time champion, Mr. Mica, has cast trails aside for partisan politics,” says Ken Bryan, Florida state director for RTC. “Despite this abandonment, local governments such as Seminole, Volusia and Orange counties are stepping up to the plate to make this amazing trail system happen. It will serve as an economic engine for the region and ensure as many people as possible can safely walk and bicycle around their communities.”

*** Travel/Adventure/Outdoors/Conservation employment opportunities:

1.) Manager, Marketing, Yakima Products, Inc., Beaverton, OR

General Description: This position works closely with the Product Category Managers to develop and then manage the execution of critical trade and consumer go-to-market activities that support, improve and grow Yakima’s brand-reach and sell-through. This includes the creation and execution of the annual strategic marketing plan to deliver continuous improvement against key performance metrics. Areas include: PR, Social Media, advertising and media planning, strategic partnerships, consumer promotions, community building, retail training, marketing and merchandising. Other key aspects of this position contribute to achieving and sustaining the Yakima Strategic Business Plan and Initiatives, global competitive advantage, and profitable market growth strategy.

Scope & Responsibilities:

•Partner and collaborate with the Product Category Manager to create and execute the vision, strategy, and integration of critical go-to-market plans

•Develop and implement the annual marketing plan

•Develop, implement and administer the Seasonal Marketing Calendar

•Manage and grow the Yakima and Whispbar brands through the systematic application of consumer and trade marketing levers, including managing the design, development and implementations of: -Sales Support management: including trade shows, sales meetings, sell in tools -PR Strategy & Agency Management (Brand, Product, Corporate) -Social Media strategy and management: Facebook, twitter, You tube, brand blogs -Advertising and Media planning: Trade and consumer, including digital, print or other media vehicles -Strategic Partnership: strategy, relationship and planning -Community Building: non-profit sponsorships -Retail Marketing: Training, Merchandising, Support -Team Sponsorships/endorsements -Consumer promotions and collateral

•Responsible for budget administration and financial reporting

•Manage, coach and develop direct reports


•College Education: BS or BA Degree from an accredited college/university in Business, Marketing or related field required

•MBA or MS/MA in a related field preferred

•Minimum five (5) years experience in brand marketing management or marketing communications managing Advertising (digital, print), Media planning, Social Media, PR, Retail marketing or merchandising, Strategic partnership and event execution

•3-5 years experience working closely with staff from Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Product Development and Purchasing, completing and managing projects with minimal oversight and against aggressive timelines

•3-5 years experience in effectively prioritizing and managing work

•Previous knowledge and understanding of outdoor and automotive accessory industry preferred

•Written and Oral Skills: English mandatory

•Advanced knowledge of business computer applications (MS Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, etc.) required

•Excellent leadership, management, and supervisory skills

•Ability to cooperatively interact and communicate well with inter-departmental personnel

•Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail

•Excellent verbal and written communication skills

•Demonstrate the ability to be flexible, accept new ideas and input positively, and be open to new work approaches and processes

•U.S. citizen or must possess valid INS Green Card

•Must possess a valid passport and ability to travel internationally without restrictions

•Must possess a valid U.S. driver’s license with no major violations within the last five (5) years

Physical Requirements:

•Able to sit and work at a computer keyboard for extended periods of time

•Able to perform general office and administrative duties: copying, filing, using a telephone, etc.

•Able to stoop, kneel, crouch, bend, at the waist and reach on a daily basis

•Able to safely lift and move up to 50 pounds occasionally

•Must be able to work overtime and/or weekends as required

•Travel as required: approximately 25% of time domestic and 10% international

•Must be able to travel domestically and/or internationally via commercial carrier

Compensation: DOE Comprehensive benefit package provided No paid relocation

To apply for this position please submit your resume and salary requirements to:

2.) Event Services Manager, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Missoula, Montana

The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation seeks an experienced individual to coordinate all aspects of our National Convention and other divisional and localevents/meetings. Ideal candidate will possess excellent interpersonal, organizational, communication, and public relations skills. Ability to develop, administer, and achieve annual event budgets is critical. College graduate or equivalent experience preferred with a minimum of three years experience in the event planning industry required. Position located in Missoula, MT. Email cover letter and resume to by 12/16. RMEF is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Job Summary:

The Event Services Manager is responsible for coordinating all aspects of RMEF’s non-BGB events including National, Divisional, and local events where requested. Specific examples include National Convention, Habitat Council, Board, State & Regional Chair, Field Staff meetings, and divisional fundraising receptions.

Essential Functions:

1. Responsible for overall direction, tone, and level of customer satisfaction for RMEF’s National Convention, other national and regional events, and meetings.

2. For the National Convention, this position is responsible for researching and corresponding with targeted cities to hold future events under the direction of the VP of Fundraising Services. This position is also responsible for the site selection of meetings and other events working closely with the appropriate staff members.

3. For the National Convention, work with ISE to facilitate and efficiently manage our partnership including scheduling conference calls and ensuring appropriate communication.

4. Help with booth sales, implement exhibitor seniority lists, exhibit hall floor plan, pricing strategy, exhibitor kit, and track donation credits for the National Convention and other events as necessary.

5. Develop, administer, and achieve annual budgets in coordination with the appropriate department for all events/meetings this position coordinates.

6. Work closely with each department on all logistics for events and meetings. This includes all travel arrangements, site selection, agendas, promotional materials, catering menus, room setups, equipment requirements, speaker/entertainment, cost control, and other logistics.

7. Maintain listing of RMEF events on the website when appropriate.

8. Solicit and analyze feedback from events, adjusting plans as needed.

9. Oversee registration process as appropriate including on-site registration for events.

10. Work with Marketing staff and other staff as necessary on advertising and promoting events through direct mail and media options.

11. Help plan, organize and direct the annual World Elk Calling Contest and other Elk Calling contests at events.

Supervision of Others:

This position may be responsible for supervising temporary support staff and volunteers who are assisting with an event.

Additional Responsibilities:

1. Solicit members to volunteer during the events as needed and coordinate activities.

2. Other duties as assigned.

Education and Experience:

College graduate (Marketing, Management, Business) or equivalent experience preferred. A minimum of 3 years experience in the event planning industry required. Experience should include scheduling and managing meetings and facilities.

Job Requirements

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities:

1.Knowledge of RMEF’s mission, goals, organizational structure, and activities.

2.Experience in negotiating with hotels and convention centers. Basic knowledge of contracts and legal requirements involved in contracts.

3.Strong interpersonal skills and professionalism with the ability to work constructively with a wide variety of entities.

4.Ability to effectively lead volunteers and staff providing direction and motivation.

5.Ability to establish and fulfill long-term goals, to develop and implement programs that are cohesive, progressive, and that are mission oriented.

6.Ability to develop and manage a budget. Fiscal responsibility.

7.Must have the ability to be creative and initiate positive change.

8.Strong written and verbal communication skills are necessary. Must also be well versed at public speaking.

9.Knowledge of department regulations and policies and other office procedures.

10. Excellent computer knowledge of Microsoft Office and some data base experience.

11. Ability to organize and prioritize numerous tasks and complete them under time constraints, working at a fast pace and remaining accurate. Ability to work at a high level of mental effort when performing various tasks.

12. Ability to be flexible with changing priorities and to handle stressful situations in a constructive fashion.

13.Demonstrate professionalism and a positive approach to work.

14. Ability to provide excellent customer service and constructively resolve customer complaints.

Physical Demands:

The employee must sit or stand for long periods of time; use a computer terminal; reach forward and to the side; bend from both standing and sitting position; life items weighing various pounds including some heavy lifting. This position requires substantial travel and at times for an extended period. Work will occasionally require more than the standard number of hours per week to perform essential duties of the position and require occasional irregular hours both during the week and on weekends.

The above is intended to describe the general content of, and requirements for the performance of the job. It is not to be construed as an exhaustive statement of essential functions, responsibilities or requirements.


Email Address:

3.) Outdoor School – Market Outreach Specialist, REI, Various locations

Job Description:

work hard to earn our reputation for quality and integrity every day. Our commitment remains the same as when we started out in 1938: to inspire, educate and outfit for a lifetime of outdoor adventure. Combine your passion with your work! Inspire, lead, and educate!

Join our Outdoor Programs & Outreach team where you will find supportive leadership, a committed staff and an engaging work culture.


The primary function of the Market Outreach Specialist (MOS) is to coordinate multi-store-market educational, volunteer and event programming to ensure effective communication of these programs to customers and staff. The Market Outreach Specialists works closely with individual store Outreach Specialists and Outdoor School staff to coordinate resources, schedules and communication requirements. Specific responsibilities include:

• Align with and support the annual Outdoor Programs & Outreach Plan

• Schedule the multi-store market in-store classes and presentation calendar

• Oversee the Pinnacle spreadsheet and market Outlook calendar to track all stores classes and presentations

• Produce the market Pinnacle flier

• Input REI-led educational classes and outings into the Event Registration

• Ensure that other store level presentations or content is posted by individual stores

• Take lead in monitoring and posting on market level Facebook and Twitter accounts ensuring quality content and timely response to customer postings

• Develops and/or coordinates market speaker series or other store tours

• Send class and event information to calendar listings for local newspapers, outdoors related websites and other social media outlets.

• Support store Outreach Specialists efforts to promote Outdoor Programs and Outreach programming with templates, tools or other resources.

• Coordinate market events in partnership with store Outreach Specialists including sponsorship agreements to ensure timely completion of commitments

• Coordinate with Store Teams to schedule staff and other resources for market events

• Compile and edit Monthly Report content and communicate recaps/updates/highlights to Store Teams on a consistent basis

• Support Market Manager/DOEA as needed

• Create printed materials for Outdoor School offerings and distribute to stores



• Professional level communication skills, including excellent writing, editing and social media communication skills

• Experience working with non-profits and/or community groups

• Ability to meet multiple deadlines, set appropriate priorities and coordinate multiple projects within a team environment

• Enthusiasm and self-motivation a must; passion for retail

• Must have access to reliable transportation for on-site and off-site work

• Flexibility in schedule, includes: evening and weekend hours as well as travel to other stores and off-site events

• Mid-level PC skills: Word, Excel, Outlook, Sharepoint, Publisher

• Retail store experience, event organizing and a history with coordinating volunteer efforts a plus


At REI, we understand that benefits matter – we offer a competitive offering which includes:

• Comprehensive health and well-being programs

• A competitive bonus/ incentive program

• REI Retirement Plan

• Generous gear and merchandise discount

• Paid time off

• Professional growth and development opportunities


A work environment where RESPECT, INTEGRITY, and BALANCE are just a few of our fundamental values!

REI is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer.

4.) VICE PRESIDENT, COMMUNICATIONS, The Atlantic City Alliance, Atlantic City, NJ

The Atlantic City Alliance has an outstanding opportunity for an experienced, media-savvy professional to assume the role of Vice President, Communications. In this key position, you will work with the President and VP, Marketing to assist in developing a strategy for creating and executing a national and regional media relations program for the ACA with the goal of publicizing Atlantic City as a premiere travel destination to the international, domestic trade and lifestyle media.

Responsibilities include:

•Leading core communications activities to include brand communications, reputation management, media relations, issues management and speech writing.

•Identify, develop and communicate the Atlantic City story and the supporting initiatives, events, programs and key messages to multiple audiences

•Serve as an official spokesperson for ACA.

•Provide communications counsel to senior management, helping to enhance ACA’s success by applying proactive and reactive communications strategy, including crisis communications.

•Plan overall media relations support, including oversight of press outreach, media events, media calls, collateral, crisis communications support and press material development.

•Create PR programs that positively position the ACA and align closely with marketing campaigns, using communications tools and practices, to reinforce the ACA message.

•Initiate and maintain ongoing dialogue with the media to educate them on positive elements of Atlantic City and to garner additional interest.

•Provide executive and internal communications support, including the preparation of speeches, presentations and internal messages, as needed.

•Manage communications programs within budget objectives.

We offer a competitive compensation and benefits package to include medical, dental, vision, disability, sick and vacation leave, and a 401k plan.

ACA is an equal opportunity employer.


Essential Qualifications:

•Bachelor’s degree in Communications, Public Relations or related field with at least 12 years field experience- ideally a mix of corporate and agency.

•Experience working with executive leadership to formulate a strategic position and to develop a supporting, integrated communications platform.

•Excellent written and verbal communication skills; able to articulate clearly to multiple constituencies with diverse perspectives.

•Strong organizational skills and ability to handle multiple tasks and meet deadlines, including management of support resources.

•Proven media relations skills and relationships with top tier media; ability to garner new relationships with leisure and business specific media.

•Ability to integrate PR programs to support marketing goals and programs; able to perform within an integrated team environment.

•A quick thinker, able to lead in a fast-paced environment with changing priorities

•Able to take a positive team approach to working with industry and government partners.

5.) Graphic Designer, AmericanRec, Boulder, Colorado

6.) Instructor Positions, Ocala Outdoor Adventure Camp, Silver Springs, FL

7.) Director, Institute at the Golden Gate, Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy, Sausalito, California

8.) n Counselor, Camp Vega, Echo Lake, Fayette, Maine


9.) California State Director, American Conservation Experience, Santa Cruz, CA

American Conservation Experience, a Non-Profit conservation corps with growing nationwide operations, is seeking a Director for our California state branch located in Santa Cruz.


ACE is a dynamic organization with the reputation for providing crews to safely and economically accomplish technically complex and physically demanding conservation and restoration projects for the National Park Service, US Forest Service, BLM, USFWS, and numerous state and local land management partners. Recognizing ever increasing agency need for skilled labor crews combined with growing federal and state mandates for youth engagement, ACE’s Board of Directors supports a policy of programmatic expansion in California. ACE’s leadership team is seeking a State Director with the ability to sustain our current excellence of operations while embracing a strategy of systematic growth, including the development of a second base of operations in CA.


The ideal candidate will possess a unique combination of attributes, including substantial management background in either the non-profit or for-profit sector, experience overseeing fiscal policy and budgeting for a large scale organization, a track record of developing successful partnerships, experience working with young adult staff and volunteers, proven ability to generate and sustain a culture of programmatic pride, confidence to bring new ideas to the table and to convincingly express them verbally and in writing, and a history of working cooperatively as a member of a broader management team.

In order to maintain ACE’s reputation for quality work, and to avoid diluting our skill base in favor of programmatic expansion, we wish to recruit a State Director who also possesses a strong foundation of field skills in some combination of trail work, habitat restoration, and/or fuels reduction. While the position is not field-based, ACE strongly believes that staff at all levels of management should be capable of guiding field activities, conducting site visits from a knowledgeable perspective, and imparting high standards to ACE’s field staff.

Specific job duties include:

1) Outreach to local, state, and federal land management agencies and other conservation-minded organizations. Confidence and ability to solicit project opportunities by introducing ACE’s offerings to numerous new prospective partners statewide.

2) Preparing and delivering powerpoint presentations.

3) Grant and proposal writing.

4) Overseeing the effecting implementation of ACE’s AmeriCorps grant through California Volunteers.

5) Supervising/or hiring managerial staff, including ACE California’s Director of Operations, Operations Manager, AmeriCorps Program Manager, Skills Trainers, Volunteer Coordinator, Recruitment Coordinator and future positions as they are generated through expansion.

6) Development of a marketing and outreach campaign for ACE CA, including writing a quarterly newsletter managing web content, and creating a strategy to enhance alumni relations.

7) Preparing accomplishment and data collection reports.

Drug users, including recreational smokers of marijuana, should not consider applying as ACE reserves the right to require drug testing and detests the presence of drug users or proponents of any unhealthy lifestyle in our youth development program. Applicants must have a clean driving record and be willing to submit to background checks.

Start Date: First quarter of 2012 with some flexibility for exact timing.

Length of Commitment: This is considered a career opportunity with a minimum anticipated commitment of 3 – 5 years.

Salary: $48,000 – $60,000 base salary DOE, with potential for performance-based end of year bonuses of up to 20 percent of annual salary. Full benefits start after six months, including health insurance, dental insurance, two weeks paid annual vacation, and sick leave.

Hours: Flexible. ACE Directors set their own schedules in accordance with their management objectives.

Application Deadline: December 1, 2011. Please note that ACE will schedule interviews and may make a selection prior to the application deadline, so please submit your materials as you prepare them.

Application Process: There is no official application form, but please submit the following by email:

1) a detailed resume including three professional references.

2) an introduction letter expressing how a career position as ACE’s California State Director would align with your perspectives and experiences in conservation and youth development.

3) a secondary writing sample such as a previous grant proposal, a position statement/white paper, a newsletter, an excerpt from an academic thesis, etc.

As expressions of interest are received, ACE’s Executive Director will review each packet and schedule an initial round of interviews in Santa Cruz. The leading candidates after the first round of interviews will be invited to Flagstaff, AZ to meet with ACE’s Board of Directors before a final selection is made.

To Apply: Please email your application materials to Chris Baker: with “California State Director” in the subject line.

10.) Archery Promotions Coordinator, Easton Technical Products, Salt Lake City, Utah

11.) Program Officer, Western Pacific Coastal and Marine Conservation, David and Lucile Packard Foundation, Los Altos, California

The David and Lucile Packard Foundation is seeking an exceptional individual to lead its Western Pacific subprogram. The Program Officer will manage a grant budget of $4 million and lead the design and implementation of the subprogram’s grantmaking strategy. This position will work closely with grantees to achieve strategic policy and programmatic outcomes in the Western Pacific region. In 2012, this position will also play a crucial role in developing a new, five-year strategy for the subprogram. The Program Officer will report to Dr. Walter Reid, Program Director, Conservation and Science Program, and will work closely with a Program Associate and a consultant based in or near the Western Pacific. This is an excellent opportunity for a professional with regional expertise and a desire to work at the interface of conservation, community development, and policy.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities

The Program Officer – Western Pacific Coastal and Marine Conservation will perform the following and other duties as assigned:

Manage a grant budget of approximately $4 million, ensuring effective allocation of resources to grantees in the Western Pacific region.

In partnership with Foundation staff and other organizations, lead the design of the subprogram’s five-year grantmaking strategy.

Empower and enable grant recipients to achieve real impact through specific policy and programmatic objectives.

Manage two subprogram staff, providing guidance and coordination on all work products.

Clearly and consistently communicate with grant recipients and other potential partners in a transparent, timely, and respectful manner.

Review and resolve legal, financial, and technical issues raised by specific grants and grant reports.

Complete high quality docket materials, including strategy documents, dashboards, etc.

Think strategically and manage complex processes involving multiple institutions and individuals in a team arrangement.

Manage grant proposal processes and contribute to the shaping of proposals as needed.

Research and conduct analyses in areas of strategic priority.

Develop reviews and summaries for Foundation leadership and board members that address key activities, progress, and issues.

Contribute actively as a member of the Conservation and Science program team.

Represent the Foundation and the Conservation and Science program to external audiences.

Professional Qualifications

The successful candidate will have the following minimum qualifications:

5–10 years of relevant experience

A graduate level degree in a related field (or equivalent experience)

Recognition as a sustainable development and/or conservation leader

International experience including significant experience in the Western Pacific and/or Southeast Asia

Familiarity with key NGO, academic, and governmental institutions involved with coastal and marine issues in the Western Pacific region

Experience working with a variety of stakeholders, including NGOs, government agencies, and the business sector

Demonstrated success in program development, evaluation, and management

Staff management experience, with the ability to motivate and inspire team members

Intellectual agility and ability to analyze, conduct research, think critically, and understand scientific and policy studies that are directly relevant to programmatic funding areas

Exceptional written and oral communication skills

Ability and willingness to participate in and coordinate administrative duties as required

Experience with grantmaking desirable but not necessary

Fluency in Bahasa Indonesia desirable but not necessary

Personal Attributes

The following personal attributes are desired:

Approachable demeanor, and openness to input from all levels of staff and grantees

Excellent interpersonal skills, including an ability to listen to others and learn from their best ideas

Impeccable integrity and trustworthiness, sense of humor, and diplomatic approach to problem-solving

Ability to work effectively in a team setting

Willingness to work on a flexible schedule, including travel within the U.S. and abroad over weekends when necessary

Compensation and Benefits

The Packard Foundation offers an excellent benefits package and a competitive salary that is commensurate with experience. This position will be located in Los Altos, California.

Application Instructions

To be considered for this position, interested candidates must follow the link below to submit a resume, cover letter, and salary requirements. CEA Recruiting is assisting the Packard Foundation with this search. Please direct all applications and inquiries to CEA Recruiting. This position will remain open until filled.

The David and Lucile Packard Foundation is an equal opportunity employer and welcomes a diverse candidate pool for this search. The Foundation uses an outside firm to check the accuracy of information supplied by applicants.

CEA Recruiting works with leading environmental nonprofits, foundations, and businesses to recruit top talent and design effective organizational staffing strategies. For more information, visit

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