Your Personal Brand — How-To #1

Creating or repairing your personal brand involves five elements that I recommend you need should address in a specific sequence for achieving the very best results. This is the first in a series of “How-To” instructions for you to create or repair your personal brand.

To help you put your own personal brand into the proper context, let’s start by looking at five real-world examples of what I consider to be highly effective personal brands today:

  • Jeff Bezos
  • Hilary Rodham Clinton
  • Anderson Cooper
  • Stephani Germanotta
  • Donald Trump

I recommend that you should start with the acceptance that you can and should take specific actions to make sure that what you are like on the outside is a deliberate choice on your part. There is no reason at all for anyone to allow what he or she is like on the outside to be left to chance or accident.

To create or fix your own personal brand, you need help making deliberate choices using a certain amount of psychology. Don’t worry, this is something you can do on your own. You don’t necessarily need prescription drugs or medical specialists.

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