Your Uniqueness and Your Personal Brand

In this blog post, which is part of a series of related, ongoing commentaries to help you in your job search, I help you identify and communicate your uniqueness as you create or fix the best possible personal brand for yourself. Here’s what I have previously covered in my other blog posts about your personal brand development:

Uniqueness Cannot be Faked

If you ask skilled and talented professional actors, they can assure you that uniqueness cannot be faked. You must be authentic. You must be genuine. Even though actors get paid for pretending to be someone else than who they really are, the most successful actors are those who have a uniqueness that is deep and true no matter what a script may create for them.

Your personal brand must be as deep and true even if you are not paid to portray other characters than your own. Your personal brand must grow from within you even if you buy new clothes for yourself and color your hair. If you are anything but authentic and genuine, you will fail in creating your personal brand.

Do not believe anyone who says to you that you are person not a brand. Of course you are a person. But, developing one’s own personal brand certainly does not prevent you from being a true person. For anyone to tell you that you are only a person and that you therefore cannot create or fix your personal brand is wrong.

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