Personal Brand: The Journey

While staying at a New York hotel this past weekend, I noticed that the business branding included the phrase enjoy the journey. To me, this seemed like very wise advice. For a hotel. And, for a human being, too!

When it comes to creating or fixing your own personal brand, you will be wise to understand that this process is, indeed, a journey (not a destination) that you may as well enjoy because you likely will be involved in it for an extended period of time.

Overnight Sensation

We have all read or heard about the so-called overnight sensation, but when it comes to solidifying your own personal brand, it is best to expect that your journey from no personal brand to one who has a well-conceived personal brand will take time, resources, and energy.

If you are reading this while in the process of finding a new job, you already know that in this economy, those who are prepared for an extended period of searching are those who are ahead of everyone else. The same is true for transitioning from no personal brand to someone with a well-conceived personal brand.

What I have covered in my ongoing blog posts thus far about your personal brand development includes the following steps in the process:

  • outward appearance
  • verbal communication
  • communicating in writing
  • character traits
  • your uniqueness is key to your personal brand
  • online job search best practices (part one)
  • more online job search best practices, and,
  • emphasizing your unique outcomes.

I have one page here that provides links to all those commentaries.

Since this process involves multiple steps to get from no personal brand to your desired outcome, I urge you to reasonably expect to need ample time to bring all the elements together.

Your Attitude

If you are facing the need to create or fix your personal brand during a search for a new job, I want to emphasize how important it is to define your own personal attitude in such a way that you are the most positive and open minded as possible. If you are involved in a job search and a remaking of your personal brand at the same time and this can make anyone feel frustrated or angry or sad. This is normal. But, if you want to transition to what’s coming next in your life (a new personal brand and a new job), your attitude must be as positive and accepting of changes in your life as possible.

My Journey

As I write this today (Sunday, August 19, 2012), I am beginning a new journey. I am relocating during the next few days from the Washington, DC area to Las Vegas, Nevada.

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