Holiday Season Job Hunting

You’ve no doubt read about it or heard people talking about it: The holiday season during the months of November and December is the worst time of the year to continue your hunt for a new job.

This is simply not true.

I am someone who once was hired during the month of November for a career position. I started working around Thanksgiving and remained with this company for 8 years. This can happen for you, too.

Don’t believe anyone who writes or talks about the poor prospects of getting hired during the months of November and December if you want to stand out from your competition in the current job hunting environment.

I am a serious advocate for everyone who is in the communications fields to join your local IABC chapter and get as actively involved as you possibly can. IABC is a fantastic networking opportunity for communications people. Notably, there are chapter events during the holiday season where you have a timely opportunity to interact in person with others who might be able to point you in the direction of job openings.

While I’m on the subject of the holiday season, let me alert you to the fact that because of my holiday season commitments, I will be repeating previous posts from this year in this space for the remaining weeks of December. New posts will begin again starting on or around January 6, 2013.

I wish you and your loved ones the happiest holiday season!!

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