An important announcement to subscribers of Ned’s Job of the Week Newsletter

From Ned Lundquist to the JOTW Network

An important announcement to subscribers of Ned’s Job of the Week Newsletter

Many of you have noticed that you have not received a JOTW newsletter or “Can’t Wait” announcement from me since Oct. 22, 2012.  Many of you have contacted me, asking to be placed back on my list on the presumption that I somehow dropped you.   Some of you thought I had stopped doing my weekly newsletter.

The facts are that I have continued to publish JOTW each Monday.  I attempted to post to my list, which has been managed by Topica since 2002, but the messages were not sent out for some reason.  I have two other Topica lists.  The Defense Career Opportunities Newsletter (DEFCON 1), and Your Very Next Step, a travel/adventure/outdoors/conservation newsletter.  I have been able to send out the DEFCON 1 newsletter to the subscribers each Wednesday, but I have been unsuccessful in sending out the monthly YVNS newsletter, although it can be seen at

I contacted Topica.  As my list is part of their “free discussion list” service, I understand my problem is not the same as something affecting their paid services or customers.  Nevertheless I have exchanged numerous emails and phone calls with the people at Topica to explain my problem and find a solution.  I learned that I am not alone in having this problem.  I also learned they can’t explain why it’s happening, and have not been able to fix it.  For my part, I have tried setting up a new list, and I invite you to subscribe to the new list to see if this is a workable solution.

Please send a blank email to

I have also tried importing names from the old list to the new one.  All 11,600+ names I currently have are “opt in” subscribers.  But to move names from one list to another requires everyone to “opt in” again.  This doesn’t seem to be workable.  If you received an email asking you to join this “new” list, it is not Spam.

Once I get the problem solved, I will send all the outstanding newsletters published by not sent since Oct. 22.  In the meantime, please subscribe to the new list (send a blank email to  And as always, you can read JOTW at


Ned Lundquist, ABC

Editor and Publisher

JOTW Network LLC

7813 Richfield Road

Springfield, Virginia 22153

703 472-8629 (cell)

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