Relevance: Priceless

Each of us strives in this life towards goals. We want to be loved. We work so we can care and nurture others. Perhaps most importantly of all is that we want to be relevant somehow and some way.

As we have learned from the MasterCard commercials, some things in life truly are priceless. I think relevance is one of those priceless things that you can achieve.

Today we live in times that are very complicated. To be known and then to be relevant are not easy accomplishments. However, thanks to contemporary technology, you can stand out from others for positive reasons and you don’t have to do something illegal so that you appear on CNN as the lead story.

The first step on the way to relevance is to be visible using digital and online channels. I am giving a presentation on this subject in Las Vegas on February 19 if you happen to be in town.

I can give you the benefit of my knowledge and experience about how powerful people use digital and online channels to establish their relevance. This is neither difficult nor expensive. Visit this link to see what my company does to help empower others. While you are at that presentation page, click on the link on that page to the February 2013 special so you, too, can get a very special discount that’s usually reserved only for referrals from my clients.

It is never too late to start on your way to relevance. You, too, can become one of those powerful people whom I have shown how to use digital and online channels. Take that step today with my help!

Share your comments and suggestions on the subject of using digital and online channels. I look forward to hearing from you today!

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