Having a Sally Field Moment

When Sally Field won her second Academy Award for Best Actress in 1985, she accepted her Oscar with the famous words, “…you like me, right now, you like me!” Every person’s career should include not just one of those Sally Field moments, but several. The best goal to shoot for nowadays is to stand out and be the kind of professional who is desired and wanted across an entire lifetime of career transitions.

The trick is to remain relevant no matter how many birthdays you’ve had by now. The challenge is to be sought after by people who can pay you for your skills and talents at every stage of your life and career.

I want to share a commentary with you here about how you can accomplish those important things in your life:

There are at least 5 skills you must develop and maintain over at least the next 5 years.

Those 5 skills are essential to your success if you want to stand out in your life and career.

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