So You Think You Can Age

Growing older is what it is. But it is never easy no matter what. This is one truth you will know when you become an older worker.

If you are someone who reads this column of mine here on Ned’s Job of the Week, you already know that I previously have covered the subject of older workers many times–especially focusing upon how to remain relevant and stand out. Usually, what I have to report on this subject is not positive news.

Today, however, there is other news to report to you. Specifically, I came across an Associate Press article this weekend written by Matt Sedensky in Chicago about older workers. I want to share that article with you here.

The person who wrote that AP article is not an older worker. At least that’s the impression one gets when looking at his picture.

Matt Sedensky

Matt Sedensky

What would you imagine this guy knows about being an older worker? At least he writes well.

So you think you can age and keep working. Yes, you can. You just need to be savvy and play up your strengths at work, especially to your boss.

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