Even if you are suffering or struggling in life, you can stand out and inspire others by how you respond to what you’re going through.

Patrick Kelley and his wife Melody Rogers are such an inspiration. He has been struggling for years with the debilitating disease, Multiple Sclerosis. Best known as Paraquat Kelley, this man was a radio star in both Los Angeles and New York City. Melody Rogers was a television star on Saved By The Bell and the CBS-TV Los Angeles series 2 On The Town.

He wrote a book about his amazing life using voice recognition software because he is no longer able to use his hands or legs. He is what medical experts call “a high functioning paraplegic.” He enlisted the brain of his wife Melody Rogers to help keep his stories straight.

Pat and Melody brought me in to produce this book for exclusive distribution on Amazon Kindle. It is entitled And There Will Always Be Termites.

I’m sure that you will be inspired by their book and their story. Discover more about Pat and Melody at their website.

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