If you have never been told that you are overqualified, then you must be doing something wrong.

It is very easy to be thought of as overqualified by prospective employers, especially for those of us who are older workers. If you have two or more academic degrees, you especially should be prepared for the prejudice from hiring managers that your educational qualifications bring.

This online column is all about how to stand out. So, if you do stand out because of your educational qualifications and decades of work experience, why are you considered to be overqualified?

If you want to learn how I handled the competing goals of standing out while not appearing overqualified, please reach out for a personal interaction with me electronically using woodygoulart@me.com and I will answer your questions. I am unable to post confidential career information about myself here online, but I certainly will help you by candidly answering your career advancement questions by email.

And, believe me, I have been told many times that I am overqualified, so I know what’s what: I have a doctoral degree and a master’s degree plus decades of professional experience. This has earned me a lot of prejudice from hiring managers.

The lessons I learned in my job searches are simple: No matter how qualified you are, be sure that you tailor your presentation differently for every time you apply for a new job posting. You need to know what the hiring manager is looking for and present yourself in ways that will make you stand out as the best choice.

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