Special Offer for JOTW Visitors to “Stand Out”

example of digital business card website

This service is for you if you’re looking for a streamlined yet savvy web presence so you can stand out from your competition. If you need to show your good reputation and your street credibility, this is what you want to have. The example shows the essential web presence created for a Nebraska entertainer by Woody Goulart.

No matter if you are in a small town or a major metropolitan area, this web presence is what you need. Whether you are a life coach, a consultant, an artist, an entertainer, or a local legend, your web presence will showcase you without clutter or anything that distracts your visitors from your core message.
For a limited time only you get a web presence for $299.99 to showcase you. Think of this like your own personal digital business card that you send to people from your smart phone. Your savvy use of technology certainly will impress others.

This is an uncomplicated, sleek and clean website without too many page choices or confusing options to pull focus from your main messaging. The simple idea here is to show very quickly to your visitors that you have the know-how in using today’s online technology while giving your visitors a very positive snapshot view of your personality and what you offer professionally to potential customers or clients.
Posted price of $299.99 covers the one-time personalized professional service fees Woody Goulart charges for working on providing you with your savvy streamlined website for the first year.

Posted Price = $299.99 — JOTW VISITORS can request the discounted price of $255


You are financially responsible for:

  • domain name registration, website hosting, and secure site certificate provided by Bluehost–introductory special price for first year then nominal recurring annual costs
  • content elements such as images and text unless you bring to the website creation process all images and text to which you already own the rights

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