JOTW 50-2020


The 2021 IABC Gold Quill Awards


Enter your outstanding work to mark moments of excellence and purpose as we rise above adversity, celebrate milestones, advocate for a worthy cause, launch new programs, create, sustain, develop, uplift.



JOTW 50-2020

December 14, 2020

The Free Job of the Week Newsletter

This is JOTW newsletter number 1,877


“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self….”

– Ernest Hemingway (1899-1961)


This edition of JOTW comes to you from  Springfield, Virginia.


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None this week.


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***  Naval Research Laboratory Takes Science from the Lab to the Fleet

Seapower Magazine

By Edward Lundquist, Special Correspondent


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None this week.


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None this week.


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***  The 2021 IABC Gold Quill Awards






The 2021 IABC Awards Committee is now accepting entries for the Gold Quill Awards.


Enter your outstanding work to mark moments of excellence and purpose as we rise above adversity, celebrate milestones, advocate for a worthy cause, launch new programs, create, sustain, develop, uplift.


  • 8 January 2021 – End of the Early Bird Rate
  • 20 January 2021 – Deadline of entries
  • 1 February 2021 – Late deadline of entries (with surcharge)
  • February to March 2021 – Evaluation
  • April 2021 – Announcement of winners
  • June 2021 – Awarding and post-awarding activities


***  Free defense industry jobs newsletter


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***  Ned’s upcoming travel, maybe, perhaps:


August 31-September 2, 2021, Helsinki, Finland




The corporate environment comprises the various aspects of work that affect employees’ productivity, including when, where, and how they work. According to, “A work environment is the setting, social features, and physical conditions in which you perform your job. These elements can impact feelings of wellbeing, workplace relationships, collaboration, efficiency, and employee health.”


Elements of a corporate culture include the physical environment, the company culture, and working conditions. Business analysts have made attempts to categorize different types of corporate environments, like “artistic” (promoting innovation and experimentation, as well as personal expression), “enterprising” (emphasizing guidance of employees toward goals), and “conventional” (built on specificity, predictability, and organization).


Can communicators help create the right environment for their companies? Can they help sustain an existing environment?


At noon ET on Thursday, December 17, four IABC Fellows will answer these questions and explore the various ways communicators can influence the corporate environment. The panel will take your questions in real-time via the YouTube Live chat function or via Twitter (using the hashtag #COF64).


***  Your Very Next Step!






The latest issue of Your Very Next Step newsletter is available online NOW!


The November/ December 2020 issue of Your Very Next Step newsletter is now available

By Ned Lundquist

This edition of YVNS was sent to YVNS readers from Springfield, Virginia.




Lots of travel and adventure news, vacation ideas, tips and features.

6 cool volunteer and internship opportunities

22 travel/conservation/adventure jobs


Check it out, because your next adventure begins with your very next step.

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***  From Woody Goulart:


If you are like millions who are seeking employment in the wake of the contagious virus, there is insightful free online information for you. (produced by JOTW blogger Woody Goulart) shows you how you can successfully start audio and video streaming over the internet from where you now are living without traveling to an external workplace or employer location. The website contains suggestions for real-world strategies and tactics you can put to use to generate revenue through the use of today’s proven streaming audio and video channels.


***  Here are your JOTW job opportunities for this week:


1.)  R&D Communications Manager, Corteva Agriscience, Johnston, IA


2.)  Marketing Communications Manager, St. Anthony’s, San Francisco, California


3.)  Sales Communications Specialist, Pella Corporation, Pella, IA


4.)  Intern – Corporate Communications, EMC Insurance, Des Moines, IA–Corporate-Office/Intern—Corporate-Communications_R2804-1


5.)  Senior Consultant, External Communication, Allstate, Northbrook, IL


6.)  Marketing and Communications Manager, Explore Austin, Austin, TX


7.)  Public Affairs Specialist (Communications Division) CS-12, District of Columbia Government, Washington, DC


8.)  Outreach, Save the Harbor/Save the Bay, Department of Youth Engagement & Employment, City of Boston, Boston, Massachusetts


***  From  Eleanor Grams:


Description: Global Health Corps (GHC) is a leadership development organization building the movement for health equity.   Among our 40+ paid fellowships for July 2021 – July 2022, we have multiple high-impact communications & advocacy placements in East and Southern Africa.

Check out our available roles here.


Thank you! Let me know if you have any questions or need additional information for the posting!




Eleanor Grams

Admissions and Operations Senior Associate

Global Health Corps


9.)  Communications/advocacy fellowships, Global Health Corps, East and Southern Africa

Contact: Eleanor Grams (

How to apply:


10.)  Bilingual Communications Specialist (Part-Time), City of Hyattsville, Hyattsville, MD


11.)  Marketing and Communication Specialist – Digital and Visual Media, Simpson College, Indianola, IA


12.)  Public Affairs Specialist, DEPARTMENT OF THE AIR FORCE, Sheppard AFB, TX


13.)  Internal Communications Associate Director, Greenwich Biosciences

Carlsbad, California


14.)  Monitoring & Evaluation Director, Internews, Yangon, Myanmar


15.)  Media Specialist, Community College of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA


16.)  Public Relations Senior Account Executive, anthonyBarnum Public Relations, Austin, TX


17.)  Communications Manager, City of Foster City, Foster City, CA


18.)  Public Relations Specialist, Mahaska Health Partnership, Oskaloosa, IA


19.)  Outreach Communications Specialist – Baltimore City, Maryland Coalition of Families, Columbia, MD


20.)  Communications Specialist, U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps, Arlington, VA


21.)  Account Director, CX, Financial Communications, Circa – IPG DXTRA, Weber Shandwick, New York, New York


22.)  Manager, Media Relations, Current Global, Circa – IPG DXTRA, San Francisco, California


23.)  Manager, Employee Communications, Circa – IPG DXTRA, Golin, Chicago, IL


24.)  Supervisory Public Affairs Specialist, U.S. Secret Service, Department of Homeland Security,  Washington, District of Columbia


25.)  Communications, HAVEN, BOSTON, MA


26.)  Senior Internal Communications Specialist, Smartsheet Inc., Bellevue, WA & Boston, MA


27.)  Public Affairs Specialist, Transportation Security Administration, Department of Homeland Security, Springfield, Virginia


28.)  Executive Director, External Communications, Athenahealth, Watertown, MA–External-Communications_R2222


29.)  Communications Specialist, American Council of Learned Societies, New York, New York


30.)  Global Vaccine Education Communications Leader, Infectious Diseases, Johnson & Johnson, Raritan, New Brunswick, Titusville, or Somerville, NJ / Spring House or West Chester, PA


31.)  Manager, Communications and Stakeholder Engagement, Provincial Health Services Authority, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


***  From Bill Seiberlich:


32.)  Organizational Communications Specialist, Einstein, Philadelphia, PA


33.)  Marketing Director, Pennsylvania Ballet Association, Philadelphia, PA


34.)  Communications Director, ACLU of New Jersey, American Civil Liberties Union, Newark, NJ


35.)  Communications Specialist,  AMERICAN WATER WORKS SERVICE CO INC  CAMDEN, NJ


36.)  SR. MANAGER, NORTH AMERICA COMMUNICATIONS, Cognizant, Teaneck, New Jersey




38.)  Manager, Global Communications – Digital Strategy & Technology, Cognizant, Teaneck, New Jersey


39.)  Project Lead, Corporate Communications, Chick-fil-A, Inc., Atlanta, GA


40.)  Communications Specialist, USAID STOP Spillover, Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine, Tufts University, Grafton, MA


41.)  PUBLIC AFFAIRS SPECIALIST, Defense Intelligence Agency, Department of Defense, Washington, District of Columbia


42.)  Director of Communications, Common Justice, Brooklyn, New York


43.)  PUBLIC AFFAIRS SPECIALIST, Commander, Navy Installations, Department of the Navy, San Diego, California


44.)  External Communications Senior Manager, PepsiCo, Purchase, NY


45.)  Manager, External Communications-PBNA, , PepsiCo, White Plains, New York


46.)  Communication and Change Management Manager, Purchase, New York


47.)  Marketing Communications Manager, St. Anthony Foundation, San Francisco, CA


48.)  Director, Strategic Communications, Results for America, New York, New York


49.)  Communications Associate, Marketing and Communications, PATH, Seattle, Washington


50.)  Senior Writer, Eckler Ltd., Toronto, Ontario, Canada


51.)  Senior Counsel, Corporate Engagement Director, Alliance Defending Freedom, Scottsdale, AZ


52.)  Internship: Communications for Development (C4D), MENA Regional Office, UNICEF, Amman, Jordan


***  From Mac’s List:


53.)  Marketing Communications Specialist, RadarFirst, Portland, OR


54.)  Communications Manager, Brown Hope, Portland, OR


55.)  Director of Marketing and Communications, Oregon Medical Association, Portland, OR


56.)  Communications Specialist, John Deere, East Moline, IL


57.)  Marketing Manager – Probiotics – Remote, Kerry, Chicago, IL


58.)  Director, External Global Communications, Mars Wrigley, Newark, NJ


59.)  Vice President for Marketing and Strategic Communication, Loras College, Dubuque, IA


60.)  Graphic Designer, Loras College, Dubuque, IA


61.)  Assistant Director of Athletic Communications, Loras College, Dubuque, IA


62.)  Senior Communications Specialist, Food and Freshwater, World Wildlife Fund, Washington, DC


63.)  Director, Strategic Communications, Results for America, New York, NY


64.)  Protein Change and Communications Leader, Cargill, Wichita, KS


65.)  Communications Lead, MercyOne Northeast Iowa, Waterloo, IA


67.)  Communications and Marketing Associate, Alluma, Oakland, CA 94612


68.)  Corporate Communications Partner, Sargento Foods, Inc., Plymouth, WI


69.)  Communications Specialist, MAGENTA, Beirut, Lebanon


70.)  Process Communication Specialist TEMP 1 year-Full-time, Cargil, San Jose, Costa Rica


71.)  Communications Manager, TSNE MissionWorks, Providence, RI


72.)  Communications Manager I – Extension and Outreach, Iowa State University, Ames, IA—Extension-and-Outreach_R3711


73.)  Media Relations Manager, Phillips Collection, Washington, DC


74.)  Digital Communications Manager, Smithfield Foods, Smithfield, VA


75.)  Senior Communications Officer, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Johannesburg, South Africa


76.)  External Communication Manager, North America, Solvay, Princeton, NJ


77.)  Public Information Officer, Outreach and Programme Support Section, Intergovernmental Affairs, Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), United Nations, New York, NY


78.)  Microsoft Corporation, Communications Manager, So Paulo, Brazil


79.)  Communications & Marketing Specialist, Upper Iowa University, Fayette, IA


*** From Rebecca Aloisi:


HI Ned,


I’ve been a fan and user of your service over the past few years. We’re looking for communications interns (mostly unpaid but w/ academic credit).


Rebecca Aloisi

VP for Communications

Scenic America

727 15th St. NW, Suite 1100

Washington, DC 20005-6029



80.)  Communications Interns, Scenic America, Washington, DC

Contact Rebecca Aloisi (


81.)  Marketing and Communications Specialist – REMOTE, APC, Ankeny, IA


82.)  Communications Officer, University Research Co., LLC (URC), Manila, Philippines


***  Your alternative selections(s) for this week:


None this week


***  Weekly Piracy Report:


177-20   25.11.2020: 0330 UTC: Posn: 06:20.65N – 010:47.75W, Monrovia, Liberia.

A robber boarded a berthed bulk carrier and stole ship’s properties. Upon noticing the robber, the vessel crew chased the robber who managed to escape. Incident reported to the Port Authority.


176-20   05.12.2020: 0625 UTC: Posn: 12:01.97S – 077:11.5W, Callao Anchorage, Peru.

Two unauthorised persons attempted to board an anchored general cargo ship via the anchor chain. Alert duty watchmen heard some unusual noise and noticed the attempted boarding and responded. Hearing the alerted crew the persons aborted the attempted boarding and escaped in their boat. Incident reported to the local authorities. A coast guard boat arrived at location and conducted an investigation.


175-20   06.12.2020: 0442 UTC: Posn: 02:42N – 005:57E, Around 98nm SSW of Brass, Nigeria

Four pirates boarded a chemical tanker underway. Master activated the alarm and all crew retreated into the citadel. The pirates were unable to reach the crew and left the vessel without stealing anything. Vessel and crew reported safe.


174-20   29.11.2020: 2110 UTC: Posn: 04:54.3N – 001:10.7E, Around 56nm SSE of Anloga, Ghana.

A product tanker underway noticed a possible mother vessel approaching and raised the alarm. SSAS activated, speed increased , evasive manoeuvres commenced and non-essential crew retreated into the citadel. The bridge team kept a lookout towards the mother vessel. A skiff with four armed persons was noticed approaching from a different direction. As the skiff approached it opened fire towards the bridge. The pirates boarded the tanker using a ladder with hooks. Once onboard the pirates damaged the communication equipment, stole ship and crew cash and properties. Before escaping the kidnapped four crew. The Master was reported injured during the incident. The tanker sailed to a safe anchorage.


173-20   04.12.2020: 0940 UTC: Posn: 02:34.13N – 002:53.7E, Around 200NM SW of Bayelsa, Nigeria.

While underway, a tanker was approached and fired upon by pirates in a skiff. General alarm sounded, PA announcement made, fire pumps activated, speed increased, evasive manoeuvres carried out, SSAS activated and crew retreated into safe area. Due to the hardening measures and evasive manoeuvres taken by the Master, the skiff aborted the attack and moved away. Vessel and crews reported safe.


***  Ball Cap of the week:   USS Tawakoni ATF 114 XO

***  Coffee cup of the week:   Boston Red Sox

***  T-Shirt of the Week:  14th Annual V3 Hike-o-Ree – 2003

***  Musical guest artist of the week: Girl in a Coma


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***  Ha’ina ‘ia mai ana ka’puana

(And So The Story Is Told)



The 2021 IABC Gold Quill Awards


Enter your outstanding work to mark moments of excellence and purpose as we rise above adversity, celebrate milestones, advocate for a worthy cause, launch new programs, create, sustain, develop, uplift.


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