JOTW 47-2023


The Communication Management Professional (CMP) and Strategic Communication Management Professional (SCMP) certifications will set you apart from the crowd and give you increased recognition and other benefits in the workforce.


JOTW 47-2023

November 20, 2023

The Free Job of the Week Newsletter

This is JOTW newsletter number 2,018


“Because in the end, you won’t remember the times you spent in the office or mowing your lawn. Climb that goddamn mountain.”

– Jack Kerouac


This edition of JOTW comes to you from Springfield, Virginia.


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None this week


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None this week.


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None this week.


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***  From Kaye:




I saw a posting on your JOTW today — #18 – for a communications position with Hexcel. That job was first posted in August and has already been filled. In fact, the link in your email leads you to a page that clearly states: NO LONGER ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS


I wanted you to know in case you wanted to check the reliability of the source that sent it to you.




(Ned notes: Noted.)


***  Ned’s upcoming travel, maybe, perhaps:


10-22 April 2024                Singapore; Ubud, Bali, Indonesia


***  Your Very Next Step!

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***  Here are your JOTW job opportunities for this week:


1.)  Communications Manager, National Association of Bond Lawyers, Washington, DC


2.)  AFWERX Strategic Communications Leads, AFWERX Team, Department of the Air Force, United States


3.)  External Affairs Specialist, US African Development Foundation, Washington, DC


4.)  Communications Advisor (PS3) (Hybrid), Government of Alberta, Public Service Commission

Edmonton, Canada


***  From Bill Seiberlich:


5.)  AVP, External Communications, Lincoln Financial Group, Wayne, PA (and other locations)


6.)  Communications Director, Prestage Farms, Clinton, North Carolina


7.)  Part-Time Lecturer, English and Communication, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, Camden, NJ


8.)  External Communications/Media Relations Senior Advisor, The Cigna Group, Philadelphia, PA


9.)  Public Relations Manager, JEVS Human Services, Philadelphia, PA


10.)  Communications Professional, Zolon Tech, Malvern, PA,27_KE28,38.htm?jl=1008979152695


11.)  PR and Communications Manager, JPMorgan Chase, Berlin, Germany


12.)  Strategic Communications and Public Relations Manager, Fort Collins Police Services, Fort Collins, Colorado


13.)  Internal Communication Specialist, Inspira Health, Bridgeton, New Jersey


14.)  Communication Specialist, U.S. Food & Drug Administration, Silver Spring, Maryland


15.)  COMMUNICATIONS DIRECTOR, University of Alabama at Birmingham, Birmingham, AL


16.)  FRFS Senior Marketing Specialist – Public Relations, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois






19.)  Marketing Communications Specialist – Energy, Kiewit, Kansas City, KS


20.)  Senior Vice President Communications, Alliance Defending Freedom, Lansdowne, VA


21.)  Corporate Communications Strategist, Terracon Consultants, Inc., Olathe, KS


22.)  Sr. Director, External Communications – Kansas, Ascension, Wichita, KS


23.)  Communications Associate, Asian Media, Meliore Foundation, Thailand


24.)  Sr. Manager, Corporate Communications & PR, Audi USA, Birmingham, AL


25.)  Director, Communications, CSL Plasma, BOCA RATON, FLORIDA


26.)  Communications Associate, Jewish Institute for National Security of America (JINSA), Washington, DC


27.)  Communications Director, Brightline Defense, San Francisco, CA


28.)  Specialist, Communications, Aerojet Rocketdyne, Huntsville, AL


29.)  Public & Media Relations Associate, Chicago Bulls, Hoffman Estates, IL


30.)  Policy & Communication Specialist, Office of Defense Programs (DP), Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration (DOE/NNSA),

Washington, DC,13_IC1138213_KO14,46.htm?jl=1007666305163


31.)  Public Relations Internship, Cards for Hospitalized Kids, Chicago, IL


32.)  Public Relations Interns, Radio Flyer, Chicago, IL


33.)  Corporate Communications Interns, Caribou Biosciences, Berkeley, CA


34.)  Director, Strategic Communications, Public Relations, Western States Petroleum Association, Sacramento, CA


35.)  F-35 Communication Specialist (Ref 73) Sr PA, Office of the Chief Strategy Officer (OCSO), F-35 JPO, DCS, Arlington, VA


36.)  Communications Specialist, Brooksource, Frankfort, KY


37.)  Assistant Director – Athletic Communications/Social Media Coordinator, Harvard University FAS Human Resources, Boston, Massachusetts


38.)  Media and Advocacy Coordinator, Association for Career and Technical Education, Alexandria, VA


39.)  Communications Coordinator, Kansas Department for Children and Families, Topeka, KS


40.)  Communications Specialist, Kentucky Nurses Association, Louisville, KY


41.)  CP Creative Manager, The Consumer Products division, Hasbro European Services, London


42.)  Director of Narrative Strategy, Bend the Arc, New York, NY


43.)  Membership and Outreach Coordinator, Edmund Niles Huyck Preserve, Inc., Rensselaerville, NY


44.)  Adjunct Instructor – Communication Studies (Pool), Motlow State Community College,  Nashville, Tennessee


45.)  Public Affairs Director, Bezos Academy, USA


***  Your JOTW Alternative selection for this week:


None this week.


***  Weekly Piracy Report:


109-23   01.11.2023: 1845 UTC: Posn: 01:43.25N – 101:26.61E, Dumai Anchorage, Indonesia

Five robbers armed with knives boarded an anchored general cargo ship. They threatened the duty AB, who managed to escape and raise the alarm resulting in the robbers escaping with stolen ships spares.


108-23   23.10.2023: 1700 UTC: Posn: 01:10N – 103:26E, Singapore Straits.

Duty crew onboard a bulk carrier underway noticed three unauthorized persons entering the engine room. One of the persons was armed with a knife. The duty crew notified the bridge. Ship’s general alarm raised, announcement made on PA and VTIS informed. A small boat trail was noticed on the radar screen, moving away from the ship. Crew mustered and a search was made. Footprints were found in the steering gear room leading to the main deck. Nothing reported stolen. Vessel anchored at Eastern bunkering anchorage and the coast guard boarded for inspection.


107-23   05.11.2023: 1850 UTC: Posn: 10:13.4N – 107:00.8E, Vung Tau Anchorage, Vietnam.

Unnoticed, robbers boarded an anchored general cargo ship and escaped with ship’s stores. During security rounds, the watchman noticed footprints on the deck and observed the paint store padlock broken and stores missing. Alarm raised, crew mustered, and a search was carried out. Incident reported to port control.


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***  T-Shirt of the Week:                              JPL

***  Musical guest artist of the week:        Starfall


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This newsletter is published by:


Edward H. Lundquist, ABC, IABC Fellow

7813 Richfield Road

Springfield, VA 22153


+1 703 455-7661 (home office)

+1 703 472-8629 (cell)


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For your hospitality, thank you!

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***  Ha’ina ‘ia mai ana ka’puana

(And So The Story Is Told)



The Communication Management Professional (CMP) and Strategic Communication Management Professional (SCMP) certifications will set you apart from the crowd and give you increased recognition and other benefits in the workforce.


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