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Our “Best Advertising Spot Here” (BASH) opportunity on Ned’s Job of the Week website is designed for any organization that wants the most dominant advertising position throughout the entire site. This is your opportunity to place your message in an uncompromising top-of-every-page spot.

You can have your message appear in the space above all the content on

top of page advertising opportunity

The available space is a whopping 960 pixels wide by 85 pixels high. Any of the 3 most popular image file types (GIF, JPG, PNG) will work in the Best Advertising Spot Here. Your message can be animated using either GIF or PNG. When our website visitors click on your top-of-every-page banner, they will arrive at the URL of your choice.

*** One time monthly sponsorship

Banner ad at the top of the website for one calendar month, with 20-word text ads at top and bottom of JOTW newsletter for that month; 100-word text ad in body of JOTW newsletter for that month; 20-word text ad at top of JOTW Monday Morning Chaser for that month. One free “Can’t Wait” announcement.

Cost: $1,200

Contact Ned Lundquist today to start your one time monthly sponsorship at the top of!


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