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Fireworks at Sea

Two “independent”views – from the bridge and from the fantail – of a Fourth of July observance at sea.

From Naval Forces: All-Electric Propulsion – Does it make sense?

All-Electric Propulsion is a promising technology for both naval and commercial marine applications, writes Edward Lundquist.

USNS Observation Island monitors ballistic missile operations

Naval ship was instrumental in developing Polaris, Poseidon missiles

From Naval Forces – Modular combatant transitions from concept to reality

The United States Navy’s transformational Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) has transitioned from concept to reality as construction has commenced construction for the first “Flight 0” hull.

From Naval Forces: Hanging the “Shield” over the Sea Base

Seabasing is the enhanced ability to position persistent, operational joint military power at sea to accelerate deployment and employment time so those forces can project and sustain combat power in the absence of available shore bases.

From Unmanned Systems – Remote Operated Salvage System is Rising Star

Anteon Corporation’s Remote Operated Salvage System (ROSS) is a compact, portable positive-control lifting device that can lift underwater objects up to 2,500 pounds at depths of up to 300 feet.