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JOTW 13-2005 Add 1 32 March 2005

============================================================Make a fortune repackaging other people's material into your own newsletter!These and HUNDREDS of ways to retire a gazillionaire!Learn how in my ABSOLUTELY FREE book, “Ned Working?”Only $250.00 for postage and handling. JOTW 13-2005 Add 132 March 2005 “If I were asked under what sky the human mind has most fully developed some of its […]

JOTW 14-2004 Add2 32 March 2004

============================================================Turn your used e-mails into CASH! Donate your deleted e-mails, pop-up ads, etc. to Boy Scout Troop 1789, which will fold, staple and recycle it into virtual firewood that it will sell as fundraiser. For more information, go to JOTW 14-2004 Add232 March 2004 “You knowww…A good goat'll do that for you.”-member of the […]

JOTW 14-2002 Add1 32 March 2003

============================================================Communicators: Finding it tougher to come up with fresh ideas? Reached a creative dead end?Try smoking OPs! http://what' Because there's no such thing as an original idea!============================================================ JOTW 14-2002 Add132 March 2003 “A goat does not think of himself as a goat.  Rather he has some kind of name he uses for himself that's in […]