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JOTW 33-2014

This edition of your JOTW newsletter comes to you from Tacoma, Washington.

Your Very Next Step newsletter for August 2014

This edition of “Your very next step” comes to you from Tacoma, Washington.

Two JOTW Can’t Wait job opportunities from OMNITEC Solutions, Inc.

Senior Strategic Analyst/Writer, Naval Programs / Alternate Job Title: Business Communications Analyst/Writer, NAVAIR HQ, OMNITEC Solutions, Lexington Park, MD

Project Manager/Writer/Editor, NAVAIR HQ, OMNITEC Solutions, Lexington Park, MD

DEFCON 1 Newsletter for 13 August 2014

Welcome to the latest edition of the number one Defense Career Opportunities Newsletter, “DEFCON-1,” a networking newsletter featuring job opportunities and career advice for those who are part of the global defense, aerospace, maritime, marine technology and security industry.

JOTW 32-2014

For your hospitality, thank you!

Stand Out with a Winning Brand

You need a winning brand if you intend to stand out in your current position or when seeking employment.

DEFCON 1 Newsletter for 6 August, 2014

Defense Career Opportunities Newsletter is part of the “Job of the Week” network – A world in communication.

JOTW 31-2014

Congratulations and Happy Birthday to Anastasia Kirby Lundquist, who celebrates her 100th birthday on August 6th.

A JOTW “Can’t Wait” priority job listing from Pinnacle West Capital Corporation

Communications Consultant, Stakeholder Communication, Pinnacle West Capital Corporation, Phoenix, AZ

DEFCON 1 Newsletter for July 30, 2014

This is a cooperative network. That means everyone’s participation is required to provide job opportunities to share.