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Secrets of Corporate Intranets

Here I present in its entirety a professional presentation that I wrote and delivered in Las Vegas. This presentation can help you navigate the confusing world of corporate intranets used for communication between management and employees using web-based technology. Thank you for choosing to attend this conference today here in Las Vegas. I believe you […]

Come to Las Vegas. Learn. Play. Network.

This event is in the past.  As President of the Las Vegas chapter of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) 2015 through 2016, I invite you to come to Las Vegas for an exciting special event entitled Intranets, Content, & Collaboration. This professional development conference (December 9 – 11, 2015) is for anyone who […]

Getting Back to the Neon Fun Desert

As October 2013 came to an end, so did my Las Vegas life. Or so I thought. Now, as June 2015 comes to an end, I’m getting to go back to live in the neon fun desert. This feels right. This feels like what is “supposed to happen.” So, I am going with it. I […]

Why You Need a Website

You only need a website today if you want to prove to others that you exist. If you are happy to remain in obscurity, you can get along just fine without having your own website. Individuals, small and medium-size businesses, and nonprofits need a complete, yet affordable, selection of professional and customized services to enable […]

Stand Out with a Winning Brand

You need a winning brand if you intend to stand out in your current position or when seeking employment.

Do I Feel the Earth Move?

One hundred eight years ago, a terrible natural disaster descended upon San Francisco. The April 16, 1906 earthquake and resulting fire devastated the City and Bay Area. But, this is a resilient place that learned how to stand out from all other places in North America. I am working here now in San Francisco on the 17th floor of a building that stands on landfill and no, I am not afraid.

All You Need

I’ve been writing posts here in this “Stand Out” column since July 2012. The biggest benefit to you is that regardless of when my posts appeared here, they remain relevant to help you stand out from others.


The word “overqualified” is the one most dreaded word that you do not want to hear when attempting to find work.


Even if you are suffering or struggling in life, you can stand out and inspire others by how you respond to what you’re going through.

Stand Out with Your eBook

Here is proof that having your own eBook can help you stand out from all others.