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This mop-top band from Liverpool recorded “Love Me Do” at Abbey Road Studios in London. Who played the drums? Careful, this is a trick question.

The Beatles first recorded “Love Me Do” on 6 June 1962 with Pete Best on drums, as part of their EMI audition at Abbey Road Studios in London.

By 4 September, Best had been replaced with Ringo Starr (producer George Martin did not approve of Best's drumming), and on that day the Beatles with Starr recorded a version again at Abbey Road Studios.

One week later, on 11 September, the Beatles returned to the same studio to discover that Martin was dissatisfied with Starr's drumming, and they made a recording of “Love Me Do” with session drummer Andy White on drums while Starr played tambourine. As the tambourine was not included on the 4 September recording, this is the easiest way to distinguish between the Starr and White recordings.

First issues of the single, however, did feature the Ringo Starr version, which was also included much later on the compilation albums Rarities and Past Masters, Volume One. The Andy White version of the track was included on the Beatles' debut UK album, Please Please Me, The Beatles' Hits EP, and all subsequent album releases on which “Love Me Do” was included. For the 1976 single re-issue and the 1982 “20th Anniversary” re-issue, the Andy White version was used. The CD single issued on 5 October 1992 contains both versions. The Pete Best version remained unreleased until 1995, when it was included on the Anthology 1 album.

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    I thought this was going to be real tricky with the answer being Rod Blagojevich. But I guess he was a little young for that recording. Maybe he just played drums for Beatlemania.

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