JOTW 44-2020


The 2021 IABC Gold Quill Awards


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JOTW 44-2020

November 2, 2020

The Free Job of the Week Newsletter

This is JOTW newsletter number 1,871


“It is far better to grasp the universe as it really is than to persist in delusion, however satisfying and reassuring.”

– Carl Sagan


This edition of JOTW comes to you from  Springfield, Virginia.


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This is the award-winning free Job of the Week e-mail networking newsletter for professional communicators, dedicated to the positive unanticipated consequences of networking, or as we call it, “nedworking.”  JOTW is a cooperative service.  That means JOTW relies on the contributions of its members, like you.  We share job opportunities, news and information about the job market, as well as swapping stories about life’s peculiarities.  We connect you with others who are like you, and together we help each other.  What a concept.  Did I mention it’s free?


***  This month begins with an N!


I don’t ask for much.  But this is November.  And November begins with an N.  And every month that begins with an N is “Ned’s JOTW New Member Month.”  And that makes this… “Ned-Vember!”  That’s right.  I’m asking each of you to reach out to your network of communicators and do a little directed “ned-working,” to encourage your colleagues to sign up for the free Job of the Week newsletter.    If they contact me by sending me an email at and mention “Ned-Vember,” they will get 50 percent off the free price, as well a free copy of the world-famous March 32nd special edition.  Even a journalism major like me knows that’s a great deal.

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Dear colleague,


My conscience dictates that I show a modicum of the immense gratitude I have in being a member of the Job of the Week network to keep me apprised of the communications job market.  I acknowledge my responsibility as a communication professional and a fellow human being to reach out to others, especially in this time of pandemic, to provide access to the free Job of the Week newsletter to those who may not yet have found the joy and contentment of being a member of this most worthy network.  So, I invite you to join the network and begin receiving the free newsletter.  It’s free.  Here’s how to order:  Send an email to Ned at and mention my name and email address.  Use the magic word “Ned-Vember,” and save 50 percent off the free price.  But wait!  There’s more.  Act now during Ned-Vember and you will also receive the world-famous March 32nd edition, absolutely free. Act before midnight tonight and Ned will waive shipping and handling fees!


Or…Write a clever invitation yourself, and share it with Ned to post in JOTW during Ned-Vember!


Remember…I don’t ask for much.  But this Ned-Vember!


***  To submit a job for sharing on JOTW, please provide the job title, organization or company, and location and send it to Ned at   Provide a link or contact info so people can check out your listing or follow up if interested.


***  Posting a job is free.    Recruiters can submit up to three jobs for free.  Each job listing may be posted once in the newsletter for free


I request that you do not send pdf files that I have to copy and reformat.  I prefer you provide your very brief job description in an email rather than an enclosure.  Please limit the size of your position descriptions (generally to 500 words or less).  “Can’t Wait” blast email priority listings are $300, and “Top Job” placement is $100.  Just send to me at


***  This is a cooperative service.  It relies on your participation and contribution.  As you receive the benefit of this free newsletter, you should also send in jobs you learn about.  This is especially the case when there are job listings in the companies that you work for.


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***  This week’s Can’t Wait postings:


None this week.


Can’t Wait jobs:  These jobs are forwarded to the entire list as soon as they are received, and do not wait for the Monday newsletter, and are posted prominently on the JOTW website.  Then they are posted first in the weekly JOTW newsletter.  Can’t Wait postings cost $300.  Contact Ned at


***  This week’s Top Job:


None this week.


Top Jobs:  Stand above the rest.  Your job can be right here, at the top of the weekly JOTW newsletter.  Top job placement costs $100 per job per week.  To be on top, contact Ned at


***  If you find out about a job opportunity in communications, send it to me (,   and I’ll share it with the JOTW network.


***  Here’s the link for the JOTW newsletter on the website:


***  One Paragraph Pitch:









With more than 7 years of communications, social media, and computer software experience, I am a leader in the software and technology industry. With a deep background in digital communication and public affairs, I pivoted my career in 2016 to refine my software and technical skills and joined Zignal Labs prior to the 2016 Presidential Election. I have a proven track record as a mindful visionary in the field of communications, software, and hardware. I am a compassionate and resilient leader who strengthens growing teams through strategic communication, technical expertise, and compassionate leadership. I am currently in the market for jobs in technology, communications, and digital media. Please reach out to me at if you would like to connect! I would love to host a virtual coffee with you.


Many thanks,




***  Send your One Paragraph Pitch submissions to   You can pitch yourself or your business anyway you want, as long as it’s short and to the point.  You can include a photo, too! There is no waiting list.  And it’s free!  Submit yours today!


***  The 2021 IABC Gold Quill Awards






The 2021 IABC Awards Committee is now accepting entries for the Gold Quill Awards.


Enter your outstanding work to mark moments of excellence and purpose as we rise above adversity, celebrate milestones, advocate for a worthy cause, launch new programs, create, sustain, develop, uplift.


  • 8 January 2021 – End of the Early Bird Rate
  • 20 January 2021 – Deadline of entries
  • 1 February 2021 – Late deadline of entries (with surcharge)
  • February to March 2021 – Evaluation
  • April 2021 – Announcement of winners
  • May 2021 – Preparation for the awarding
  • June 2021 – Awarding and post-awarding activities


***  Free defense industry jobs newsletter


DEFCON 1 – the Defense Career Opportunities Newsletter – is a weekly listing of all types of jobs in the defense-related industries.  It’s free.  To sign up, send Ned an email to and tell him you want to get on the DEFCON 1 listserv.  (Note:  JOTW is a list of communication jobs in all industries.  DEFCON 1 is a list of all types of jobs in one industry.)


***  Ned’s upcoming travel, maybe, perhaps:




***  Your Very Next Step!



The latest issue of Your Very Next Step newsletter is available online NOW!


The September/ October 2020 issue of Your Very Next Step newsletter is now available

By Ned Lundquist

This edition of YVNS was sent to YVNS readers from Springfield, Virginia.




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11 cool volunteer and internship opportunities

22 travel/conservation/adventure jobs


Check it out, because your next adventure begins with your very next step.

“Your Very Next Step” adventure/outdoors/conservation newsletter, published by Ned Lundquist, is a cooperative community, and everyone is invited, no…encouraged, no…urged to participate.   Share your adventures with the network today!  Send to


To subscribe to YVNS for free: Join our Google Groups Listerv.  If you are already a Google Groups member, just sign up for the “Your Very Next Step” group.  Otherwise, send Ned and email and he’ll get you on the list.  Contact Ned at


Do you have any interesting travel and adventure stories, tips, suggestions, adventures or destinations to share?  Send to Ned at for the next issue of YVNS.


***  From Woody Goulart:


If you are like millions who are seeking employment in the wake of the contagious virus, there is insightful free online information for you. (produced by JOTW blogger Woody Goulart) shows you how you can successfully start audio and video streaming over the internet from where you now are living without traveling to an external workplace or employer location. The website contains suggestions for real-world strategies and tactics you can put to use to generate revenue through the use of today’s proven streaming audio and video channels.


***  Here are your JOTW job opportunities for this week:

1.)  Content Creator, Public Interest GRFX, Boston, Massachusetts


2.)  Media Information Specialist, Rural Institute, University of Montana, Missoula, MT


3.)  Associate, Corporate Communications & PR, Ciena, Baltimore, MD–MD–Hanover–7035-Baltimore/Associate–Corporate-Communications—PR_R014069


4.)  Director of Communications and Public Affairs, Eastern Shipbuilding Group (ESG), Panama City, FL


5.)  Digital Marketing Specialist, The Atlanta Opera, Atlanta, Georgia


6.)  Marketing, Communication & Development Manager, Grand Center for Arts & Culture, In., New Ulm, Minnesota


7.)  Director of External Relations, Consortium for School Networking, Washington, DC


***  From Bill Seiberlich:


8.)  Marketing Communications Manager (The role is remote currently, and for the near future), About The Institutes,  Malvern, Pennsylvania / Remote, United States / Chicago, Illinois


9.)  Manager, Communications, AmerisourceBergen, Conshohocken, PA


10.)  Business Unit Communications Leader – Self Care (Senior Manager), Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health, Fort Washington, Pennsylvania / Skillman, New Jersey


11.)  Internal Communication Specialist, Johnson & Johnson Medical Shanghai Ltd., Shanghai, China


12.)  Strategic Marketing, Communications and Public Affairs Leader, JLABS Asia Pacific, Johnson & Johnson Innovation (“JLABS”), Shanghai, China


13.)  Press Officer, Ford Foundation, New York, New York


***  From Paula Kiger:


14.)  B2B Data Analytics Manager, Future plc/SmartBrief, Washington, D.C. (with possibility of remote)


15.)  B2B Audience Development Manager, Future plc/SmartBrief, Washington, D.C. (with possibility of remote)


15.)  Marketing, Organizational Communications Leader – Services and Solutions, Philips, Alpharetta, GA


16.)  Interim Communications Manager, Mortimer and Mimi Levitt Foundation logo, Los Angeles, California


17.)  Director, Corporate Communications, Global Blood Therapeutics, San Francisco, California


18.)  Communications Manager, Girl Scouts of MN & WI River Valleys, Saint Paul, Minnesota


***  From Marge Grey:


Hi Ned—


We are looking for a full-time Marketing Coordinator for our Eberhardt School of Business at University of the Pacific in Stockton, CA. Candidates can apply here and should include a resume and cover letter:


Thank you!


Marge Grey

Associate Vice President, Marketing Communications and External Relations

University of the Pacific

Stockton, CA


19.)  Marketing Coordinator, Eberhardt School of Business, University of the Pacific, Stockton, CA


20.)  Senior Director, Corporate Communications – External/PR, Parexel, Durham, NC


21.)  Corporate Communications Intranet Manager, Parexel, Durham, NC


22.)  Global Corporate Communications Senior Director (Internal), Parexel, Durham, NC


23.)  Media Relations Writer, St. Thomas University

Miami Gardens, FL


***  From Lynda Lambert:


Hi Ned,


Could you add this to the next JOTW newsletter?


It’s for the Director of Media Relations for the California Water Resources Control Board based in Sacramento. Let me know if you need any other info.



Lynda Lambert

Information Officer II

California Air Resources Board


24.)  Director of Media Relations, California Water Resources Control Board, Sacramento, CA


25.)  Head of Global Communications, OneSky, Berkeley, CA


26.)  Media and Community Specialist, Cayuga Centers, Bronx, New York


27.)  Manager, Communications (Climate and Energy), Ceres, Boston, Massachusetts


28.)  Executive Communications Lead – CEO Communications (Healthcare), Cigna, Bloomfield, Connecticut


29.)  Director of Athletic Communications, Central Washington University, Ellensburg, WA


30.)  Digital Communications Manager, Friends of the Boundary Waters Wilderness, Saint Paul, Minnesota


31.)  Oncology Lead, Global Therapeutic Area Communications, Public Affairs, Gilead Sciences, Foster City, CA—California—Foster-City/Oncology-Lead–Global-Therapeutic-Area-Communications–Public-Affairs_R0015476-1


32.)  Director, Social Media, Gilead Sciences, Foster City, CA—California—Foster-City/Director–Social-Media_R0015813-1


33.)  Director, Public Affairs, Global Therapeutic Area Communications, HIV Access Communications, Gilead Sciences, Foster City, CA—California—Foster-City/Director–Public-Affairs–Global-Therapeutic-Area-Communications–HIV-Access-Communications_R0015688


34.)  Employee Communications Specialist, Fred Hutch Cancer Research Center, Seattle, Washington


35.)  Director Communications – Office of the President, Cleveland State University, Cleveland, OH


36.)  Media Specialist, FHI 360, Lilongwe, Malawi


37.)  Manager, Internal Communications, FHI, Columbia, South Carolina


38.)  Technical Advisor, Social and Behavior Change Communication, Epidemic Control (EpiC), FHI, Manila, Philippines


39.)  International Global Change Science Lead, United States Global Change Research Program (USGCRP, or the Program) National Coordination Office (NCO), ICF, Washington, DC


40.)  Residential Energy Efficiency Communications Specialist, ICF, Fairfax, VA


41.)  Senior Communications Specialist,  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO, ICF, Atlanta, GA


42.)  Director of Strategic Communications, Catholic Community Foundation, Saint Paul, Minnesota


43.)  Chargé de Communication en Urgence, World Vision Mali, Bamako, Mali


44.)  Assistant Director, Global Medical Communications and Market Access (This is a remote role. The preference for the candidate to reside in the United Kingdom.), Xcenda, AmerisourceBergen Corporation, United Kingdom


45.)  PRAKTIKANT (M/W/D) FÜR DIE „INTERNE KOMMUNIKATION”, Deutsche Post DHL Group, Bonn, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany


46.)  Senior Communications Executive, DHL Express, Cairo Governorate, Egypt


47.)  傳訊經理 Communications Manager (1-year contract), DHL Express, Taiwan, Taiwan


48.)  Director of Presidential Communications, University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, TX


49.)  Communication Specialist (Consultant / PSA (Personal Services Agreement)), Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO-UN), Abuja, Nigeria


50.)  Senior Communication Systems Researcher, Sharp Laboratories of America, Camas, WA


51.)  Marketing & Communications Manager, Culture Reframed, Boston, MA


52.)  Corporate Communications Specialist, Internal, Terumo Blood and Cell Technologies, Lakewood, CO


53.)  Global Internal Communication Director, Banfield Pet Hospital, Mars Veterinary Health, Vancouver, WA


54.)  Stage – Assistant(e) marketing relancement Uncle Ben’s (H/F) – Janvier 2021, Mars, Loiret, France’s-H-F-Janvier-2021


55.)  Sr. Manager – Commercial Communications (IL or NJ), Mars, Chicago, Illinois / Hackettstown or Newark, NJ


56.)  Director – Public Affairs – Alliance Development, Novo Nordisk, Washington, DC


57.)  Communications & Marketing Associate-Paul Simon Public Policy Institute, Southern Illinois University Carbondale, Carbondale, IL


58.)  Public Relations Specialist, Sev1Tech, Inc., Fort Belvoir, VA


59.)  Demand Creation and Communications Officer, Population Services International (PSI), Johannesburg, South Africa


***  Your JOTW alternate selection(s) for this week:


60.)  Bathymetrist, National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Springfield, VA


61.)  Political Affairs Officer, Office on Genocide Prevention and the Responsibility to Protect (OSAPG), United Nations, New York, NY


***  Weekly Piracy Report:


150-20   27.10.2020: 2105 UTC: Posn : 01:42.5N – 101:028.2E, Dumai Anchorage, Indonesia.

Duty AB on routine rounds onboard an anchored chemical tanker noticed wet footsteps on the poop deck and saw an unauthorised person escaping. Duty officer notified. The duty AB reported that the person had gained access to the ship via a bamboo pole and that there were an additional three perpetrators waiting in a boat. the Incident was reported to local agent.


149-20   25.10.2020: 1700 UTC: Posn : 01:14.8N – 104:07.5E, Singapore Straits.

While underway, a speed boat approached a bulk carrier and came alongside the starboard quarter. Alarm raised, deck lights switched, crews mustered and ship’s whistle sounded. Seeing the alerted crew, the persons aborted the attempted boarding and escaped.


148-20   25.10.2020: 1515 UTC: Posn: 01:15.0N – 104:05.8E, Singapore Straits.

Duty crew onboard a bulk carrier underway spotted five robbers armed with knives in the engine store room and immediately informed the OOW. Alarm raised and PA announcement made. Seeing the alerted crew, the robbers escaped. Some engine spares were reported stolen. Incident reported to the Singapore VTS. Vessel and crew safe.


147-20   26.10.2020: 0125 UTC: Posn: 08:44.43S – 013:17.75E, Luanda Anchorage, Angola.

Five robbers in a wooden boat approached and came alongside an anchored Offshore Supply Ship. Second Officer noticed the boat and observed one person attempting to board the ship. Alarm raised and crew mustered. Hearing the alarm and seeing the alerted crew, the robbers aborted the attempted boarding and escaped in their boat. Incident was reported to port authorities.


146-20   19.10.2020: 0107 UTC: Posn: 04:46.50S – 011:45.55E, Pointe Noire Anchorage, The Congo.

Duty AB on routine rounds onboard an anchored container ship noticed a robber on the forecastle deck. The AB immediately retreated into the accommodation. Alarm raised, crew mustered and Port Control notified. A patrol boat was dispatched to the location. Upon investigation, it was discovered that ships stores were stolen.


***  Ball Cap of the week:   Campaign 04 – CBS News


***  Coffee cup of the week:   General Atomics


***  T-Shirt of the Week:  USA Lacrosse


***  Musical guest artist of the week: The Perks


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***  Ha’ina ‘ia mai ana ka’puana

(And So The Story Is Told)



The 2021 IABC Gold Quill Awards


Enter your outstanding work to mark moments of excellence and purpose as we rise above adversity, celebrate milestones, advocate for a worthy cause, launch new programs, create, sustain, develop, uplift.


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