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Stand Out with a Winning Brand

You need a winning brand if you intend to stand out in your current position or when seeking employment.

Do I Feel the Earth Move?

One hundred eight years ago, a terrible natural disaster descended upon San Francisco. The April 16, 1906 earthquake and resulting fire devastated the City and Bay Area. But, this is a resilient place that learned how to stand out from all other places in North America. I am working here now in San Francisco on the 17th floor of a building that stands on landfill and no, I am not afraid.

All You Need

I’ve been writing posts here in this “Stand Out” column since July 2012. The biggest benefit to you is that regardless of when my posts appeared here, they remain relevant to help you stand out from others.


The word “overqualified” is the one most dreaded word that you do not want to hear when attempting to find work.


Even if you are suffering or struggling in life, you can stand out and inspire others by how you respond to what you’re going through.

Stand Out with Your eBook

Here is proof that having your own eBook can help you stand out from all others.

Shutdown: Lessons Not Learned

How do you stand out during the federal government shutdown? Do you want to stand out? Or, during the shutdown is it better to stay below everyone’s radar?

Do What Cowboys Do

Back in the days of the Wild West cowboys, a brand was a letter or a symbol or a combination of both that cowboys burned into the skin of livestock. Everyone who saw that brand would immediately know that the brand meant someone specific owned that particular animal. Today, if you want to stand out compared to others who are applying for the job that you want, you need to do what cowboys do–focus on the brand.

So You Think You Can Age

Growing older is what it is. But it is never easy no matter what. This is one truth you will know when you become an older worker.

What You Need

You can’t always get what you want. But if you try sometimes you just might find you get what you need.