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JOTW 42-2014

Welcome to the Job of the Week newsletter!

JOTW 41-2014

Happy Navy Birthday!

A JOTW Can’t Wait opportunity from CLS Strategies

Spring 2015 semester interns, CLS Strategies, Washington, D.C.

JOTW 40-2014

“Our Sun is a second- or third-generation star. All of the rocky and metallic material we stand on, the iron in our blood, the calcium in our teeth, the carbon in our genes were produced billions of years ago in the interior of a red giant star. We are made of star-stuff.”
– Carl Sagan

JOTW 39-2014

The JOTW Network – A world in communication
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JOTW 38-2014

This issue of JOTW comes to you from Florence, Italy.

JOTW 37-2014

Happy Monday from JOTW.

JOTW 36-2014

79 jobs!

JOTW 35-2014

Today is Labor Day. Even though your JOTW comes out just as always, I just may take some time off today to reward myself for my labor. I suggest you do the same.

JOTW 34-2014

Remember, JOTW is a cooperative network. You must give as well as receive.