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Ned: Mike, are you going to help build the Habitat for Humanity house as part of the IABC service to the people of storm-devastated New Orleans? What skills can you bring to a city nearly destroyed by nature?

Mike: Ned, I have participated in several Habitat for Humanity projects through my workplace, the Mortgage Bankers Association, which works with HH in every city where we have conferences. I would love to get hot and dirty in a build at the IABC conference. It is part of the Amish work ethic that defines my lifestyle.

NED: I thought you were of Irish background, not Amish.

MIKE: Did I say “Amish?” I meant “Irish.” Shoot, now I have to cancel my Hertz “Rent-A-Horse-and-Buggy” reservation…but I’m keeping the beard.

Ned: Will you be running in the Internet cafe and posting blog entries at while you are at the conference? Like, if someone looks at you funny in the exhibit hall, and you don't get the same goodies that they give to the other delegates, are you going to slam them in the blog?

Mike: I’m hoping I won’t have to run to the Internet café, as I will have my laptop with me and will seek wireless access. I’m also planning to insert the names of anyone who gives me $5 into my blogs from the conference. I’m figuring I can make about $1,000.

NED: Doesn’t that violate the IABC Code of Ethics?

MIKE: (LAUGHING) Good one! That’s the first time I’ve laughed at one of your jokes!

NED: I wasn’t joking.

MIKE: Then it doesn’t count.

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