Just another 6'5″ bald guy with a beard

Ned: What sessions look particularly interesting to you?

Mike: I am particularly interested in sessions pertaining to business communication.

Ned: Could you narrow it down a little bit for us?

Mike: I will attend sessions that focus on corporate communication, measuring communication effectiveness, blogging and technology.

Ned: Do you plan to take the Bourbon Street Familiarization/Indoctrination tour at 4p.m. on Saturday?

Mike: Ned, I have never had to take a Familiarization tour of Bourbon Street. When I walk on Bourbon Street, they know who I am. They even have a nickname for me–“Buddy.” The last time I was on Bourbon Street, at least four guys standing in front of bars said to me, “Hey Buddy–come in here, I've got what you're looking for.”

Ned: Did they have what you were looking for?

Mike: Actually, no. At the time, I was looking for a fondue fork.

Ned: How will people know you are a JOTW reader?

Mike: I dunno. I'm kind of inconspicuous. Like many other 6'5″ bald guys with beards, I tend to blend in to whatever environment I'm in.

Ned: Oh, is that supposed to be a beard? What will you tell people if they ask you what JOTW means?

Mike: That you don't pay me enough.

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