JOTW 35-2007


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JOTW 35-2007

28 August 2007

“Wind and sails were made for each other.”

– Anonymous

“They that go down to the sea in ships; and occupy their business in great waters; these men see the works of the Lord; and His wonders in the deep”

– Book of Common Prayer

Welcome to the free Job of the Week e-mail networking newsletter for professional communicators. JOTW is a cooperative service that relies on the contributions of its members, like you. We share job opportunities, news and information about the job market, as well as swapping stories about life's peculiarities. Here at the JOTW network you always have a friend (“A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words.” —unknown).

This issue was assembled while traveling to San Diego and Boston this past week.

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Ned Lundquist, ABC

In this issue (Note: this is a list. The job descriptions, or links are found below. Scroll down.):

*** One Paragraph Pitch

1.) Vice President of Marketing and Business Development, Landmark Merchant Solutions, Schaumburg, IL

2.) Director, Basketball Communications, National Basketball Association, New York, NY

3.) Global Director, Strategic Communication Services, National Pen Company, San Diego, CA

4.) Web Officer, International Alert, Clapham London, United Kingdom

5.) Media Relations Associate, Anne Arundel Medical Center, Annapolis, MD

6.) Publishing Manager, Aide Médicale Internationale, Kabul Afghanistan

7.) PUBLIC HEALTH MARKETING SPECIALIST, Macro International, Rockville, MD

8.) Desktop Publisher/Graphic Design Volunteer, International Rescue Committee, New York, NY

9.) Classified Employment Advisor – Sales Department, The Daily Record, Baltimore, MD

10.) Classified Legal Advisor – Sales Department, The Daily Record, Baltimore, MD

11.) Display Account Manager – Sales Department, The Daily Record, Baltimore, MD

12.) Display Account Manager – Sales Department, The Daily Record, Baltimore, MD

13.) Director, Communications, United States of America I,al Medical Corps, Santa

Monica, CA

14.) Science Media Specialist (Physical Sciences), Brown University, Providence, RI

15.) Marketing coordinator, Ares Sportswear, Hilliard, OH

16.) Senior Public Affairs Manager, Department of Natural Resources, State of Wisconsin, Eau Claire, WI

17.) Report Writer, UN Children's Fund, Dakar, Senegal

18.) Account Directors, Hoffman Agency, San Jose, CA

19.) Public Affairs Specialist (DEU), Bureau of Economic Analysis, U.S. Department of Commerce, Washington, DC.

20.) Public Information Officer, City of Phoenix, Phoenix, AZ

21.) Marketing Coordinator/Marketing Representative, Vistancia, Phoenix, AZ

22) Director of Marketing, Grant Writing and Communication, Body Positive, Inc., Phoenix, AZ

23.) Public Relations Account Coordinator, Mullen Public Relations, Phoenix, AZ

24.) Editor-In-Chief/Deputy Coordinator, Integrated Regional Information Networks, Nairobi, Kenya

25.) SENIOR COMMUNICATIONS SPECIALIST, New Jersey General Assembly Majority Office, Trenton, New Jersey

26.) Senior Corporate Communications Professional, The Judge Group, Rosemead, CA

27.) Research Assistant, Community Analytics, Baltimore, MD

28.) Marketing Writer, mutual fund company, NY, NY

29.) Director of Public Affairs, Independent Sector, Washington, DC

30.) Projects Champion, TAYLOR TECHNOLOGIES, Sparks, MD

31.) Member and Audience Service Associate, Georgia Public Broadcasting, Atlanta, Georgia

32.) Deputy Executive Director, Communications (Volunteer), WellPetUSA, Bucks County, PA

33.) PR Specialist, Harleysville National Bank, Harleysville, PA

34.) PR Media Relations Specialist Gregory FCA Communications, Ardmore, PA

35.) Marketing Communications Manager, IQinVisions, Lancaster, PA

36.) Director of Public Affairs, Reconstructionist Rabbinical College, Wyncote, PA

37.) Full time, Freelance Public Relations Writer, PR agency, Virtual Position

38.) External Relations Officer, Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre, Geneva, Switzerland

39.) Senior medical writer, Abbott Laboratories, Abbot Park, Illinois

40.) Communications Assistant, Air Force Association, Washington DC

41.) Director of Media Relations/Crisis Communication, Outreach Process Partners, Arnold, MD

42.) Executive Director, Public Information,, Philadelphia, PA

43.) Specialist, New Media Communications, NBC Universal, NY, NY

44.) Director, Brand Marketing – Universal Pictures, NBC Universal, Universal City, CA

45.) Department Head, Marketing, Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti, MI

46.) DIRECTOR OF DEVELOPMENT, The Columbus Museum, Columbus, Georgia


48.) Sr. Program Manager-Communications, American Public Transportation Association, Washington, DC

49.) VP of Communications/Editor in Chief, ClubCorp, Dallas, TX

50.) Relief Head Cook – Pump Station 5/6 – Fairbanks, AK, US

51.) Figure Models, The Columbus Museum, Columbus, Georgia

…And “More, more more!” All for “free, free, free.” You are welcome, welcome, welcome.

*** One Paragraph Pitch:

Senior Media and Communications Director based in sub-Saharan Africa for 10 years, coached members of Nelson Mandela’s cabinet as well as hundreds of public officials and non-profit leaders in 15 African countries. Top award-winning NPR journalist. Covered the White House, Congress, Supreme Court and South Africa’s democratic transition. Managed 200 projects. Delivers effective, creative public relations, public affairs, risk and crisis communications, media training, executive coaching. Designs, implements, evaluates strategic communications plans. Generates positive stories. Persuasive speaker and proven manager. Worldwide contacts in media, government and the non-profit sector.

Noluthando Crockett-Ntonga

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*** Correction:

Hi Ned,

I am not sure if my email went through or not, so I am sending this along to be sure. In yesterday's JOTW, the item on the LobbyUSA job had a problem with the content. For some reason, it listed the job location as Free Union, Virginia. The location for the job is metropolitan Washington, D.C. Ned, I appreciate your assistance in getting that changed as I know it will impact the job applications my client receives. Thanks so very much for your help and all you continue to do. You have made a difference for so many people and we are all so very appreciative!

Best regards,


Sharon L. Schultz

Schultz PR

Office: (302-539-3747

Cell: (301) 351-0109

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*** From Bernie Wagenblast:

Singapore Airlines Puts a PC in Every Seat

Link to IDG News Service story:

*** Wild Card standings:

Seattle 73 54 .575 —

New York 72 58 .554 2.5

Detroit 70 60 .538 4.5

Minnesota 67 63 .515 7.5

*** Ned’s trip report:

“Ships are the nearest things to dreams that hands have ever made, for somewhere deep in their oaken hearts the soul of a song is laid.”

– Robert N. Rose

My trip to San Diego and Boston was one of my best business trips ever, pretty much hassle free and very productive with some incredible high points and wonderful-yet-subtle moments. Not the least of which was being near, and even better on the sea, in two oceans!

As I was turning my rental car in at Boston and boarding the National bus to take me to the terminal, the driver comes back to see me.

“You are Captain?” said Bogden. He points to my USS New Orleans (LPD 18) ballcap with scrambled eggs. “Captain?”

“Yes,” I said, smiling.

“I am sergeant,” the older gentleman replies, pointing to his tattoo on his left hand. “Russian Army.”

I look at him, then salute. He salutes me back.

My flight to San Diego via Phoenix on America West dba USAirways was good. In Phoenix I call Heather Murphy to discuss the remarkable coincidence that her father, the great-grandson of George Sirian, will be attending the presentation of the Surface Navy Association’s George Sirian Award aboard the USS Constitution in Boston on Friday, a story I’ve been assigned to cover.

II arrive in San Diego and visit with Roger Copeland and Jim Fallin at SPAWAR headquarters to discuss some great story ideas. I meet with my former roommate Bill Bonwit that evening. He knows a great restaurant in Old Towne, Casa Guadalajara. I arrive a few minutes early. A gentleman ambles up to me in the parking lot and says, “We’re from Canada. Alberta. I left my wife at the train station because we have no money for gas. I can’t drive,” he says, taking out his twisted arm, holding it up for inspection. “Can you give me eight dollars?”

“That won’t get you very far on your way back to Alberta.”

Bill pulls up. The man waits for him to get out of his car.

“We’re from Canada. Alberta. I left my wife at the train station because we have no money for gas.

“Maybe you should be back there with her?”

“The train station is a long way from here,” I add.

On Wednesday I embark aboard the USCGC Haddock, an 87-foot patrol boat, from the Coast Guard Station at San Diego. Lt. Reyna Hernandez is the commanding officer. A group of media are being escorted out to sea to observe part of Seahawk 2007, a major exercise involving navy and Coast Guard units. I chat with one of San Diego’s reporters, Nicole Ward, who happens to be a native of Newton, Mass., my home town. She doesn’t know that open sandals with high heels are not good for shipboard wear. Haddock catches up to USNS Henry J. Kaiser, and we stand 200 feet off her port side as Coast Guard helos and Navy fast boats put teams aboard for a simulated “non-compliant” VBSS (Visit, Board, Search and Seize) operation. The cool looking Sea Slice comes out to take a look at the proceedings, and we watch USS New Orleans come into port.

I meet up with my IABC San Diego friends, including Lilli Cloud who came down from Los Angeles because she read about the event in JOTW.

Bill Erickson and I go out for dinner Wednesday night. “I know a great restaurant,” he says. Turns out to be the Casa Guadalajara. As we are waiting to be seated, a man comes up to us. “I’m from Canada. Alberta.”

“Don’t tell me your wife is still back at the train station,” I shout at him. “Shame on you. You should go back and be with her now! Go!”

Being a panhandler is a tough job sometimes, especially when your story is blown.

Thursday is a full day of presentations for the Surface Navy Association’s West Coast Symposium. Instead of the dark and dingy base theater, we hold the conference in a large tent pier side, surrounded by USS Bunker Hill, USS Mobile Bay, USS New Orleans and USNS Mercy. As such, there are no PowerPoint presentations, and always a breeze. We can watch cranes being repositioned, or rescue swimmers practicing rescues, or ships coming in and out of the busy base. Lunch is a New Orleans feast aboard USS New Orleans.

I take the red eye on Jet Blue to Boston, arriving before 6 a.m. on Friday. We proceed to Charleston and the USS Constitution where SNA presented the Old Tar Award to the senior serving Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist, a Master Chief machinist mate named Mark Davidson, who, as it turned out, served with me on USS Cochrane when we made our glorious cruise of the South Pacific. We join with dozen of Chief Petty Officer selectees who have been training aboard Old Ironsides all week. Today will be their final exam: get the ship underway and set sails.

This is a dream come true for me, who grew up visiting the Navy Yard as a boy and seeing Constitution every time, but never until this day had I been on her while underway. “A passage under sail brings out in the course of days whatever there may of the sea love and sea sense in an individual whose soul is not indissolubly wedded to the pedestrian shore,” wrote Joseph Conrad.

That same morning, the Liberty ship John W. Brown got underway, a sight in and of herself. The Pride of Baltimore rendered a gun salute as she sailed past.

SNA also presents the Geroge Sirian Award for leadership to a Chief petty Officer from USS Preble, Chief Gunner’s Mate Casey Carlson, who is accompanied by his mother. Present is Tom and Pam Forbes. Tom is a retired Navy captain, and as it turns out, a friend of my brother. Tom and Pam’s daughter Heather is a long-time JOTW subscriber. Tom is a great grandson of George Sirian, who is one of the most incredible Sailors in the history of the U.S. Navy. To begin with, Sirian was orphaned in Greece when his family was killed by the Ottoman Turks. He was adopted at age eight by the crew of Constitution where he served as ship’s boy. He eventually came back to Constitution’s home port of Boston, went to school, and when old enough enlisted in the Navy and eventually rising to the rank of Master Gunner. He served for 50 years!

At a luncheon reception after the sailing I meet my old friend, Admiral Ray Couture, who was the chairman of my Recruiting District Assistance Council when I was enlisted programs officer for Navy Recruiting District Boston many years earlier. We reminisced about the company of recruits he administered the oath to on the ice in Portland at a Maine Mariners Hockey game. I recall a number of those Recruits, all from Maine, as saying that Portland was the farthest south they had ever been.

I ship the Old tar award to Master Chief Davidson on Saturday. It weighs a ton. I have no problem getting it packed and shipped from the Mail Boxes, Etc., store in Newton Centre. I’m early at Logan They don’t charge me to move my departure up to the earlier flight from Boston to Washington.

*** From David Oboyski:

1.) Vice President of Marketing and Business Development, Landmark Merchant Solutions, Schaumburg, IL

2.) Director, Basketball Communications, National Basketball Association, New York, NY

*** From Sherry Nooravi:

Hi Ned,

It was a pleasure meeting you this afternoon at the IABC/San Diego luncheonand I hope to see you at future meetings. For your reference, I've attached the job description I mentioned at the meeting today. Please let me know if you have any questions about it. It is a brand new strategic position in our company.

Best regards,

Sherry Nooravi

Global Director of Organization Development and Training

National Pen Company

3.) Global Director, Strategic Communication Services, National Pen Company, San Diego, CA

The Global Director, Strategic Communications Services will be working directly with senior management and will be responsible for all internal and external communications, to include our corporate website, our intranet, email announcements and all other communication media (newsletters, streaming video, etc.) for 7 Global Sites.

The Global Leader will develop, write and coordinate distribution of corporate communications materials, both paper and electronic based on corporate objectives, for both internal (employees) and external audiences. The employee communications leader will support company business goals and promote company culture. In addition, enable leadership to use communication as a strategic driver of organizational change. Develop and execute internal communications strategies – focusing on company leaders that support initiatives across the organization. Ensure communications to all internal audiences are accurate, timely and consistent with our values, vision, mission and strategy.

Serving as the primary internal communicator among all companies, subsidiaries and divisions, this Leader will ensure that the employees are aware of and understand relevant corporate news, as determined by strategic communications plan and corporate objectives. Will work closely with executive management to ensure messages are accurate, timely and consistent with our values and strategy.


Creates strategic communications plan, including long- and short-term strategy for execution. Writes and edits all corporate communications, both paper and electronic. Content developed through research, interviews, attendance at strategy planning meetings and knowledge of business operations and corporate goals. Ensures all communications are presented in accordance with corporate branding program. Serves as liaison with outside public relations firm and internal staff. Plans and conducts focus groups and other research to evaluate effectiveness of corporate communications. Maintains and develops intranet sites.


 Work with Senior Management to translate organizational actions and strategies into effective communications

 Create programs and materials to educate employees about National Pen’s business, products, and mission, and promote the company internally as an employer of choice.

 Serve as communications consultant to human resources and other functions, and provide local and regional internal communications consulting.

 Develop and manage internal communications vehicles while facilitating the creation of communication events to support face-to-face communication.

 Motivate the Leadership team to proactively adapt Communication as a key leadership tenet.

 Develop strong network within the organization to be able to tune into the major issues impacting the organization.

 Write and edit a variety of communications material, including material for senior and executive management.

 Support major changes occurring within the company.


 An undergraduate degree in Communications or Journalism or a related field is required.

 Ten years of communications experience in a service-related, large, public company, including experience in organizational change communication.

 Proven track record of success in leading internal communications in a complex, growing organization.

 Demonstrated ability to communicate clearly and persuasively, both orally and in writing.

 Experience in successfully developing and managing communications for a diverse employee population.

 Solid background in managing processes cross-functionally.

 Ability to organize, lead and influence projects to successful completion.

 Track record of successfully developing and managing internal communications channels, including editing and producing superior internal communications vehicles; managing effective intranet sites; executive communications; and coordinating face-to-face activities and events. Experience in the use of a broad range of contemporary communications media.

 Ability to lead and manage organizational and cultural change.

 Solid experience in measuring internal communications programs.

 Ability to interact effectively at all levels of the organization.

 Demonstrated ability to manage budgets and deadlines effectively.

 Experience managing website content (technical or HTML experience not required); ability to define intranet architecture.

 Proficiency with desktop publishing tools.

Contact: Sherry Nooravi (

4.) Web Officer, International Alert, Clapham London, United Kingdom

*** From Annamarie G. DeCarlo, ABC:

Greetings, Ned! Here’s a job posting for JOTW. Thank you! I’ll check my storage room to see what cool stuff I can send you 

5.) Media Relations Associate, Anne Arundel Medical Center, Annapolis, MD

The Media Relations Associate will act as spokesperson for Anne Arundel Health System (parent company of AAMC, Pathways, and Anne Arundel Diagnostics); search for opportunities to place Anne Arundel Medical Center physicians and staff as medical experts in the local, regional and national media; develop media relations strategy for pillar services, announcements and special events; respond to media requests; conduct research and interviews and write and edit copy for press releases, fact sheets, tip sheets; and serve as a media relations specialist as part of the system’s emergency communications team.

The Media Relations Associate will participate in occasional public relations activities on campus, at off-site satellites and at other community venues, and support public relations communications by writing feature articles for internal and external publications. Anne Arundel Medical Center is a growing, modern health care facility that features a certified stroke center, a full-service cancer institute, vascular center, and centers of excellence for brain and spine, orthopedics, and women’s and children’s services.

Requirements: A Bachelor’s degree in communications, journalism, English or other appropriate field. A minimum of five years of responsible experience in media relations, public relations, public affairs, and crisis communication, preferably in the health care environment. Experience with implementing a strategic communications plan, proven ability in writing and editing, proven performance in media relations and news writing, and proven capability to work effectively with a wide variety of constituents, including top leadership. Demonstrated ability to work in a team environment. Send resume, writing samples, and salary requirements to Visit

6.) Publishing Manager, Aide Médicale Internationale, Kabul Afghanistan

*** From Monica Zimmer:

Hi Ned,

Love the JOTW and have been a fan for years.

Would you be so kind as to post the following job for Monday’s email? Thanks! BTW, this job is to work on a DoD smoking cessation campaign – so please let any of your contacts, who might be looking, know about it. Thanks, again.


7.) PUBLIC HEALTH MARKETING SPECIALIST, Macro International, Rockville, MD

Macro International is seeking a qualified Public Health Marketing Specialist in our Rockville office. The position will plan and execute public health marketing campaigns for Federal Government clients and help create campaign strategy, communication and implementation plans, and media outreach programs. The successful candidate will have knowledge of health communication and social marketing plus a proven ability to apply experience in campaign planning, media relations, partnership development, and materials development. Must be able to manage tasks and contribute to new business development. Background in tobacco prevention/cessation and familiarity with the military market is desirable as is a MPH. BA in marketing, communications, or public relations required with at least 5 years of specific experience.

EOE/M/F/V/D. Email resume and salary requirement to Please reference Job Code PHM.

8.) Desktop Publisher/Graphic Design Volunteer, International Rescue Committee, New York, NY

*** From Dave Imre, who got it from Suzanne Fischer-Huettner:


I thought your readers might be interested in 4 positions in the sales department at the Daily Record newspaper in Baltimore.



The Daily Record is expanding our sales department and seeking energetic, motivated salespeople to compliment are already successful team. We are looking for entry level as well as experiences salespeople. I have included a brief description below of each of the positions.

The Daily Record offers competitive sales and commission structures as well as excellent benefits.

If you know anyone who would be a great addition to our team please contact me 443-524-8103 or just ask them to forward a resume to my attention



Suzanne Fischer-Huettner

The Daily Record

Associate Publisher, Vice President of Sales

11 E. Saratoga Street, Baltimore, MD 21202

Fax: 443-524-6803

9.) Classified Employment Advisor – Sales Department, The Daily Record, Baltimore, MD

The ideal candidate will be enthusiastic, confident and have excellent customer service skills. A recruitment background is preferred but not required. Previous sales skills are a plus. This position is mainly an inside sales position. Excellent prospecting, cold calling and client relationship building skills are a must to maintain a significant current client list and grow new business.


Suzanne Fischer-Huettner (

The Daily Record

Associate Publisher, Vice President of Sales

10.) Classified Legal Advisor – Sales Department, The Daily Record, Baltimore, MD

This position will focus on growing legal categories such as lawyer to lawyer, legal services, expert witnesses, ADR, etc. This person will work with various bar associations throughout Maryland to sell their annual bar directories. A familiarity with the legal industry is preferred but not required. The position is a combination of inside and outside sales but will require a great deal of telemarketing, creativity and enthusiasm. There is an established account list but the right candidate will be required to grow that list substantially.


Suzanne Fischer-Huettner (

The Daily Record

Associate Publisher, Vice President of Sales

11.) Display Account Manager – Sales Department, The Daily Record, Baltimore, MD

The ideal candidate will have at least 3 to 5 years of business to business sales experience. Print (or media) and web sales experience are required. Excellent prospecting, cold calling, client relationship building, multi-tasking and closing skills are a must to be successful. This person will take over a large, established account list but must grow new advertising in the paper as well as special sections.


Suzanne Fischer-Huettner (

The Daily Record

Associate Publisher, Vice President of Sales

12.) Display Account Manager – Sales Department, The Daily Record, Baltimore, MD

The ideal candidate will have 1 to 2 years of sales experience and must be willing to learn. The position will focus on legal announcement advertising as well as real estate, retail and various business to business categories. The ideal candidate must be motivated, not afraid to cold call and be able to come up with creative solutions for their clients. Excellent relationship building skills are a must.


Suzanne Fischer-Huettner (

The Daily Record

Associate Publisher, Vice President of Sales

13.) Director, Communications, United States of America I,al Medical Corps, Santa Monica, CA

*** From Beth King, APR:

Here's a job for JOTW.

Beth King, APR

Communications Manager

Society of Professional Journalists

Indianapolis, IN 46268

14.) Science Media Specialist (Physical Sciences), Brown University, Providence, RI

The incumbent covers the physical and computer sciences, cognitive and linguistic sciences, math and applied math, physics, engineering,

chemical and geosciences, and planetary science for the purpose of attracting national and local media coverage of significant

scholarship and research by Brown faculty and affiliated research institutions.

He or she maintains the University's relationships with appropriate reporters and editors who cover these areas, proactively pitches stories to journalists, and writes occasional feature stories for University publications and/or the University's website. The

specialist provides media support for major University events (e.g., lectures, performances, exhibitions, public conferences) that are likely to have interest to the general public. He/she also creates and maintains a list of appropriate faculty profiles to be accessed by the media on an

as-needed basis via the web on the Media Relations home page.

Qualifications: A college degree is required.

Advanced degree preferred.

Significant experience in implementing media plans and successful placement of stories in national media.

At least 4 years experience in public relations or journalism is required. Experience in higher education preferred.

Excellent writing and editing skills.

Experience with and contacts in the local and national media.

Ability to research information, conduct effective interviews, and write well and quickly.

Fluency with web-based research tools including Lexis-Nexis.

To apply for this position go to The job number is R00165.

15.) Marketing coordinator, Ares Sportswear, Hilliard, OH

Ares Sportswear, a fast-growing, screen-print and embroidery company serving scholastic sports teams nationwide is looking for an energetic, motivated and highly organized individual to join its fast-paced marketing department full time. The marketing coordinator is the project manager for all marketing projects including advertisements, e-mail marketing, fliers, postcards, search engine marketing and more than 30 catalogs and ensures all deadlines are met. Because the marketing coordinator works as the liaison

among departments that often have conflicting opinions on projects, strong diplomacy and communication skills are essential. Specific job duties:

. Writes creative copy for products, headlines and articles for all marketing


. Works closely with graphic designer in InDesign to place images,

text and basic design elements . Proofreads all marketing materials and coordinates proofing processes among all departments for catalogs and other marketing pieces

. Works with IT department in managing Web site updates

including images and information for products and designs

. Coordinates catalog product samples and schedules models for photo shoots

. Manages production of and sends bimonthly e-mail marketing to customers using Photoshop and Dreamweaver

. Coordinates exhibitions at trade shows and clinics

. Incorporates branding concepts into copywriting

. Plans advertisements and negotiates ad rates for national sports publications

. Writes press releases and works with television and print media

. Manages search marketing ads and keywords through Google and Yahoo

Skills and qualifications:

. Bachelor's degree in marketing, advertising or related

field with minimum 3.5 GPA

. One to three years previous related professional experience

. Strong writing skills and solid knowledge of

English grammar

. Significant experience with InDesign or similar program

required. Knowledge of PhotoShop, Illustrator and Dreamweaver a plus. Salary ranges from $32,000-$40,000 depending on experience and includes consistent and frequent pay increases based on evaluation, tuition reimbursement, health and dental insurance, disability, retirement, vacation/sick time.

Geographical Location Midwest

State OH

Experience Required 1-2 Years

Salary No Salary Given

Application Instructions To apply, send cover letter and resume to

Application Deadline Wednesday, September 12, 2007

16.) Senior Public Affairs Manager, Department of Natural Resources, State of Wisconsin, Eau Claire, WI

The Department of Natural Resources is seeking a creative Communications Specialist. The current vacancy serves as the West Central Region Public Affairs Manager in Eau Claire. Starting pay is between $23.454 and $27.785 per hour, depending on experience and qualifications, plus excellent benefits. This position is in Pay Schedule/Pay Range 07-03. This position is in the Fiscal and Staff Services bargaining unit. A 6-month probationary period is required. Job Duties Implement the Department of Natural Resources' communications plans on a regional/statewide level and direct the assigned communications program. Advise program managers, supervisors and staff on internal and public communications and effective education, outreach and involvement methods. Counsel managers and staff on identifying, researching, analyzing and addressing public affairs aspects of programs. Serve as the liaison with mass media, legislators, state and federal agencies, conservation and environmental groups, and department communications and education staff. Direct crisis information response activities. Special Notes A background check may be conducted prior to selection.

Job Knowledge, Skills and Abilities The most successful candidate

will have knowledge of journalistic practices, standards and writing/editing techniques for news, features, and voice. Knowledge of public affairs/public relations communications practices, strategies and tools for relating to the state's print and electronic media and the Internet; message mapping and persuasive writing and adult education principles. Knowledge of communication planning including message development, identifying audiences, choosing the best tools, implementation, setting performance measures and


Geographical Location Great Lakes

State WI

Experience Required 5-7 Years

Salary $50,000

If you wish to apply for this position, you will be required to complete an on-line exam. Your responses are considered an examination and will be used to determine eligibility for this vacancy. Applying is a 6 step process. To apply go to the State of Wisconsin's employment website and follow instructions.

. Step 1: Click “Log In to Apply” at the top of the job announcement and log into your account. When you have logged in, find and view job announcement (0702691).

. Step 2: Click “Apply Now” at the top of the job announcement.

. Step 3: Review your Job Application and make any necessary updates and click “Continue”.

. Step 4: Complete the Job Preferences screen and click


. Step 5: A resume is required to apply for this position,

follow the prompts to create a resume or to upload an existing resume and click “Continue”.

. Step 6: You will be taken to the first page of the exam.

Follow the exam instructions and click “save and continue” at the bottom of every page. When you have answered all of the questions, click “Finalize Exam” to submit your application for this job.

. If you do not have a Wisc.Jobs account, Click “Log In” at the top of the webpage; Click the “Create New Account” button and follow the steps to create a new account; and then Click “Apply Now” at the top of screen and complete steps 3-6 from above. NOTE: If you took the Communication Specialist Advanced examination in May, 2007 you are not allowed to retest but you may reuse your score. For additional information select “Score Reuse” and follow the instructions

outlined for Online accounts. The deadline to apply is Wednesday, September 14, 2007. If you have questions or problems accessing the exam, please contact Jill Voeltz at (608) 267-7565. Application materials will be evaluated and those most qualified will be invited to participate in the next step of the selection process. Additional Information For job-specific questions, contact: Jill Voeltz 608-267-7565

Application Deadline Friday, September 14, 2007

17.) Report Writer, UN Children's Fund, Dakar, Senegal

*** From Leslie Posada:

Thanks, Ned.

Can you please post the following position on your Website and distribute in next Monday's newsletter?

Thanks in advance.


Leslie Posada

Recruitment Coordinator

The Hoffman Agency

18.) Account Directors, Hoffman Agency, San Jose, CA

The Hoffman Agency is an independent global public relations agency with clients involved in all aspects of the technology market including telecommunications, Internet, enterprise software, security, semiconductors, and cutting-edge consumer technology products.

Due to recent growth, we are seeking creative individuals with a passion for PR to join our team.

We need proactive leaders with 7-12 years of PR experience who have mastered the art of management and can lead by example as well as organize an efficient and successful team. If you're the right candidate you'll have the opportunity to participate in all aspects of high-tech PR including: strategic positioning and planning, tactical program execution, media relations, press release development, and client management. A focus in the high-tech market with an in-depth knowledge of industry trends will be critical to success.

Your PR background must include time on the agency side working with large clients and experience with enterprise software/security, semiconductors, or consumer electronics companies is a plus.

Account Directors are responsible for:

– Quality account service for multiple accounts and projects

– Employee development

– Account management and profitability

– Developing launch strategies, product positioning, messaging, and creative tactical ideas

– Fostering and maintaining contact with client's senior management

– Developing and maintaining networks of media and analyst contacts

In addition to competitive salaries, we offer excellent benefits including a sabbatical program and four weeks of PTO to start!

If you are interested in joining our team, please submit your cover letter and resume to

19.) Public Affairs Specialist (DEU), Bureau of Economic Analysis, U.S. Department of Commerce, Washington, DC.

Job Announcement Number: BEA-CD-2007-0011

SERIES & GRADE: ZA-1035-02/03

SALARY RANGE: 37,640.00 – 86,801.00 USD per year

Closes August 27, 2007

*** From Ken Jensen:

20 Public Information Officer, City of Phoenix, Phoenix, AZ

RECRUITMENT DATES August 20, 2007 – Until a selection is made. First review of application material will occur on September 10, 2007.

SALARY $52,603 – $78,562 annualized.

EXPERIENCE Requires four years of experience in public relations, journalism, mass media communications, or marketing; and a bachelor's degree in journalism, public relations or a related field. Proficiency in the use of PC applications such as word processing, spreadsheet and graphic presentation software is desirable. Other combinations of experience and education that meet the minimum qualifications may be substituted.

DUTIES This position plans, prepares and implements a wide variety of public information programs in a large, complex, multi-faceted department or on a Citywide basis in a centralized public information function. Includes coordination of research, writing, editing, media relations, public relations campaigns, web page development, television production, and design and production of other programs of interest. May be required to supervise Public Information staff. The Phoenix Convention Center position is responsible for creating, implementing, and managing a comprehensive public information program for the convention center, theatrical facilities, and the expansion project. The Neighborhood Services Department position is responsible for creating implementing and managing a comprehensive public information program for the various department programs and activities. Currently there is one vacancy in the Phoenix Convention Center Department and one vacancy in the Neighborhood Services Department.

ALSO REQUIRED Some positions in this classification require the use of personal or City vehicles on City business. Individuals must be physically capable of operating the vehicles safely, possess an appropriate valid Arizona driver's license, possess personal insurance coverage, and have an acceptable driving record. Working irregular hours, shifts, weekends, holidays, and evenings may be required.

RESIDENCE Maricopa County residency is required within 24 months after the date of hire and must be maintained.

EVALUATION Based on resume and cover letter. In your cover letter or resume, please describe your experience in copy writing, editing, and writing public interest stories and press releases. Also, please describe your experience as it relates to the requirements stated above. Resume and cover letter guidelines are available at or at the Application Office. Only applicants who meet the requirements as stated in the “Experience” section will be placed on the eligible-to-hire list.

APPLY Apply on-line or submit your resume, cover letter, and data collection form to the City of Phoenix Application Office. The recruitment may close without notice when a sufficient number of applications have been received or the position has been filled


21 Marketing Coordinator/Marketing Representative, Vistancia, Phoenix, AZ

The award winning masterplanned community of Vistancia has opening for a Marketing Coordinator/Marketing Representative. The position involves varied duties including greeting visitors and presenting the vision for the community, assisting in areas of collateral development, web tracking, market research, builder relations and advertising. Ideal candidate has a bachelors degree or equalivent combination of education and experience. This is an excellent opportunity for a recent college graduate. The full time position offers an excellent benefits package. Salary range is $26,000 to $31,000 per year.

Please include a cover letter with a current resume and email to or fax to Carole Smith at 623-215-8651.

22) Director of Marketing, Grant Writing and Communication, Body Positive, Inc., Phoenix, AZ

Duties and Responsibilities

Body Positive, Inc. is Arizona’s oldest and largest HIV-AIDS clinical trial, research and educational resource organization fighting HIV-AIDS and improving lives impacted by the disease. This 50-member agency is growing and is expected to expand in the Downtown Phoenix area, expanding partnerships with biomedical, university, and social services agencies.

Body Positive, Inc. is seeking a Director of Marketing, Grant writing and Communication. This position requires professional who is experienced in developing enterprise-level marketing-communication plans, as well as individual program marketing plans. The Director of Marketing, Grant writing and Communication will lead the agency’s branding, marketing, media relations, and grant writing initiatives to ensure consistency of the agency’s image, positioning, and key messages. This leader will plan, write and oversee production of agency marketing materials to support the agency’s programs. The leader will play a strategic role in targeting fundraising sources, and will write grants and proposals to support agency programs.

Requirements include:

Excellent writing and senior-level analytic and communication skills. Ability to meet rigorous deadlines and manage multiple projects at any given time.

Proven track record of targeting fundraising sources relevant to agency programs, as well as writing and packaging grants and fundraising proposals. Demonstrated ability to earn funding awards based on excellent grant and proposal submission.

Expertise in the development and execution of multi-year branding and marketing strategies and plans.

Success in leading a broad base of functions including brand and image positioning, market segmentation and research, product development and delivery, advertising, public and media relations, and direct and e-marketing; understanding of resource development marketing extremely valuable.

Proven ability to develop marketing communication campaigns; proven ability to plan and write promotional material used for brochures, events, web sites, flyers, and speeches.

Excellent relationship cultivation skills and ability to engage and influence a variety of diverse groups and individuals; strong interpersonal style with exceptional listening, verbal and written communication skills.

Experience in working as part of a leadership team building collaborative relationships that advance business outcomes; ability to exhibit behaviors that reflect and support organizational direction; know-how to communicate and instill support for systematic and sustainable growth and change.

Strong contributor traits such as strategic, creative and progressive thinking.

He/she will:

Oversee and direct the implement of cohesive year-round communication strategies designed to redefine and increase awareness of the business, differentiate the organization competitively, foster development of new and diverse financial resources, and cultivate and sustain critical individual relationships.

Assist with the development and placement of advertising. Develop and coordinate marketing research.

Develop marketing communication strategy, tactics, and key messages, and make recommendations to best serve Body Positive’s needs.

Manage media relations and serves as a senior media officer. Assist reporters and editors in their efforts to understand the mission and activities of the agency.

Advise on targeting stories in support of strategic initiatives to appropriate media. Assists Body Positive in developing and maintaining positive relationships with local, regional, and national media.

Arrange editorial roundtables and media interviews for Body Positive’s senior administrators and story sources. Write, review and advise on design of stories and other features with media potential, and pitch those stories to appropriate national and local media.

Produce, script, review and help shape news reports and documentaries that have national television potential and works to have these reports and documentaries aired by national networks. Prepare and submit reports regarding area operation, including an annual media relations plan.

Direct content and messaging for Body Positive’s web site content. Oversee writing and production of digital media pieces. Develop podcasts and video clips to supplement news releases.

Present information about Body Positive to visitors using a variety of presentation formats, including oral presentations/tours.

Minimum Qualifications

Minimum qualification includes Bachelor's degree in Journalism, Marketing, Public Relations, or related field and six (6) years of related experience, including four (4) years experience in marketing roles or in public relations; OR, any equivalent combination of experience and/or education from which comparable knowledge, skills, and abilities have been achieved.

Desired Qualifications

Master’s Degree preferred. Prior grant writing and proposal writing experience preferred. Experience in supporting fundraising preferred. Experience writing, editing and proofing written materials in the English language. Experience using a PC or Mac platform and MS Office. Experience using photo-editing software, e.g., PhotoShop. Experience creating and editing copy for websites, brochures, reports and presentations. Experience prioritizing work and meeting deadlines. Experience working with teams and committees. Experience working for a variety of clients in a PR or ad agency. Experience using Web-based technologies. Experience creating and editing digital media, including podcasts, videos and VNRs. Experience using a camera or camcorder. Experience working with multicultural news outlets.

Salary: Dependent upon experience.

Close Date September 1, 2007.

Instructions to Apply

Application deadline is 11:59 p.m. Arizona time on the day indicated. Complete required information and attach cover letter, resume with two recent writing samples, and names, addresses and phone numbers of three professional references. REQUESTED MATERIAL MUST BE IN ONE ATTACHMENT. Only electronic applications are accepted for this position. E-mail the attachment to Debbie Rubenstrunk at If you need assistance applying for this job, please contact Debbie at 602-307-5330, Ext. 2242.

23.) Public Relations Account Coordinator, Mullen Public Relations, Phoenix, AZ

In its 27th year of operation, Mullen Public Relations is a Phoenix-based agency and the exclusive Phoenix partner in IPREX, a global network of independent public relations firms. We're looking for an account coordinator to add to our team of top professionals.

The account coordinator will serve as an important member of the account service team, responsible for preparation and proofing of press materials and reports; distribution of press releases; creating and updating media lists; tracking and packaging press clips; vendor communications; research; developing presentations; and other administrative tasks.

• Excellent written communications and proofreading skills

• Capability to multi-task accurately and efficiently in a fast-paced environment

• Looking for a dedicated, well-organized, detail-oriented individual who is accountable for and takes pride in the work product

• Public relations experience and/or knowledge of AP Style a plus

• Ideal candidate will have a professional demeanor along with a good sense of humor

Mullen Public Relations offers an excellent compensation package, an urban Phoenix location and an enterprising, creative work environment.

Submit cover letter and resume to Debbie Mitchell, Mullen Public Relations by email at or mail to 3636 N. Central Ave., Suite 1000, Phoenix, AZ 85012. No phone calls please.

24.) Editor-In-Chief/Deputy Coordinator, Integrated Regional Information Networks, Nairobi, Kenya

*** From Sarah B. Lavine:


Could you please post the attached job opening in your next newsletter?

Thanks very much,

Sarah B. Lavine

25.) SENIOR COMMUNICATIONS SPECIALIST, New Jersey General Assembly Majority Office, Trenton, New Jersey

The Assembly Majority Office of the New Jersey State Legislature is seeking a senior communications specialist. Applicants should possess the ability to plan and execute public relations projects and assignments while working in a high-performance press office operation.

Job Description: New Jersey’s Assembly Majority Office (AMO) advises, assists, and serves Assembly Democratic lawmakers who represent a wide variety of state legislative districts. The AMO’s press office helps individual members and committee chairs promote their respective agendas and maintain relations with various news media and – ultimately – the residents they were elected to represent. The press office operates a Web site, monitors news events and media programs, and provides a wide array of communications materials.

Duties include developing a press plan for Assembly Democratic lawmakers; writing, editing and distributing press releases, speeches, issue essays, letters to the editor, newsletter copy, business letters and daily news updates; organizing, staging and executing press conferences and other media-oriented events; helping to develop and maintain relationships with news media representatives; updating media materials and contact lists; fielding and resolving media inquiries; monitoring press conferences by various interest groups, government agencies, and other legislative offices; and developing, organizing, and coordinating television appearances, radio interviews, and other public activities for lawmakers.

Professional Experience: Candidates should have extensive skill and experience in news media operations, governmental public relations, or issue advocacy. Ideal job candidates will possess superior writing skills, an intense interest in current events, strong presentation abilities, a firm understanding of government and politics, the capacity to multi-task, an understanding of strategic planning and the latest communications technology. Applicants must be able to balance competing priorities and deadlines, demonstrate initiative, and bring enthusiasm and energy to the promotion of progressive causes. Previous governmental public relations experience is a plus. Experience integrating podcasts, blogs and other technology into the AMO’s communications plan also is a significant asset.

Qualifications: The AMO seeks candidates with solid organizational, planning, and time-management skills, experience in governmental and legislative media relations, knowledge of methods and techniques in responding to the public on adversarial issues, and the ability to communicate with diverse audiences. Applicants should have a bachelor’s degree in communications, journalism, English, public relations, broadcasting, or political science. State or federal legislative experience and political acumen are highly coveted.

The AMO offers competitive salaries based on experience and excellent benefits. We are seeking to fill the position immediately. Please e-mail resume and cover letter to, marking it “To the attention of New Jersey General Assembly Speaker Joseph J. Roberts, Jr.”

*** From Lori Caldwell:

Hi Ned,

Thanks for the help!

26.) Senior Corporate Communications Professional, The Judge Group, Rosemead, CA


The Judge Group is a national professional services company and our current client is looking for an experienced corporate communications professional in the greater Pasadena, California area.

Our client is in the middle of a great expansion and is looking for multiple professionals to join their team. Experience in internal communications is a must!

Flexible salary will meet the needs of a qualified candidate who's personality, goals, and values match those of our client.

This project is set up as a contract-perm opportunity to ensure that the company and candidate have time to make an important decision to begin a longterm employment relationship.

The job requires a unique blend of strategic corporate/employee communications as well and hands on writing. The bulk of the work will be involved with internal facing throughout the organization.


-7-10 Years of Corporate Communications experience desired!

-Degree in Communications, Journalism, or related field…Master's degree is preferable.

-Experience in strategic communications in a corporate setting.

-Ability to develop and execute communication plans for major initiatives and complex issues.

-Proven ability to write effective speeches, talking points, newsletters, briefings, scripts, etc.

-Experience writing quickly and creatively using print, electronic, and face-to-face media.

Please send resumes to along with contact information and a good time for me to call.

*** From Stefanie Hare :

I am a Towson alum and former student of Les Potter. I had heard you speak at a job fair the PR group arranged back in the spring of 2006. I have been a subscriber to JOTW since then. I have a position at a social networking firm in Baltimore and would like to post a position my company is offering. Looking to get the word out to some college students! If you could post the following, I would greatly appreciate it!

Thanks Ned!

Stefanie Hare

Coordinator, Research & Recruiting

Community Analytics, LLC

2400 Boston Street, Suite 203

Baltimore, MD 21224

27.) Research Assistant, Community Analytics, Baltimore, MD

Community Analytics uncovers the true Leaders and their social networks for businesses and Universities. They conduct personal interviews with key decision makers to understand the relationships that matter to them. Through proprietary network analysis, this firm is able to map the Influence Networks among professionals and alumni, delivering both strategic and tactical insights. They then work with clients to develop and execute implementation strategies aimed at bringing more meaningful relationships with its target audience.

I. Primary Responsibilities (90%)

A. Conduct phone interviews with professionals and/or alumni (targets)

B. Manage target lists and track phone calls using advanced Excel functions

C. Complete daily status report to provide detailed campaign feedback and summarize time spent on tasks

II. Additional Responsibilities

A. Be an integral part of weekly team meetings by contributing to discussions and providing valuable feedback

B. Collaborate with peers and management to solve scripting challenges and bring innovation to our research methodology

C. Attend Monthly All Hands Meetings and team meetings

D. Ability to work at least 20 hours a week.

III. Chance to Advance (C2A) Program

A. Opportunity to work on a variety of side projects

B. Opportunity to join a selected group of RAs to head up campaign implementation

C. Opportunities for professional growth which include any or all of the following: job shadowing with business professionals, informational and mock interviews with CA executives and area professionals, attend guest speaker sessions, resume and cover letter review and revision, and help with job placement


-Desired 3.0 GPA or above

-Strong communication skills

-Self-motivated individuals encouraged to apply

“The gang at Community Analytics will make sure your first office experience is a positive one. It’s like going to work with supportive, task oriented, friends.” –Doug, August 2007

For application submissions or for more information please contact:

Stefanie Hare

Coordinator, Research & Recruiting

Community Analytics

2400 Boston Street,

Suite 203, Signature Building

Baltimore, MD 21224


*** From Rich Young:


Here is a job posting for the next issue of the JOTW.


28.) Marketing Writer, mutual fund company, NY, NY

Chaloner is doing a search for a mutual funds Marketing Writer for a leading mutual fund company. To be located in New York City, the successful candidate will write marketing literature and web site content directed to financial advisors, retail mutual fund investors and fund shareholders.


– 4-6 years in financial services

– Strong portfolio of work samples

– Experience writing marketing materials

– Familiar with the retirement plans market, including 401k and IRA

– Exceptional writing skills

– BA or BS Degree

CONTACT: Rich Young,, 617-332-3081

Rich Young

Chaloner Associates

29.) Director of Public Affairs, Independent Sector, Washington, DC

*** From Pat Fitzgerald:

Hi Ned. Here’s a brand new opening. Communication is at the heart of it even though I’ve never seen anything similar in your previous listings. Thanks for all you do…JOTW rocks!


Patricia A. Fitzgerald

Vice President, Marketing


31 Loveton Circle, Sparks, MD 21152

410/771-4291 fax

30.) Projects Champion, TAYLOR TECHNOLOGIES, Sparks, MD


The Projects Champion will be principally responsible for leadership of the teams involved in two education-related projects:

• Development of a complete line of water-testing products for science educators at the elementary and secondary level. The team will include an outside consultant, members of Taylor’s R&D staff, and other members of the Marketing Department. Senior managers across the company will play an active part in planning and decision making.

• Selection, installation, and in-house training for technologies to accomplish information-sharing across distances. These methods could include videos, videoconferencing, online self-paced training, desktop sharing, and webinars.

The Projects Champion may also participate in trade shows and other events and activities as assigned. Further, the incumbent should have as a continual objective sufficient product and water-chemistry knowledge to write and speak about the company’s business.

Owing to the unusual skill set being sought, the salary for this full-time position has not yet been established. Please be sure to read the application instructions below carefully.


This position requires a bachelor's degree, preferably in information/communications technology or science education, plus demonstrated proficiency in project management over five or more years of progressively challenging assignments, including use of project management software.

To be successful, the Projects Champion must be self-motivated and able to work with minimal supervision. With the goal of providing innovative, high-quality products to internal as well as external customers always paramount, he or she must strive to: collect, analyze, and report information in an unambiguous, accurate, and timely manner; maintain team cohesiveness across department boundaries; and keep the decision-making process moving with all stakeholders. The ability to motivate team members, think creatively, and meet deadlines is essential. Familiarity with current technologies for distance learning also is necessary. An aptitude for public speaking and/or experience as a science teacher is desirable. Previous experience in sales training and strong writing/editing skills are pluses.

To apply:

Send a resume, including salary history, together with a cover letter that specifically addresses the qualifications noted above as well as your desired salary range to:

Ms. Patricia Fitzgerald

Vice President of Marketing

Taylor Technologies, Inc.

31 Loveton Circle

Sparks, Maryland 21152

or e-mail this information to Pat at

Incomplete applications will not be considered. PLEASE, NO PHONE CALLS. You can learn more about our company by visiting

31.) Member and Audience Service Associate, Georgia Public Broadcasting, Atlanta, Georgia

*** From Bill Seiberlich:

32.) Deputy Executive Director, Communications (Volunteer), WellPetUSA, Bucks County, PA

This is a virtual volunteer position for a Deputy Executive Director in charge of communications. Growing pet welfare organization needs

operational assistance. Projects will include creating and managing

public relations efforts throughout the U.S. including collaborating

with the Director of Technology for website promotions, press releases, articles for posting on the website and more. Will supervise virtual volunteer writing staff. Will assist with the cultivation of writing staff – on a continuing bases – with the assistance of the Associate Deputy Executive Directors of Volunteer Management. Interested volunteers should have experience in these areas. Hours are dependent upon your time and schedule. This is a very important position to the organization. Position is considered part of the management team. You should be able to commit at least one (1) year to the position. Serious inquiries only, please.


– Communications experience and/or degree.

– Writing experience.

– Supervision experience guiding and assisting virtual volunteer

writing staff in the creation of content for articles, press releases,

website content.

– Would prefer someone who has experience in collaborating with a

technology department.

Contact: More information online at

33.) PR Specialist, Harleysville National Bank, Harleysville, PA


– To promote customer acquisition and retention using public relations.

– Support the Public Relations Manager with all events and programs.

– Create and produce public relations materials.

– Research and coordinate public relations opportunities.

– Activities to include educational programs and special events. Travel may occur from time to time.

– Assist in corporate events including customer, prospect, employee and general public focused programs.

– Create and disseminate press releases.

– Manage employee biography and photograph files.

– Maintain company new page on the Intranet and web site.

– Process community contributions requests ensuring proper

documentation and approvals are obtained.

– Produce and distribute monthly management reports using historical

comparisons of program expenses and membership demographics.

– Switchboard duties to include lunch and break relief and back up for

vacations and sick days.

– Other duties as required.


– High school diploma required, associate or bachelors degree


– Three to five years customer service experience required. Knowledge

of banking products preferred.

– Event planning and marketing background preferred. Writing and

communication skills required.

– Must have excellent communication, organizational, and interpersonal


– Must be able to manage multiple projects simultaneously, and work

under deadline pressure.

– Must be able to travel to company locations and events.

– Technology Requirements (Must either bring to job or learn on-the-job within 3 months): Jack Henry Word/ Excel Access Dept -related and

publication software Outlook

Contact: Apply online at,+public+relations,+PR,+media,+marketing,+marketing+communications,+public+affairs,+writer,+graphic&IPath=QAKGV&sname=&jrdid=&lpage=47&job_did=J7X2QW74ZCW4B3F9T22

34.) PR Media Relations Specialist Gregory FCA Communications, Ardmore, PA

Largest integrated PR/IR agency between New York and Washington, DC is

seeking a mid-level media relations professional with a proven track

record of placing clients in national, local, trade and vertical media.

Must be able to work in fast pace environment with high-energy account

team and to be groomed for account leadership role. Minimum three years PR experience. Killer portfolio required on par with our online database at . Salary commensurate with experience.

Contact: Email resume and salary requirements to .

35.) Marketing Communications Manager, IQinVisions, Lancaster, PA

IQinVision is the worlds leading manufacturer of Megapixel Network

cameras and is recognized as one of the pioneers and innovators in the

fast growing field of IP Video for Security Surveillance and other video related applications. We are privately held and headquartered in San Clemente, CA with offices in Lancaster, PA and Utrecht, Netherlands.

IQinVision has an outstanding reputation for highly differentiated

products and best-in-class customer service which has resulted in rapid growth. We are looking for key team members to help us manage this growth. The Marketing Communications Manager will be a key contributor to IQinVisions success. We will be looking for candidates with the following experience and skill-set:

Responsibilities: The Marketing Communications Manager will be

responsible for all IQinVision events, website marketing and advertising and for all marketing and product collateral content and design. They will also be responsible for developing and managing effective communications of all product, promotion and company news internally and to the general market.

Responsibilities include, but are not be limited to:

– Working with Product Management to ensure Product Features are

effectively communicated as market valuable benefits through marketing

collateral, websites, tradeshows and advertising.

– Supporting Product Management on the design and layout of packaging,

labels, CD Roms, manuals and other product related documentation.

– Supporting PR on creating and laying out application stories and


– Developing and executing tradeshow, advertising and vertical

marketing strategy.

– Managing all logistical aspects of Trade Shows, Partner Meetings, A&E and Product Introduction Programs, Dealer Certification Program and trainings.

– Ensuring our website is best-in-class for information, on-line tools

and Search Engine Optimization.

– Experience Applicants should have at least 5 years experience as a

Marketing/Marcom Manager with significant experience in event planning, advertising and websites.

Performance Skills

– Ability to manage and motivate with attention to detail

– Team player with an ability to work in a matrix environment

– Excellent organizational, resource management and communications


– Strong creative and writing skills

– Willing to work long hours including evenings and weekend and travel

20% of the time for events

Contact: Please send resumes to: or online


36.) Director of Public Affairs, Reconstructionist Rabbinical College, Wyncote, PA

The Reconstructionist Rabbinical College (RRC), an accredited

graduate-level institution that trains rabbinical students, seeks a

director of public affairs to lead an award-winning marketing and

communications team. The director must have excellent writing, editing

and communication skills, and the ability to think strategically about

expanding the reach of the college.

The director will work closely with the president, vice president for

institutional advancement and a lay board to achieve the development and academic goals of the college. He/she will be responsible for the

creative development and management of all major communication vehicles, including the Website, print, video and audio products. The director will lead implementation of the integrated marketing and communications plan, and will be responsible for maintaining high standards for all RRC communication products, both internal and external.

The director also will serve as media spokesperson to local and

national press, including Jewish and Anglo news organizations, and will look for opportunities to increase the visibility of the college.

The ideal candidate will have at least five years of increasing

responsibility in public affairs, preferably in an academic setting, and experience managing a professional staff. A bachelors degree is

required. A masters degree is preferred in journalism, English, public

relations or related field. Candidates must have familiarity with the

production process and elements of design, as well as the ability to

manage vendors and a budget. Attention to deadlines and detail are a

must. The director also should be knowledgeable about fundraising

techniques, have some familiarity with the Jewish community and have the ability to work cooperatively on the implementation of a comprehensive development campaign.

The position reports to the vice president for institutional

advancement. RRC ( is an Equal Opportunity employer.

Contact: Please send a resume and letter explaining interest and

relevant experience to or write to: Robert F.

Horowitz, Ph.D., vice president for institutional advancement,

Reconstructionist Rabbinical College, 1299 Church Road, Wyncote, PA


*** From Anne Howard:

Please post the following job opening:

37.) Full time, Freelance Public Relations Writer, PR agency, Virtual Position

Ref. #0497. Chicago area PR agency seeks full time, freelance Public Relations Writer for virtual position. Candidate will create content for clients¹ PR purposes. These include press releases, case studies and bylined articles for technology clients, food and consumer products companies, early stage companies and start ups. Understanding of technology, software and feature

benefit writing style necessary. Candidate will work from home environment.

No benefits. Candidate can maintain own client base as well. Writing

samples required.


Bachelor¹s degree in journalism, communications or related field. 5+ years of PR writing experience. Must have a journalist style with a marketing mindset. Ideal candidate is familiar with technology, food, and consumer products. Must be able to simplify technical concepts to a non-technical audience to convey marketing messages behind the communications. Must be a self-starter with superb writing skills. Candidate is self directed and thrives in deadline oriented environment.


Position is 100% writing. Candidate will write bios, press releases,

product releases, Q&A, and bylined articles to be pitched to trade journals, Biz Week, mainstream media as well as case studies and web content for clients¹ websites and content for sales forces. Will conduct interviews and call clients directly. Candidate will also write expository and prose explaining product benefits and features in simple terms. 40 hours/ week with no benefits. No travel.

Please forward your resume as a .doc with detailed cover letter including salary, writing samples and state how you fit the specs. Writing samples will be sent to the client for review.

Send materials to Lynn Hazan, Lynn Hazan & Associates,

and call 312-863-5401 to follow up. Resumes without cover letters, samples and salary information will not be accepted.

38.) External Relations Officer, Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre, Geneva, Switzerland

*** From Janet Ochs Lowenbach:

39.) Senior medical writer, Abbott Laboratories, Abbot Park, Illinois

40.) Communications Assistant, Air Force Association, Washington DC

*** From Janice Roper-Graham, ABC, PMP:

Hi Ned – I was hoping you would post the following job opportunity.

Thank you Ned! 

Janice Roper-Graham, ABC, PMP

Managing Partner

Outreach Process Partners LLC

79 Church Road

Arnold, MD 21012

Fax: 888-784-5441


41.) Director of Media Relations/Crisis Communication, Outreach Process Partners, Arnold, MD

Outreach Process Partners LLC ( is seeking a PR Pro with hands-on successful crisis communication experience for a position in New Orleans. Must be experienced handling national and local media, VIPs, preparing messaging, training spokespersons, and developing strategies. Government or engineering subject matter expertise a big plus. We offer competitive salary, benefits, 3% employer-matching retirement and bonuses. You will be making a positive difference for a community still reeling from Katrina. Email your resume and salary requirements ASAP to

*** From Judy Heise:

42.) Executive Director, Public Information,, Philadelphia, PA

Reporting to the Vice President/Chief Marketing Officer, this position provides leadership in order to craft and execute the internal and external strategy for all WHYY-brand positioning efforts, with direct supervisory responsibility for Media Relations, Community Outreach, and Member & Audience Services. In order to successfully develop the corporate positioning strategic plan, as well as set goals and priorities for the department, the ideal applicant will possess an excess of ten years experience in public relations/media relations, including the management of a public information team. In addition to a degree in a related discipline, exceptional communication and presentation skills, and previous experience communicating in a complex industry setting with highly competitive environments are required. Strong project management skills, familiarity with industry related organizations and the ability to produce a quality product in a hectic, deadline driven environment are also necessary. Strong media contacts on a national and regional scale are required.

To apply for the any of the positions listed, please send your resume to:

Kathleen Peterson

Human Resources

WHYY, Inc.

150 North Sixth Street

Philadelphia, PA 19106

or email

(email is preferred when possible)

Only resumes responding to an available position will be accepted.

43.) Specialist, New Media Communications, NBC Universal, NY, NY

44.) Director, Brand Marketing – Universal Pictures, NBC Universal, Universal City, CA

45.) Department Head, Marketing, Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti, MI

46.) DIRECTOR OF DEVELOPMENT, The Columbus Museum, Columbus, Georgia

Job Summary

This position is located in the Development Department and reports to the Director of the Columbus Museum. The Director of Development is responsible for planning and managing the support-raising activities of the Columbus Museum. Duties include developing strategies for all fundraising and philanthropic efforts, including membership, planned giving, special projects, capital campaigns, and endowment support; research and writing grant applications and sponsorship proposals; maintaining the Museum’s donor files, including biographical and giving information on individuals, foundations, corporations and government entities; organizing and coordinating special development-related events to enhance the patronage of the Museum; and assisting to insure the Museum’s position as a leader in the arts community.

Major Duties and Responsibilities

• Working with the Director and the Deputy Director for Operations to plan the Museum’s annua lbudget for operations

• Manages the Development Coordinator; and oversees all fundraising and philanthropic efforts including planned giving program, research and writing grant applications and sponsorship proposals, capital campaigns, endowment support and special projects.

• Serves as liaison to Blackbaud for the Museum’s donor-tracking software.

• Oversees the Museum’s membership program, seeking unusual and creative ways to make membership attractive to a broad audience. Manages the Public Relations/Membership Coordinator, and oversees membership levels, and determines when and what changes need to be made in those levels. Assists in developing strategies for soliciting new members, ensuring adequate renewals and encouraging all possible membership upgrades. Oversees implementation of annual corporate and individual membership drives for time of year and format to produce best possible results.

• Oversees the Public Relations/Membership Coordinator, supervises all aspects of the Museum’s public relations and marketing programs, including all Museum publications and membership communications.

• Manages the Special Events Coordinator, and oversees events of special benefit to Museum members, including the annual Master’s Circle Gala, President’s Council event and Corporate Luncheon.

Knowledge and Skills Required

Applicants should have a minimum of 3 years in development, preferably with museum-related organizations, a proven record of success in the identification, cultivation, solicitation, and stewardship of major gifts, experience planning and implementing capital campaigns and working directly with boards of trustees and volunteers. This individual must be a highly energetic, creative team builder with excellent leadership, organizational, and communication skills. Responsibilities of the position also include the ongoing supervision of a department of four with responsibilities defined and evaluated for all marketing initiatives, public and media relations, advertising, and member communication.

B.A. in communications, finance or a related field required. An advanced degree in philanthropy and development or related field helpful; willingness to become involved in the community; strong management skills; demonstrated verbal/written communication skills and computer skills a requisite; knowledge of Blankbaud’s Raiser’s Edge a plus. Salary is commensurate with experience. Send resume and references to: Director’s Office, Columbus Museum, 1251 Wynnton Road, Columbus, GA 31906; visit us at No telephone calls please.


Position Objective: The Assistant Director, Development and Communications is responsible for the development, management, implementation, and evaluation of an overall fundraising program, to include membership, consistent with The Textile Museum's needs and goals. He/she also will provide oversight of all of the museum's marketing and communications initiatives. Reporting to the Director, the Assistant Director will serve as a member of the senior management team and will manage an expanding staff.

Reports to: Museum Director

Duties and Responsibilities:

• Direct the activities of the development, membership, and communications team and assume responsibility for all Textile Museum fundraising goals. This includes restricted and unrestricted contributions from major individual donors, foundations and government agencies, corporate partners, the membership dues, the annual fund, planned giving, and special events.

• Provide staff leadership and oversight of all development, membership, and communications team members.

• Develop a multi-year plan for achieving development goals and establish a master calendar that outlines all fundraising events and projects. Assure coordination of development activities across the museum.

• Collaborate with the Director in developing fundraising and cultivation strategies and goals for key stakeholders and prospects including individuals, foundations, and other priority donors. Also, work in tandem with the director to plan and execute fundraising strategies for special projects including the museum's second site on 7th Street NW, Washington, D.C.

• Work closely with the Museum's Board President and other Trustees to enhance and promote Museum activities; understand the Board's giving patterns and encourage their participation as major donors, solicitors, and advocates, while supporting the recruitment of new Board and Advisory Council members in an effort to build the leadership's cumulative fundraising potential.

• Oversee preparation of the departmental budgets for development, membership, and marketing/communications; help determine priorities and in collaboration with the development officer provide timely reports on progress against goals.

• Build and ensure maintenance of an infrastructure for all fundraising and membership systems and procedures (including but not exclusive of prospect research, reporting, database management, timely renewal and upgrade protocols, and special events) that is capable of supporting vibrant donor and membership programs that meet Museum and donor expectations and requirements.

• Create and manage cultivation and stewardship events.

• Provide leadership in the development and execution of all public relations, advertising, and marketing for the Museum, exhibitions, and programs; oversee all media relations and develop strategies to raise the Museum's profile in the editorial process; oversee production of the quarterly members' Bulletin, monthly E-Friends electronic newsletter, annual report, and the Museum's Web site.


• At least eight years of progressively responsible experience in planning, developing, and implementing successful fundraising, membership, and communications programs in a cultural or educational institution.

• Track record of effective staff management and working as a team leader in a multifaceted organization.

• Experienced in all aspects of major gift strategies, solicitations, and stewardship. Proven record with successfully meeting or surpassing annual fundraising goals including personally raising five, six, and seven figure gifts.

• Strong project management and organizational abilities and proven effectiveness managing a staff.

• Experience in preparing detailed annual budgets and tracking/reporting systems with demonstrated ability to meet or surpass assigned goals.

• Experienced and successful in interfacing effectively with the board and other volunteer committees.

• Capital campaign experience is an asset.

• Superior communication skills in written and oral presentations; adept at crafting grant proposals, donor correspondence, briefings, invitations, press releases, and other materials.

• Established record of successful events management including friend-raising and fundraising focused activities.

• B.A. required, some art history or textile experience preferred.

• Experience with Raiser's Edge 7.0 is an asset.

• Some travel will be required.

To Apply: Submit a resume and cover letter to


2320 S Street, NW

Washington, DC 20008-4088


48.) Sr. Program Manager-Communications, American Public Transportation Association, Washington, DC

APTA’s Communications & Marketing department seeks dynamic communications professional to promote and advance the association and the public transportation industry by researching and writing a wide variety of communication pieces, including fact sheets, speeches, press releases, brochures and articles in electronic and print format. Experience in writing speeches and background in media relations a must. Requirements: BS degree, 5 years of experience in journalism/public relations. Excellent oral/written communications skills, ability to meet deadlines, juggle several projects at the same time. Prior work experience in trade association helpful.

American Public Transportation Association

1666 K Street NW, Washington, DC 20006

Telephone (202) 496-4800

Fax (202) 496-4321

49.) VP of Communications/Editor in Chief, ClubCorp, Dallas, TX

Founded in 1957, Dallas-based ClubCorp is the world leader in private clubs. Internationally, ClubCorp's affiliates own or operate nearly 170 golf courses, country clubs, private business and sports clubs, and resorts. The company's 18,000 employees serve the nearly 200,000 member households and 200,000 guests who visit ClubCorp properties each year.

ClubCorp currently has an opportunity for a Vice President of Communications to join our Sales and Marketing team at the Corporate Office in Dallas, TX. This role will work the Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing and the Senior Vice President of Revenue and Sales to facilitate and direct ClubCorp’s integrated communication strategy to support key revenue initiatives. This position will also serve as the Editor in Chief of Private Clubs Magazine, ClubCorp’s current bi-monthly publication.

The responsibilities for this role are as follows:

Work with the team to ensure an alignment of key messages and promotions throughout all ClubCorp communication and marketing mediums in order to deliver increased brand awareness, member communication, connectivity, engagement and revenue.

Interpret and integrate company objectives to ensure consistency of the brand message across all departments and mediums. Work directly with Senior Management across the company in order to ensure communications are appropriate and effectively support defined company objectives.

Create and facilitate quarterly planning sessions with the ClubCorp Editorial Board to review publishing and communication plans and opportunities, company-wide.

Develop and implement strategic plans and actions needed to optimize and leverage communication assets and relationships, evaluate results, and recommend changes as needed in order to meet the goals and objectives of ClubCorp.

Job Requirements : The requirements for this role are as follows:

6-10 years of publishing/product development in a multimedia-related industry, at least 4 years should consist of editorial or marketing management

Minimum 5 Years of managerial and editorial/and or content development experience in consumer print and Web publishing, required.

Sound knowledge of marketing, magazine production and Web content management; awareness of latest innovative technologies for design and delivery of content on the Web. Familiarity with standard Web-based multimedia tools

A bachelor’s degree in Journalism, Marketing, Mass Communication or related field, required

*** From Mark Sofman comes this week’s JOTW Alternative Selection:

For those seeking a change of scene, as well as career:

50.) Relief Head Cook – Pump Station 5/6 – Fairbanks, AK, US

Job Description

This position is located at Pump Station 5/6. JOB SUMMARY: Satisfy the needs of our client by ensuring high quality, cost effective services. Responsible for preparing hot and cold foods, including all meals served on a daily basis. Responsible for the general sanitation of the kitchen, planning production and supervision of staff as needed. ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: Maximize cost containment and savings opportunities consistent with the contract and company goals, which include food cost management. Build and maintain good public relations with the client, residents and co-workers. Monitor and maintain a high level of safe and sanitary working conditions. Maintain accurate administrative and production records. Assist in the supervision of the kitchen staff to help ensure compliance with all HSE and DUS policies and procedures. Provide orientation and training to all kitchen staff. Set the example for co-workers in the area of performance standards, sanitation and work ethic. Prepares wholesome meals while maintaining foods at proper temperature, minimizing waste while utilizing Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) principles for the provision of safe and sanitary food. Adheres to local, state, federal and other regulatory agencies, standards, codes and laws. Conserves nutrients and freshness of food items by adhering to quality and time limits for preparation and service of food. Assume an active role in employee safety programs Assist in maintaining employee personnel records and record keeping as per OSHA requirements and DUS HSE Department Work with and assist supervisors with daily personnel issues in a professional manner Ensure that accurate monthly inventories are taken and prepare weekly purchase orders Prepare food orders using automated ordering system and check for accuracy to insure adequate supplies are in stock Meet with catering manager to discuss employee performance issues, staffing requirements, maintenance problems, special events and any other non-ordinary situations Arrange special catering functions setup as required by client. Conduct daily department safety toolbox meetings. Ensure that food purveyor s are providing quality food products meeting USDA standards Maintain a level of food supply inventory adequate for the number of residents billeted in camp Ensure that kitchen, storerooms, refrigerated storage areas and dining room are cleaned and inspected on a regular basis. Adhere to HACCP guidelines and assist in employee training Review with catering manager any employee infractions, incidents or maintenance problems.

Job Order ID : AK0046759

Experience Required :2 years

Salary :Not Specified

Duration :Full Time Regular

Shift :First Shift (Day)

Hours per week:40

*** Another alternative selection:

51.) Figure Models, The Columbus Museum, Columbus, Georgia

The Columbus Museum is seeking professional figure models for studio art classes on a seasonal temporary basis. If you are an experienced professional figure model interested in modeling at the Museum, please contact Melissa Albaugh at the Education Department by calling 706.748.2562, ext. 39 or by email to

The Columbus Museum

1251 Wynnton Road

Columbus, Georgia 31906


*** Weekly Piracy Report:

15.08.2007: 0130 UTC: Posn 05:51S – 013:24E, Democratic Republic of Congo.

Eight robbers armed with knives boarded a refrigerated cargo ship at anchor. They stole cargo and ship’s stores and escaped. No injuries to crew. Attempt to contact local agents via VHF were futile.

21.07.2007: 0115 LT: Posn 10:12.6N – 107:07.1E, Ho Chi Min City Outer anchorage, Vietnam.

Five robbers armed with knives in a small boat boarded a container ship at anchor. Duty crew raised alarm and crew mustered. Robbers stole ship's stores and escaped.

18.08.2007: 0135 LT: Tuticorin anchorage, India.

Robbers boarded a container ship at anchor. They stole ship's stores and escaped in a boat. Duty AB raised alarm and crew mustered. Coast guard informed.

13.08.2007: 0355 LT: Posn 03:55.5N – 098:46.5E, Belawan Outer roads, Indonesia.

Four robbers armed with wooden sticks boarded a chemical tanker at anchor. They broke into the forward locker and tried to steal ship's stores. Duty crew raised the alarm and sounded ship's whistle. Crew mustered and activated fire hoses. Robbers jumped overboard and escaped, in a waiting boat, with a life raft.

13.08.2007: 1915 LT: Posn 04:14.3N – 099:04.7E, Malacca Straits.

Ten pirates armed with fire arms boarded a tug towing a barge laden with steel billets. The pirates damaged all communication equipments and stole crew personal belongings and ship’s documents. The master and chief engineer were kidnapped and taken ashore. The tug and barge have anchored at the destination port. The whereabouts of the master and chief engineer still unknown. Pirates have contacted owners to demand a ransom. Negotiations are underway.

13.08.2007: River Mooring No. 3, Chittagong, Bangladesh.

Robbers, in country boats approached, a chemical tanker at anchor. The boats were noticed to go under the hull near the stern. The robbers were cutting off and stealing the zinc anodes. The incident was reported to the coast guard who sent a patrol boat. On seeing the patrol boats, the robbers left their boats and escaped. The coast guard seized the boat and boarded the ship for investigations.

*** In honor of USS Constitution, which got underway from Charlestown, Mass., and was under sail this past Friday in Boston Harbor:


By Oliver Wendell Holmes

September 16, 1830

Ay, tear her tattered ensign down!

Long has it waved on high,

And many an eye has danced to see

That banner in the sky;

Beneath it rung the battle shout,

And burst the cannon's roar;

The meteor of the ocean air

Shall sweep the clouds no more.

Her deck, once red with heroes' blood,

Where knelt the vanquished foe,

When winds were hurrying o'er the flood,

And waves were white below,

No more shall feel the victor's tread,

Or know the conquered knee;

The harpies of the shore shall pluck

The eagle of the sea!

Oh, better that her shattered bulk

Should sink beneath the wave;

Her thunders shook the mighty deep,

And there should be her grave;

Nail to the mast her holy flag,

Set every threadbare sail,

And give her to the god of storms,

The lightning and the gale!

(See this Wednesday’s DEFCON 1 newsletter at www.nedsjotw on Wednesday for Oliver Wendell Holmes’ own commentary on his poem.

*** Ballcap of the day: U.S. Coast Guard Sector San Diego (With scrambled eggs, of course)

*** Coffee Mug of the Day: The NEA Foundation

*** Polo-Shirt of the day: Surface Navy Association

*** Today's featured musical accompaniment: Black Albinos

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