Game Four from the Ground Floor

Ned: Lester is throwing pretty hard. He's found out how to throw strikes.

Mike: Against Holliday, no less, who’s been the Rockies’ best hitter. (There, I just pandered to our Colorado readers…)

Ned: You're right. let's talk about Colorado. Do they serve Clam Chowder at Coors Field?

Mike: No. They serve Rocky Mountain Oysters.

Ned: Ever had 'em?

Mike: No. But I’ve had alligator.

Ned: So have I. Tastes like chicken.

Mike: I thought it tasted a lot like bald eagle. Oh wait, I told that joke already…

Mike: I notice that when David Ortiz bats, you get quiet.

Ned: I would have gived Papi a rest and left Youk in.

Mike: Well, he’s driven in the only run of the game, knocking in your future son-in-law.

Ned: I predict Dustin Pedroia will be Rookie of the Year this year, and Jacoby Ellsbury, who will be eligible in 2008, will win that award next season.

Mike: There ARE 29 other teams in the league, you know…

Ned: You're right. We should talk more about the Rockies. That camera stuck in the mound at Coors Field was a cool way to see how Mike Lowell cracked that double.

Mike: I would have made a lousy major league ball player. I would keep trying to hit that camera. Lowell moves pretty well for a 60-year-old guy.

Ned: Forget A-Rod. Mikey should be the MVP. Cook is pitching well. He struck out Lester.

Mike: And he made your future son-in-law look silly.

Ned: I like a guy with a sense of humor. Of course that would also include the entire Red Sox bullpen.

Mike: They got rhythm, too…

Ned: If Colorado wins the World Series, when will they have the parade?

Mike: In the spring, after the snow melts.

Ned: For the record, Mike has gone to bed, and the Red Sox are now leading 4-2 in the top of the Eighth.

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