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Cozy Corner

The JOTW Virtual Potluck update for 30 August

Hope you can bring something to share to our “Stone Soup” sort of event, which is a metaphor for what JOTW is all about, everybody bringing a little something to share for the betterment of all.

Little Man

Can you dig this?

Only the freshest seafood for the JOTW virtual potluck.

The JOTW Virtual Potluck update for 29 August

The chow is on. You all are invited to the JOTW Virtual Potluck. What are you bringing?

A JOTW “Can't Wait” posting from Kellogg Company

Director, Corporate Communications, Kellogg Company, Battle Creek, MI

Ranger and Dutchess

The JOTW Virtual Potluck update for 27 August

See what your friends are bringing. Now tell us what your contribution will be!

Deborah's cake

Defense Career Opportunities Newsletter – DEFCON 1 Newsletter for 27 August 2008

This issue of DEFCON 1 is being transmitted from San Diego, CA