JOTW 33-2008

JOTW 33-2008

18 August 2008

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“I tell everyone you could talk to a brick wall and get a 1500-word story from it!”

– Greg Trauthwein, editor of Maritime Reporter and Maritime Technology Reporter, about contributor Ned Lundquist

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In this issue (Remember, to see the job descriptions and how to follow up, scroll down):

*** One Paragraph Pitch

1.) Media Relations, Senior Manager, AARP, Washington, D.C.

2.) Internal Communications Manager, The Foundry, Uxbridge – London, UK


4.) Marketing/PR Co-ordinator, PenQuin Group, Bedfordview, Gauteng, South Africa

5.) Communications and Marketing Associate, Voices for America’s Children, Washington, DC

6.) WASH Communication Specialist, MWH Global, Maputo, Mozambique

7.) Communications Leader, Charleston, engineered products organization, West Virginia

8.) Director, Global Communications, United Way of America, Alexandria, VA

9.) SVP, Worldwide Account Director, Brand Marketing Practice, Ketchum, NY, NY

10.) Operations Director, The Center Dance Company (TCDC), Arlington, VA

11.) Digital Media Internship, Levick Strategic Communications, Washington, DC

12.) Director of External Relations (Membership), Associated Builders & Contractors New Orleans/Bayou Chapter, Saint Rose, Louisiana

13.) Senior Marketing Communications Executive – Asia Pacific, ECI Telecom, Singapore

14.) Senior Marketing & Communications Manager, United Way of the National Capital Area, Vienna, VA

15.) Science Writer, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, TN

16.) Science Communications Specialist, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, TN

17.) Graphic Designer, Indegene Lifesystems Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore, India

18.) EMEA Communications Specialist, Enterprise Mobility Devices, Thames Valley, UK

19.) Regional Marketing Manager – Middle East North Africa (MENA), Cairo, Egypt or Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

20.) Communication Coordinator, St. Tammany Parish Hospital, Covington, LA

21.) Director Communications & Public Affairs, Argonne National Laboratory, Chicago, IL

22.) Technology Officer/Director of On-Line Strategy, NDN, Washington, DC

23.) Marketing Specialist, Sophos, Burlington, Massachusetts

24.) Associate editor, The Capital Journal, Wick Communications, Pierre, SD

25.) Sports Editor, The Williston Herald, Wick Communications, Williston, N.D.

26.) Sports Editor, Montrose Daily Press, Wick Communications, Montrose, Colorado

27.) Mass Media Consultancy, Management Systems International, Djibouti

28.) Marketing Communications Manager, L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center, Los Angeles, CA

29.) Interim Marketing Communications Manager, law firm, London, UK

30.) Public Relations Intern, US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants, Albany, NY

31.) Account Supervisor, Environics Communications, Washington, DC 32.)Communications Officer (Media), Concern, NY, NY

33.) Director of Communications, Saint Martin's University, Lacey, WA

34.) Media Relations Manager, University of Puget Sound, Tacoma, WA

35.) Art Director, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY

36.) Graphic Designer/Print Production Artist, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY

37.) Senior Copy Writer, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY

38.) Photographer, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY

39.) Director of Executive Communications, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY

40.) Executive Writer, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY

41.) Science Writer, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY

42.) Researcher/Writer, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY

43.) Marketing Communications Specialist, Molecular Foundry at Berkeley Lab, Berkeley, California

44.) Web Developer, Creative Services Office Web group, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, California

45.) Writer/Tours Administrator, Idaho National Laboratory, Idaho Falls, ID

46.) Especialista en Comunicación para el Desarrollo, Progressio, Managua, Nicaragua 47.) Technical Writer, Systems Definition, Inc., Alexandria, Virginia

48.) Director of Communications, Constitution Project, Washington, D.C.

49.) Advocacy Communications Manager, TASH, Washington, DC

50.) Media Planner, Blitz Media, Inc. Needham, Massachusetts

51.) Online Communications Manager, Bread for the World, Washington, D.C.

52.) Intern in the Public Information Unit of the UNHCR Office, UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Vienna, Austria

53.) Manager, Design & Marketing, Intersections, Chantilly, VA

54.) Online Communications & Web site Manager, Intersections, Chantilly, VA

55.) Marketing Services Specialist, Intersections, Chantilly, VA

56.) Sr Graphic Designer / Art Director, Bromley Communication, San Antonio, Texas

57.) Communications Officer (Media), Concern Worldwide, New York, New York 58.) Communications and Reporting Specialist, International Foundation for Election Systems, Afghanistan

59.) Development Outreach and Communications Officer, US Agency for International Development, Kabul, Afghanistan

60.) Public Relations Specialist I, City of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA

61.) Account Manager, ELISE communications, Philadelphia, PA

62.) Assistant Professor Public Relations (Tenure Track Position), Kutztown University, Kutztown, PA

63.) Communication Assistant, Nonviolent Peaceforce, Brussels, Belgium

64.) Marketing Communication Specialist I – Valvoline – Ashland Inc., Ashland, KY

65.) Manager of Brand Marketing – Valvoline Instant Oil Change – Ashland Inc. Ashland, KY

66.) Program Officer, Online Communications & Campaigns, International Women's Health Coalition, New York, New York

67.) Communication Officer, Spain Nova, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

68.) Media and Communications Manager, Netball South Australia & Adelaide Thunderbirds Adelaide, South Australia

69.) Senior Digital Strategist, Healthcare, Fleishman-Hillard, New York, NY

70.) PR Account Manager, ENG, Dubai, UAE

71.) International Consultant, Communication for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration, United Nations Development Programme, Chisinau, Moldova

72.) Press & Publications Officer, European Environmental Bureau, Brussels, Belgium

73.) Corporate Communications Manager, Gentiva Health Services, Atlanta, GA

74.) Manager, Corporate Internal Communications, Juniper Networks, Sunnyvale, CA

75.) Manager, Corporate Communications, Dayton Power & Light, Dayton, OH

76.) Corporate Communications Project Manager, Southern California Edison, Rosemead, CA

77.) Administrator, Investor Relations & Corporate Communications, Corinthian Colleges, Santa Ana, CA

78.) Director of Corporate Communications, Humana, Louisville, KY

79.) Manager, Corporate Marketing & Communications, Conservation International, Arlington, VA

80.) Manager – Communications, ALCOA, Pittsburgh, PA

81.) Corporate Communications Director, WellPoint, Indianapolis, IN

82.) Communication Officer, NoVA – Social Innovation Centre, Barcelona, Spain

83.) Program Managers/Team Leaders, in support of DoD, Avisar, Iraq

84.) Strategic Communications Specialists, in support of DoD, Avisar, Iraq

85.) Information Operations Officers, in support of DoD, Avisar, Iraq

86.) Public Affairs Officers, in support of DoD, Avisar, Iraq

87.) Media Analysts/Strategists, in support of DoD, Avisar, Iraq

88.) Video Broadcast/AV Specialists – AVID Editing System experience required, in support of DoD, Avisar, Iraq

89.) Graphic Design/Visual Communication Specialists, in support of DoD, Avisar, Iraq

90.) Webmasters, in support of DoD, Avisar, Iraq

*** Weekly Piracy Report

…and more! Scroll down and see them all!

*** One Paragraph Pitch:

Media Research and Analysis Consultant

You could read ten newspapers a day, and still not know how the media

are treating your company or how well your issues and messages are

getting into print. Or, you may need to provide PR measurement and ROI

to your management to justify your PR budget in this tight economic

environment. Whether it's researching and analyzing your media

coverage, or providing measurement and analysis of your PR goals and

objectives, or monitoring and evaluating your international media

exposure, I can provide these services in a professional and

cost-effective manner.

As an experienced public relations professional with strong media

content analysis expertise, I have provided media research and

analysis for the federal government, federal contractors, and major

international organizations, as well as start-up and established

players in high-tech, pharmaceutical, and business consulting

industries. To help clients improve communications strategies, I

developed and implemented measurement programs that enabled senior

executives to develop deeper understanding of a number of areas

fundamental to marketing planning, such as: market share, industry

trends, share of voice, key issues and messages driving the coverage,

image and reputation in the media, and competitors' marketing

strategies. These programs contributed to overall marketing and

business goals and provided clients with actionable business insights

to help gain competitive advantage in the marketplace. For more

information and/or samples of my work, please contact me at or (949) 939-9521.

Thank you,

Lusine Kodagolian

*** Ned has been banned from Facebook:

“Your account has been disabled by an administrator.” Why, because he was trying to connect with those of you have signed on with the JOTW Facebook community. Facebook says such attempts constitute spamming. Feel free to contact Facebook and tell them you want Ned’s account restored (Ned has tried to contact Facebook at but has not received any response to his emails).

*** Here are the August site stats for (as of 17 August 2008):

Distinct hosts served: 7,805

Total page views: 33,216

*** Reverse parade:

Our last night at Gros Ventre (pronounced Gro-VAHNT), was deemed Mardis Gras Vant day. We even had a parade. Because of our desire to leave no trace, reduce hydrocarbon usage and emissions generation, we decided to have a reverse parade, featuring the little Forest Service fire truck, a few National Guard vehicles, and a van or two, all decked out with caution tape. The reverse parade worked like this: We all lined up in front of the vehicles and then walked backwards past them.

*** From Donna Childress:

Careers in Motion

Thursday, Sept. 11, 2008

5 – 8 p.m.

Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center, Aria Trattoria’s Compass Room

1300 Pennsylvania Ave., N.W.

Washington, D.C.

Sponsors: IABC/Washington, Society for Human Relations Management-Dulles (SHRM) and Metro DC Chapter of American Society for Training and Development (ASTD)


— Ongoing, informal networking the entire evening.

— Facilitated roundtable discussions:

o Entrepreneurship: Setting up Your Own Communications Practice.

o Using the Power of the Internet to Locate Your Dream Job.

o Financial Tips for Career Changers and Entrepreneurs.

o Networking Your Way to New Career Opportunities.

o Employee Development and Retention: Maximizing Your Organization’s Human Capital.

o Thriving 101: How Seasoned Communicators Have Successfully Reinvented Themselves.

— Ongoing resume review by senior communicators.

— On-camera elevator pitch and critique.

Details and registration:

*** Can you handle this?

Question of the Week: What is the one thing they never tell you in a job interview, but you always learn after you start the job?

I've got some good ones. Some are minor, rather petty things, others may effect your career development.

Please keep my name confidential. Only about half of these situations have happened to me.

– Thanks


1) You are hired as the Vice President of a division of a PR firm. They didn't mention that there is another Vice President, nor did they tell that other Vice President that you are being brought in above him/her as the second down to the Senior VP. Nobody addresses this issue until after you begin, the afternoon before you are meeting your colleague, the “other” Vice President.

2) They failed to tell you that

a) you will not have an office, and

b) you will be sitting in the mail room

3) For those beginning their PR or Advertising careers:

Beware, ask the right questions, in a very direct way…

Junior Account Executive, may mean you are photo copying and stapling for three straight days when you begin.

Hmmm, for some reason, early in my career I thought Jr. Account Executive was a different job than Executive Assistant, Assistant I or Assistant II.

This lesson came in very handy later as I became a successful communications hiring manager – always advertise jobs truthfully. You waste less of your time, the applicants' time, and the company's money. Crafting a job announcement that truthfully presents the give and take of a position helps you target those who are right for the job, and hire someone who is well suited for the job you have to offer. This usually turns into a situation where the new hire stays for several years, and perhaps is promoted as his/her career and experience progresses. It saves money and time in the long run, because staff turnover is extremely expensive for an employer.

4) You were the organization's second or third choice. Sometimes this slips out when dining with your new colleagues. I never knew if I was a “second choice” hiree, but learned as a hiring manager that the first choice sometimes opts out for financial reasons, a change in what they want in their next position, or a host of other reasons. Usually all turns out as it should. A hiring manager usually wants to hire someone who is eager and excited and challenged by their new job, not someone who has second thoughts about the job they have accepted.

5) The supervisor who hired you and moved you across the country to join his team has taken a new job that starts the week after you arrive. And, the person who will replace him does not have nearly the calibre of experience your hiring supervisor had. This therefore lowers the level of responsibility the new lesser experienced supervisor will share with you, and creates a situation where you cannot learn what you would have from the more experienced supervisor.


And more…

Thanks Ned – This is followed by a long “thank you,” and a short question at the end –

Only about half those scenarios not shared until after hired happened to me personally, mostly when I was young and did not know what to ask before accepting a job.

I want to thank you for your continued hard work on the weekly bulletins – they are great, very helpful. And, I love the concept of doing this for the sake of doing it – helping people in their professional development without trying to make a dime off of it. There are so many companies who try and take advantage of job seekers and people starting their own business.

I am starting my first PR business with more than 20 years PR experience, at age 44, while also keeping an eye out for another full time international communications leadership job. I've had no less than 20 sales people call me in the past few weeks asking if they can market me, do a campaign for my job search, sell me media relations software, sell me business administrative services, etc.

I'm having a great time learning everything I can for free by hearing them out, but have not bought into anything except a couple well targeted job lists in the international relief and development industry.

This is a really valuable service you provide.

Question: I need to join back into a professional association. Do you recommend one over the other between PRSA the IABC? Again, I mostly focus my work on international relief, development and public health or disease control communications. My experience has been with catastrophic disaster crisis communications, disease control in Africa and on other continents, and earlier work in directing communications and marketing at Red Cross chapters in major U.S. markets.

Thanks for your opinion. I can only join one association right now, maybe more later.


(What do members of the network think about which association to join if you can only devote time to one organization?)

*** Where to go for advice:

Hi Ed

I am a subscriber to the JOTW newsletter and am an enthusiastic supporter of your efforts to give timely and valuable info to Communications professionals of all levels. As I learn more about the field I am looking at ways I can contribute to the JOTW community.

I have a question for you — I am seeking to get career advice from more experienced communications pros. I work as a web writer/editor for an educational association. I got my masters in communications last year and am starting to explore what would be the best next steps to take career wise.

Is the JOTW newsletter or Facebook group an appropriate outlet for me to send a query and see who is willing to give me advice?

Many thanks

Redante Asuncion-Reed

(Yes, absolutely. Both. Let’s try. Ask a question.)

I am a web content editor/coordinator from Washington DC. I got my masters in communications last year from American University. My original intention for getting the masters was to make the switch from technical roles to roles that involve content production, writing, editing, and project management.

I am seeking to make contact with established, senior-level communications pros out there to get career-related advice and review my resume. Ideally I'd like to get advice from a variety of folks — from senior PR/Communications Directors in various settings, to those who specialize in niches like New Media and Technology. I'd like to get some perspective on the next career level to shoot for given my background and interests.

So if folks are willing to give some advice and career perspective please feel free to email me at Here's my personal web page to give you an idea of my background:


Redante Asuncion-Reed

(We would all be interested in the advice offered.)

*** “I can offer advice.” From Paul J. Gennaro:

Capt. Lundquist,

I just wanted to send a quick note to say that I am a big fan of your work.

As a former Navy JO (I understand they call them “mass communications somethings” now) who migrated to corporate in 1995, I appreciate and applaud the JOTW and your efforts to share job leads. While I’m most likely to have career opportunities for me come from a recruiter at Korn/Ferry, Heidrick & Struggles, etc., I subscribe and enjoy reading JOTW each week.

Let me know if I can assist you with anything as it pertains to networking or career strategy for senior-level folks. I’ve gotten pretty good at resumes (I’ve got about 50 of my friends’ on my hard drive, including a couple of former bosses/CEOs) and I know from experience that Uncle Sam trains his PAOs well, but does not necessarily do a great job of preparing them for a transition to corporate, agencies, etc.



Paul J. Gennaro

Senior Vice President

Investor Relations and Corporate Communications

Chief Communications Officer

AECOM Technology Corp. (NYSE: ACM)

212.973.3167 – office

917.734.8295 – cell

*** Where do I go for advice:

I had a few minutes between flights at Denver, and I needed a shoeshine after wearing my walking shoes to Wyoming. Darwin at gate B37 is the guy to see, we started talking about Pac Man Jones, and segued to Michael Vick, Mike Tyson, and O.J. Simpson. Then he shared some advice with me that his Momma gave him about women, and what you don’t “own.” “You start thinking you own that, you start doing crazy things.” After two or three wives, Darwin has come upon some wisdom. I gave him a big tip.

*** Where do Norwegians go when they need help?

*** You can never have enough carabineers. We haven’t had a limerick contest in a long, long time. So how about snapping to it and submitting your indispensable and handy carabineer limericks to

*** Ted Chaloner is the first in line:

Here's my limerick:

The blue jeans were getting too tight

And South Beach wasn’t making me light

Hanging wallet and keys

From my belt loop – a breeze

The carabineer made it feel all right.


Ted Chaloner

(What’s your carabineer limerick? Send to Ned at lundquist989@cs./com.)

*** Wyoming:

I will post a full account of the Wyoming trip in the next issue of “Your Very Next Step,” the travel and adventure newsletter, which I hope to post this week. You can subscribe for free by sending a blank email to

There are photos already posted at Oh, and there’s a coupon for 20% off one item at REI. At least there was this morning.

*** Facebookers: Join the “Nedworking with JOTW: A World In Communication” group. We have 811members!

*** This job was posted as a JOTW “Can't Wait” job opportunity:

1.) Media Relations, Senior Manager, AARP, Washington, D.C.

AARP is over 39 million members strong – with more joining us everyday – and we're the “most powerful grassroots organization” around according to Fortune magazine.

We are seeking a professional who will be the designated spokesperson for the Association, AARP Global Network and Membership, covering assigned issue areas. This includes the creation, development and implementation of innovative international, national and state media strategies and campaigns that contribute to a well-defined media presence on AARP’s strategic priorities.


• Generate positive media coverage in new and creative ways, effectively curtailing negative press; and manages overall reputation/image among strategically designated audiences.

• Manage collaborative working relationships between the state offices and Headquarters to ensure the Association’s strategic priorities around all communications activities facilitate, encourage and foster implementation in all state offices.

• Manage activities with executive management, volunteers and key field representatives to ensure consistent and timely message dissemination between entities.

• Build relationships with media to ensure promotion of AARP’s strategic priorities.

• Responsible for media management for Executive and Board communications, crisis communications planning and management, strategic media planning and implementation for assigned issues area.


• Bachelor’s degree in Communications, Journalism, Public Relations or a related discipline.

• 5-10 years of experience as a media relations professional.

• Strong entrepreneurial skills, having been responsible for crafting and executing their own strategic plans for driving impact.

For more information and to apply, visit: (see Integrated Communications). We are an Equal Opportunity Employer that values workplace diversity.

*** Here’s the Melcrum Internal Comms Job of the Week:

2.) Internal Communications Manager, The Foundry, Uxbridge – London, UK

Operating in 64 countries, with over 350,000 staff this food service giant is an absolute leader in its field. Internal communications are integral in a company of this size and they currently need to hire a solid Internal Communications Manager for their business and industry division. Based within the UK communications team, you will be involved in the ongoing development of the UK business intranet through to channel management and the editing of the divisional company publication. You will also be instrumental in the shaping of company best practice and take part in long term communications strategy and planning. There is no doubt that this role will challenge, excite and suit the finest Internal Comms specialists around.

*** From Jill Sarah Moscowitz:

Ned, Thanks for posting this. Please let me know if there are any



Jill Sarah Moscowitz


Reporting to the Senior Vice President, Development and Communications, the

Vice President for Media and Communications will develop, oversee, and

manage communications initiatives in support of the successful

implementation of the ASPCA's communications function, with a primary, but

not exclusive, focus on media and public relations initiatives and outreach.

Serving as the chief communications specialist, the Vice President will

develop and maintain relationships with external audiences, including the

media, corporate partners, and community leaders to successfully disseminate

the ASPCA message and assist in the achievement of organizational goals.

S/he will develop both pro-active and re-active media strategies that will

build greater brand awareness and understanding of the organization's work

throughout the United States. The primary goal will be to leverage ASPCA's

success and reputation to increase private fundraising.

This position will supervises two or more direct reports as assigned by the

Senior Vice President.


* Knowledge of fundamental public relations principles, procedures and


* Knowledge of media research and distribution software such as Vocus, Lexis

Nexis, Factiva, etc.

* Understanding of current research and public relations/communications

measurement practices, standards and their application

* Familiarity with AP Style

* Knowledge of, and experience with, a wide range of commonly-used public

relations and communications tactics, such as SMTs, RMTs, VNRs, ANRs, PSAs,

mat releases, co-op media tours, etc.

* Understanding of the ASPCA's mission, programs, policies and positions

For more information please contact:

Jill Sarah Moscowitz, Recruitment Associate


This position description is based upon materials presented by ASPCA

4.) Marketing/PR Co-ordinator, PenQuin Group, Bedfordview, Gauteng, South Africa

The purpose of this position is to grow the PenQuin Group by implementation of successful internal and external marketing and PR programs. By maximising the productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness of the marketing team, the marketing manager must assist the CEO, proactively supporting the project teams, and work closely with established partners in growing existing accounts. This position reports to the CEO. Duties include partner relationship management, marketing team training and development, bid/quote negotiation of marketing materials, collateral concept, creation and production, initiating of partner programs, including incentive programs and events, and other marketing initiatives.

The Marketing/PR Co-ordinator will have responsibilities including, but not limited to, the following:

Marketing strategy and initiatives

• Communication: assist the orgnisation in all areas including partner marketing fulfillment. Ensure that requests are accurate and well thought through, follow budget, and executed in a timely manner.

• Creating and proofing marketing materials in conjunction with all accounts.

• Come up with new marketing initiatives and organizing events.

• Partner Promotions: Develop, execute, and maintain promotions and incentive programs for PenQuin International.

• Programs/incentives should be researched, planned, outlined, discussed with and approved by CEO before execution. Scheduling of debrief meeting after promotion/incentive is done.

• Expense Control: Ensure that marketing department expenses are within budget.


• Advertising: assist PenQuin in execution of advertising performance and materials including accuracy, consistency, expense control, timeliness, and clear communication among all parties involved. Building strong relationships with internal and external clients.

• Public Relations: Serve as PenQuin's liaison in communicating with media, channel partners, and other press. Write press releases; ensure that news and events are accurately published. Send product evaluation requests, and ensure they are returned in a timely manner. Develop media list and maintain accuracy. Represent PenQuin International in a professional, knowledgeable manner.

• Internal Promotion Co-ordination: Effectively initiate, develop and execute internal sales promotions; keep them top of mind during promotion.

• External Promotion Co-ordination: Effectively initiate, develop and execute marketing activities on behalf of PenQuin.

• Production: Co-ordinate production of all printed literature and promotional materials. This function includes vendor interaction, expense control, and inventory management.

Marketing Operations

• Oversee marketing purchase activities. Use expertise in print production and media purchasing to ensure best price is obtained, etc.

• General: Work with Marketing Team on projects as needed while serving as the main point of contact for internal and external marketing activities.

• Supervise marketing team, delegate tasks to appropriate team member(s), adhere to budget, and meet weekly with CEO and marketing Team to report back.

• Continuously doing marketing research to keep up with marketing trends in the industry etc.

Company Description

PenQuin International is a complete marketing solutions company. Our focus is on developing and implementing unique, cost-effective solutions tailored to meet our client's strategic marketing objectives. Clients benefit from a dedicated marketing partner who takes responsibility for the total project from conception to execution.


The ideal marketing/PR Co-ordinator for PenQuin International possesses two to four years experience in the marketing field, as it relates to advertising, communications—including internally and externally—via public relations, design, organizational planning strategy, research, development, and execution of creative marketing ideas. A PR/communications, advertising, or marketing Bachelor's degree is a plus. A can-do attitude is a must!


Marketing/PR Co-ordinator will ideally have experience in and possess the following skills and/or abilities:

• Strong research skills

• An understanding of graphic design and what is needed

• Strong PR/Communication skills

• Technical writing and verbal communication skills

• Planning

• Preparing reports

• Photography of special company events to be posted on company website

Personal Skills/Attributes

Ideal candidates for Marketing/PR Co-ordinator will display the following personality traits:

• Ability to multitask

• Direct communicator

• Positive attitude

• Leader

• Team player

• Organised

Reference #Penq12

PenQuin International is a complete marketing solutions company. Our focus is on developing and implementing unique, cost effective solutions tailored to meet our client's strategic marketing objectives. Clients benefit from a dedicated marketing partner who takes responsibility for the total project – from concept to execution.


Annemie Burger

Penquin International

+27 11 879 1953

*** From George L. Askew:


I would like to post the following position.

Thank you,


George L. Askew, MD, FAAP

Deputy CEO

Voices for America's Children

5.) Communications and Marketing Associate, Voices for America’s Children, Washington, DC

Reports to: Vice President for Communications

Voices for America’s Children is a national, nonpartisan, nonprofit child advocacy organization committed to speaking out for the well-being of children at the local, state and federal levels of government. With 60 members in nearly every state, as well as the District of Columbia and the U.S. Virgin Islands, we advocate for effective public policies in order to improve the lives of all children throughout the United States. We have a talented and entrepreneurial Washington, DC-based staff and are looking to add a creative communications and marketing associate who can help our network make the case for children in fresh and attention getting ways.

Essential Functions / Responsibilities

The Communications team is responsible for the overall message and strategies that articulate VOICES’ mission and for collaborating with all member organizations’ teams to effectively use communication as a tool to meet our goals. The Communications and Marketing Associate will work to: help build the VOICES brand through Marketing and Communications; position VOICES as the “go-to” organization for the media policy and opinion makers, and the general public for credible and insightful information on children’s issues; strengthen the capacity of the entire VOICES network to speak out strongly and effectively on children's issues with clear and consistent messages; and support internal communication to staff.

The successful candidate will assist the Vice President for Communications in carrying out the team’s work. Specific responsibilities may include:

Assist in media relations activities – writing news releases, pitching stories, building relationships with journalists, compiling media kits and materials, tracking news and monitoring impact

Develop and maintain a comprehensive list of reporters, editors, and columnists

Contribute to development and execution of a plan to integrate print, publication and web branding to reflect a cohesive creative suite

Assist in creating an organizational branding map to leverage members’ reach via co-branding

Develop online communications tailored to target audiences, blogosphere penetration (to support grassroots outreach, specific advocacy drives, cull thought-leaders), and interactive new media features (videos, podcasts, etc).

Help to build the network of communicators within our membership network and provide technical assistance

Edit and proof documents, publications, and communications

Assist in improving and managing online communications vehicles, including the website

Search engine optimization: for example, through Google AdWords (general and targeted), Google Grant Program, and Google Analytics measurement tools

Help write and produce publications, including newsletters, brochures, and annual report

Manage daily e-newsletter to member communications staff

Create a marketing and brand-building training session for the VOICES member regional meetings

Create/layout engaging visuals for proposals, publications, meetings, etc.

Analyze news coverage, current events, reports, and public-opinion polling to help derive messages

Project management to maintain editorial calendar, track assignments, ensure deadlines are met

Assist in writing communications plans into grant proposals

Supervise interns

Act as back-up to Vice President in responding to media requests, working in coalition efforts, etc.

Desired Qualifications

Bachelors degree in journalism, communications, marketing, public relations, English, or related fields

Familiarity with strategic advocacy communications for public interest issues

Experience in and understanding of both organizational brand building and internal education and adoption

Demonstrated skills as a strategic and tactical thinker

Outstanding skills in writing and editing

Knowledge of standard concepts, practices, and procedures in web design and e-communications

Ability to multi-task and work independently, as well as in team settings

Proficiency with various computer applications

Ability to comfortably communicate with a range of key stakeholders and network members, including senior staff, journalists, and coalition partners

Commitment to creating a brighter future for all children and a passion for communications and marketing as vehicles for positive social change.

Status: Full-time; exempt

To Apply: Send cover letter, resume, references, and writing sample to or fax to: (202) 289-0776

Nothing in this job description restricts management's right to assign or reassign duties and responsibilities to this job at any time.

6.) WASH Communication Specialist, MWH Global, Maputo, Mozambique

*** From Kristina Ramanuskas:

Good Afternoon,

Would it be possible to have this posted on your next career alert? Please advise.

Best Regards,


Futurestep is a high-performance global provider of innovative, scalable recruitment and people solutions.

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7.) Communications Leader, Charleston, engineered products organization, West Virginia

OUR CLIENT: Our client is a major global engineered products organization. This role specifically supports a business unit in their global aerospace and transportation organization.


The Communications Leader will play a key role in the organization with great visibility within the company. As a communicator for a large-sized plant, listening, teamwork and collaboration are necessary to succeed in order to serve as ‘communications support’ to all levels of the plant and to our client. This individual will be located in Ravenswood with some travel in North America and Europe when needed. The main tenets of the role include the following:

a. Define, in collaboration with Global Communications Manager and Global North America President, a communications strategy for the Ravenswood facility;

b. Develop and implement internal communications for the Ravenswood plant, ensuring it is aligned with business and communications goals and strategies;

c. Create and coordinate efforts and programs to raise plant image with external stakeholders locally (community, government & customer base) in synergy with HQ;

d. Support and participate in coordinated Global communications initiatives, including:

– Two-way communications from Global to Ravenswood employees and bottom-up;

– Participate actively in the communication network and ensure exchanges with the other Business Unit sites.

 Internal Programming will include: building on reputed internal communications (content, channels, tools etc.); driving and supporting communications from plant management to employees; ensuring feedback from employees is brought up to plant management team and business; implementing recommendations and corporate Visual Identity guidelines while ensuring local needs are met.

 External Programming will include: giving visibility to employees’ / business / marketing success stories towards local stakeholders (mainly media and institutions) while ensuring alignment to corporate rules; bringing to attention those success stories that are worth being promoted internationally (e.g. Press releases with global wide newswire diffusion); ensuring a bridge is built between internal and external communications and guarantee internal written communications respects image and reputation of Ravenswood/corporate.

Skills and Experience:

 Bachelor’s Degree (3-4 years) as a minimum; Master’s Degree (4-6 years) would be preferred

 Degree with an emphasis in Communications (Institutional / Company), Marketing (Business)

 10 years communications (internal and external) in a business-to-business industry sector with demonstrated track record of developing relationships with shop floor employees

 Strong oral, writing and editing skills

 Solid project management skills with ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously

 Able to deliver strategic insight and recommendations, and to lead and coordinate actions operationally

 Strong leadership skills and ability to convince and bring people on board

 Understands fundamentals that make communications credible: anticipation, urgency, accuracy, details and follow-through, action, feedback

 Ability to liaise with all levels of the organization (from top management to shop floor employees)

 Strong problem solving skills and creative solutions

 Working knowledge of another language (e.g. Spanish, French, German) a plus, but not required

*Relocation assistance provided if required.

Please Contact:

Kristina Ramanauskas


Direct: (416) 623-3248

Toll-free: (800) 547-0588, Ext. 3248

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*** From Sally F. Fabens:

I’ve attached a job description for Global Communications Director at United Way. Please let me know if you’d prefer it in a different format.

Thank you.

Sally F. Fabens

Director, Media and Public Relations

Brand Leadership

United Way of America

701 N. Fairfax St.

Alexandria, VA 22314

tel 703-836-7112, x 401

fax 703-683-7821

8.) Director, Global Communications, United Way of America, Alexandria, VA


As the Director of Global Communications, you will be a chief strategist, consultant and practitioner supporting the internal and external communications needs of United Way's global organization, and an advocate of United Way's brand and reputation. If your career desire is to work with a dynamic team, have an exciting growth opportunity to interact with and influence people, organizations and cultures around the world, this is the opportunity for you.

As the Director of Global Communications you will report to the Vice President of Public Relations and you will be responsible for creating and implementing a proactive, integrated and innovative internal and external communications strategy for United Way outside the United States.

You will be responsible for extensive writing/editing for print, Web, electronic and broadcast; and strategic communications to multiple stakeholders (local United Way leaders, corporations, foundations). You will manage media outside the United States (print, broadcast, electronic, blogs, etc), and U.S. media when needed.

Hiring Range:

Not published

Education Requirements:

Requires bachelor's degree, plus additional training, and between 8 and 10 years of prior relevant work experience.

Experience Required:

Strong writer with ability to direct projects/programs from inception to implementation including ability to evaluate information, consider key constituents, provide counsel/recommendations on course of action, and then implement the agreed-to-strategy in a highly complex, multi-layered, intellectually charged work environment. Ability to measure project/program performance required. Successful employee/leadership communications and media relations experience. Global communications experience. Sensitivity to diverse people, cultures and organizations. Having lived/worked outside of the United States a strong plus. A record of developing, writing and producing distinguished leadership, employee communication and media relations materials through print, Web, electronic and broadcast media, particularly targeted to a global audience. Proven experience managing a PR agency and professional staff. A proven ability to forecast and manage a budget. Superb organizational and interpersonal skills combined with the ability to diplomatically prioritize demands. Agile and creative, entrepreneurial, pragmatic and flexible. A strong commitment to United Way's mission, profound commitment to volunteerism and a desire to advance the common good.

Application deadline: Saturday, August 30, 2008


Julia McNeely

Manager, Human Resources

United Way of America

701 N. Fairfax St.

Alexandria, VA 22314

Phone: (703) 836-7100, Fax: (703) 683-7840

*** From Amira Rubin:

9.) SVP, Worldwide Account Director, Brand Marketing Practice, Ketchum, NY, NY

*** From Deb Gersh Hernandez:

Hi, Ned:

Thought the JOTW'ers might be interested in this job in Arlington, Va. Please note that replies should not come to me, but to the studio, as instructed below.


Deb Gersh Hernandez

10.) Operations Director, The Center Dance Company (TCDC), Arlington, VA

The Center Dance Company (TCDC) and its school Arlington Center for Dance is currently accepting applications for the position of Operations Director to work collaboratively with the Artistic Director to develop and expand programs and services. The successful candidate must have significant experience with non-profit management, preferably in the arts and will have the ability to work collaboratively and effectively with the board, staff, parents, students, faculty and community and will support the mission, vision, goals and values of the organization. The Operations Director will be responsible for the business side of the organization including personnel management, PR, marketing, development, volunteers, facility management, finance and budgeting, board relations, internal and external communications, strategic planning and implementation of board policies. The Operations Director will supervise three staff members and TCDC is currently looking to fill two of those positions as well, a part-time finance manager and part-time development manager. Please send cover letter, resume and compensation requirements for any of the three available positions to our consultant at :

*** From Jaime Hyler:

Do you post for internships? If so please post the attached description.

Jaime Hyler

Levick Strategic Communications, LLC

1900 M Street, NW

Washington, DC 20036

(202) 973-1301 (Fax)

11.) Digital Media Internship, Levick Strategic Communications, Washington, DC

One of the nation’s top crisis communications firms is currently looking for a Digital Media Intern for its Washington, DC office to play an integral role in assisting clients with reputation management and issue advocacy in the digital marketplace.

A successful candidate will have an interest and some experience in digital campaigns, blogosphere monitoring and outreach, social media content marketing and social network engagement. Campaign experience, strategic communications firm experience and HTML skills are a plus, but not required for this position. Interns will report to the Intern Coordinator and to the Vice President for Public Affairs and assist in promoting clients, and the Firm’s leadership, via social networking sites, blogs, and other Internet mediums.

Interested candidates should send resume and cover letter to Susannah Buckley-Green at and indicate “Digital Media Internship” in the subject line.

12.) Director of External Relations (Membership), Associated Builders & Contractors New Orleans/Bayou Chapter, Saint Rose, Louisiana

13.) Senior Marketing Communications Executive – Asia Pacific, ECI Telecom, Singapore

*** From Shradha Khana :

Dear JOTW,

Would you please include the attached job posting on your website?


Sr. Marketing & Communications Manager

If you have any questions or concerns you may reach me at 202-488-2150 or Thank you for your assistance and have a wonderful day!

Warmest Regards,

Shradha Khana

Community Impact Associate

United Way of the National Capital Area

202.488.2150 (office)

14.) Senior Marketing & Communications Manager, United Way of the National Capital Area, Vienna, VA

Basic Function of Position:

To coordinate the activities of the Marketing Department, organizational marketing & communication services, and to promote organizational brand awareness and accountability.

Major Areas of Responsibility:

A. Brand Awareness Planning & Development

B. Coordinate & manage vendor relationships

C. Public Relations/External Media Relations

D. Internal Communication/Training

E. Special Events coordination

Specific Duties:

F. Brand Awareness

a. Oversee market research, in an effect to monitor brand positioning

b. Develop overall marketing and communications plan

c. Oversee the development and evaluation of marketing materials & collateral

d. Oversee and/or participate in marketing oriented task forces

e. Ensure that all promotional materials are accurate and reflect the intent of United Way

f. In partnership IT, coordinate Web site evolution

g. Oversee the development of public service advertising campaigns

G. Public Relations

a. Support the development of public relations plans

b. Support the development of position statements on relevant community issues

c. Coordinate media relations with community-wide media outlets

d. Strategize with staff regarding the best way to reach the media and general public with our information and services

H. Internal Communication/Training

a. Supervise development of organizational key messages and ensure staff are trained in delivering these

b. Facilitate Management staff preparedness in responding to media issues

I. Special Events Coordination

a. Oversee the use of special events related to fundraising

Working Relationship with Others:

Works with other members of the Senior Management team in order to meet organizational goals

Serves as a consultant to other departments’ staff regarding marketing initiatives and plans

Develops relationships with media, vendors, volunteers, and other key community stakeholders


Bachelor’s Degree required, with major course work in marketing and communications.

Minimum five (5) years related experience, which includes some management responsibilities and development of marketing goals and strategies

Proven ability to manage people & processes

Excellent communication skills

Must be a strong leader, be data driven and motivator

Possess strong interpersonal skills and ability to work well under pressure, produce results, and meet deadlines

Must be proficient with Microsoft Office suite, Outlook, and various marketing & communication e-tools

Interested candidates should send a cover letter, resume and salary requirements directly to Human Resources at Please indicate the job title for which you are applying.

United Way of the National Capital Area

8391 Old Courthouse Rd., Suite 200, Vienna, VA 22182



15.) Science Writer, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, TN

16.) Science Communications Specialist, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, TN

17.) Graphic Designer, Indegene Lifesystems Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore, India

18.) EMEA Communications Specialist, Enterprise Mobility Devices, Thames Valley, UK

19.) Regional Marketing Manager – Middle East North Africa (MENA), Cairo, Egypt or Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The area: Product Development

The Product Development team ensures that Google has the best worldwide product offerings by analyzing, positioning, packaging, and promoting our solutions across a variety of countries and markets where Google does business. The team is responsible for the product throughout the execution cycle, and works closely with the engineering group to continuously improve systems, processes, and production.

The role: Regional Marketing Manager – Middle East North Africa (MENA)

Do you love Google? Interested in learning more about one of the most cutting-edge technology companies in the world? We are looking for flexible, hardworking, experienced people, passionate about Google, to analyze, measure, position, package, and promote Google’s product and business offerings in Egypt.


As a part of the top management of MENA team, pioneer the search advertising market and Google’s efforts in MENA, supporting Google's growth and revenue generating efforts in the Middle East North Africa Region, through effective and results-focused marketing campaigns and build and mentor a world-class team to handle all of Google marketing efforts in Middle East North Africa.

Lead the development of Google's marketing plans for consumer, advertiser and publisher products in the Region, working closely with the Google product, sales and PR teams

Evaluate consumer marketing opportunities and initiate programs to increase awareness of Google products through development of creative programs, brand awareness campaigns and promotions

Drive the implementation of marketing campaigns including direct marketing, affiliate marketing, online/offline advertising and promotions


BA/BS degree, MBA a plus. Fluency in Arabic as well as English

The ideal candidate will have extensive experience in product marketing, direct marketing, marketing program management, or consulting

Passion for analyzing products, customers and market dynamics

Outstanding written and oral communication skills

Strong organizational and analytical skills

Demonstrated capacity for developing and understanding strategy

Strong aptitude for determining the optimal way to position products in the market

Understanding of Google' s strategic and competitive position

Passion for working on a variety of product and search related challenges

This position is based in Cairo, Egypt or Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

20.) Communication Coordinator, St. Tammany Parish Hospital, Covington, LA

21.) Director Communications & Public Affairs, Argonne National Laboratory, Chicago, IL

The Director of Communications & Public Affairs is responsible for working to enhance awareness of the Laboratory`s distinctive intellectual profile and extraordinary scientific and engineering resources and accomplishments among key stakeholder groups. Plays a key role in building a coherent culture as a strategic advantage, enabling the Laboratory to better achieve the goals, role and mission it has designated for itself. Advises the Laboratory Director and other senior management on a broad range of internal and external communications. Shapes and manages the external public relations activities and communications challenges in times of crisis or emergency. Works to facilitate a coordinated and effective approach to communications across the Laboratory, and with the University of Chicago and Department of Energy, building on Argonne National Laboratory`s reputation and brand identity.

Knowledge, Skills and Experience

Comprehensive: Creative, strategic leadership required. Must have a demonstrated ability to develop and implement a strategic communications plan in a complex R&D setting. Knowledge of integrated communication strategies and principles. Excellent and demonstrated skills in the management of a high-quality communications program in all its aspects, from needs analysis to conception, design, writing and production. This requires a demonstrated knowledge of recent surveying methods and needs analysis. Knowledge of, and experience with, a wide range of communication media required, including traditional and new media, print and web-based publications, graphic design, photography, and broadcast media. Experience managing and building important internal and external relationships with a broad range of clients and colleagues. Demonstrated political astuteness and consensus-building skills. Excellent written and oral communication skills. Considerable: Project management and problem-solving skills are critical to success. Media relations and government relationship skills are highly desirable. Competence in budgeting and cost control. Competence in recruiting and training communications talent. Other: These levels of knowledge and skill are typically achieved through advanced formal education at the level of M.S./M.A. or equivalent, supplemented by progressive experience in managing an internal and external communications staff. Degree in journalism, communications or public relations or equivalent experience.

*** From Melissa Merz:

Could you please post this job? Many, many thanks.

Melissa Merz

Vice President, Communications


729 15th St., NW, 2nd FL

Washington, DC 20005


202.544.2929 (Fascimile)

22.) Technology Officer/Director of On-Line Strategy, NDN, Washington, DC

NDN, a leading progressive think tank, seeks a Technology Officer/Director of On-Line Strategy to work closely with the Vice President, Communications, and other staff in coordinating, managing, and operating all aspects of NDN’s online presence. This includes, but is not limited to, maintaining the internal and external Web presence of the organization, managing and editing content on NDN’s various websites (,,, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts). Also important to this process is analyzing and evaluating the organization’s online metrics using tools like Google analytics. Applicants should have experience creating and maintaining Web sites, be able to work in a fast-paced team environment with staff and contractors and have a comprehensive understanding of graphic design. A basic understanding of marketing is helpful but not required.

This position requires the ability to manage many requests at once, prioritizing those that are most pertinent and making sure that all tasks are completed accurately.

Applicants must enjoy detail-oriented work, and should look forward to being involved in the strategic decisions pertaining to the individual’s areas of expertise.

This opening is based in Washington, DC. NDN would like to fill this position immediately. Applicants should send resumes to

*** From Vic Beck:

Ned – one for the list.


Vic Beck

(508) 735-3126

23.) Marketing Specialist, Sophos, Burlington, Massachusetts

As a Marketing Specialist, you will be responsible for guiding, and executing as required, all launch activities for products and marketing campaigns; creation and/or refinement of sales tools, channel tools and material, and prospect/customer material including white papers, presentations, web and webcast content, email content. In this exciting role you will be the link between global campaign/product marketing activity and the regional marketing, sales, and channel teams.

This position is based in Burlington, Massachusetts.

*** From Terri Johnson:

24.) Associate editor, The Capital Journal, Wick Communications, Pierre, SD

25.) Sports Editor, The Williston Herald, Wick Communications, Williston, N.D.

26.) Sports Editor, Montrose Daily Press, Wick Communications, Montrose, Colorado

27.) Mass Media Consultancy, Management Systems International, Djibouti

*** From Jim Key:

Ned –

Thanks so much, in advance, for including this in JOTW! I’ve attached a PDF and word description of the job. The URL for applicants is:



Jim Key

Chief Public Affairs Officer

L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center

28.) Marketing Communications Manager, L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center, Los Angeles, CA

The Marketing Communications Manager works closely with the other members of the MarCom team to help the Center effectively and creatively communicate with its diverse constituency. She or he will support the development and implementation of new initiatives to market and promote the Center, its programs and events, and have primary responsibility for drafting much of the Center’s written communications, including the monthly newsletter, news releases, website copy, brochures, ads, etc. The Marketing Communications Manager will also be the Center’s primary contact for media and will work with the press to promote the Center’s policy goals and news coverage of Center programs, activities and events.


1. Support the development and implementation of creative new initiatives to market and promote the Center, its programs and events.

2. Draft most of the Center’s written communications, including: monthly newsletter, news releases, blog entries, annual report, opinion pieces and action alerts.

3. Manage production of the Center’s monthly newsletter, Vanguard, working closely with the Manager of Creative Services who designs the newsletter.

4. Develop new ideas for website content and ensure that the content is fresh and relevant.

5. Develop and pitch stories to the press regarding the Center’s programs, activities and events, including AIDS/LifeCycle, and answer and respond to routine calls from reporters.

6. Lead the development of new marketing collateral (brochures, fliers, palm cards, etc.), working closely with the Manager of Creative Services, to promote the Center and each of its programs.

7. Update and maintain the Center’s style guide and review marketing collateral developed by program staff to ensure it adheres to the Center’s style.

8. Provide community relations support, including coordinating the Center’s activities at the Christopher Street West pride parade/festival.


1. At least 5 years of public relations/journalism/publications experience.

2. Only those with exceptional writing and copy editing skills, and the demonstrated ability to write quickly, will be considered.

3. Exceptionally creative, with the ability to conceptualize and develop ideas that will further our marketing communications objectives, especially in regard to new media.

4. Bilingual (written/verbal) English/Spanish strongly preferred.

5. Demonstrated ability to work in fast-paced environment, under extremely tight deadlines, and simultaneously manage multiple projects.

6. Familiarity with issues that particularly impact the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community, including HIV/AIDS.

7. Willing to work some evenings and weekends to meet deadlines, as necessary, or to provide support for special events.

8. Demonstrated ability to work sensitively and effectively with people from all backgrounds including a diverse array of races, genders, ethnicities, ages and sexual orientations in a multicultural environment.

The L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center is an Equal Opportunity Employer and is committed to fostering diversity within its staff. Applications are encouraged from all persons regardless of their race, color, national origin, ancestry, sex, gender identity, marital status, religious creed, medical/physical/mental condition, sexual orientation, or age.

E-mail resume, cover letter AND writing samples as a word or PDF attachment to


Or send to:

L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center

Human Resources Department

1625 N. Schrader Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90028

29.) Interim Marketing Communications Manager, law firm, London, UK

30.) Public Relations Intern, US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants, Albany, NY

*** From Karen Addis, APR:

Hi Ned,

For your next issue – Below is an opening for an Account Supervisor in the Washington, DC., office of Environics Communications.



31.) Account Supervisor, Environics Communications, Washington, DC.

Environics Communications (, a full-service North American public relations agency with offices in Washington, Metro New York, Toronto and Montreal, has an immediate opening for an Account Supervisor in our growing Washington, DC, office.

Our ideal candidate has 8-12 years of public relations experience. Work with consumer goods/services companies and associations/nonprofits is strongly preferred, as is experience at a public relations agency.

Environics is a management-owned agency with clients in the healthcare, technology, consumer goods, financial services and association/non-profit sectors. The company offers competitive salaries and benefits, including fully paid insurance and profit sharing, and a friendly, dynamic environment in which hard work is recognized and rewarded.

Please e-mail your resume and cover letter to

No telephone calls please, and we regret that we are not able to acknowledge or respond to every inquiry. Applicants should already reside in the Greater Washington metropolitan area, as relocation will not be provided.

32.)Communications Officer (Media), Concern, NY, NY

*** From Kris Gallagher, ABC:

33.) Director of Communications, Saint Martin's University, Lacey, WA

Position description: Responsible for developing and implementing a

comprehensive communications strategy for Saint Martin's University in

order to maintain and enhance the university's relationship and

reputation among its various constituencies including alumni, parents,

faculty, staff, and the broader public. Serves as the university's chief

spokesperson to a variety of media and involves university faculty,

staff and volunteers as needed.

See full job description

Qualifications: Bachelor's degree and three to five years in similar

position of responsibility, preferably in higher education. Must be

supportive of a Catholic, Benedictine philosophy of education

To better understand the “Catholic, Benedictine Values in an Educational

Environment”, we are providing a link to a well written article on the


Compensation: $65K – $70K, exempt; excellent benefits, including tuition


See full benefit description

Application procedure: Send cover letter, a current resume, and name,

address and telephone number of 3 professional references.

As part of our recruiting and hiring process, Saint Martin's University

requires final candidates to review the university's mission statement

and values . If selected for an interview, each final candidate must

write a brief statement which highlights how the candidate's work will

contribute to the mission and values of Saint Martin's University.

Please bring the statement with you and give it to the selection


We also will require your authorization to order a background check

before any employment offer can be finalized. Please print the

background authorization and bring it with you to the interview.

Application deadline: Reviews to begin August 8, 2008 and will remain

open until successfully filled.

Send to:

Human Resources,

Saint Martin's University

5300 Pacific Avenue SE

Lacey, WA 98503

E-mail to:

Notice: SMU policy dictates that each open position will be posted

internally for five (5) business days in the hope of identifying a

qualified internal candidate from the Abbey or the University.

34.) Media Relations Manager, University of Puget Sound, Tacoma, WA


* Implement and manage a comprehensive media relations program

designed to further the university's strategic goals and increase

visibility among key audiences, complementing efforts of 10-person

communications office.

* Cultivate relationships with local, regional and national media,

and support the efforts of journalists covering university-related


* Work with faculty, staff, students, and university administrators

to identify, develop, and place stories that advance the university's


* Pitch stories, writes news releases, and maintains the news

section of the university Web site.

* Actively promote internal communications concerning potential

story ideas.

* Track media coverage and prepare reports for board and other key


* Work with Executive Director of Communications to manage sensitive

issues and advise university leadership on media issues.

* Serve as part of the university's emergency response team.

* Provide media training to university personnel.

* Oversee a student intern who assists in media relations


* Represent department and perform other duties as assigned by

Executive Director of Communications.


* Bachelor's degree in related field (English, journalism, media,

public relations) and five years of professional experience in media or

public relations.

* Exceptional writing, public speaking, editorial, organizational,

and interpersonal skills are required, as well as the ability to think

strategically and meet challenges independently and as part of a team.

* Candidates must demonstrate experience placing stories and working

with local and national news media.

* Candidates must be comfortable, genuine, enthusiastic, and

professional in representing the university in print, in person, and on

the phone.

* Ideal candidate has a true passion for people and ideas, an

appreciation for working in higher education, and a commitment to the

value of the liberal arts.

* Familiarity working with Microsoft Office software (Word, Excel)

and with a content management system (Ingeniux) a plus.


* The hiring range is $46,400 – $60,152. Decisions about starting

salaries are made based on the candidate's education and experience and

on internal equity and market considerations.

* Generous benefits package includes medical insurance, dental

insurance, education benefits, and non-contributory retirement plan.

Commitment to Diversity

The University of Puget Sound is committed to an environment that

welcomes and supports diversity. We seek diversity of identity, thought,

perspective, and background in our students, faculty, and staff. Please

view the University Diversity Statement.

Application Deadline

Interested individuals are encouraged to submit application materials

postmarked no later than August 6, 2008 to ensure consideration. A

review of applications will continue until the position is filled.

How to Apply

Please submit cover letter, resume, and writing sample to:

Media Relations Search – 971

University of Puget Sound

1500 N Warner #1007

Tacoma, WA 98416-1007

Applications are received and acknowledged by Human Resources and then

forwarded on to departments/search committees for review and finalist

identification. Applicants for this position will receive notification

by mail once the search has been concluded.

Note: This position is not covered by the Fair Labor Standards Act.

35.) Art Director, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY

36.) Graphic Designer/Print Production Artist, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY

37.) Senior Copy Writer, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY

38.) Photographer, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY

39.) Director of Executive Communications, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY

40.) Executive Writer, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY

41.) Science Writer, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY

42.) Researcher/Writer, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY

If you're a highly motivated, creative, experienced and successful

team-player, look into joining ours!

The Integrated Communications Team in the Division of Strategic

Communications and External Relations at Rensselaer Polytechnic


– the first technological university in the United States

– now a global leader in education integrating science,

technology, the arts, and the humanities

The expanded in-house team includes creative services, executive

communications, external relations, periodicals, media relations, events

and conference planning, web and online services, with the following

positions available in creative services and executive communications.

For the Creative Services Group . . .

– An Art Director, a Graphic Designer/Print Production Artist,

Senior Copy Writer, and Photographer

For the Executive Communications Group . . .

– A Director of Executive Communications, an Executive Writer, a

Science Writer and a Researcher/Writer.

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

110 8th St.

Troy, NY 12180-3590

For more on these positions, please visit, and

search by department under the Strategic Communications & External

Relations Division

43.) Marketing Communications Specialist, Molecular Foundry at Berkeley Lab, Berkeley, California

44.) Web Developer, Creative Services Office Web group, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, California

45.) Writer/Tours Administrator, Idaho National Laboratory, Idaho Falls, ID

46.) Especialista en Comunicación para el Desarrollo, Progressio, Managua, Nicaragua

*** From Jeff Peters:


I'm hoping that at your earliest convenience you might consider adding the following listing to both your regular Job of the Week and DEFCON 1 newsletters.



47.) Technical Writer, Systems Definition, Inc., Alexandria, Virginia

Systems Definition, Inc. is currently seeking to add to its technical documentation team. We are a growing small business providing software development and technical services supporting research & development initiatives in the areas of defense, maritime awareness, and homeland security, web technology, and RF test software.

We are seeking self-motivated technical writers with demonstrated expertise and the ability to work independently. You must have the ability to work with scientists, engineers, and other project personnel to identify documentation needs, create relevant documents quickly and accurately, and make modifications as necessary.

Other candidate qualifications include:

– Experience with software development documentation including design documents, requirements documents, interface control documents, and use cases

– Experience creating system administration and user manuals

– Familiarity with NISPOM, DCID 6/3, security documentation, and certification and accreditation is preferred

– Experience with tracking and maintaining document status, defect lists, and inventory

– Strong analytical and problem solving skills

– Strong interpersonal skills to interact effectively with clients

– Ability to handle multiple projects with various priorities and deadlines

– Ability to work both independently and in a collaborative environment

– Ability to create and format documents using MS Word and presentations using PowerPoint

– Ability to create basic graphics

– Bachelor's Degree or higher in English, Journalism, Communications, or equivalent

– Existing DoD security clearance a plus or eligibility for a DoD security clearance

The job requires occasional non-local travel and frequent local travel (with mileage reimbursement).

SDI provides a casual and flexible work environment with excellent benefits including a generous holiday and leave package, fully paid health, dental, and vision medical coverage, S-IRA retirement plan, performance bonuses, and more.

Please respond with a resume and desired salary to our Human Resources department:

48.) Director of Communications, Constitution Project, Washington, D.C.

*** From Keeley Judd:

Good afternoon,

I am interested in posting a job to your website for the following opening, Advocacy Communications Manager. The job description is attached. Please let me know if there is anything further that is needed of me.



Keeley Judd

TASH: Equity, Opportunity, and Inclusion for People with Disabilities Since 1975

1025 Vermont Ave., 7th Floor

Washington, DC 20005


49.) Advocacy Communications Manager, TASH, Washington, DC

TASH seeks a dynamic Advocacy Communications Manager to play a central role in advancing the civil liberties of persons with the most significant disabilities through marketing and communications initiatives. This position is responsible for positioning TASH as a resource on a range of disability-related issues and for promoting TASH programs and advocacy objectives to a variety of audiences through marketing materials, print and online communications, presentations and advertising sales under direction of the Executive Director.

The primary functions of this position include:

 Planning, developing and executing strategic and tactical marketing and communication plans in support of organizational goals and objectives. Ensuring consistent use of logo and other branded materials and images;

 Working collaboratively with Program Director, Conference Coordinators and contractors to develop marketing collateral for conferences, Webinars, membership, awards program and other initiatives;

 Managing media outreach, to include arranging interviews with the media and public officials for the TASH leadership and content area experts. Preparing press releases, advisories, news kits, articles, op-eds and other media materials. Participating in organizing and executing press events;

 Overseeing TASH’s sales and advertising and develops/enhances marketing and ad sales initiatives to increase non-dues revenue in the areas of publications, annual convention, exhibit sales, webinars, advertising and corporate sponsorship sales, etc.;

 Writing and editing original content for weekly TASH in Action e-newsletter and maintains the Web site, including oversight of e-commerce and online strategies, newsletters, awards and special events marketing;

 Coordinating and managing the annual budget and production processes for marketing and communication services;

 Maintaining records to include creating a system to file press releases, logos and other marketing materials in hard copy and electronic formats;

 Performing other duties as requested to support the work of the association, its leadership, and other members of the staff;


 Bachelor’s degree in communications, marketing or related field is required

 4-6 years of relevant experience in similar position

 Proven skills in planning and executing marketing and communications programs with a focus on social issues

 Experience with print and online communications, market research and sales.

 Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, including presentation skills

 Demonstrated ability to work successfully in a team environment

 Ability to effectively present information and respond to questions from media, managers, clients, customers, and the general public

 Outstanding writing skills with ability to write speeches and articles for publication

 Proficiency with IBM-PC using Microsoft Office, MS Word, MS Excel, MS Power Point, and various internet search engines

 Experience in website functions, such as CMS/HTML

For a complete job description, visit the Career & Educational Opportunities section of Please send resumes to

50.) Media Planner, Blitz Media, Inc. Needham, Massachusetts

51.) Online Communications Manager, Bread for the World, Washington, D.C.

52.) Intern in the Public Information Unit of the UNHCR Office, UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Vienna, Austria

*** From Donna Bonfield:

Hi Ned, just heard from a wonderful former colleague about three jobs at

Intersections in Chantilly, VA. Would you mind including these in your

next Job of the Week newsletter? Those interested can e-mail Descriptions attached.

1. Marketing Services Specialist

2. Online Communications & Web site Manager

3. Manager, Design & Marketing


Donna Bonfield

P.S. I heart JOTW!

53.) Manager, Design & Marketing, Intersections, Chantilly, VA

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