Your Very Next Step newsletter for June 2010

Your Very Next Step newsletter for June 2010

“How old would you be if you didn't know how old you are?”

– Satchel Paige

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*** In this issue:

*** Travel News

*** Blue Ridge Parkway 75th Anniversary

*** Learn to Paddle

*** Trail volunteer opportunities: Sultan River (WA) Access Trail Work Party

*** Gulf Coast Surveillance Teams – Volunteer Opportunities

*** YVNS Sport Ned Has Never Heard Of: Ottery St. Mary Tar Barrels

*** Travel, Outdoor and Adventure Jobs and Volunteer Opportunities

1.) Coordinator, Administrative: Conservation International, Global Marine Division, Arlington, Virginia

2.) White Water rafting trip guide, Orange Torpedo Trips (throughout the West), Merlin, OR

3.) Job Opportunities at Backpacking Light

4.) Activity Counselor, Aspen Camp of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Aspen, Colorado

5.) Outdoor School Instructor, REI, Various locations

6.) RTL ASSOC – ARCHERY, Cabela's, Hammond, IN

7.) RTL ASSOC – HUNTING, Part-Time, Cabela's, Triadelphia, West Virginia

8.) RTL ASSOC – FISHING, Part-Time, Cabela's, Billings, Montana

9.) RTL ASSOC – MARINE, Cabela's, Rogers, Minnesota


11.) Fly Casting Instructor, L. L. Bean, Victor, NY

12.) Fly Fishing Guide, Nemacolin Woodlands Resort, Farmington, PA

13.) Executive Director. Bob Marshall Wilderness Foundation, Hungry Horse, Montana

14.) ARCHEOLOGIST, Tourism and State Development Rapid City, SD

15.) Coastal Louisiana Restoration Campaign Manager, National Wildlife Federation (NWF), Washington, D.C

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*** Here’s the YVNS Travel News for June:

*** Air France's 14-Day Reservation Hold Unbundles Ticket Timing

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*** US Airways: Merger Probability Is High

*** Perfect for traveling light:

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*** The all-things-Vegas booking site is now offering rebates for your checked baggage fees, at a rate of $25 per bag, when you book any air and hotel package from now through June 21

*** U.S. proposes tougher passenger-rights rules for airlines,0,2087924.story

*** The DOT Proposes New Airline Rules, Like Paying Bumped Passengers $1,300

*** What are your rights?

Delays and Cancellations for Domestic U.S. Flights

Compensation for Flight Delays and Overbookings

*** New rules allow flight cancellations within 24 hours

*** Delta Furthers Premium Seating On Regional Jets

*** In 2007, RTC began spotlighting the most memorable and influential rail-trails across the country as part of the Rail-Trail Hall of Fame.

Trail of the Month

South Dakota's George S. Mickelson Trail

Check out the first 15 inductees!

*** Got your ashes hauled?

Trip insurance may clear the air in the event of volcanic ash disruptions, hurricaes, etc.

*** Continental, Citing Merger, Postpones Inflight Internet

*** Some commercials are so bad, they are memorably good. And some are just bad.

Some say this is one of those ads. Is it wildly off key? Check it out at this site:

*** Babes behind bars

*** Blue Ridge Parkway 75th Anniversary Celebration at Skylark Farm June 13

Celebration for the Blue Ridge Parkway has never been more exciting at the “Round Top” at Skylark Farm! On Sunday June 13th from 11:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., you can experience panoramic viewing of the Blue Ridge where you can see all the way to West Virginia (telescope provided by Charlottesville Astronomical Society members)! Bring your kites or simply enjoy kite flying with members of the American Kite Flyers Association and the Richmond Air Force.

Skylark Farms has wonderful places to enjoy a family picnic, or simply take a stroll throughout Skylark Farm. At the “Round Top” enjoy mountain music by Jimbo Cary, Benny Dodd or Curtis Matthews and their musician friends. Listen to stories of mountain life and Skylark with Lowell Humphries, Scott Beebe and meet local authors of books featuring rural living and traditions.

Do you know how the Blue Ridge Parkway was conceived? Come talk to the experts and visit their display of art works by Carlton Abbott, artist, architect and landscape designer of many Parkway projects including historical design documents. Jeff Trollinger, VDGIF Watchable Wildlife Program Manager, and Board Member for the 75th Blue Ridge Parkway Anniversary, will provide a Power Point presentation of the Blue Ridge Parkway. Sponsors of this Blue Ridge Parkway 75th Anniversary Celebration are Washington and Lee University, owner of Skylark Farm; FRIENDS of the Blue Ridge Parkway; Oakland: Nelson County's Museum of Rural History; and the Rockfish Valley Foundation.

Although this event is free to the public, a $5 donation is recommended to provide support. for sponsors. For more information contact FRIENDS of the Blue Ridge Parkway (email:, or website:

*** Learn to Paddle

Paddling America's waterways can be relaxing, rejuvenating, even exhilarating. But it also comes with responsibility for you, your paddling partners, other resource users, and the environment.

Lessons from a certified ACA Instructor, an ACA Pro School, or from our online course, are a perfect way to start. They are educational, fun, informative, and can be completed in a remarkably short time.

Some type of instruction is essential for getting the most out of paddlesport even if it is a 3 hour Quickstart Course. With instruction, you will have more fun, gain confidence, go farther and faster with less effort. Take control of your paddling experience. Take a lesson from a certified ACA Instructor.

Set aside time to learn the basic use of safety equipment and proper stroke technique. In a few days, you can develop a solid foundation of skills, far quicker than if you learn piecemeal from friends, or haphazardly by trial and error.

The typical paddling class atmosphere is fun. By taking a class you meet other people who will be about your skill level, thus you will expand your network of paddling friends.

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*** Trail volunteer opportunities:

Sultan River (WA) Access Trail Work Party

American Whitewater has scheduled a work party with Washington Trails Association for Saturday June 19 from 8:30-3:00 to work on the Sultan River trail into the gorge on the Upper Sultan.

As part of the relicensing for the hydropower project on the Sultan River American Whitewater has worked to restore flows to the Sultan River for whitewater recreation and ecosystem processes. While the new agreement we have negotiated will not take effect until at least 2011, we have some important stewardship work that needs to be done on the trail into the gorge. During test flows to determine the feasibility of providing whitewater recreation a privately-constructed miner's trail was severely damaged in places. It was not designed to sustain the level of traffic it received and we are now working with the Forest Service to identify an alternate route into the gorge that avoids unstable soils and maintains a more gradual grade.

Volunteers should be at the trailhead near Culmback Dam by 8:30 for an orientation and safety briefing (follow directions to the put-in for the Upper Sultan). Washington Trails Association will provide tools, hard hats, and crew leaders. Volunteers need to provide and wear work gloves, work boots, and work clothes (long pants).

If you can help out for the day please contact AW at so we can plan accordingly. Following the work party there will be an opportunity to get a run in on the Skykomish.

Thomas O'Keefe

3537 NE 87th St.Seattle, WA 98115


Phone: 425-417-9012

*** Gulf Coast Surveillance Teams – Volunteer Opportunities

The National Wildlife Federation, its five Gulf state affiliates, and other partners are establishing Gulf Coast Surveillance Teams to:

•Track and report on the impacts of the oil spill.

•Support wildlife rescue and rehabilitation efforts.

•Restore damaged delicate coastal ecosystems in the Gulf of Mexico.

We are looking for people who:

•Have skills in wildlife observation and tracking (whether as bird watchers, naturalists, or sportsmen).

•Are knowledgeable about the Gulf Coast and its waters

•Know many of the species of birds, fish, turtles, marine mammals and other animals that will be at risk from the oil spill.

•Are preferably local to one of the surveillance locations.

*** The June YVNS sport Ned has never heard of:

Ottery St. Mary Tar Barrels – tar soaked barrels are lit and carried around the town with local people battling it out for barrel running supremacy. The evening culminates in a huge bonfire being lit by the winning barrel on the banks of the river Otter.

Ottery St. Mary, Devon.

The Tar Barrel tradition is hundreds of years old. The exact origins are unknown but probably started after the gunpowder plot of 1605. Various alternative reasons suggested for burning barrels have included fumigation of cottages and as a warning of the approach of the Spanish armada.

The West Country has a history of torchlight processions and burning barrels and Ottery was only one of the many towns and villages following an annual tradition containing barrels which were rolled in the streets on November 5th each year. Somewhere along the line someone decided rolling was tame and carrying barrels on your shoulders was far more appealing and so the present tradition was born and now Ottery is the only Town in the country carrying full sized lighted tar barrels through the streets.

The procession of tableaux is also an old West Country tradition and is still a popular part of the winter months when most weekends will see a procession of brightly lit tableaux in a great many Towns and villages.

November the 5th each year is the traditional day for the Tar Barrels and only changes when the 5th falls on a Sunday. The procession and fireworks are normally on the Saturday before the 5th of November.

Not just a tradition more a way of life

Those who have visited Ottery St Mary on 5 November, still find it difficult to understand what motivates the townspeople into carrying flaming tar barrels through the streets.

Seventeen barrels are carried during the day. They start in the afternoon and range in size from small for the “boys”, medium for the women and youths, up to “gert big unz” for the men. Traditionally, the barrels are set alight at various public houses and hotels around the town and follow a tight schedule until the final barrel is carried in the square around midnight.

Over a 12 month period, barrels are selected and their internal surface coated with good old fashioned coal tar, available from only one source in the country. Straw and paper is placed inside to help the lighting process and the melting tar does the rest.

The “Barrel Rollers” jealously guard their right to carry barrels. Unlike bygone days, the present day “Rolling” has a high element of control but the fervour and commitment is no less now than in olden days. The motivation is borne from a deep sense of tradition and in many cases this has involved generations o the same family. The Tar Barrels is run for the towns people of Ottery and commercial considerations take second place. Although we welcome visitors, the object of the evening is to perpetuate a tradition, so if you attend it, don't try and change it, just stand back and enjoy one of the spectacles in our country's history.

The Bonfire

Ottery's giant bonfire is an integral part of the annual tar barrels and has many sites throughout its history. It is hard to visualise a bonfire being sited on the Flexton near the town's monument, but it was.

The present site on St Saviours Meadow has been the home for the bonfire in more recent times and alternate banks on the River Otter have been used over the years. most people associate the bonfire with the fairground as they stand adjacent to one another. Many a photographer has caught the magic moment at the fire blazes, complemented by the coloured lights of the big fairground in the background.

Three weeks before the tar barrels, all manner of material is collected from the community to build the bonfire. The sight of the first fully laden tractor and trailer seems to herald the coming of the tar barrels and in turn generates a bout of communal pruning. On the week before the tar barrels the bonfire is finalised and usually stands about 35ft high with a girth of around 50ft.

The Guy for the bonfire has been made by the same family since 1958. Peter Young has prepared him for the last 10 years and his father Archie before him. The committee would like to express their appreciation for their continued support.

On tar barrels day the ceremonial Guy is placed on top of the bonfire and in the evening the Carnival Vice President sets a flaming torch to the base and a spectacle of flame is enjoyed by all.

Read more:

*** Travel/Adventure/Outdoors employment opportunities:

*** From Jack Duggan:

Ned –

Something for your lists….. Enjoy!

Walk in Peace – Jack

1.) Coordinator, Administrative: Conservation International, Global Marine Division, Arlington, Virginia

The Global Marine Division (GMD) within Conservation International (CI) is seeking an Administrative Coordinator to provide financial, operational and administrative support The Coordinator will be responsible for contract development and management, will oversee the day-to-day financial transactions of the division, maintain filing systems, support the GMD leadership team, as well as other operational support such as meeting management and timesheet coordination.


• Administer all contracts through the contract development and approval process: Work with program leads on developing external consulting, vendor, and grant agreements and facilitate the contract approval process. Manage and monitor all agreements to ensure that contracts are valid, that spending limits respected and required reports have been submitted and approved.

• Maintain day-to-day financial transactions: Review and prepare vendor check requests, wire transfers, re-classes, reimbursements, in-coming grant registration, and other paperwork to Accounting and ensure compliance with the division's annual budget and the coding system is being used correctly and consistently.

• Maintain operational services within the division: Create and maintain a filing system for the division's financial, legal, and HR paperwork, send and distribute mail, manage and prepare work spaces for newly hired staff, meeting management and logistics coordination, and other duties as assigned.

• Support the GMD leadership team: Prepare expense reports, make travel arrangements, and other duties as assigned.

• Maintain day-to-day HR processes: collect timesheets, review and prepare paperwork associated with hiring or staff changes.

• Other duties as assigned by supervisor



• Bachelor's degree in business administration, accounting or a related discipline with 2 or more years of professional experience

• Working knowledge of grants/contract development and management

• Experience with budgeting, financial systems and financial management

• Strong attention to detail and the ability to operate with considerable independence to effectively establish priorities and work accurately under time constraints

• Superior organizational and communications skills

• Self-directed problem solver

• Demonstrated ability to handle confidentiality of sensitive issues and information

• Flexibility and willingness to work in situations of flux; ability to work in a fast turn-around environment

• Strong work ethic and willingness to take ownership for wide-ranging responsibilities

• Thorough knowledge of Microsoft Office, including Excel and Power Point

• Experience with data gathering, analysis, and reporting


• Previous experience with Oracle financials, GEM, or similar financial or contract management system preferred

• Interest in ocean conservation

APPLICANT SHOULD SEND: Cover letter, resume and references.

Application Procedure:

Conservation International is committed to saving our environment. If you are able, please submit your application electronically! To apply, click here to submit your cover letter and resume. You may also send your application to: Conservation International Human Resources 2011 Crystal Drive, Suite 500 Arlington, VA 22202 No phone calls please. Conservation International is an equal opportunity employer.


You can find out more about CI's benefits on our benefits page.

CI Values:

As we pursue our vision and mission, we are guided by these essential and timeless values:

• Passion: We are inspired by nature and cherish the diversity of life in all of its forms.

• Respect: We respect and trust each other, and we embrace our diversity of cultures, talents, and experiences.

• Integrity: We act with integrity and are accountable for our actions.

• Optimism: We are optimistic about the future of life on Earth and are confident that, with our partners, we will achieve unprecedented conservation results.

• Courage: We tirelessly pursue our vision, taking bold action and persevering through challenges.

2.) White Water rafting trip guide, Orange Torpedo Trips (throughout the West), Merlin, OR

3.) Job Opportunities at Backpacking Light:

Backpacking Light is always on the lookout for talented individuals

with a passion for playing, living, and working in lightweight style.

How to Apply:

4.) Activity Counselor, Aspen Camp of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Aspen, Colorado

Join us for a 10-week summer program, instructing in a specific area at camp.

Activities: arts & crafts, canoeing, challenge/ropes course, computer, hiking, drama, fishing, horseback riding, nature, swimming, tennis, zop line, sailing, soccer.

Room, board, laundry and staff training provided.

Salary Range: $250-350/week depending on prior experience and age

Type: Residential Coed Camp



5.) Outdoor School Instructor, REI, Various locations

• New England

• Washington D.C. (Virginia/Maryland)

• Philadelphia

• San Francisco Bay Area

• Sierra

• Greater Los Angeles (Orange County/Inland Empire)

• San Diego

Job Description: The REI Outdoor School is a place where people can learn the basics needed to embark on a new adventure. We provide the gear and instruction for activities which include: Rock Climbing, Kayaking, Canoeing, Mountain Biking, Road Cycling, Hiking, Natural History, Outdoor Photography and Navigation Outings for both Map & Compass and GPS. Combine your passion with your work! Inspire, lead, and educate!

Join our Outdoor School team where you will find supportive leadership, a committed staff and an engaging work culture.


The OUTDOOR SCHOOL INSTRUCTOR, is a key member of the Outdoor School Team. Specific responsibilities include:

• Successfully lead REI Outdoor School programs

• Teach in-store educational classes as well as conduct in-the-field programs for REI customers to include delivery of class content, customer service during the outing, and the safety of all the participants

• Maintain equipment and coordinate outing logistics prior to field day

• Coach large groups of people and lead instructional events

• Thorough knowledge in the course content, demonstrating the designated activity or sport with safety and skill

• Partner with store management teams, outreach teams, local business partners as well as local outdoor organizations

• This position reports to the REI Outdoor School Market Supervisor

Qualifications: THE REQUIREMENTS:

• Minimum of 3 years experience in outdoor education with experience teaching and/or guiding outdoor experience.

• Demonstrated outdoor leadership skills to include outstanding teaching and presentation abilities, and exceptional planning and organizational skills

• Proven analytical and problem solving skills

• Commitment to outstanding customer service with the ability to effectively resolve difficult customer issues

• Applicable certification or equivalent experience in technical outdoor education preferred

• Regional knowledge of local outdoor venues and resources is highly desirable

• Knowledge of legal and risk management issues related to outdoor education

• Required Certification in Wilderness First Aid and CPR

• Valid driver’s license with no negative incidents and ability to acquire commercial driver’s license which includes medical screen

• Experience as a Wilderness First Responder (preferred)

• Computer skills using MS PowerPoint, Word, Outlook, and the Internet


At REI, we understand that benefits matter – we offer a competitive offering which includes:

– Comprehensive health and well-being programs

– A competitive bonus/ incentive program

– REI Retirement Plan

– Generous gear and merchandise discount

– Paid time off

– Professional growth and development opportunities


A work environment where RESPECT, INTEGRITY, and BALANCE are just a few of our fundamental values!

REI is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer.

6.) RTL ASSOC – ARCHERY, Cabela's, Hammond, IN

7.) RTL ASSOC – HUNTING, Part-Time, Cabela's, Triadelphia, West Virginia

8.) RTL ASSOC – FISHING, Part-Time, Cabela's, Billings, Montana

9.) RTL ASSOC – MARINE, Cabela's, Rogers, Minnesota


Cabela's, the World's Foremost Outfitter of hunting and fishing gear has an opening for an Internet Graphic Designer I at the corporate office in Sidney, NE.

Activities & Responsibilities:

Creation of electronic art, screen layouts and typography for internet and email campaigns.

Participate in concept developement and design ideation of visual designs, web layouts and branding campaigns.

Assists in the execution of the graphic production life-cycle from project-turnover to live and-on-website of various projects and visual designs.

Follows Cabela's style guide for use of logos, icons, color palettes and design.

Education & Experience:

1-3 years of experience

Associate degree

Required photoshop

Preferred HTML and Optimization software and Adobe Illustrator

*** From Mark Sofman:

11.) Fly Casting Instructor, L. L. Bean, Victor, NY

12.) Fly Fishing Guide, Nemacolin Woodlands Resort, Farmington, PA

13.) Executive Director. Bob Marshall Wilderness Foundation, Hungry Horse, Montana

The Bob Marshall Wilderness Foundation Executive Director is a full time salaried position with a 40 hour work week. Some travel and weekend availability is required; use of your personal vehicle will be necessary with mileage reimbursement at the standard government rate. This position is based at the Bob Marshall Wilderness Foundation office located in Hungry Horse, MT at the USFS Hungry Horse Ranger Station. This position reports to the president of the Board of Directors.

The starting date for this position will be September 1st with date negotiable depending upon experience. The salary is $28,000 – 33,000, depending on experience, with benefits including vacation, sick leave and paid holidays. Other benefits include health insurance and retirement package.


The Bob Marshall Wilderness Foundation (BMWF) assists in maintaining and restoring the trail system of the Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex with National Groups, Youth Groups, and individual volunteers. We foster wilderness stewardship skills and education through volunteer opportunities in Montana's premier wilderness area and surrounding wild lands.


The Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex (BMWC), located in northwest Montana, includes 1.5 million acres of designated wilderness consisting of the Great Bear, Bob Marshall, and Scapegoat Wilderness Areas. The wilderness complex is considered the crown jewel of the wilderness preservation system and is well known for its incredible scenery, wildlife, and recreational opportunities. As recreational funding allocated to the Forest Service continues to decline, the regular maintenance of trails and management of recreational use has greatly decreased in the BMWC.

The Bob Marshall Wilderness Foundation (BMWF) believes that the most effective way to alleviate the negative impact of recreational use is to preserve this wilderness trail system and heighten awareness about wilderness stewardship. The BMWF works towards these goals by promoting volunteerism and educating people about the values of wilderness and the actions necessary to preserve and care for the land.

Working in cooperation with the Forest Service, the Bob Marshall Wilderness Foundation coordinates 50 volunteer projects on an annual basis with local and national volunteer groups, youth-at-risk organizations, local schools, bible camps, community organizations, and individuals. Over 400 volunteers participate on our projects each year. Current volunteer opportunities are primarily ongoing trail maintenance projects that require work by volunteers to bring them up to standard and continued work to maintain them. Additional project work also includes campsite restoration projects, seed collection, and noxious weed mapping and treatment projects.

Other than the project work, one of the primary objectives of the Bob Marshall Wilderness Foundation is to provide an opportunity for volunteers to interact with their landscape via outdoor and wilderness education while participating on trail maintenance and restoration projects. This is especially true of our many youth and youth-at-risk organization volunteer projects, as it is our hope that with added outdoor education, this will build a wilderness ethic and will encourage volunteers to be more invested with protection and care of their public lands.

To be considered for this position, please submit your resume, three references, responses to supplemental questions and a brief letter that addresses how your knowledge, skills, and experience will support the Bob Marshall Wilderness Foundation's mission, vision, goals and objectives to: or mail to Bob Marshall Wilderness Foundation, P.O. Box 190688, Hungry Horse, MT 59919, attn: Paul Travis.

Application packets must be in our office by July 9th to be considered for the job.

Job Requirements


Qualifications may be met by any combination of education and experience that provide the knowledge, skills and abilities listed in the job description. Typically, the Executive Director will have graduated from an accredited college with a major in wilderness management, recreation, natural resource management, outdoor education or closely-related field and have at least two years experience in a supervisory and administrative capacity.

The ideal Executive Director candidate will possess the following:

Knowledge and experience with programs related to Bob Marshall Wilderness Foundation's mission, vision, goals and objectives.

Experience with a government agency, outdoor program, or non-profit organization.

Fundraising experience, grant writing and finance management skills.

Proficient computer skills including Word, Excel, Quickbooks, website and database applications.

Additional experience that would be desirable for this position:

Experience in volunteer and outdoor program management.

Knowledge of trail maintenance and construction.

Knowledge of the Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex, its trail system and management.

Wilderness living skills including Leave No Trace, map and compass, extended trips in the backcountry, etc.

JOB DUTIES include, but are not limited to, the following:

Grants and Agreements:

Research, write and submit grants as appropriate to secure funding for volunteer program and administrative costs.

Manage relationships with grantors including submittal of any progress reports, reimbursement requests and final reports.

Work with the Forest Service to update and approval annual operating agreements to complete required documentation for the Recreational Trails Program.

Employee Management:

Supervise the Program Director including initial training in USFS volunteer project procedure and management, assigned responsibilities and time management.

Oversee the hiring of the seasonal crew leaders in cooperation with the program director.

In the program director's absence, become the point of contact for crew leaders.

Keep files updated on all employees including timesheets, pay stubs and other employee information.

Project Management:

Create volunteer project lists for the upcoming season and grant applications in cooperation with the program director.

Participate in the annual meetings with Forest Service managers to evaluate completed projects and plan for the upcoming season's projects and attend BMWC managers meetings in the fall and spring.

In cooperation with the program director, contact any potential new volunteer groups for recruitment for volunteer projects.

Develop protocol for volunteer contact and information exchange.

Stay informed during the field season on volunteer project details and become the primary contact for the USFS and volunteers in the absence of the program director.

Participate on volunteer projects when possible.

Work with Forest Service representatives in planning and initiation of special projects including the Artist*Wilderness*Connection program.


Develop an annual budget for board review and update as needed throughout the year based on grant income and unforeseen expenses.

Perform monthly bookkeeping duties including payroll, bank account reconciliation, accounts payable, and deposits.

File monthly taxes including state, federal and unemployment. Complete any other payroll related paperwork and fees as needed including workman's compensation, retirement, health insurance, etc.

Create annual and quarterly financial reports. Work with tax advisors to troubleshoot any accounting problems and in the filing of annual taxes.

Work with the program director in the management of project funds during the project season.

Work with the board treasurer and attend all finance committee meetings.


Manage fundraising activities including identification of new projects and management of existing fundraisers.

Serve as the key coordinator for any fundraising functions.

Acknowledge all membership and project giving donations in a timely fashion.

Attend the board fundraising events committee meetings

Attend all development committee meetings and work with committee chair to help develop and manage additional fundraising tools.

Board Management:

Attend BMWF Board Meetings and develop items for the agenda.

Work in cooperation with the board on the development of policies.

Keep board members informed of upcoming events and meetings and distribute meeting minutes.

Coordinate the annual board meeting.

Update the board manual as needed and provide copies to new board members.

Manage and help develop board strategic planning.

Create reports or research information as requested by the board.

Coordinate any advisory, resource or task force committees as they arise.

Public Interface and Outreach:

Work with the program director in the drafting of the newsletter including reporting accomplishments (fall) and recruitment for new volunteers (spring) and articles as needed for other publications.

Write news releases and manage all PR and media for the BMWF in cooperation with the media task force and other media consultants.

Send out information when requested by the public including tax returns and information about our program.

Deliver presentations at public functions for volunteer recruitment or information sharing about foundation activities.

BMWF Business:

Manage any printing and mailing projects.

Oversee computer and technical needs for BMWF office and crew leaders.

Oversee any purchases for gear, equipment, office supplies, etc.

Utilize and manage volunteers in the office and for special projects when possible.

Supplemental Questions:

1.What supervisory skills and experience will you bring to this position?

2. Please discuss your office management skills including any experience in bookkeeping, budgeting, financial management, grant writing and database management.

3. Describe your administrative skills and your ability to plan, organize and handle multiple tasks at one time.

4. Give an example of your ability to communicate orally and in writing. How have your past experiences prepared you for this position in regards to communication skills?

5. Describe how your knowledge, skills and abilities will help you deal with varying viewpoints of volunteers, managers, and diverse organizations.

6. Describe your ability to apply for and administer grants and to plan and organize fund raising events.

7. Describe your experience with wilderness, wilderness stewardship, and organizing volunteer or outdoor programs.

Closing date for applications to be received by our office is July 9th. Applications will be evaluated by committee once they are received. Applicants will be notified by July 16th if they qualify for an interview. The starting date for this position will be September 1st.


Contact Person: Paul Travis

Email Address:

Phone: 406-387-3847

Fax: 406-387-3889

14.) ARCHEOLOGIST, Tourism and State Development Rapid City, SD

Position Purpose: This position investigates, preserves, and protects cultural resources throughout the state by preparing reports on archaeological surveys and sites, maintaining cultural resource inventory and site evaluation activities, and performing administrative work related to archaeological contracts for government agencies and other organizations to safeguard the cultural resources of South Dakota.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

Knowledge of:

archaeology, prehistory, history, and geography;

Plains archaeology and history;

mapmaking, GPS equipment, and GIS software;

archaeological laboratory analysis and excavation methods and techniques;

state and federal regulations that relate to mining, exploration, and cultural resource management.

Ability to:

excavate archaeological sites;

use computers in conducting research;

use office applications;

follow written and oral instructions;

communicate information clearly and concisely;

deal tactfully with the public and organizations;

determine the value of cultural resources and archaeological sites;

inventory archaeological sites, surveys, maps, and related information;

maintain and establish effective working relationships with landowners and construction project managers and workers;

motivate and direct other archaeologists and seasonal personnel.

Comments: Most of the work for this position is by contract with various agencies such as Department of Transportation and Department of Game, Fish, and Parks. Functions will include survey, site mapping, occasional excavation, archaeological lab analysis, and report writing. Considerable travel is involved, and people in this position often work outdoors under rigorous conditions.

15.) Coastal Louisiana Restoration Campaign Manager, National Wildlife Federation (NWF), Washington, D.C

Join us by working a job you're WILD about!

Find a job you’re wild about at the National Wildlife Federation (NWF), the nation’s largest member-supported conservation organization, which is at the forefront of global warming issues, reconnecting our children with nature, and protecting America’s wildlife and habitat.

Position Description

We seek a qualified individual to oversee campaign implementation on a day to day basis, drive national strategy, coordination of multiple working groups, juggling multiple projects, setting priorities. Collaborating with diverse group partners, communicating with regional and national staff. The Campaign Manager's primary responsibility is to implement a multi-organizational campaign plan that integrates policy, field, coalition outreach, paid media, internet and activist outreach to build support for the restoration of coastal Louisiana and ensure the resiliency of its coastal communities. The campaign manager will execute a national campaign plan, coordinating up to six working groups, and responsible for making adjustments to the plan and implementation to leverage available resources to make the most progress possible towards the overarching goals.

The Coastal Louisiana Restoration Campaign Manager responsibilities include but are not limited to:

Overseeing the campaign's successful implementation on a day to day basis. Coordinating the planning and implementation of the various elements of the campaign so they act as an integrated whole. Driving the development of campaign strategy, message, and tactics working closely with policy, communications, field and other working groups. Working closely with Steering Committee to ensure campaign is well-implemented and its results tracked and documented. Working with coalition partners to ensure campaign is as closely aligned as possible with their work and is leveraging additional national and state-based assets. Helping prepare funder updates and assist with funder outreach as guided by Steering Committee. Working with and overseeing 3 direct reports.

Position Requirements

Candidates for this position should have at least eight years of professional post-college experience, including at least five years managing advocacy campaigns, preferably at the national level. B.A. or B.S. in Political Science, Natural Resources or other related field. Post-graduate degrees or work preferred. Qualified applicants must have a strong commitment to environmental issues, excellent verbal, writing and analytical skills and an ability (and desire) to navigate and constructively engage a number of stakeholders charged with oversight and implementation of the campaign.

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