Your Very Next Step newsletter for August 2010

Your Very Next Step newsletter for August 2010

“Tears are the summer showers to the soul.”

-Alfred Austin

“In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.”

– Albert Camus

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”

– Lao Tzu

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*** In this issue:

*** Travel News

*** YVNS Sport Ned Has Never Heard Of: Crossword Puzzle Tournament

*** Travel, Outdoor and Adventure Jobs and Volunteer Opportunities

1.) Public Relations Manager, Longboat Key Club & Resort, Longboat Key, FL

2.) Trail Staff, Wilderness Inquiry, various locations

3.) Boat captain, 24' skiff, Virginia Tech, various, Texas to Georgia, including Cocodrie, Gra

4.) Director, Strategic Programs and Enterprise Trustees of Reservations Ipswich, Massachusetts

5.) Associate Travel Editor, Southern Living magazine, Time Inc., Birmingham, AL

6.) Travel Agency Marketing Director, La Macchia Enterprises (The enterprise includes The Mark Travel Corporation, Trisept Solutions, Vax VacationAccess and Funjet Vacations), Milwaukee, WI

7.) Volunteer Opportunity – Communications Intern, Wildlife Alliance, Washington, DC 8.) Volunteer, Archaeology Program, Gunston Hall, Mason Neck, VA

9.) Volunteer Opportunities, Whale Interpretive Centre, Johnstone Strait Killer Whale Interpretive Centre Society (JSKWICS), Telegraph Cove, British Columbia

10.) Herring Count Volunteer, Harwich Conservation Trust, Harwich, Mass.

11.) Vice President of Philanthropy, Mass Audubon, Lincoln, MA

12.) Internal Communications Manager, REI, Kent, Washington, USA

13.) Public Relations Internships, Virginia Tourism Corporation, Richmond, VA

14.) Director of Marketing and Communications, Irvine Nature Center, Owings Mills, Maryland

15.) Volunteer in Nepal, The Mountain Volunteer, Kathmandu, Nepal

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*** Do you have a travel adventure to share?

Send me your stories and I’ll post in the “Your Very Next Step” and on the YVNS website (

*** Ned’s most recent adventures:

My quick trip to Fort Huachuca, Arizona, was enjoyable and interesting, albeit short. I flew from Ronald Reagan National Airport via Houston. Because of the big Empire Challenge events at Ft. Huachuca the lodging was pretty much snapped up. I did manage to get a room at the Quality Inn that met my needs. I rented from Dollar and got pretty good service and a pretty good car for a pretty good price.

Cochise County is the frontier. It’s not near the border. It is the border. Sierra Vista, where Ft. Huachuca is, has a long tradition, and is known as the home of the Buffalo Soldiers.

It is now the HQ for the Army’s Intelligence Command and Network Command, and you can guess those two commands must benefit from their proximity. It’s also the DoD Center of Excellence for Unmanned Aerial Systems. Put all that together with Empire Challenge and the border, and there isn’t a square inch of that remote high desert country where you are not being watched.

I expected southern Arizona in mid-August to be parched and brown. It was, in fact, lush and green. The monsoons will do that, I’m told. I experienced a little rain, and watched some beautiful thunderstorms up in the mountains from afar. But I’m told I missed some torrential…no, biblical downpours.

I wanted to watch the Perseids meteor showers that evening, expecting a very dark sky, but the clouds got in the way.

My trip to San Diego was also educational, attending the Maritime Interdiction Summit and visiting Scripps Institution of Oceanography. I attended the Surface Navy Association West Coast Symposium on Thursday, Aug. 26th, having lunch aboard USS Bonhomme Richard, then jetting to Boston in time to get underway on USS Constitution Friday morning for the capstone event of Chief petty Officer Heritage Week. There was an opportunity to get down to Cape Cod for the weekend, too!

*** Women on the Way Awards, sponsored by Wyndham Worlwide:

I’m voting for my friend, Lauren Lawson:

Women on Their Way is the hospitality industry’s longest-running branded program entirely dedicated to female travelers. Since the program’s launch in 1995, Wyndham has supported women travelers as they’ve emerged from a niche market to a formidable force, listening and responding to women’s feedback, which has resulted in a better hotel experience for all; including the addition of amenities to hotel rooms such as coffee makers, full-length mirrors and healthier room service menus.

While once a single hotel chain program, Wyndham Worldwide expanded the program across all brands offering more than 70,000 hotels, vacation rentals and resorts in 100 countries.

*** Here’s the YVNS Travel News for August:

*** From Bernie Wagenblast’s Transportation Communications Newsletter:

British Airways Flight Scares Passengers After Emergency Crash Message Plays By Mistake

Link to story and video on ABC News' World News Tonight:

Southwest Airlines Takes Proactive Approach When Things Go Wrong In-Flight

Link to article in The Dallas Morning News:

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*** Paris Hilton Looking to Open Her Own Hotels

The Hilton family may have dominated the hotel and real estate industry for decades, but it seems they could soon be facing some stiff competition from one of their own. Reality star, designer and celebrity-sponsor extraordinaire Paris Hilton tells a Fox News reporter that since she has conquered the rest of the entertainment industry, she is now ready to try her hand at being a hotelier. “I've pretty much done all you can do, but my next project that I'd like to do is get more involved in real estate – just from being in the business and growing up in it my whole life, it's always something I've been interested in,” Hilton said. “And right now that I've done everything I’ve wanted to do, that would definitely be the next step, to open my own hotels.”

*** Best family hikes in Hawaii:

*** From Bridget Serchak:

Hi all — I'm posting a potential freelance opportunity on behalf of a friend at Fodor's, publisher of the travel guide series. Please contact the address in the below listing if there's any interest. Thanks!

Fodor's Travel is looking to refresh its pool of writers for the Moscow and St. Petersburg guidebook. We are looking for writers to update city and regional chapters (a mix of fact-checking and new writing). Topics include sights, restaurants, hotels, nightlife, the arts, sports and shopping. Pay ranges from around $250 to $1,000+, depending on assignment scope.

Fodor's is a leading guidebook brand for American travelers with more than 300 titles covering most corners of the globe (

Please note that we hire journalists who have local expertise, i.e. most writers work in the specific country/region or live there at least part of the year. Fluent English speakers and strong writers preferred. Feel free to pass this request on to friends, colleagues and journalism listservs. Interested parties should send Salwa Jabado ( a brief email outlining their experience, attach a resume or a link to their website, and include at least one writing sample.

Many thanks!

Salwa Jabado

How to Plan a Volunteer Vacation in 6 Steps

Whether you're looking to volunteer for an afternoon or for several weeks while on the road, organizations around the world are eager for your help. Don't know where to start? You can plan a successful volunteer vacation by following these six steps.

*** The August YVNS sport Ned has never heard of:

Crossword Puzzle Tournament

The second annual Boston Crossword Puzzle Tournament was Sunday, April 11, 2010 at Harvard University. Two hundred crossword fans from Harvard and the community at large turned out to solve four unpublished upcoming puzzles from the New York Times, and see special guest Will Shortz. Of those attending, 150 registered to compete in three divisions.

Attendees and staff also consumed over 500 OREO cookies.

*** Trail Volunteer opportunities:

*** Cuyahoga Valley National Park Adopt-A-Trail

Do you want to help out in your national park? The Adopt-a-Trail Program is an opportunity for people of all ages to assist the staff of Cuyahoga Valley National Park in maintaining safe and well-groomed trails by joining a group that takes responsibility for one trail. Help “sweep” the trail by picking up litter, trimming branches, clearing culverts, and reporting trail conditions.

Though a short distance from the urban environments of Cleveland and Akron, Cuyahoga Valley National Park seems worlds away. The winding Cuyahoga—the “crooked river” as named by American Indians—gives way to deep forests, rolling hills, and open farmlands. The park is a refuge for flora and fauna and provides recreation and solitude for visitors.

Cuyahoga Valley National Park Volunteer Program is co-managed by the National Park Service and the Cuyahoga Valley National Park Association (CVNPA). To learn about volunteer opportunities please visit

Cuyahoga Valley National Park

15610 Vaughn Road

Brecksville, Ohio 44141

*** Ozark Trail Association:

There is a great deal of satisfaction and pride in knowing that you and your friends are responsible for a segment of trail. All that's required is that you go on three outings a year to trim back limbs and brush, remove small branches and deadfall, and report major problems to Robert Smith, the OT Adopt-A-Trail Coordinator. Additionally, you can work with our volunteer coordinator to hold an outing or event if your trail segment needs treadwork, waterbars, foot bridges or rerouting.

What is the Adopt-A-Trail Program?

The Ozark Trail Association’s Adopt-A-Trail Program is a volunteer program providing opportunities for hikers, bicyclists, equestrians and lovers of the outdoors to maintain a portion of the Ozark Trail.

Who can adopt a trail?

School and youth groups, scout troops, church, community and service organizations, businesses, families, individuals or groups of individuals can adopt a trail. Anyone with an interest in trails and the outdoors is welcome to help maintain this beautiful Missouri resource.

What can volunteers do?

Adopt-A-Trail volunteers assist the Ozark Trail Association in maintaining the Ozark Trail. Activities include keeping the surface free of sticks, rocks and other debris, pruning small limbs from the trail corridor, cleaning waterbars and drainage ditches, and in cutting back encroaching vegetation to maintain a trail corridor.

Other responsibilities include litter clean-up, maintaining the trailhead area, replacing missing trail signage and reporting vandalism and ATV damage.

Will I be trained?

Yes. However, the form of your training will depend upon your experience and the needs of the section you chose to adopt. It is suggested that you sign up for one of our weekly maintenance or trail-building outings to learn more about how to maintain your trail. At that outing, an experienced trail-builder will work with you and insure that you acquire the skills you need.

What is not included in the duties of an Adopt-A-Trail volunteer?

The most notable task not associated with an AAT volunteer is the use of a chainsaw. Chainsaws may only be operated by a Forest Service certified sawyer. The AAT volunteer should only note locations where fallen trees (or damaged trees hanging over the trail) are located. Report this information to the AAT coordinator, and the site will be listed for a future visit by qualified sawyers.

You also may not reroute trail. Any changes of this kind must be approved in advance by the landowner.

What should I do next?

Much of the Ozark Trail has already been adopted. However, a list of the remaining adoptions can be viewed by clicking on the 'Trail Adoptions' link on the left side of this screen. You can identify segments of trail which are available, either by working with the present volunteer/volunteers or working individually. Once you have decided upon a section of trail, fill out an Adopt-A-Trail Interest Form, and the OT Adopt-A-Trail Coordinator will contact you to formalize the Volunteer Agreement.

What tools are needed?

Generally, the only tools you will need are loppers (long-handled garden pruners will be sufficient), a bow saw, and a pair of good gloves. If specialized tools are needed, they can be obtained from the land steward, which will generally be the U.S. Forest Service. The Adopt-A-Trail Coordinator will work with you to insure that you have adequate tools.

How often should I conduct maintenance outings?

It is expected that you will conduct maintenance three times each year. It is very important that one of these outings be done in the late spring to clear the trail of encroaching vegetation. You will probably want to visit again in early fall to do light maintenance and then again in mid-winter for your more strenuous work.

I'm having trouble with the online Work Report Form

First contact Robert and he can give you some additional instruction or put you in contact with the webmaster. As a last resort you can download a Work Report Form and email or send them to Robert Smith.

Need More Information?

If you would like more information, please contact our Adopt-A-Trail coordinator, Robert Smith.

*** Travel/Adventure/Outdoors employment opportunities:

*** From Susan Burnell, APR:

Hi Ned, saw this job post come through LinkedIn, the Florida Public Relations Association group:

With cheer,


Susan H. Burnell, APR

Imagination Ink – Business Writing & Public Relations

Houston, TX

1.) Public Relations Manager, Longboat Key Club & Resort, Longboat Key, FL

Seeking a Public Relations Manager with hospitality experience…

to oversee and execute the representation of a positive organization image to the general public, clients, members, and owners of Longboat Key Club.

Must have min 3 years of relevant Public Relations experience; hospitality industry preferred. 4 -year degree in Business or Journalism. Excellent writing and communications skills required. If you feel you meet these requirements please email your resume, cover letter and inquiries to:

hr@longboatkeyclub . com (Subject line: “PR Manager, First Name Last Name”) [From LinkedIn discussion started by Mey Vidal, Longboat Key Club & Resort – Human Resources]

2.) Trail Staff, Wilderness Inquiry, various locations

Whether by canoe, sea kayak, skis, dog sled, horse pack or backpack, Wilderness Inquiry connects people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities with the natural world while inspiring personal growth. Trail staff are responsible for organizing and leading rigorous single-day events and extended wilderness adventures primarily in North America. Typically, 2-3 staff conduct each trip for 10-14 participants. Over the course of a single trip, leaders may fill the roles of pack horse, teacher, rehabilitation specialist, folksinger, chef, personal-relationship counselor, storyteller, disciplinarian, dishwasher, and bush doctor. Seasonal positions are offered from June through September and December through April. A 10-day staff training conducted in early June provides skills in canoeing, camp craft, leadership and risk management. Benefits include a per diem stipend from $45 to $110, along with meals while working and staff housing between trips. In addition to having current certification in advanced first aid, water safety and CPR, individuals with previous experience working outdoors and with people with disabilities are desired. Summer coordinator positions and year-round internships are also available—details and application materials are available at

TIME/WAGE: Trail Staff are classified according to skill and experience—from assistant to senior trainer—and compensated on a per trip basis. For example, depending upon classification, a Trail Staff may earn from $175 to $500 for leading a 5-day trip. Typically, two to three staff conduct each trip for group sizes of 10-14 (although this can vary). Opportunities for advancement available upon demonstrated performance with Wilderness Inquiry. Staff housing and other stipends available.

SUPERVISOR: Program Director

MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: The primary responsibility of Trail Staff is to serve WI trip participants and insure the safety, quality and cost-effectiveness of WI experiences. Trail Staff are responsible for the lives and well being of WI participants throughout a WI adventure. The ability to plan, implement and follow through with responsibilities is essential. This job requires wilderness leadership aptitude, excellent people skills, the ability to oversee projects independently, & strong communication skills. Must be interested in leading trips for people of all abilities, including people with disabilities. Must be willing to keep flexible hours. Life as a WI Trail Staff can be fun, exciting, and incredibly rewarding, but it is also a tremendous amount of responsibility and it can involve a lot of hard and challenging work. Qualifications and experience are typically consistent with completion of at least 1 year of college.

ESSENTIAL RESPONSIBILITIES: Responsible for providing leadership on WI trips. The ability to organize, plan and lead extended trips, single day events, and maintain gear. Skills necessary to lead successful wilderness trips for WI groups include:

• Embrace a “servant leadership” ethic that places the participant first. This includes a willingness to do whatever it takes to get the job done, including the physical stamina and personal fortitude to lead groups through all conditions.

• Visually and verbally assessing group needs, capacities and desires in order to safely and effectively meet their needs. Trail Staff must be willing to provide a high level of customer service for all participants.

• Effectively communicate WI policies and procedures to participants in person, via phone or through written means.

• Proficiently perform activities conducted on WI single day events and extended trips including canoeing, sea kayaking, x-country skiing, dog sledding, etc.

• Navigate safely and accurately over land and water.

• Provide emergency first aid and conduct an evacuation under all conditions likely to be encountered.

• Work with logistics staff to pack-in/out for wilderness trips including gear & food. Trail Staff must take adequate measures to insure that WI equipment is properly cared for while in use on the trail.

• Safely drive a 15-passenger van pulling a loaded trailer in all weather and road conditions.

CERTIFICATIONS: To be considered for a trail staff position, applicants must possess or be actively seeking the following certifications. For information on how to obtain certifications visit

• First Aid: Wilderness First Responder preferred; alternatively a 16-hour course sponsored by WMI, WMA, SOLO, EMSRB, or Red Cross

• Water Safety: Lifeguard/Professional Rescuer, Wilderness Water Safety, or Swift Water Rescue


• A current driver' s license and a safe driving record

PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: Lift and carry heavy loads over rough terrain for distances of 10 feet to 2 miles. This could range from 30 lb. packs to adult individuals in need of transfer (transfers include, but are not limited to, transferring individuals from wheelchairs to boats). Transfers may need to be done with the assistance of others. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

Wilderness Inquiry

808 14th AVE SE

Minneapolis, MN 55414-1516

Please apply online at:

3.) Boat captain, 24' skiff, Virginia Tech, various, Texas to Georgia, including Cocodrie, Gra

Job Description: Pilot 24' skiff in support of piping plover research effort on the Gulf of Mexico. Responsible for safely transporting research teams to and from barrier islands and other study islands. Maintain boat in good, safe condition.

Qualifications: Substantial experience piloting similar (24' skiffs) or larger vessels in coastal waters. Demonstrated experiencein, and understanding of coastal piloting, chart navigation, use of basic navigation electronics, aids to navigation, weather evaluation. USCG license or DOI certification helpful.

Salary: $720/week plus housing

Last Date to apply: September 15, 2010


Contact: Jim Fraser


4.) Director, Strategic Programs and Enterprise Trustees of Reservations Ipswich, Massachusetts

5.) Associate Travel Editor, Southern Living magazine, Time Inc., Birmingham, AL

Come South and be part of the 5th largest monthly magazine in the country—and THE lifestyle magazine of the American South. Travel across the region in search of big city nightlife and quaint small towns; upscale restaurants and ramshackle beach dives; blues joints and food festivals; great drives, outdoor adventure, family getaways, and romantic escapes.

You should bring to the table a talent for discovering, pitching, reporting, and writing dynamic stories for contemporary Southerners; strong editing skills; a keen eye for innovative packaging; and the ability to collaborate with photographers and graphic designers. The job also requires an enthusiasm for travel and an appreciation for the rich culture of the South. You really must “get” Southern people in order to serve readers well.

Here’s what you won’t need: a snow shovel, a subway map, or a gold mine to pay the rent. We’re headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama, and yes, we know our own press, but it’s dead wrong. Birmingham is a beautiful, livable, affordable city with friendly locals and easy access to some amazing places to spend your free time—gorgeous mountains and beaches are just a few hours away.

We’re assuming you already have the appropriate educational background, several years of related experience, and a great clip book. You can assume that we have an outstanding magazine, a staff that believes in team work, and one incredible slice of the country for you to explore.

6.) Travel Agency Marketing Director, La Macchia Enterprises (The enterprise includes The Mark Travel Corporation, Trisept Solutions, Vax VacationAccess and Funjet Vacations), Milwaukee, WI

Job Description:

La Macchia Enterprises is growing and looking for a talented Travel Agency Marketing Director. The enterprise includes The Mark Travel Corporation, Trisept Solutions, and Vax VacationAccess. Funjet Vacations is one of our brands.

Join a team of 1100 employees, headquartered in Milwaukee, with office locations in London, Las Vegas and Orlando. With revenue over $1 billion annually we are looking to hire only the most talented Marketing Director. For more information visit and

The Travel Agency Marketing Director will develop and lead strategic marketing plans to drive significant market share growth through Funjet Vacations' Travel Agent distribution network as the Travel Agent's First Choice and premier vacation company supporting the travel agency channel to meet the established business objectives and goals. Direct and manage the travel agency marketing team through strategic design, merchandising and messaging, efficient and effective execution, on-going program management and strategy integration through the sales force, consumer marketing, product management, pricing and buying teams.

Duties & Responsibilities:

• Lead strategy development and innovation to deliver highly effective B2B and B2B2C marketing campaigns and programs for travel agencies.

• Create opportunities for increased profitability through the travel agency channel that support the success of Funjet Vacations and the stability and profitability of travel agencies.

• Accountable for the development and management of the Funjet Vacations travel agent marketing and compensation budget and the negotiation and management of trade media relationships to provide an optimal ROI on marketing investments.

• Successfully lead and manage the travel agency marketing team though effective and efficient execution and tracking of all travel agency marketing strategies and tactics and provide strategic direction to the sales force on travel agency marketing initiatives.

• Coach and develop team members. Meet regularly with staff assigning projects and assisting them in prioritizing. Conduct regular performance evaluations.


• Bachelor's degree (BA) from four-year college or university and 4+ years of experience and/or equivalent. (Master’s degree preferred)

• Travel industry knowledge or experience

• 9 years related experience or equivalent combination of education & experience including product management, marketing, pricing, travel industry & employee management.

• Marketing – Knowledge of principles and methods for showing or promoting products and services. This includes marketing strategy and tactics.

• Management of Financial Resources – Determining how money will be spent to get work done and accounting for these expenditures.

• Management of Team Resources – Motivating, developing, and directing people as they work, identifying the best people for the job.

• Originality – The ability to come up with unusual or clever ideas about a given topic or situation, or to develop creative ways to solve a problem.


• Medical Insurance – Effective the first of the month after start date.

• Dental Insurance

• Vision Insurance

• Short Term Disability

• Life Insurance

• Flexible Spending Account

• 401(k) Employer match!

• Vacation and Holiday Time Off – Three weeks your first year, four weeks your second year.

• Tuition Reimbursement

• Travel Opportunities

• Team Member Referral Program

• Wellness Program –

The Mark Travel Corporation received the Gold Well Workplace Award for 2009.

We are proud to be an EEO/AA employer M/F/D/V. We maintain a drug-free and smoke-free workplace and perform pre-employment background checks.

7.) Volunteer Opportunity – Communications Intern, Wildlife Alliance, Washington, DC

8.) Volunteer, Archaeology Program, Gunston Hall, Mason Neck, VA

The archaeology program depends heavily on volunteers who work with the staff archaeologist. Most volunteers arrive with no previous practical experience in archaeology. They learn on the job. Would you like to join us? If so, please send a message to

We work Tuesdays through Saturdays. Volunteers may choose to work any one (or more) of those days. They may stay any number of hours they wish between 9:30 am and about 4:00 pm. All equipment is provided. The field season runs from the first part of April until mid December. The remainder of the year is spent processing artifacts in the archaeology lab. A parent or responsible adult must accompany volunteers less than 16 years of age.

9.) Volunteer Opportunities, Whale Interpretive Centre, Johnstone Strait Killer Whale Interpretive Centre Society (JSKWICS), Telegraph Cove, British Columbia

The Johnstone Strait Killer Whale Interpretive Centre Society (JSKWICS) is a non-profit organization that manages the Whale Interpretive Centre.

The JSKWICS is currently seeking volunteers for this summer to be actively involved in The Whale Interpretive Centre.

It is our desire that the selected volunteers have a strong conservation ethic, are committed to environmental education, and are able to volunteer for a minimum of two weeks. Some of the duties volunteers can expect to do include:

• Cleaning and articulating marine mammal bones

• Delivering interpretive information to visitors

• Developing further educational displays

The Whale Interpretive Centre is located in Telegraph Cove, British Columbia. Telegraph Cove is on the northeastern end of Vancouver Island, a 4 hours' drive north from the city of Nanaimo. The nearest community, Port McNeill with a population of just under 3,000 people, is a 20-minute drive away.

Telegraph Cove is a historic boardwalk community that draws great interest from tourists. It is now famed for its aesthetics and the recreational fishing, diving and marine wildlife viewing opportunities of the Broughton and Blackfish Archipelagos. Over 10,000 whale watchers alone come through Telegraph Cove annually, some 50% travelling from overseas. This allows for great educational potential. Volunteers must also be prepared to fund all travel and accomodation expenses.

This is a great opportunity for individuals to gain experience delivering environmental education to a diverse audience and to learn about marine mammals in the Northeastern Pacific.


10.) Herring Count Volunteer, Harwich Conservation Trust, Harwich, Mass.

Monitor a local herring run by counting the fish as they climb to their freshwater spawning grounds. The commitment is small (as little as one-half hour each week). You will help provide much needed data on this once historically abundant, but now declining fish. The program runs from April to June. Help us launch this new data-collecting program in Harwich!

11.) Vice President of Philanthropy, Mass Audubon, Lincoln, MA

12.) Internal Communications Manager, REI, Kent, Washington, USA

At REI, we have a workplace where you can be yourself, be heard and be respected while having a job that challenges you—it's a great environment that balances hard work with time off to play. We've been recognized as one of Fortune Magazine's “100 Best Places to Work” since the award's inception and continue to grow and thrive in a challenging marketplace. REI offers an excellent compensation package, flexible benefits, outstanding retirement plan, annual incentive program, and a generous merchandise discount to help you enjoy your free time.

Internal Communications Manager

This job contributes to REI's success by designing, managing, and overseeing execution of internal communications strategies and programs, with an emphasis on change management communications, to enlist employee support in successfully achieving the company's goals through a variety of communications channels including written, digital, events and social media. In addition, this role guides executive communication. The communication strategies will connect employees to the company's business goals, build employee pride in the organization, and support REI's position as a 100 best employer. Models and acts in accordance with REI's guiding values and mission.

Specific Responsibilities:

• Develops working relationships will all levels in the organization, including divisional managers, retail managers, human resources, and REI's Leadership Team.

• Leads the Internal Communications team and regularly supervises freelance, agency and contract writers, designers, photographers, printers and event vendors.

• Serves as counsel to executive leaders

• Creates strategic communication plans and programs that positively align internal communications with business plans and company culture.

• Uses innovative techniques and new media to reach and influence employees.

• Serves as a collaborative peer and leaders on a variety of cross-functional teams.

• Understands the needs of internal audiences and in delivering appropriate messages using a variety of vehicles.

• Collaborates, aligns, and influences communications at the executive level with written and verbal skills.

• Communicates to a wide audience in an appropriate voice using a variety of vehicles.

• Fosters and drives strategic communications that advance company initiatives, goals and business.

• Effectively manages complex projects, with a focus on time expectations and budget limitations.

• Understands and supports the effective use of large employee events and gatherings.


• 7+ years experience in communications and events with an emphasis on strategic internal communications.

• Bachelor's degree in Public Relations/ Public Affairs, Communications/ Journalism or English, preferred.

• Proven ability to design and implement effective change management communications.

• Demonstrated skill in digital and video production

• Accomplished in writing, editing, design and production processes.

• Previous experience with a retail organization preferred.

• Demonstrated ability to support and drive organizational change

• Ability to bring appropriate influence, counsel and feedback to leaders.

• Builds capacity of individuals and teams through effective employee development, involvement, communication, and supervision efforts.

• Creates a strong, mutually supportive work spirit and culture where people can do their best.

• Establishes trust and inspires others.

• Makes effective organization and people decisions in a manner consistent with REI's values and ethics.

• Delivers on commitments and holds others to same.

• Champions the organization and advocates solutions in the overall Company's best interest.

• Uses business knowledge, innovative thinking, and sound judgment in the solution of problems or the pursuit of business opportunities.

• Consolidates information from various sources including feedback from others to reach sound decisions.

• Considers the ultimate impact of decisions and actions on internal and external customers.

• Fosters change in company direction.

• Effectively plans and executes changes.

13.) Public Relations Internships, Virginia Tourism Corporation, Richmond, VA

VTC's Public Relations department has a limited number of intern openings in the Richmond office for public relations/journalism students throughout the year. While the positions are unpaid, the internship can be structured for course credit if desired; and flexible hours are available. Interns can expect a variety of public relations and basic office experiences, including the opportunity to work on public relations projects. For more details, contact VTC's Julia Scott at 804-545-5575 or

Please contact Julia Scott regarding unpaid public relation internships only. Questions on employment with Virginia Tourism Corporation should be directed to the Human Resources office at or 804-545-5630.

14.) Director of Marketing and Communications, Irvine Nature Center, Owings Mills, Maryland

15.) Volunteer in Nepal, The Mountain Volunteer, Kathmandu, Nepal

Teaching English

We have many different opportunities for teaching English, with the possibility of combining teaching at several places or with volunteering in an orphanage or at a day-care center. Our teaching placements include adult teaching to mainly Tibetan refugees, teaching young Buddhist monks, children from economically disadvantaged families and with HIV.

You may think that teaching is difficult and not for you, but it is one of the most rewarding placements we at Mountain Volunteer can offer and gives daily satisfaction and sense of accomplishment when you see the light of understanding in a student’s eyes. English skills are in great need in Nepal and essential for any decently paid job, so the motivation to learn is very high at all ages. No previous experience or TEFL-certificate is required, all you need is some creativity and to be able to speak English fluently. Most places have a syllabus to follow. Additional tips on teaching, suggestions and games are also available.

Administrational and Organizational Placements

Many Nepali organizations face difficulty attracting professionals with experience in organization, marketing, fundraising and writing grant applications, etc. These placements differ widely depending on your skills and professional background.

Costs are $300 placement fee ($100 of which is used to help the organizations and activities supported by The Mountain Fund in Nepal) plus $15 per day for the length of your stay and includes room and board, airport pickup, free Internet and WiFi and 24/7 staff support. No required length of stay.

Many volunteers find that they wish to take up an extra part-time placement when they arrive in Nepal. This is particularly true for volunteers at children’s homes, who find their mornings and early afternoons empty when the children are in school, or people wishing to take up a morning English class before their normal workplace opens. Therefore, we now offer placements at different organizations simultaneously. A very popular combination is placement at a children’s home and teaching adult morning classes, but we can arrange any combination of the above mentioned placements, both with equal emphasis or with the main focus on one of the placements.

Note that within reason your placement can be changed both prior to and after arrival in Nepal, with the exception of teaching adult English classes, since they are set up for each individual teacher.

Please send us an email for further inquiries about this highly selective program to .

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