A JOTW “Thank You” and a follow-up challenge

A JOTW “Thank You” and a follow-up challenge

Thank you for your overwhelming response to our appeal to the JOTW network. We have helped some service men and women in Afghanistan, and that's a wonderful thing. The power of this network has inspired a follow-up challenge and appeal.

– Here's the response I received from Tom Clementson:


This thing has really gone viral. I'm more than confident we'll have coffee creamer for a good while but it had me thinking that we might be able to make a real difference beyond comfort items for my team here. We're currently working with U.K. Soldiers here to help an orphange here in Kabul. I'd like to see where they're short in terms of school supplies and toys. Is this an effort that you would help us support? In the grand scheme it just seems petty to ask for something so small for comfort when we can really make an impact on young lives.


– Ned replies:

I like the idea…So will my network. Any instructions on what you need, want, how it should be packed, marked, etc?

Tom answers:


Talked to Sgt. Jonny Howells (U.K. Army) about what they need. Right now the team is supporting two orphanages and a school here in Kabul and the best we can do for these kids is pull together clothing, school supplies and toys. A few specifics would include: Soccer balls and simple toys, legal pads / note pads, pens, rulers, crayons – coloring books, baby clothes, t-shirts for kids up to 14yrs…The Brits have done a great job supporting local kids here in Kabul and all in their off time. A few of us newly arrived from the U.S. side decided to join the effort since we're all mostly over the 1776 / 1812 business.

Anyway, really appreciate any of the help you might be able to provide in getting the word out. We don't require a lot from any one person but a little from each goes a long way in helping some kids in Kabul.

We'll try to get you some pictures next time we're out on a visit.


– Ned's challenge to the JOTW network:

Please see if you can support this appeal. Send the above requested supplies to:

Tom Clementson


APO AE 09320

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