Your Character and Your Personal Brand

It is a very long and winding road from ancient Greece where men sought ethos to today where Lady Gaga knows what the Greeks of thousands of years ago knew. The perceptions about your character can determine your success or failure in life.

What others perceive of your most dominant character trait (e.g., friendly, grumpy, warm, cold, reclusive, trustworthy, etc.) matters significantly in whether your personal brand becomes an asset or a liability for you and also if your personal brand turns out to be a financial plus for a loss of wealth for you. It turns out that you should accept responsibility for how others perceive of your character traits–dominant or not–because ultimately you are only person who can change those perceptions.

You should have long ago stopped blaming others for how you are perceived in terms of your character traits. It’s easy to blame one’s parents. It’s easy to fault the person you married. None of those excuses are valid, however. All of us adults should attain an adult’s sensibility when it comes to accepting personal responsibility for how others perceive of us.

If you want to change how others perceive your character, you must choose to do so deliberately. Waiting for everyone else to change how they perceive of your character is the wrong choice to make under any circumstances.

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