Your Very Next Step newsletter for July 2012

Your Very Next Step newsletter for July 2012

By Ned Lundquist

“Things of the spirit are what count: brotherhood – in a day when there is too much hatred at home and abroad; cheerfulness – in a day when the pessimists have the floor and cynics are popular; service – in a day when millions are interested in getting or grasping, rather than giving”
— E. Urner Goodman
Founder of the Order of the Arrow

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”
– Lao Tzu

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*** I enjoyed my most recent visit to Italy. I had a wonderful lunch in Milan with my friend, Massimo and his wife Laura. We saw the duomo, La Galleria and La Scala opera house. In La Spezia, Massimo asn I stayed at the venerable “Circolo Uffiziali” officers quarters. Later I moved over to Lerici and stayed with Dave Waterman, with to-die-for views of the Golfo dei Poeti—noted for Shelley and Lord Byron and other poets. Dave and I joined John Potter for a boating excursion to Porto Venere , located on the Ligurian coast of Italy in the province of La Spezia, noted for the Gothic Church of St. Peter (consecrated in 1198) and the Doria Castel. Nearby is Isola Palmaria, where we enjoyed a delightful and leisurely lunch before moting around the island and adjacent Tino and Tinetto. We also motored over to the Maralunga area and found a quiet cove for swimming.

*** Ned’s upcoming travel:

27 July – 4 August – East Lansing, Mich.
5 August – Put-In Bay, Ohio
11-17 August – San Diego, CA
30 August – 5 September-Copenhagen / Lystrup / Frederikshavn, Denmark
22-26 October – London, UK

*** In this issue:

*** Travel news

*** Watch a Boeing 747-8 Wing Flex on Takeoff in This Awesome Video

*** It’s Hot Out There… Enjoy the Water Safely and Responsibly

*** Hook up for travel partners:

*** Trips of a Lifetime

*** Change is Coming to Travel Technology, Driven by Access to Data and Eager Developers

*** 300 Minicabs Add to London’s Free Wi-Fi Services

*** TSA expedited security screening—now available at Chicago O’Hare


*** The 10 Worst Airport Terminals

*** Trail / Outdoor / Conservation volunteer opportunities:

WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms)

*** National Rail-Trail of the month:

Rail Trail of the Month: June 2012
West Virginia’s Greenbrier River Trail

*** Travel/Adventure/Outdoors/Conservation employment opportunities:

1.) Volunteers and Housing Coordinator, American Conservation Experience, Flagstaff, AZ
2.) Advocacy Campaign Manager, Bike Walk Mississippi, Mississippi (Jackson area preferred)
3.) Seasonal Restoration Technicians, Sound Greenway Trust, Seattle, WA
4.) Trails Development Manager, Cleveland Metroparks, Cleveland, Ohio

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*** Keith Moore needs reintegrating:

*** Here’s the YVNS Travel News for July:

*** Watch a Boeing 747-8 Wing Flex on Takeoff in This Awesome Video

*** Trail/Outdoor/Conservation volunteer opportunities:

WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) – Board and lodging is offered in exchange for a day’s
work on the farm. Stays available from one week to many years, and with
thousands of hosts available in 53 countries there’s an opportunity
suitable for everyone.

For more information, check out A First-Timer’s Guide to WWOOF-ing.

*** National Rail-Trail of the month:

Trail of the Month: July 2012
Indiana’s Cardinal Greenway

One can imagine the collective Hoosier hooray when the final leg of the
Cardinal Greenway was put in place last summer. The rail corridor for
Indiana’s longest and long-awaited rail-trail was purchased nearly 20
years ago and now offers 62 miles of smooth, inviting blacktop spanning
five counties in east-central Indiana.

The newest 20-mile section from Losantville to Richmond is “truly
gorgeous,” says Angie Pool, the executive director of Cardinal
Greenways, the nonprofit that manages the trail. “It’s way out in farm
country, and you go through wooded areas and over small creeks.”

A major boon for the trail’s development came in 2006 with Governor
Mitch Daniels’ ambitious initiative, “Hoosiers on the Move.” The primary
goal of the program—designed to encourage healthy habits, enhance
tourism and boost economic development—was to have a usable trail within
15 minutes or 7.5 miles of every resident by 2016. Flash forward to
today, and with four years remaining, that feat is already close to

“We are actually looking at raising the bar with a new goal of having
residents within five miles or 10 minutes of a trail,” says Steve
Morris, director of the Outdoor Recreation Division at the Indiana
Department of Natural Resources.

To help accomplish this task, Governor Daniels pledged to double funding
for trails from $10 million to $20 million annually, primarily by
directing a larger percentage of annual federal Transportation
Enhancement funding toward bicycle and pedestrian projects. TE has been
a major source of funding for the Cardinal Greenway, as has support from
donations and private-sector sources, such as the Ball Brothers
Foundation and the Lilly Endowment.

“Because of the program, we saw trails that I didn’t think would be
built in my lifetime completed in just a couple of years,” Morris says.

The Cardinal Greenway was included in the plan as a State Visionary
Trail, one of several to be united to form a statewide system of
interconnected pathways nearly 1,000 miles long once completed. And the
Greenway is also part of the American Discovery Trail, a network of
connected trails that forms a coast-to-coast, non-motorized route across
the country.

“The Cardinal Greenway is not just a state trail, but part of a regional
trail system,” says Eric Oberg, manager of trail development at RTC’s
Midwest Regional Office. “These connections make the trail not just a
destination for Hoosiers, but for residents outside the state as well.”

The dream for such a trail began in 1993, when a group of dedicated
locals saw the rail corridor’s potential and purchased the land from CSX
Corporation. The trail’s name stems from the last passenger train that
regularly traveled the railbed.

“The Cardinal Greenway was one of the pioneering flagship trails,” says
Morris, “developed early on by future-minded citizens that banded

Groundbreaking began four years later in Muncie, the physical and
metaphorical center point of the trail. Much of the city’s Wysor Street
Depot, which once served as a destination for passengers and mail, has
been beautifully restored to its 1901 condition, with the original
woodwork and flooring. The building is included on the National Registry
of Historic Places and houses the trail’s headquarters, as well as a
model railroad and gift shop. Old-fashioned cruiser bikes with big,
cushy seats and large handlebars are also available here for a free spin
along the trail.

“They’ve made the depot more than just a place to pick up a trail
brochure,” says Oberg, who recalls his visit to the trail fondly.
“They’ve made it a destination.”

Along its length, the pathway offers picturesque rural landscapes,
fields of wildflowers and several bridges. These tranquil sections are
interspersed with the cities of Marion, Muncie, Losantville and
Richmond, which offer places to rest, eat and enjoy cultural

In addition to being a popular amenity for cyclists, walkers, inline
skaters and cross-country skiers, the trail features a companion
equestrian pathway that stretches nearly four miles alongside the Muncie
section and provides access to the Prairie Creek Reservoir horse trail.
The Medford Trailhead (at County Road 500 South) has hitching rails, a
mounting step and ample room for trailers. But this is just the
beginning; future plans call for a 25-mile horse trail to be built
alongside the greenway.

Another project hinges on the resolution of a roughly 10-mile gap
between Gaston and Gas City caused by opponents to the trail who
purchased this stretch of rail corridor years ago. Alternative routes
are being considered to replace the current on-road connection.
Fortunately, the list of naysayers is small, and the trail has received
widespread support from the surrounding communities.

That support has been crucial for Cardinal Greenways, which with only
six staffers relies heavily on local volunteers. The trail has a
reputation for being remarkably well maintained, especially given its
distance. “We pride ourselves on having our trail in pristine shape,”
Pool says. “We have 400 active volunteers that help with the trail’s
maintenance and they really take ownership of it.”

Supporters also come out in full force for the annual Great Greenway
Tour held in July. The event, which draws more than 350 participants,
benefits the maintenance of the greenway and promotes cycling and
healthy lifestyles. Multiple route options departing from various points
along the trail offer trips for all ages and cycling abilities.

As Pool enthusiastically notes, “I’ve been told the Cardinal Greenway is
the best-kept secret in Indiana. We’re not a secret any more. We’re here
for the communities we span.”

*** Travel/Adventure/Outdoors/Conservation employment opportunities:

1.) Volunteers and Housing Coordinator, American Conservation
Experience, Flagstaff, AZ

Opportunity: 1 Full Time, Year Round, Permanent Staff Position

American Conservation Experience, a Non-Profit Conservation Corps, is
currently seeking one energetic person to coordinate the activities of
up to 120 American and foreign volunteers in our Flagstaff, AZ base.

Length of Term: Ongoing, year round with substantial opportunity for

Salary: $20,800 per year plus optional free communal housing in

Hours: Flexible, including every other weekend. 40 hours per week

Benefits: After six months in the position the Volunteers and Housing
Coordinator is eligible for permanent status providing full health and
dental benefits, 2 weeks of annual vacation time, and sick leave.

ACE Background: ACE recruits a diverse mix of participants from the US
and 40 countries to participate in 3-6 month long positions. Crews
perform a wide range of environmental conservation projects, including
fencing, trail construction, and revegetation projects for National
Parks, National Forests, and other land management agencies. ACE corps
members are provided housing in Flagstaff, AZ between their remote work
projects, as well as general staff support and training to ensure that
their experience is comfortable and rewarding.

Position Description: ACE’s Volunteers and Housing Coordinator is
responsible for the following aspects of ACE’s Flagstaff operations:

1) Housing: organizing housing assignments for all corps members,
managing 15-20 live-in housing supervisors, coordinating and enforcing
house rules and cleaning routines to ensure a comfortable and hygienic
living environment, purchasing house supplies.

2) Orientation and Training: preparing orientation materials for
incoming participants, driving 15 passenger vans with a trailer to meet
arriving corps members at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport,
orienting new corps members to ACE and to Flagstaff.

3) Volunteer Management: maintaining consistent communication with
future and current volunteers, preparing certificates of achievement for
departing volunteers, maintaining volunteer files, responding to
emergencies and organizing medical care for sick or injured volunteers
(including after hours), responding to inquiries from concerned
relatives or friends, distributing tents and t-shirts to volunteers,
coordinating recreation and educational events for volunteers in
Flagstaff and the surrounding community.

ACE’s Volunteers Coordinator is NOT responsible for coordinating ACE’s
field projects but is responsible for appropriate oversight and support
during corps members’ off days in Flagstaff.

Qualifications: The ideal candidate will be interested in further
advancement in ACE and will consider this position to be a potential
stepping stone to a permanent career in Non-Profit Management.
Candidates must have specific experience and a record of prior
accomplishment in organizing complex operations such as volunteer
management, event coordination, or non-profit activities. If you pride
yourself on being organized, detail oriented, tidy, patient, nurturing,
and personable yet consider yourself capable of maintaining strict
standards by enforcing ACE housing rules with utmost determination, this
position is for you. Candidates must possess strong computer skills,
especially Microsoft Word and Excel.

The job is fast paced and unpredictable, so a flexible approach and an
acceptance of an inconsistent weekly schedule (including weekends and
after hours) is required. The position is perfectly suited to recent
graduates in the field of non-profit management, hospitality, or parks
and recreation management, but all qualified applicants with strong
references will be considered.

Drug users, including recreational smokers of marijuana, should not
consider applying, as ACE reserves the right to require drug testing and
generally abhors the presence of drug users in our program. Applicants
must have a clean driving record and will be subject to a criminal
history background check.

Age: 21 and over

Training: Volunteer Coordinators will be certified in First Aid/CPR and
15 passenger van safety and will develop interpersonal and leadership
skills while serving as mentors to ACE volunteers.

Application Deadline: None, but will offer the position when we find the
right person, so please apply quickly.

To Apply: Please email your application materials to Matt Roberts at with “AZ Volunteer and Housing Coordinator” in
the subject heading of your email. Each application should include:

1) A detailed resume including two professional references.

2) A supporting letter detailing what you hope to achieve and what
skills you have to offer in pursuing a job as ACE’s Volunteer and
Housing Coordinator.

Contact: Matt Roberts, Director ACE Arizona

2.) Advocacy Campaign Manager, Bike Walk Mississippi, Mississippi
(Jackson area preferred)

3.) Seasonal Restoration Technicians, Sound Greenway Trust, Seattle, WA

Working on a small crew or in pairs, seasonal restoration technicians
will identify, survey and control invasive plants and maintain riparian
restoration projects throughout the Mountains to Sound Greenway. As a
member of the Greenway Stewardship Program, you’ll have the opportunity
to work with a highly successful team in an energetic, productive and
fast-paced environment. Through extensive hands-on involvement in a wide
variety of projects and agency partnerships as well as environmental
education, you will learn about ecological and recreational use issues
on public natural lands and build skills in public land management.

Position Description
Temporary/seasonal, full-time, 4.5-month restoration technician
position, with possible extension. Crew is based from Lake Sammamish
State Park in Issaquah, WA and works on surrounding public land. 10 hour
workday, Tuesday-Friday and at times Wednesday-Saturday when working
volunteer events. High physical demand; technicians will work in
variable weather conditions, at times in remote locations, on difficult
terrain and under physically demanding circumstances.

Primary Responsibilities
Work with staff to complete ecological restoration projects including:
manual, chemical and mechanical invasive weed control, noxious weed
surveys, and plant establishment/site maintenance.
Lead Saturday volunteer land stewardship events in the Greenway twice a
month, which includes developing relationships with and educating
volunteers, especially youth, about the Greenway, site history, and
other relevant information.
Potentially to include working for a portion of the season on new trail
Work with hand tools, herbicides and power equipment.

Required Qualifications
Strong interest in ecological restoration and public land management.
At least one year of field experience with ecological restoration
Familiarity with Northwest native plants and common invasive plants.
Familiarity with hand tools and how to use them.
Proven oral communication skills and ability to represent the program in
a professional manner.
Ability to work independently and with a team and to plan and prioritize
multiple tasks.
Clean driving record.
Transportation to Lake Sammamish daily (transportation from there to
worksites is provided).

Desired Qualifications
Experience using herbicides to control invasive weeds.
Herbicide applicator’s license.
Experience surveying vegetation and using GPS.
CPR, basic first aid, and/or wilderness first aid a plus.

Compensation / Benefits
Salary is $14.00/hour. Hands-on experience in ecological restoration
Opportunity to strengthen skills relating to public natural lands
management and interact with a wide variety of groups and individuals
while completing projects on multiple agencies lands as well as private

Hands-on and formal training may include: ecological restoration and
other topics related to conservation and public natural lands

Program Mission and Challenge
The Greenway Stewardship Program provides long-term stewardship of
public lands in the Mountains to Sound Greenway, which consists of over
800,000 acres of public lands along Interstate 90 from Seattle to
Central Washington. This program works on federal, state, county and
city lands completing tree plantings, invasive plant removal, riparian
restoration, logging road removal, trail maintenance and construction,
and a host of other stewardship activities. The involvement and
education of thousands of volunteers yearly is a major component of the

In the early 1990s, with the population of the Seattle area rapidly
growing, the farms and forests leading out of the city along Interstate
90 were threatened to be lost forever to urban sprawl. A group of
citizens led the charge to find a better way. The Greenway Trust was
formed and a diverse coalition of people created a vision to preserve,
protect and enhance this corridor and its ecological and recreational
resources. In the past 20 years over 125,000 acres of land has been
added into public ownership tying together a 100-mile corridor of
permanent public natural areas. At the same time, the budgets of public
land management agencies have shrunk. The ability of our government
agencies to manage the land in their care is threatened. The Greenway
Stewardship Program was created to bring together the strengths and
resources of several partners to help meet the challenge of caring for
this important landscape.

About the Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust
The Greenway Trust is a non-profit organization working to protect
forests and open spaces and to connect trails in a 100-mile corridor
along Interstate 90, from Seattle to central Washington. (See for more information). The Trust works with local, state
and federal agencies, private companies, civic and environmental groups
and volunteer organizations. The Greenway Trust actively seeks a diverse
team of people who enjoy working together to high standards of
productivity and quality.

Application Process
Please email a current resume and cover letter describing your past
experiences as they relate to the position to:
Email responses are preferred, but hard copies will also be accepted.
Jennifer McKeown, Restoration Project Coordinator Mountains to Sound
Greenway Trust, 911 Western Avenue, Suite 203, Seattle, WA 98104

4.) Trails Development Manager, Cleveland Metroparks, Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland Metroparks is seeking an enthusiastic and eminently qualified
candidate to plan, administer and evaluate trail programs and projects.
The individual selected will join hundreds of like-minded employees
dedicated to conservation, education and recreation, in support of the
“Emerald Necklace”, an open space of natural beauty and diversity. This
is a newly created opportunity to expand the trail network in one of the
finest park districts in the United States. The position serves as the
Park District s manager for planning and development of new trails and
trail additions.

Cleveland Metroparks was established on July 23, 1917 to provide open
space for the people of Greater Cleveland, as well as to conserve and
preserve the natural valleys of the area. Today, Cleveland Metroparks
consists of more than 22,000 acres of land in 16 reservations, 8 golf
courses, over 100 miles of parkways, and the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo.
It is a multiple winner of the AAPRA/NRPA Gold Medal Award. Cleveland
Metroparks is a five (5) time winner of the prestigious NorthCoast 99
Award. NorthCoast 99 is an annual recognition program that honors 99
great workplaces for top talent in Northeast Ohio.

The Park District offers an array of facilities and opportunities such
as cross country skiing, hundreds of miles of trails (Bridal, hiking,
physical fitness, mountain bike, and all purpose trails), fishing,
picnicking, golfing, swimming, hiking, winter recreation including
tobogganing, wildlife areas, outdoor education, and a wide variety of
special events and programs.

Located on the shore of Lake Erie, Cleveland is a great place to live,
work, and play. It s one that is a must-see destination for tourists and
a powerful force in the world economy. Cleveland and the Northeast Ohio
region have best-in-class assets, attractions and opportunities and an
alluring quality of life. It s one that has four million diverse
residents and an enviable lifestyle and a $140 billion economy. It s one
that has a rich history of civic involvement philanthropy. Medical care
is world class.

The qualifications one must possess for Trails Development Manager
include a Bachelor s degree in one of the following disciplines:
environmental science, ecology, landscape architecture, recreation, park
and recreation management, biological sciences, transportation planning,
or related discipline, from an accredited college or university. The
qualified candidate will have a minimum of three years experience in all
aspects of trail building: planning, project management, and verifiable
experience in supervising construction crews and volunteers. Strong
verbal and written communication skills are necessary as the Trails
Coordinator will make presentations to local planning commissions,
Cleveland Metroparks Board of Park Commissioners and the general public
and stakeholders. Additionally, s/he will serve as liaison with trail
user and citizen advisory groups. Preferred are a trail certificate from
U.S. Fish and Wildlife or U.S. Forestry Service and designation as a
Certified Prescribed Fire Manager. Must be willing to work weekends and
attend evening meetings.

The salary range for the Trails Development Manager position is $47,000
$70,000. The position is open until filled.

A detailed job posting can be accessed at
Cleveland Metroparks invites applications to the position of Trails
Development Manager. Please provide with your résumé, a cover letter
referencing position #11095 and describing how your background aligns
with all the position qualifications. Email your résumé to

Cleveland Metroparks is an Equal Opportunity Employer committed to a
diverse and talented workforce
Cleveland Metroparks
4101 Fulton Parkway
Cleveland, Ohio 44144

Phone: 216-635-3241

Contact: Joel Howson

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