More Help: Finding a Job Online

Welcome to the second of my two-part series of commentaries and tips on using the Internet to get a new job. But, first, here’s a recap of what I have covered in my ongoing blog posts about your personal brand development:

Seeing & Being Seen

One absolutely essential factor in whether or not you use the Internet successfully to get a new job is seeing others online who are seeking new jobs and being seen online by those who are hiring people for new jobs. This may seem obvious, but it is possible to fall into the trap of thinking that all one needs to do is post a resume somewhere online and the hiring managers will beat a path to your door. If you are someone who believes that you’re all set with your online search for a new job because you posted your resume online, you are kidding yourself. This I promise you.


Not so long ago, it was possible to get a new job by searching through print newspapers in the classified ads section. In the past we didn’t have to specify print newspapers because those were the only kind.

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