Stand Out with Your eBook

Here is proof that having your own eBook can help you stand out from all others.

Patrick Kelley and Melody Rogers are names that people in the Los Angeles radio and television market will know. They are good people who had a deeply emotional story to tell about the ups and downs of life. They went from celebrity to wheelchair and theirs is truly a journey of survival, reinvention, and inspiration.

They were referred to me by a Los Angeles broadcaster for whom I recently had produced a nonfiction eBook about his industry. But, their story is not about celebrity in the radio and television business so much as it is about the unforeseen turns that life can take and how they chose to respond.

After completing production on their eBook — now available on Amazon — I had further proof that an eBook is a marvelous way for anyone to stand out from their competition. The eBook by Patrick Kelley is not really intended to make money, but rather, it is to share a story with a wide audience that otherwise could not be shared in any other way. I believe that this is a great example of how to boost a personal brand.

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