JOTW 43-2018



NOVEMBER 11 – 13, 2018

Richmond, VA



JOTW 43-2018

October 22, 2018

The Free Job of the Week Newsletter

This is JOTW newsletter number 1,773


“The trees are in their autumn beauty, The woodland paths are dry, Under the October twilight the water Mirrors a still sky.”

– William Butler Yeats


This edition of JOTW comes to you from Springfield, Virginia.


***  Welcome to the JOTW network.


This is the award-winning free Job of the Week e-mail networking newsletter for professional communicators, dedicated to the positive unanticipated consequences of networking, or as we call it, “nedworking.”  JOTW is a cooperative service.  That means JOTW relies on the contributions of its members, like you.  We share job opportunities, news and information about the job market, as well as swapping stories about life’s peculiarities.  We connect you with others who are like you, and together we help each other.  What a concept.  Did I mention it’s free?


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I request that you do not send pdf files that I have to copy and reformat.  I prefer you provide your very brief job description in an email rather than an enclosure.  Please limit the size of your position descriptions (generally to 500 words or less).  “Can’t Wait” blast email priority listings are $300, and “Top Job” placement is $100.  Just send to me at


***  This is a cooperative service.  It relies on your participation and contribution.  As you receive the benefit of this free newsletter, you should also send in jobs you learn about.  This is especially the case when there are job listings in the companies that you work for.


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***  This week’s Can’t Wait postings:


None this week.


Can’t Wait jobs:  These jobs are forwarded to the entire list as soon as they are received, and do not wait for the Monday newsletter, and are posted prominently on the JOTW website.  Then they are posted first in the weekly JOTW newsletter.  Can’t Wait postings cost $300.  Contact Ned at


***  This week’s Top Job:


None this week.


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***  One Paragraph Pitch:









A voracious reader and stellar English student growing up, I’ve always gravitated to words, and like most of us, I love a good story. So I became a professional storyteller. That’s how I view my work in marketing communications: telling stories that matter to people, in ways that matter to them. Today we have an infinite number of ways to tell them, but they still have to be good!

I’m a dynamic professional and writer with five years of experience as part of a Chamber of Commerce team, promoting our area as an economic development destination while serving 2,000 member businesses. My work has included managing a business magazine, overseeing contract relationships, liaising with volunteers and the community, handling media requests and reporter visits, and more. I’m looking for a new opportunity in the Washington, D.C. area. Connect, learn more about me and view samples of my work at or

Contact me – Amanda Ellis – via or 423.762.2013.


***  Send your One Paragraph Pitch submissions to   You can pitch yourself or your business anyway you want, as long as it’s short and to the point.  You can include a photo, too! There is no waiting list.  And it’s free!  Submit yours today!


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***  IABC Heritage Region Conference:




NOVEMBER 11 – 13, 2018

Richmond, VA


Top 5 Reasons to Come to the Heritage Region Conference

  • More than 23 breakout sessions led by communication experts covering best practices & skill building
  • 4 great keynoters sharing trends, tips and experience on hot communication topics
  • Professional networking with other regional communication professionals
  • Your chance to meet the winners of the region’s 2018 Silver Quill Awards
  • A unique IABC dine-around experience at some of Richmond’s coolest restaurants

Step into a positive rhythm with us and make plans now to gather in Richmond, VA, for the 2018 IABC Heritage Region Conference November 11-13, 2018.


***  Ned’s upcoming travel, maybe, perhaps:


Oct 16-18                                             Halifax, NS, Canada

Oct 27-2 Nov                                      Trondheim, Norway

Nov 5-8                                                Orlando, FL

Nov 14-16                                            Colorado Springs, CO

Nov 26-30                                            Orlando, FL


Mar 24-28                                            Accra, Ghana

Mar 30-April 3                                    Dubai, UAE


***  Your Very Next Step!



Your Very Next Step newsletter for September / October 2018

By Ned Lundquist

This edition of YVNS came to you from Al Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain.


“Your Very Next Step” adventure/outdoors/conservation newsletter, published by Ned Lundquist, is a cooperative community, and everyone is invited, no…encouraged, no…urged to participate.   Share your adventures with the network today!  Send to


To subscribe to YVNS for free: Join our Google Groups Listerv.  If you are already a Google Groups member, just sign up for the “Your Very Next Step” group.  Otherwise, send Ned and email and he’ll get you on the list.  Contact Ned at


Do you have any interesting travel and adventure stories, tips, suggestions, adventures or destinations to share?  Send to Ned at for the next issue of YVNS.


Are you a subscriber.  It’s free.  Send Ned an email (to telling him you want to subscribe.


***  Here are your JOTW job opportunities for this week:


***  From Cathy Gedvilas:


1.)  Social Media Specialist, L3 Technologies, Inc., Arlington, TX


2.)  Employee Communications Specialist, L3 Technologies, Inc., Arlington, TX


3.)  Communications Specialist, Utah System of Higher Education, Salt Lake City, UT


4.)  Supervisory Public Affairs Specialist, Bureau of Land Management, Department of the Interior, Boise, Idaho


5.)  Marketing Communications Specialist, Suez Water Technologies & Solutions, Feasterville-Trevose, PA,35_KE36,69.htm


6.)  Media Relations Intern (National Team Championships), USA Baseball, Durham, NC


***  From Anna Smith:


Ned. I’m looking for a Development Writer to join the team at Inova Health Foundation. Thanks for sharing with your readers!




Anna Smith

Communications and Stewardship Director

Inova Health Foundation

Falls Church, VA


7.)  Development Writer, Inova Health Foundation, Falls Church, VA


8.)  Communications Manager, International Women’s Forum, Arlington County, Arlington, VA


9.)  Public Affairs Specialist, U.S. Mint, Department of the Treasury, Washington DC


***  From Sue Bumpous:


10.)  Communications Manager, Center For Financial Services Innovation, San Francisco, California


11.)  Broadcasting & Media Content Coordinator, Oakland A’s, Oakland, CA


12.)  Senior Digital Communications Manager, American Dental Education Association, Washington, DC


13.)  Senior Communications Manager, Fistula Foundation, San Jose, California


14.)  Public Relations Manager, Wipfli LLP, Chicago, IL


***  From Bill Seiberlich:


15.)  Employee Communication Project Director, Davis & Company, Glen Rock, New Jersey


16.)  Communications Specialist, People & Culture, (P&C) team, Vertex, King of Prussia, Pennsylvania


17.)  Intern, Media Relations, New York Yankees, Tampa, FL


18.)  PUBLIC AFFAIRS SPECIALIST, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Department of the Army, Walla Walla, Washington


***  From Marie Knowles:




Hope you’re well. Can you please help us to promote the following job opportunity at the Chamber of Digital Commerce, the world’s largest blockchain trade organization, headquartered in Washington, DC.





Marie Knowles

Director of Marketing & Programming

Chamber of Digital Commerce


19.)  Marketing Associate, Chamber of Digital Commerce, Washington, DC


The Marketing Associate is responsible for both planning and execution of marketing communications campaigns to help the Chamber of Digital Commerce meet its strategic objectives. The ideal candidate will have prior experience in public relations and/ or conference and event planning, working for a PR agency, technology start-up or nonprofit organization. Must be a proactive self-starter, extremely detail-oriented, and have a strong interest in digital currencies and blockchain technology. S/he will have a “can-do” attitude and will be highly organized and self-motivated. This position is full-time and based in Washington, D.C.


***  From Anrew Hudson’s Job’s List:


20.)  Director of Marketing & Communications, Investments & Wealth Institute Greenwood Village, Colorado


21.)  Graphic Designer and Video Specialist, Rachio Denver, Colorado


22.)  Executive Director, Communications & Public Information Office, Aims Community College Greeley, Colorado


***  From Mac’s List:


23.)  PDXNext Communications Consultant, The Port of Portland, Portland, OR


24.)  Community Partnerships Manager, Centro Cultural, Cornelius, Oregon


25.)  Communications Associate, Oregon Business & Industry, Portland, Oregon


26.)  Manager, Corporate Series Communications, Netflix, Los Angeles, CA


27.)  Visual Communications Manager – APAC, Netflix, Singapore


28.)  Manager – Written/Editorial Communications, Content Communications, Netflix, Los Angeles, CA


29.)  Consulting Public Relations Specialist, Raytheon, Tucson, AZ


30.)  Mid Level 787 Communications and Branding Specialist, The Boeing Company, North Charleston, SC


31.)  INTERNAL COMMUNICATIONS MANAGER – HR, Nestle USA, Arlington, Virginia


32.)  MANAGER, CORPORATE COMMUNICATIONS, Nestle USA, Seattle, Washington




34.)  Supervisory Public Affairs Specialist, Small Business Administration, Washington DC


35.)  Department Chair | Marketing Communication, Emerson College, Boston, MA


36.)  Communications Specialist, Supply Chain, Cummins, Indianapolis, TN


37.)  Senior Marketing Communications Specialist, Cummins, Nashville, YN


38.)  Director, Marketing & Communications, Edmonton Chamber of Commerce, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


39.)  Junior Account Executive, Infinite Global, San Francisco, CA


40.)  Manager, Communications & Marketing, Staten Island Yankees, Staten Island, NY


41.)  Vice President – Marketing & Merchandising, Ann Sacks Tile & Stone, Portland, OR


42.)  Communications Specialist-Digital Producer, Ann Sacks Tile & Stone, PORTLAND, OR


43.)  MEDIA RELATIONS ASSISTANT, Birmingham Barons, Birmingham, AL


44.)  Manager, Media Relations, U.S. Travel Association, Washington, DC


45.)  Public Affairs Specialist, Forest Service, Department of Agriculture, Lakewood, Colorado


46.)  Assistant Communications Director, Kansas Athletics Inc., Lawrence, Kansas


47.)  Marketing Communications Officer, Broadway Bank, San Antonio, TX


48.)  Corporate Communications Specialist, Associated Bank, Green Bay, WI


49.)  Community Relations Specialist, Regions Bank, Atlanta, TX


50.)  Communications Coordinator, SwimRVA, Collegiate School Aquatics Center, Richmond, VA


51.)  Associate Director for Communications, MIT, Cambridge, MA


52.)  Communications Director, Coptic Orphans, Fairfax, VA


53.)  Public Affairs Specialist, Food and Drug Administration, Department of Health And Human Services, Silver Spring, Maryland


***  This week’s alternative job selections:


None this week.


***  Weekly Piracy Report:


163-18   Product Tanker 17.10.2018: 0155 UTC: Posn: 06:15.9N – 003:13.3E, Lagos Secure Anchorage Area, Nigeria.

Duty AB on routine rounds onboard an anchored product tanker noticed a speed boat alongside the anchor chain. Around five persons armed with guns and hooks were noticed attempting to board the tanker. The AB shouted at the intruders and informed the bridge. Alarm raised and fire pump activated. Upon hearing the alarm, the persons aborted the attempted boarding and moved away. Incident reported to local authorities who dispatched a patrol vessel which searched the waters around the tanker. A search was made throughout the tanker. Nothing reported stolen.


162-18   Bulk Carrier         16.10.2018: 1238 UTC: Posn: 00:49.0N – 050:53.0E, 341NM ESE of Mogadishu, Somalia.

Four armed pirates with AK-47 in a speed boat approached a bulk carrier underway. Master raised the alarm, contacted local authorities, activated SSAS and all crew mustered in citadel.The armed guards onboard the vessel returned fire, resulting in the pirates aborting the attack and moving away. All crew safe.


161-18   Product Tanker 14.10.2018: 0045 UTC: Posn: 06:17.2N – 003:13.87E, Lagos Secure Anchorage Area, Nigeria.

Two robbers boarded an anchored product tanker. Duty watchman noticed the robbers, raised the alarm and sounded ship’s horn resulting in the robbers jumping overboard and escaping. A search was made throughout the tanker. Incident reported to local authorities who dispatched a patrol vessel. Upon investigation, nothing reported stolen.


160-18   LPG Tanker         18.09.2018: 2045 UTC: Posn: 01:14.7N – 103:57.5E, Singapore Straits.

Three robbers armed with knives boarded an LPG tanker underway. They confronted and injured a duty crew and stole his personal belongings. Alarm raised, and crew mustered resulting in the robbers escaping. Incident reported to Singapore VTIS.


159-18   LPG Tanker         10.10.2018: 1730 UTC: Posn: 22:48.1N – 069:59.3E, Deendayal Anchorage, Kandla, India.

Unnoticed, robbers boarded an anchored LPG tanker, stole ship’s stores and escaped. The theft was noticed by ship crew during routine stowaway search. Incident reported to Port Control.


158-18   Bulk Carrier         03.10.2018: 2330 UTC: Posn: 38:49.2N – 118:14.5E, Tianjin Anchorage, China.

During morning routine rounds onboard an anchored bulk carrier the Master noticed a diesel oil tank manhole open and traces of oil leading towards the shipside. Investigations indicated that robbers had boarded the vessel, stolen oil from the tank and escaped unnoticed.


157-18   Fishing Vessel    03.10.2018: 1300 UTC: Posn : 10:19N – 122:51E: 0.29nm West of Negroes Island, Philippines.

Three robbers armed with a rifle and pistols boarded a fishing boat and stole the fishing catch and valuables. The skipper notified the local authorities and two patrol vessels were dispatched to search for the robber’s boat. The Coast Guard also warned all fishing boats in the area to be cautious and lookout for and report any suspicious boats or activity to the local authorities.


***  Ball cap of the week: LaCrosse Lager


***  Coffee mug of the week: PRSA


***  T-Shirt of the week:  IABC – Be Heard


***  Musical guest artist of the week:  Graham Central Station


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***  Ha’ina ‘ia mai ana ka’puana

(And So The Story Is Told)




NOVEMBER 11 – 13, 2018

Richmond, VA


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