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JOTW 39-2014

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Your Very Next Step newsletter for September 2014

This edition of “Your very next step” comes to you from Florence, Italy.

JOTW 38-2014

This issue of JOTW comes to you from Florence, Italy.

JOTW 37-2014

Happy Monday from JOTW.

DEFCON 1 Newsletter for 10 September 2014

26 defense-related career opportunities!

JOTW 36-2014

79 jobs!

DEFCON 1 Newsletter for 3 September 2014

DEFCON 1 brings you job opportunities every week, and counts on members like you to submit job listings to share and post in this newsletter.

JOTW 35-2014

Today is Labor Day. Even though your JOTW comes out just as always, I just may take some time off today to reward myself for my labor. I suggest you do the same.

DEFCON 1 Newsletter for 27 August, 2014

This issue of DEFCON 1 comes to you from Aarhus, Denmark.

JOTW 34-2014

Remember, JOTW is a cooperative network. You must give as well as receive.