JOTW 26-2007


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JOTW 26-2007

25 June 2007

“Sometimes I think we're alone in the universe, and sometimes I think

we're not. In either case the idea is quite staggering.”

– Arthur C. Clarke

This issue of JOTW is coming to you from New Orleans, Louisiana.

I have a lot of jobs that were sent to me that I was unable to get to this morning. Sorry. I will also be traveling to Great Lakes, IL, later this week, so I may be unable to get through all the jobs for the next issue. Just telling you now so you can manage your expectations.

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In this thrilling issue, you’ll find information about these job opportunities:

*** One Paragraph Pitch

1.) TV News Director, TV4OU/The Gaylord College of Journalism and Mass Communication, University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK

2.) Public Health & Behavior Change & Communications Specialist, CHF International, Banda Aceh, Indonesia

3.) Vice President/Senior Vice President, Widmeyer Communications, Washington, DC

4.) Public Relations Officer, U.S. Fund for UNICEF, New York, New York

5.) Communications Director, National Alliance for Public Charter Schools, Washington D.C.

6.) Expert in Communication & Media for India, EMS Expert Search, India

7.) Promotion Coordinator, WETA, Arlington, Virginia

8.) Account Manager/ Public Relations, Dean Draznin Communications, Fairfield, Iowa

9.) Marketing Communications Manager, Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA

10.) Staff Safety & Community Relations, World Vision, Nyala, Sudan

11.) Communications Officer, Third Wave Foundation, New York, NY

12.) Volunteer for Designer, Editor, Photographer, JEN, Tokyo, Japan

13.) Director, Marketing and Brand Management, ALS Association, Calabasas Hills, CA

14.) Technical Writer/Editor, Sumaria Systems, Ogden/Layton, UT

15.) Communications Assistant: Graphic Designer (Internship), Franciscans International, Geneva, Switzerland

16.) Chief Communication & Marketing Officer, American Red Cross of Greater Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA

17.) Deputy Director, Public Relations Unit, Portfolio of Finance & Economics, Cayman Islands Government, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

18.) Project Manager, Sayara Media & Communication, Kabul, Afghanistan

19.) Account Executive, 104 West Partners, Denver, CO

20.) Editor/Publication Officer, Children's Legal Centre, Colchester, Essex, UK

21.) Director of the Elon University News Bureau, Elon University, Elon, NC

22.) Fundraising & Communications Officer, Cecily's Fund, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom

23.) Director – Marketing & Communications, Greater Baltimore Tech Council, Baltimore, MD

24.) Media Relations Specialist, DePaul University, Chicago, IL

25.) Media Manager, Population Action International (PAI), Washington, DC

26.) Salem Hospital Marketing Communications Coordinator, Salem, OR

27.) Media Relations Director – University of Oregon, Eugene, OR

28.) Communications Manager, General Electric, Atlanta, Georgia; Raytown,

Missouri; Wilmington, North Carolina

29.) Director of Communications, BBC World Service Trust, London, United Kingdom

30.) Web Designer, Alexandria, VA

31.) Manager of Advocacy/Communications, The World Lung Foundation (WLF), New York, NY

32.) Regional Communications Manager, Creative Partnerships London, Clerkenwell, London, UK

33.) Director, Investor Relations, Cell Therapeutics, Inc. (CTI), Seattle, WA

34.) Graphic Designer, Texas Rangers, Arlington, TX

35.) Ecommerce Product Analyst,, Alexandria, VA

36.) Senior Communication Specialist, FedEx Services, Memphis, TN

37.) Proofreader/Production Team Leader, Godden Mackay Logan, Sydney, NSW,


38.) PR Specialist, DRB Partners, Jose, CA

40.) SVP, Public Relations, Top Consumer Brand, New York, New York

41.) Vice President, Beauty, Hair Care Products, New York, New York

42.) Director of Corporate and Community Relations, Connecticut Public Broadcasting, Hartford, CT

43.) Senior Communications Officer, Chief Minister's Department (Arts, Communications, Events and Protocol), Canberra, ACT, Australia

44.) DIRECTOR OF MAJOR GIFTS, Chandler Regional Hospital, Chandler, AZ

45.) Senior Writer & Media Relations Support, Swiss Re, Armonk, NY

46.) SENIOR WEB DESIGNER / CREATIVE DIRECTOR, Visual Data Systems, Columbia, MD

47.) National Election Web Editor, Australian Greens, location negotiable (preferably Canberra)

48.) Associate Creative Director, Kelliher Samets Volk, Burlington, VT

49.) Sales & Outreach Coordinator, Green Restaurant Association, Boston, MA

50.) Media & Extension Co-ordinator, Pork Co-operative Research Centre &

Australian Pork Limited, Canberra, ACT, Australia

51.) Senior Associate-Civil Services, McLean, VA

52.) Communications Manager, The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History, NY, NY

53.) Marketing Manager, SilverTrain, Milwaukee, WI

54.) Internal Communications Specialist, Mercury Marine, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

55.) Public Relations Manager, Rotary International, Evanston, IL

56.) Public Relations Specialist, Object 9, Baton Rouge, LA

57.) COMMUNICATIONS SENIOR ASSOCIATE, Public Education Network, Washington, DC

58.) PR Professional, Special Olympics Virginia, Richmond, VA

57.) Marketing Communications Specialist, Holy Cross Hospital, Silver Spring, MD

58.) Communications Manager, Office of Sustainable Development, City of Portland, Portland, OR

59.) Business Recycling Specialist, Office of Sustainable Development, City of Portland, Portland, OR

*** Weekly Piracy Report

…and more than you expected!

*** One Paragraph Pitch:

Career writer seeks to bring his more than 20 years of corporate communications, marketing, journalism and project management experience to Phoenix area. Currently serves as editor of biweekly newsletter for $1 billion-plus government program sent to agency employees, government contractors, and stakeholders at national, state, and local levels. Develops executive presentations and speeches, including key themes and messages. In addition, responsible for producing ongoing updates of program report for stakeholder and public access. Past experience includes brand development, cradle-to-grave Federal proposal management, and seven years of daily newspaper experience.

Available immediately. Resume available upon request.

Mead Summer

Mead Summer

5799 E. Summit Cove

Cave Creek, AZ 85331


*** Sinickas Communications is the exclusive JOTW sponsor for June 2007:

Research and measurement don’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. Sinickas Communications, Inc. offers help at many levels:

• You can read over 100 free articles at our award-winning website,

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Stop by the Sicickas Communications booth at the IABC Exhibit Hall today in New Orleans and say hello to Angie and get a special gift for mentioning JOTW.

*** From Shonali Burke, ABC:


“Behind the Scenes with JOTW—A World in Communication”

If you live and work in the greater Washington area, chances are you know of Ned Lundquist, ABC, the founder and creator of “Job of the Week” or “JOTW,” the free e-newsletter that he started in 2001, and that now has more than 10,000 subscribers around the world.

Incoming Vice Chair of the IABC Accreditation Council, Ned has successfully created a virtual global community—or “JOTW-ers”—of communications professionals, who do everything from sharing job leads, to dispensing free, if quirky, career advice (via “Pimp My Job”), to showing the world their collection of shoes (see Indeed, “Nedworking” has become a part of the communications vocabulary—and not just in Washington!

This summer, IABC/Washington is proud to give you a real-world glimpse into the virtual phenomenon that is JOTW, and that started in our own backyard. Ned will lead a panel of JOTW-ers including Mike Sorohan and Marty Welles, who will talk about how and why they are JOTW-ers, bringing “Nedworking” to your doorstep—a great way to spend a midsummer’s evening in the DC metro area.

Do you have a “Nedworking” experience, or JOTW success story, to share? Bring it on! Do you want to be the “Dream Team” to pimp your job? We’re here for you! Maybe you’re new in town, just want to meet Ned and (finally) see what “the Cap’n” looks like”—come on over! And there will be a special contest with prizes for anyone who catches Ned and Mike laughing at each other’s jokes.

Don’t miss this once-in-a-blue moon event where you will take your “Nedworking” to a new level, and leave with a greater sense of how being part of a larger communications community enriches your life as a professional communicator.

When: Thursday, July 12, 2007, 5:30 – 8:30 p.m.

Where: Tivoli Restaurant, Arlington, Va.

Cost: $40/$45/$55 for IABC members/guests/non-members respectively, in advance; rates go up after the early bird deadline and at the door. For more information and to register, please visit

*** Slip into something comfortable:

Shonali Burke, ABC, is going to a party at the Playboy Mansion. Guess

why she's going, and you can decide what she'll wear. Send your

response to

*** How?

How do I go about posting a job on your site?


(I have two newsletters. One lists communication jobs; the other defense jobs.

They are both free,

Send job title, company and location, along with a brief description and how to reply, respond, or contact someone.

The Job of the Week comes out each Monday, and the Defense Career Opportunities Newsletter (DEFCON 1) comes out on Wednesday. Post a job with either newsletter is free. You can also send a special “Can't Wait” posting before the newsletter comes out for $200.)

*** From Kris Gallagher:

Ned –

Thank you for the lovely story about Bob Young, whom I do not have the pleasure to know but wish I did. I trust his laugh will return in heaven, and if I am good enough, I'll have the luck to hear it there.

Wish him Godspeed.

Kris Gallagher

*** What if?


I took one of those leadership tours of Antietam with Bob Young and a van full of Navy chiefs back in 1998 – one of the few times I was not on the road somewhere at one of the far-flung broadcasting media center detachments. Bob talked about missed opportunities and the “if” factor. What if Burnside hadn’t held back the reserves. What if he had pursued Lee back to Virginia. Mistakes were made on both sides, but no one was willing or able to capitalize on them. What I took away from that tour was develop a good strategy, follow through on it, and don’t get into a comfort zone. That trip also rekindled my interest in my family’s genealogy after Bob took us there. My great grandfather was one of the reserves Burnside held back when he decided not to pursue the confederates. I was left with the “what if.”

Ed Buczek

*** Measurement question:

Angela Sinickas had this question from a JOTW reader:

Hi Angela.

I learned about Sinickas Communications in the Job of the Week Newsletter. We have a particularly tricky measurement challenge. I am trying to find a way to measure the impressions from our trucks which are wrapped with our logo and messaging. Any ideas?

Karen Glover

The Greater Boston Food Bank

Angela replies:

Hi, Karen.

I would try to identify the impact seeing the trucks has on ideal behaviors you’re hoping for from people in the community who see them. For example, do you want people to donate money or food to the Food Bank? Do you want them to volunteer their time?

I would then ask one question of a random sample of the people who have just donated money, food or time: “To what extent did the following communications influence your decision to do ___?” You would then list all the possible communications that might have influenced them, including not only seeing the trucks but also any public service ads, news stories, billboards etc. that you initiate, as well as communications like friends/neighbors/church group. You could either ask them to put a percentage to each of the communications so that the total adds up to 100%, or you could have a scale for each communication source something like:

a. Helped motivate me to action

b. Reminded me to take an action I had already been considering

c. Had no influence

d. Don’t recall seeing/hearing this communication.

Hope this helps! I’m conducting a two-day workshop on measurement next week in New York that still has openings if you’re interested. I’ll also be taking the participants to dinner one night in addition to the breakfasts/lunches that are included. For more information, see:

Angela Sinickas

714 277 4130

*** From

Hi Ned, so glad you got the American Travel Sampler t-shirt and you are a wonderful, patriotic guy for featuring it as your JOTW t-shirt of the day.

Especially for your readers heading to the IABC International Conference in New Orleans: The Calendar page of the site, has info on a free exhibit called “What’s Cooking in New Orleans: Culinary Traditions of the Crescent City.” Visitors can also link to the official Louisiana tourism site from that page to find more info, events & activities.

See ya there!


Susan H. Burnell, APR

Imagination Ink – Business Writing & Public Relations

Houston, TX

*** Re: A JOTW “Can't Wait” message from FlipSonic:

very cool. thanks for sending this along.


*** Re: A JOTW “Can't Wait” message from FlipSonic:


I know that the work you do benefits from some sponsors, but I was dismayed to open this and find, not a job, but an advertisement for services. Admittedly, as a communicator, you didn't promise anything else, using the term “'Can't Wait' message” rather than “Can't wait priority employment opportunity”.

It does mean that I'll have to be more aware of what I open in the future — even when it comes from you — and that's unfortunate.


(All “Can't Wait” listings are revenue generators. Do you think I should not make money with JOTW?)

I recognize that all “Can't Wait” messages are revenue generators, and I'm not suggesting that you shouldn't make money. Obviously you can do what you want. As I said earlier, I'll just be more careful opening JOTW messages from now on to avoid the ones I'd rather not read.


*** From Ron Antonette:

Ned –

Not sure what to make of today's “can't wait” offer. Not even Apple claims that “there are over 100,000,000 million (sic) Ipod users in the

U.S. alone” — that would mean one out of every three Americans owns an iPod! Not so fast, my friend.

I do know from reading Apple's press releases that they have SOLD 100 million (AP style) WORLDWIDE in five-plus years, and that, according to Apple, the iPod has “transformed how tens of millions of music lovers acquire, manage and listen to their music.” No mention as to how many of these transformed people live in the U.S.

Personally, I was transformed by MusicMatch, which is now owned by Yahoo! But to each their own.


Ron Antonette

Long Beach, Calif.

*** Is it a “plog” or a “blug?”

Ned's Job of the Week “Can't Wait” postings can now be used to promote

your business, service or product. Your message will be sent to 10,000 communication professionals, and then be posted at

The cost is only $200. You heard right. Just TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS. So act now, before Ned runs out of bandwidth. This low, low introductory offer is for a limited time only. When it gets really popular, Ned will jack up the price. Contact him at and tell him “I can't wait to promote myself and my company.”

*** From Mara Samuels:

I received the following from a marcom agency newsletter and thought it might be something you'd want to share with the JOTW group!

And speaking of resumes, Fortune columnist Annie Fisher reports on a survey to hiring managers about the wackiest resume items they've seen lately. Out of 2,627 responses, here are 10 from job candidates who ….

• attached a letter from their mother

• used pale blue paper with teddy bears printed around the border

• explained a three-month gap in employment by saying that they were getting over the death of their cat

• specified that their availability to work Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays was limited because the weekends are “drinking time”

• included a photo in a cheerleading uniform

• drew a picture of a car on the outside of the envelope and said the car would be a gift to the hiring manager

• listed hobbies that included sitting on a levee at night watching alligators

• mentioned the fact that their sister had once won a strawberry-eating contest

• stated that they work well in the nude

• explained an arrest record by stating, “We stole a pig, but it was a really small pig.”

But these aren't nearly as funny as some comments posted to Annie's blog. Our favorites:

• listing Gold's Gym under “Professional Memberships”

• a cover letter looking for a “proffreading” position

• listing the skill of “being bi-lingual in three languages”

• noting an award for building toothpick bridges in middle school

• mentioning their nomination for prom queen

• applicant for an accounting firm listed his objective as “working for a law firm”

• candidate's email listed as pornstardelight@*****.com

• “I am great with the pubic”

• Objective: “Pursuing a career on the Information Supper Highway”

*** From Molly Badgett:

This is absolutely wonderful (and worth tolerating the, let's say, fowl language…)


*** PostieCon:

I thought some of the readers on JOTW newsletter might be interested in

the up coming PostieCon Bloggers conference

Alice Marie Marshall

Presto Vivace, Inc.

*** From Kim Piper-Aiken, Ph.D., who got it from Peter Gade:

1.) TV News Director, TV4OU/The Gaylord College of Journalism and Mass Communication, University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK

The Gaylord College of Journalism and Mass Communication seeks a TV News Director for its news and public affairs programming. The News Director will assist and collaborate with Gaylord College faculty to supervise and educate students in the production of TV4OU’s OU Nightly, a daily live news show, and news and public affairs programming.


Adhere to highest standards of broadcast journalism, maintain daily newsroom operating procedures, provide leadership of student news staff, train and mentor student news staff, work collaboratively with journalism and broadcasting faculty and staff, direct the production of public affairs programming, teach one course in broadcast journalism each semester, work with other OU media to create integrated multi-media content, monitor and evaluate news equipment quality.


A bachelor’s degree in Journalism/Mass Communication or the equivalent and three years’ experience in television news. Must be articulate and possess excellent visual and written communication skills. Necessary skills include reporting, story development, story editing, production and digital editing. Must be familiar with the general responsibilities and scope of a television news director’s position. A master’s degree and previous teaching or direct supervision experience preferred. Also preferred is experience working in a converged, multi-media newsroom.

This is a full-time, year-round position. Salary is competitive commensurate with candidate credentials. The University of Oklahoma is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer. Woman and minorities are especially encouraged to apply. Starting date is Nov. 1, 2007. To apply, send by Sept. 15, 2007, a letter of application, resume, a sample of recent work, and contact information for three references to:

News Director Search Committee,

Gaylord College of Journalism and Mass Communication

University of Oklahoma

395 W. Lindsey

Norman, OK 73019-4201

2.) Public Health & Behavior Change & Communications Specialist, CHF International, Banda Aceh, Indonesia

The incumbent will oversee several public health programmes that are either on-going or in development. Experience working in Indonesia is preferred.

*** From Laura Hamra:

Widmeyer is currently looking for a vice president in our Washington, DC office. Can you please post the attached job description to your next weekly email listserv?



Laura Hamra

Human Resources Director

202.667.0901 x120

3.) Vice President/Senior Vice President, Widmeyer Communications, Washington, DC

Widmeyer Communications seeks an experienced, senior professional to lead its growing higher education practice. The ideal candidate will have worked at an agency as well as for an institution of higher education. A proven track record in education marketing, college admissions and/or enrollment management is a plus.

In addition to a grounding in higher education, successful candidates will bring solid new business development skills. The higher education practice leader will supervise 4-7 professional staff, will provide client strategy, program development and crisis communication strategy.

Other important attributes include excellent project management skills and a proven ability to mentor and train a higher education team.

Competitive salary commensurate with experience, plus full benefits package.

Innovative professional development and mentoring program.

Please email resumes to:

Reference: Higher Ed

Please visit our website at

Widmeyer Communications is an equal opportunity employer

4.) Public Relations Officer, U.S. Fund for UNICEF, New York, New York

5.) Communications Director, National Alliance for Public Charter Schools, Washington D.C.

6.) Expert in Communication & Media for India, EMS Expert Search, India

The selected applicant will be responsible for assisting the Delegation of the European Commission to India in the identification phase of two programmes: the EU-India Civil Society Initiative; and the EU-India Culture Fund.


7.) Promotion Coordinator, WETA, Arlington, Virginia

8.) Account Manager/ Public Relations, Dean Draznin Communications, Fairfield, Iowa

*** From Dina Silver Pokedoff, APR


For your job of the week posting, please consider including the attached position description for a Marketing Communications Manager position at Lehigh University.

Please let me know if you have any questions.



Dina Silver Pokedoff, APR

Director of University Marketing Communications

Lehigh University

125 Goodman Drive

Bethlehem, PA 18015-3754

610-758-6656 (office)

610-758-5566 (fax)

610-721-1850 (mobile)

9.) Marketing Communications Manager, Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA (50 miles north of Philadelphia)

Lehigh University — one of the nation’s top academic research institutions — seeks outstanding candidates for a position focused on enhancing national and international visibility for the university overall, with particular focus on the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS). With a broad range of accountabilities in marketing communications, public relations and editorial services, the Marketing Communications Manager will provide strategic counsel to CAS partners as well as help execute program tactics.

The Marketing Communications Manager will be a rising star who is results oriented, strategic and creative. The role will require a strong independent contributor as well as team player who can build consensus and move key initiatives forward. This is an energized, innovative and fast-paced environment, offering intellectual stimulation and best-practices marketing communications standards, as well as a sincere commitment to work/life balance.


• Provide counsel and strategic direction on marketing approaches; project manage projects set collaboratively as top initiatives for CAS including brochures, magazines, Dean's reports, web site, electronic communications, podcasts, vodcasts, etc.

• Act as single point of contact and as liaison between CAS and internal resources at university relations, meet regularly, and foster relationships

• Test approaches and analyze results of marketing programs to help guide future marketing decisions/approaches and recommend/amend strategic direction in collaboration with CAS; manage approvals process in a timely manner

• Develop and execute media relations campaigns via pitching and placement of stories in national, international and local media outlets with special focus on top 25 media list for CAS; develop and foster strong relationships with media contacts, improve positive media visibility, provide showcases for expertise and garner media coverage for varied CAS departments increasing prestige and prominence of university and CAS

• Provide editorial services in support of CAS, proactively identify stories for possible development and execute creation using various written and electronic means to communicate to external and internal audiences

Key Qualifications:

• Expertise in national media relations with solid history of placements in top print, broadcast and electronic outlets.

• Demonstrated ability to develop and execute media relations and marketing communications programs, with extensive knowledge of trends and ability to foresee newsworthy stories.

• A proven track record of providing marketing communications and public relations counsel.

• Strong understanding of marketing strategies and the ability to integrate them within communications disciplines.

• Excellent written, verbal and interpersonal skills.

• Superior relationship management skills, with an assertive yet collegial style, and the ability to quickly gain credibility and engender trust.

• Results-oriented, self-initiating, and independent, with solid leadership skills and the ability to provide sound counsel, manage multiple projects and competing priorities, and merchandise results effectively.

• Ability to work effectively under pressure, meet deadlines, and maintain quality while meeting quantitative objectives.

• Excellent computer skills with experience using word processing, spreadsheet, database and presentation software (experience with media databases a plus)

• Successful completion of standard background checks: social security verification, education verification, state and county criminal background checks.

To apply, please send cover letter including salary requirements along with resume to:

Pat Mann

University Relations

Lehigh University

125 Goodman Dr

Bethlehem PA 18015

Lehigh University is an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of age, color, disability, gender, gender identity, marital status, national or ethnic origin, race, religion, sexual orientation, or veteran status. Lehigh University provides comprehensive benefits including partner benefits.

10.) Staff Safety & Community Relations, World Vision, Nyala, Sudan

11.) Communications Officer, Third Wave Foundation, New York, NY

The successful candidate is responsible for the overall communications strategies of the Third Wave Foundation. This position focuses on messaging, branding and targeted reporting for the organisation.

12.) Volunteer for Designer, Editor, Photographer, JEN, Tokyo, Japan

*** From Michelle Veals:

Good afternoon, Ned.

The ALS Association would like to post the attached position on your website. Please let me know next steps so that we can place our ad as soon as possible.

Thank you.

Michelle Veals

Executive Office Administrator

The ALS Association

National Office

27001 Agoura Road, Suite 150

Calabasas Hills, CA 91301

Phone: (818) 880-9007, x239

Fax: (818) 880-9006


13.) Director, Marketing and Brand Management, ALS Association, Calabasas Hills, CA

The ALS Association is dedicated solely to the fight against Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. For more information, please visit

The ALS Association’s national office, located in Calabasas Hills, California, is seeking a marketing professional with proven experience and skills to conceptualize, develop, implement and manage integrated marketing and branding initiatives that establish and reinforce awareness of The ALS Association.

Responsibilities include:

• Assist in establishing the strategic direction and plan for marketing, advertising and branding.

• Conceptualize, develop and execute creative and compelling marketing initiatives, messages and associated merchandising that promotes The Association at it national and affiliate levels.

• Manage trademarks, copyrights and licensing activities.

• Develop and write brand-related materials


• Min. 3-5 years of successfully leading large brand campaigns

• Experience in promotional copywriting for marketing communications, advertising, brochures, and catalogs.

• Experience in developing and implementing branding and marketing plans.

• Experience in selecting, evaluating, directing and working with advertising and marketing firms, graphic designers and associated vendors.

Please send cover letter & resume to:

Sondi Scheck

VP, Organizational Development

27001 Agoura Road, Suite 150

Calabasas Hills, CA 91301

Fax: (818) 880-9442


14.) Technical Writer/Editor, Sumaria Systems, Ogden/Layton, UT

Position Description:

Participate in the development of software/hardware system and component

lifecycle documents. Work within Air Force style guides and guidelines

for technical documentation. Recommend presentation format, ensure

grammatical correctness, and ensure that documents are easy to read and


Duties & Responsibilities:

Work with engineers and software developers to convert technical

information into documents.

Provide punctuation, spelling, grammatical sense, desktop publishing and

writing style support.

Qualifications &/or Skills:

Must have a good understanding of hardware/software integration and


Excellent written, verbal and listening communication skills.

Advanced level of proficiency in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Project,

Excel and databases.

Minimum of five (5) years general technical writing/editing experience

and two (2) years of software/systems experience.

Education Requirements:

A Bachelor's degree or equivalent experience is required.

Work Location: Ogden/Layton, UT

Clearance Required: SECRET.

Must be able to attain a SECRET clearance.

Sumaria Systems, Inc.

3164 Presidential Drive

Fairborn, OH 45324-2039

Attn: Rolf Hegele

Fax: (937) 429-6073


Sumaria Systems, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer.

15.) Communications Assistant: Graphic Designer (Internship), Franciscans International, Geneva, Switzerland

*** From H. T. Linke:

Ned – I've been a fan of the JOTW for several years. I finally have one to post. Actually it's my own position as I am moving on from the American Red Cross of Greater Los Angeles and want to get the best exposure to communications professionals for this position. The information for the posting is below. Please let me know if you need anything else. Best regards, H.T. Linke

16.) Chief Communication & Marketing Officer, American Red Cross of Greater Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA

Provides direction and supervision of all communication activities in the areas of public relations, publications, marketing, legislative and government relations, internet operations and printing for the nation's second largest Red Cross chapter. Directs a communication program to tell the Red Cross story to key internal and external audiences and insures all communications portray the Red Cross in a positive manner, protect the integrity of the Red Cross brand, create a greater awareness of the organization, strategically increase financial support and maintain positive attitudes and opinions in the community toward the Red Cross. Responsible for establishing and maintaining effective relationships with key media, developing publicity and marketing strategy for chapter services, cooperating with United Way and other agencies in co-promotions, and providing counsel to Chapter management on crises and issues impacting on the organization's reputation. Executes all advertising campaigns and provides lead support to the entertainment industry.

Key responsibilities include media relations, providing PR counsel to senior management and the board of directors, website management, volunteer PIO management, brand management, and serving as chapter spokesperson.

Minimum qualifications include a four-year degree in communications or related field, seven years experience in similar positions, proven record of success, and exceptional writing, speaking and presentation skills. Desirable qualifications include bilingual (Spanish), APR accreditation, proficiency in MS Office programs, and prior non-profit experience.

Contact Jane Briese in Human Resources at the American Red Cross of Greater Los Angeles at 310-445-9916 or e-mail

17.) Deputy Director, Public Relations Unit, Portfolio of Finance & Economics, Cayman Islands Government, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

18.) Project Manager, Sayara Media & Communication, Kabul, Afghanistan

The post holder will manage and coordinate the implementation of media and communication projects, which include video/TV, audio/radio, print and web components, as well as mobile cinema and theatre. S/he must have experience in project management and/or client relations.


*** From Malea Melis:

Dear Mr. Lundquist,

We’ve run this before but would like to post it again in the next listing. I have you on my list for the mug, hat and an XL shirt with the 104 West logo.:) Thank you.

Malea Melis

19.) Account Executive, 104 West Partners, Denver, CO


104 West Partners is seeking a strong account service-oriented professional with 2-5 years of PR experience, including agency experience. The candidate must have a strong technology PR background. Proven media relations expertise is required. The candidate will be responsible for hands-on operations of multiple accounts. The position is based in Denver and some travel may be involved.

About 104 West Partners: Founded in 2003, 104 West Partners is a strategic communications firm with offices in Denver and Seattle. The firm specializes in working with innovative companies to successfully launch a new business, refine existing market positioning, introduce a new technology or product, enter into new markets, or promote the next great idea by leveraging public relations, analyst relations and other communications services. 104 West clients are funded by some of the most respected venture capital firms in the world, including Kleiner, Perkins, Sequoia Capital, Sutter Hill Ventures, Accel Partners, Sequel Ventures, Meritage Funds, Mayfield and Technology Crossover Ventures.

104 West Partners is an entrepreneurial environment. We offer not only competitive salaries and bonus structures, but every employee also shares in the company's success and every employee has the opportunity to own a share in the firm. We offer flexible work environments and schedules and foster a culture of learning and professional growth.

How to Apply: Interested candidates should forward their resume and up to three references to

Malea Melis

Office Manager

104° West Partners

1616 17th Street 4th Floor

Denver, CO 80202 USA

T 303-628-5595

M 303-514-3264

F 303-262-6077

20.) Editor/Publication Officer, Children's Legal Centre, Colchester, Essex, UK

*** From Kris Gallagher, ABC:

21.) Director of the Elon University News Bureau, Elon University, Elon, NC


The Director of Elon University’s News Bureau works to obtain maximum

positive internal and external exposure for Elon University news and

information. The Director of the News Bureau serves as a liaison between

the university and news media, maintaining regular contact with

reporters, editors and photographers to facilitate their coverage of the


The News Bureau director is responsible for writing news releases and

features stories, taking photographs, producing audio and video

recordings, and distributing this information via the Elon Web site,

e-mail and other communications channels.


Bachelor’s degree from four-year college or university; or three years

related experience and /or training; or equivalent combination of

education and experience.

Position will remain open until filled.

If interested, apply at the Office of Human Resources, 314 W. Haggard

Avenue, Elon, NC, or send cover letter, resume and list of three

references (including phone numbers) to: Office of Human Resources, 2070

Campus Box, Elon, NC 27244.

Daniel J. Anderson

Assistant Vice President

Director of University Relations

Elon University

336-278-7410 (office)

336-260-6870 (cell)

336-524-0100 (fax)

22.) Fundraising & Communications Officer, Cecily's Fund, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom

This organisation is seeking a creative and dynamic individual to contribute to the development of their fundraising and communications profile. S/he must have at least 2 of relevant experience. The deadline for applications is June 22.


*** From Nikki Katz:

23.) Director – Marketing & Communications, Greater Baltimore Tech Council, Baltimore, MD

The Greater Baltimore Tech Council (GBTC) seeks an enthusiastic and creative team player with excellent communication, organization, and people skills to direct all aspects of corporate communications. Reporting to the Executive Director, the Director – Marketing & Communications would be responsible for developing a company-wide marketing and communications strategy designed to strategically position the GBTC in the marketplace. This is a great opportunity for a creative and motivated self-starter who will welcome the challenges and opportunities inherent in joining an established non-profit organization that is experiencing tremendous growth.


This new position will play a vital role in the GBTC's current and future growth and offers excellent opportunities for professional growth. The ideal candidate likes to play with others, shares their crayons, isn't afraid to raise their hand and ask for help and draws outside the lines. We also prefer someone who is:

– Leader: takes the initiative, thinks strategically, makes decisions and executes

– Entrepreneurial: creative thinker; recognizes & seizes opportunities; strong sense of urgency; understands that the work never ends

– Multi-Tasker: outstanding project and time management skills; proven ability to manage multiple projects with concurrent deadlines

– Team Player: prefers a fast paced, dynamic, and collaborative team environment

– High Energy: enthusiastic, reliable, results driven; can-do attitude; recognizes that learning is a continual process; enjoys life and smiles


– Design and execute a strategic marketing and communications plan

– Develop marketing goals to increase awareness of and involvement in the Tech Council's programs and services

– Evaluate and adjust communications to meet changing market and competitive conditions

– Plan and direct the organization's public relations strategy to include writing press releases

– Create & maintain marketing collateral to effectively represent the Council's products and services to members and prospects

– Maintain and grow the Tech Council's strategic partnerships with other organizations throughout the region

– Actively participate in Council programs/events to include enrollment in the GBTechNet program

– Evaluate member feedback with an eye toward developing programs that continually meet their needs

– Work on various duties as assigned – we all wear many hats


– Minimum of 8 years experience with progressive roles in leadership positions. Relevant prior assignments might include roles in marketing, communications, public relations, or advertising

– Proven track record of successfully developing & leading the strategic marketing & communication function is essential

– Outstanding written and verbal communication skills

– Attention to detail is a MUST

– Superior interpersonal, decision making & critical thinking skills

– Willingness to learn and take on new challenges

– Ability to manage multiple initiatives simultaneously, work well under pressure and understands that once one project ends, there are four more that need your attention

– Solid computer skills in Microsoft Office Suite

– College degree (business-related preferred)


Competitive salary, incentive plan, 403b plan, generous vacation package and employer-paid health coverage for each employee.


Qualified candidates should send their resume and salary range expectations to Steve Kozak at Candidates will be required to submit a writing sample.

*** From Kris Gallagher, ABC:

Ned –

One from us!


24.) Media Relations Specialist, DePaul University, Chicago, IL

Reporting to the Director of Media Relations, the Media Relations Specialist supports the university’s strategic plan and communication objectives by maximizing positive media coverage to enhance DePaul’s competitive market position and prominence. The MR Specialist also minimizes negative exposure by identifying and managing sensitive issues.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities

Responsible for positive positioning of the university through development and execution of tailored media relations plans developed to support the university’s and assigned beats’ strategic goals and mission. Knows and incorporates DePaul's brand tenants and colleges' key messages/positioning points into pitches as appropriate.

Proactively develops and pitches stories to media to achieve balanced, accurate media coverage, meeting deadlines and managing stories with potentially negative outcomes; responding promptly to media inquiries.

Establishes and maintains relationships with media and assigned departments, prepares faculty experts and staff for media interviews, and responds to media inquiries promptly. Provides regular reports to deans/directors and MR colleagues on progress/success.

Keeps the online experts guide profiles, online news release postings and Profnet professor listings up-to-date with quality data by established deadlines and informs Bacon's of media changes.

Actively contributes to department’s emergency communication responsibilities and its metrics initiative.

Contributes ideas, positive feedback and quarterly MR plan progress reports to UR and integrated marketing communication team efforts.


Bachelor's degree in journalism, communications or public relations

Minimum 5-7 years as a reporter, media relations or public relations professional with outstanding portfolio of media placements, or equivalent combination of education and experience.

Extensive knowledge of beat reporters at local and national media outlets.

Excellent writing and interviewing skills, preferably achieved through journalism training.

Experience in pitching and placing stories with reporters, producers and editors.

Experience with new media.

Ability to work under pressure, respond positively to deadlines and proactively contributes to team efforts.

Excellent planning, organization and coordination skills.

Proficiency in Microsoft Word products and the Internet.

On call 24/7 for media assistance and university's emergency communication needs; required to attend events in which media are expected; occasional use of personal vehicle.

Knowledge of new media a plus.

Apply online at

25.) Media Manager, Population Action International (PAI), Washington, DC

The incumbent will be responsible for developing and implementing a media strategy for PAI. S/he must have at least 7 years of experience working in or with the media.


*** From Laverne Kyriss:


Laverne Kyriss

26.) Salem Hospital Marketing Communications Coordinator, Salem, OR

27.) Media Relations Director – University of Oregon, Eugene, OR

The University of Oregon is seeking a Director of Media Relations. Details at: This

position is responsible for generating news coverage for the University of Oregon that emphasizes regional, national, and international media

exposure. The coverage should advance, differentiate, and position the University of Oregon in alignment with key themes, messages, and institutional strategies. The Director also oversees local media relations and the use of new media to empower the University of Oregon to act as its own news outlet for stakeholder audiences. This position develops, implements, and evaluates proactive and targeted media placement strategies; assists with critical incident and issues communication; develops and maintains an effective method of measuring the impact of media placement and

public relations activities; and coordinates efforts that support UO marketing communications and institutional advancement objectives. Starting salary is commensurate with experience and will range from $60,000- $75,000. An online or PDF of the application is available at The successful candidate will support and enhance a diverse learning and working environment. To assure full consideration, applications and supporting materials must be received by July 8, 2007, but position will remain open until filled.

28.) Communications Manager, General Electric, Atlanta, Georgia; Raytown,

Missouri; Wilmington, North Carolina

Preference given to those applicants who have earned the Accredited

Business Communicator designation.

Interested candidates MUST apply to one of the following jobs at 602937 (Wilmington, NC), 588988 (Raytown,

MO), or 591283 (Atlanta, GA). Please indicate that you saw this listing

on Ned's JOTW newsletter, who got it from the IABC website.

The communication manager is responsible for the strategic relationship

with the Business leadership, developed by identifying needs,

integrating multiple communication strategies, and working with the

broader Communication team to execute those strategies, for all key

audiences both internal and external. Demonstrates accountability for

functional, business, and broad company objectives. Integrates and

develops processes that meet business needs across the organization.

Involved in long-term planning and day to day execution. This role

contributes to the overall strategy and manages complex issues within

functional areas of expertise.


* Own, develop, and execute a wide variety of communication initiatives

that support the strategic and operating goals of the GE Energy business

and/or region.

* Oversee communication with customers, sales teams, employees, local

communities and other key audiences as defined by the business. Projects

include employee communications, customer communications activities,

business press relations, branding, product collateral, executive

presentations, advertising & promotions, web content, Volunteerism and


* Act as primary contact and spokesperson for the business in all media


* Manage lead, and develop a team of communication specialists.

* Identify, select, and coordinate outsourced resources as needed to

assist in execution of the above deliverables.

* Establish and manage Communication budget for the business.

29.) Director of Communications, BBC World Service Trust, London, United Kingdom

The incumbent will be responsible for the development and implementation of the organisation's communications strategy worldwide. S/he will manage a team of communications and web management staff in the United Kingdom and in international offices.

*** From Lauren Arky Greilsamer:

Thanks NED!!

30.) Web Designer, Alexandria, VA

Outstanding firm needs experienced Web Designer! Alexandria-Old town area

•In depth knowledge of HTML, CSS, and Javascript

•Good understanding of server side includes, custom tags, and server side controls.

•Expertise and knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite, Macromedia Suite – Flash and Flash animation techniques and applications, Microsoft Office Suite, QuarkXPress, Photoshop, and Illustrator.

Proficiency with PC design programs

Minimum 2-5 years industry experience and a solid portfolio of client work. Online portfolio or URL samples required.

Will be involved in every aspect of web design from requirements gathering to design completion including working closely with the web development team.

•Bring new ideas and innovations to the group and work to expand web policy standards and best practices.

Ability to produce electronic media graphics and presentations including Flash presentations and demos, interactive CDs, electronic newsletters, and PPT presentations

Ability to balance design skills with real technical competency

•Work within a larger creative team that includes senior graphic designers, copywriters and marketing professionals

Demonstrated experience working on a wide- range of projects and categories.

Will pay 60-65K based on knowledge and related experience.

Send resumes and portfolio to

Lauren Arky Greilsamer

TRAK Services ~ Senior Account Executive

202-466-8850 phone

202-296-6120 fax

31.) Manager of Advocacy/Communications, The World Lung Foundation (WLF), New York, NY

The successful candidate is responsible for planning, directing and implementing a comprehensive and proactive advocacy/communications programme. S/he must have an appreciation of and respect for the WLF mission.


*** From Patricia Hilton-Johnson:

Hi Ned,

I apologize for the long silence on UK jobs for newsletter, but I moved house recently. I have now reemerged from the mountain of packing boxes!


32.) Regional Communications Manager, Creative Partnerships London, Clerkenwell, London, UK

This is a fantastic opportunity to play a key role in telling the story of Creative Partnerships in London. Working across three area offices (London East and South, London North and London West) you will plan and implement joint communications activities designed to share learning and maximise the impact of Creative Partnerships in London, including a major event in January 2008.

With proven relevant experience you will be able to work independently across different offices whilst ensuring a collaborative approach to regional working within a complex organisational structure. Ref CPFLO08

Closing date: 5pm, Monday, 02 July 2007

Starting salary: £28,175 per annum pro rata + package of benefits

Contract: Fixed Term until 31 March 2008

For full job description and personal spec, see website:

33.) Director, Investor Relations, Cell Therapeutics, Inc. (CTI), Seattle, WA

This position is responsible for managing the company reputation with

shareholders by directing strategic communication. This includes being

the primary point of contact for investors (institutional and retail)

and analysts and speaking on behalf of the company in meetings with the

investment community. This is also responsible for leading the creation

of materials used in the IR program, including annual report brochures,

quarterly financial releases, conference call scripts, and being the

project lead on annual shareholder meeting as well as investor

conferences. Requires a Bachelor's degree in Business, Communications or

Life Sciences (or equivalent) and 12+ years of relevant experience with

more than 5 years experience in investor relations and/or corporate

communications. Outstanding written and oral communication skills and

presentation ability as well as an understanding of biopharmaceutical

investment strategy and modeling are also required.

Requisition #2007B2DE

34.) Graphic Designer, Texas Rangers, Arlington, TX

*** From Tiffany Glass:


Would you post the attached job to JOTW?

35.) Ecommerce Product Analyst,, Alexandria, VA

*** From Howard Clabo:


Hoping you can post the position below to your readers.


Howard Clabo

Manager, Media Relations


36.) Senior Communication Specialist, FedEx Services, Memphis, TN

37.) Proofreader/Production Team Leader, Godden Mackay Logan, Sydney, NSW,


Do you have proofreading, word processing & coordination skills and

experience? Are you seeking a team supervisory role?

We offer all this, & more!

* Multi-faceted role – proofreading, word processing & formatting, team


* Dynamic, innovative and creative workplace

* Career progression opportunity

Godden Mackay Logan ( provides premium heritage

consultancy services to public and private sector clientele. We are

seeking to appoint a multi-skilled person to fill the role of Production

Team Leader. The successful applicant will be part of a growing

production/graphics team, and will be responsible for coordinating the

resources of the team to service the needs of our consulting and

operational staff.

The role primarily involves proofing technical reports and proposals,

formatting and making layout improvements. You will become the champion

of our GML style, and will train others in its application and use. You

will also undertake some word processing, report layout and database

tasks, update templates, assist with the production of reports, and also

assist the quality manager in ensuring our high standards are met and


Applicants should possess relevant qualifications and/or experience in

professional and technical writing, including graphically presented

reports; have demonstrable abilities in using Word at an advanced level;

and have first-rate English literacy skills. Ideally you will have

previous experience in a similar role, but more importantly you will

have an aptitude for performing the various facets of the role. An

excellent eye for detail and a commitment to quality are essential

requirements, as is initiative, adaptability, attention to detail, and

the ability to handle competing priorities. You would of course need to

be able to function within a team environment, and also be willing to

take on other tasks relevant to the role. Knowledge of Access, Excel and

graphics software would be an advantage.

We have an exciting range of projects underway and opportunities for

professional development and advancement. We also have a training and

development program that encourages all staff to grow their skills and


Salary will be negotiable for the right person.

For more information contact Claire Geary, 02-9319-4811.

Send your application to

*** From Parna Sarkar, who got it from Gary Katz:

Hi Ned:

Gary Katz is helping to look for a PR specialist and I am wondering if you could please list the opening in your wonderful newsletter…If you need any additional details, please contact Gary

directly at


If you have a moment, I'd appreciate your help. Please take a look

and forward this job on to anyone you think would be interested in

the position, or anyone else who could help me find a

great candidate.

Thanks for your help!


38.) PR Specialist, DRB Partners, Jose, CA

DRB Partners, a well-established, highly-respected advertising, design and public

relations firm in San Jose, CA, is seeking a PR Specialist. I've known the principal, Ray Brown, for about 20 years and have the highest respect for him and his firm.

Here are more details:


* PR Specialist position at a well-established, highly respected firm in the Silicon Valley.

Our clients are comprised of high-tech, consumer electronic market, chip and automotive

aftermarket companies as well as an interesting mix of non-technical clients in various product and services markets.

* We do excellent work, maintain satisfied clients, and operate on

the highest ethical


* If you want to grow personally and professionally, enjoy a

friendly, supportive working

atmosphere and like to work hard, we should talk



* Public Relations strategy development, planning and implementation

including editor and analyst outreach and follow up

* Conduct press tours, obtain editor appointments, set-up editor

meetings at tradeshows, provide support & direction to client for

successful interaction with editors

* Maintain & build editorial relationships

* Write client case studies, press releases and efective media


assist writing & editing contributed articles and client



* Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations, Communications or

related field

* 4 Years Minimum Experience as Public Relations Specialist with a

track record of achievement

* B2B Marketplace Experience not Community Relations

* Technical products knowledge — awareness of emerging technologies

* Demonstrable expertise in editing and writing skills

* Strategic Thinker/Planner

* Self-starter that is alert to opportunities to serve client &


agency’s resources

* PC Proficient in MS Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook

* Proficient in PR Programs, i.e. Media Map, Bacon's, etc.


* We offer a good salary, 401k employer match, long-term disability

insurance, medical insurance and flex plan.

* We have a great support team and an environment that fosters career

growth. You have an opportunity to grow financially based on the

merits of your work and your contributions to the agency.

Contact: Gary Katz (

39.) Communications Officer, Queensland Spinal Injuries Association,

Woolloongabba, QUEENSLAND, Australia

* Progressive not-for-profit organisation

* Fabulous opportunity to help make a difference

* Modern offices in Woolloongabba

* Salary circa $50,000 + super and benefits

The Spinal Injuries Association is seeking a dynamic and creative

Communications Officer to assist in raising awareness and funds for our

organisation. Responsibilities include managing the development and

production of promotional materials, helping to organise fundraising

events, preparing grant submissions and visiting community service

groups to share insight into the work of the Association.

Applicants should possess outstanding written and verbal communication

skills, impeccable attention to detail, strong organisational skills and

be highly professional and motivated. A minimum of three years'

experience in journalism, public relations, fundraising or similar

discipline is required.

For further information about this challenging career opportunity,

please download an Information Package from our website or contact the Human Resource Officer on


Applications close 5pm Monday 25 June 2007.

*** From Barry Piatoff:


Please post the following 2 jobs.

Since I am going to be away, the contact information is different than other weeks.

Have a happy 4th of July!


Barry Piatoff

40.) SVP, Public Relations, Top Consumer Brand, New York, New York

Our client is a well-established, mid-size (about 100 people, but they are part of a large holding company) public relations firm in midtown Manhattan. Must Understand Today’s Pop Culture. Their focus is on consumer products, they have multi-million dollar accounts with dedicated teams where you can do “big stuff” and focus on only one or two accounts. They are proud that they’re really nice, smart people, have a good quality of life and a great benefits package!

They are looking to fill the following SVP, Consumer position:

Be responsible for a mass-market, big named brand. Manage a budget in excess of $5 million and a team of a dozen people.

You will be working with celebrities and involved with major events. Therefore you should be very engaged in today’s pop culture; fashion, entertainment, music, etc.

Grow your own client’s business, go on new business pitches but you are not expected to find new clients. That’s a welcome change from other senior level positions!

Requires outstanding communications skills, ability to manage staff and budgets, great client- relationship skills, ability to lead and produce-high-quality work.

If you’re a leader, have public relations agency experience, this could be an incredible opportunity! 10-15+ years experience. Salary $140K-$175K.

Local candidates only.

To be considered for this position, and other opportunities in the future, e-mail your resume and cover letter as a Word Document attachment to:

Peter Bell, President, Peter Bell & Associates, LLC

No calls please.

Please include your current base salary. It’s important information for us to have for this job search and others we may consider you for.

Peter Bell & Associates, LLC is a search firm specializing in public relations, communications and investor relations recruiting. We encourage anyone in these fields to e-mail us their resume. Be assured it is confidential and we will not send your resume anywhere without your permission.

41.) Vice President, Beauty, Hair Care Products, New York, New York

Our client is a well-established, mid-size (about 100 people, but are part of a large holding company) public relations firm in midtown Manhattan. Their focus is on consumer products, they have multi-million dollar accounts with dedicated teams where you can do “big stuff” and focus on only one or two accounts. They are proud that they’re really nice, smart people, have a good quality of life and a great benefits package

They are looking to fill the following Vice President, Beauty Public Relations position:

Be responsible for professional hair care products. Manage a budget in excess of $1 million and a team of 3-6 people.

Experience in hair care public relations is a must but that experience can either be on the agency side or the corporate side. Grow your own client’s business, go on new business pitches but you are not expected to find new clients.

Requires outstanding communications skills, ability to manage staff and budgets, be primary client interface, ability to lead, juggle multiple projects and produce-quality work. Need some experience handling special events. 10+ years experience. Salary $115K-$130K.

Local candidates only.

To be considered for this position, and other opportunities in the future, e-mail your resume and cover letter as a Word Document attachment to:

Peter Bell, President, Peter Bell & Associates, LLC

No calls please.

Please include your current base salary. It’s important information for us to have for this job search and others we may consider you for.

Peter Bell & Associates, LLC is a search firm specializing in public relations, communications and investor relations recruiting. We encourage anyone in these fields to e-mail us their resume. Be assured it is confidential and we will not send your resume anywhere without your permission.

42.) Director of Corporate and Community Relations, Connecticut Public

Broadcasting, Hartford, CT

Directs external and internal public relations, community outreach,

promotion and marketing communication activities, as well as assists in

the development of strategic communication plans for the company;

directs and oversees the promotion and execution of special events and

activities, as well as writes and edits corporate collateral and oversee

department workflow. Guides strategy and implementation of endowment and

planned giving efforts in cooperation with the Development Department.


* Responsible for developing, leading and implementing branding,

marketing and overall communication strategies

* Plans, acquires and manages external market research activities

* Oversees media buying and advertising/image-building activities

* Serves as strategist on key communication initiatives

* Guides the creation and production of on-air institutional as well as

fundraising spots, underwriting credits and special events promotion

* Oversees special event promotion

* Serves as a company representative at corporate functions, ensuring

successful community and donor relation strategies are met

* Plans and implements public relations and promotion strategies to gain

media exposure for programming, special events and other services

* Oversees the writing, editing and production of external institutional

printed publications, assuring communications strategies and brand

management standards are met

* Works with the Development Department on brand management and

communication strategies

* Works with the Development Department on strategy and execution of

Endowment and Planned Giving Efforts

Skill and Qualifications:

* Bachelor's degree and at least ten years of progressively responsible

management experience in corporate communications, public relations,

marketing and/or broadcasting; fundraising and capital campaign

experience necessary; master's degree preferred

* Demonstrated experience in broadcast and/or nonprofit promotion,

overseeing the effective design of result-oriented promotional

campaigns, products, services and messages to discrete audiences

* Knowledge of management and budgeting procedures

* Understanding of print, video, radio, electronic and interactive

promotion needs of a statewide media outlet

* Excellent relationship-building skills, communication techniques,

writing skills and creative abilities required

* Must be willing to work flexible hours and to maintain responsibility

for the direction and completion of numerous, ongoing projects

To Apply:

Send resume and salary requirements to Carol Sisco, Human Resources,

Connecticut Public Broadcasting, Inc., 1049 Asylum Avenue, Hartford, CT



Deadline for applications: 7/1/2007

43.) Senior Communications Officer, Chief Minister's Department (Arts,

Communications, Events and Protocol), Canberra, ACT, Australia

DUTIES: Your responsibilities will include providing advice and

assistance on departmental media matters and communications issues,

developing and implementing media and communications strategies and

preparing and reviewing media releases and speeches. You will also play

a leadership role in managing the ongoing sister-city relationship

between Canberra and Nara and undertake other communications and public

relations projects as directed.

Senior Officer Grade C $72,695-$78,381; PN. 55448

CONTACT OFFICER: Katherine Maloney 02-6207-6457.

Selection documentation may be downloaded from:

Applications can be sent via email to: or by post to:

Shared Services Centre, Recruitment Services, GPO Box 158 Canberra City

ACT 2601.

Closing date: 28 June 2007.

*** From Ken Jensen:

44.) DIRECTOR OF MAJOR GIFTS, Chandler Regional Hospital, Chandler, AZ

Our facility is expanding at a rapid rate, keeping up with the constant growth of our community. Located in the heart of Chandler, Arizona, this 209-bed full-service hospital prides itself on its camaraderie, collaboration, and high touch, high-tech environment.

Chandler Regional Hospital offers extensive training programs in process procedures and equipment, providing a challenging and mentoring environment. In fact, Chandler Regional Hospital was voted among the “Best Places to Work in the Valley 2006” by The Business Journal, Phoenix, as well as the “Number 1 Mid-Sized Hospital” by Arizona Business Magazine, 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007.

Chandler Regional Hospital offers outstanding benefits.

Our flexible menu of benefits includes both traditional and non-traditional options.


# Two medical plans to choose from, including a zero premium plan

# Three dental plans

# Vision plan

# CHW-funded pension plan plus and 403(b) plan with a CHW match Employee and dependent life insurance

# Long- and short-term disability insurance

# Paid Time-Off and Extended Illness Benefit


# Medical, dental and vision coverage offered to legally domiciled adults

# Adoption reimbursement

# Auto/home insurance

# Student loan repayment

# Tuition reimbursement

# Prepaid legal

# Discounts to local health clubs and childcare providers

# Banking discounts and services

# On-site sick childcare

# Employee Assistance Program

# Flexible spending accounts for health care and dependent care

# Tuition reimbursement and scholarship program



Secure major gifts from $10,000 to $1,000,000+ by managing a sizeable portfolio of individuals and corporations and completing approximately 30-50 solicitations and 400 donor contacts per year. Develop and execute strategies for current donors and prospects, including specific gifting instruments. Ensure regular and systematic contact through all means (mail, phone, personal visits, events, etc.) Prepare task reports using Raisers Edge and appropriate follow-up materials. In consultation with attorneys and other professional advisors, prepare proposals for prospects regarding appropriate gift instruments.


1. Bachelor's Degree required. Masters preferred or certification as CFRE/FAHP.

2. At least 10 years experience in major gift fund raising with established track record of gifts closed of $100,000 and up.

3. Creative course of action – must be able to conceive new / innovative ideas or solutions. Requires considerable logic, understanding to analyze problem and determine course of action. Must be able to isolate facts and articulate realistic options.

4. Good rapport with people and public speaking experience preferred. Demonstrated ability in written and verbal skills, interpersonal relations, and non-verbal communications essential.


Apply online:

*** From Alayna Tagariello:


Could you please post this job and put me as the contact? Thanks.

Alayna Tagariello –

45.) Senior Writer & Media Relations Support, Swiss Re, Armonk, NY

Position summary: The position will require the individual to spend approximately 60 percent of their time handling media relations issues and 40 percent involved in internal communications activities, including writing, web publishing and coordinating internal communications activities in Armonk and Toronto. Media emphasis will be primarily on supporting the P&C business unit, including the US, Canada and Latin America operations; however additional assignments will be taken on as time allows and determined by the head of media relations in cooperation with the head of content and internal communications.

Reports to (functional title only): Head, Media Relations, Americas, with secondary reporting line to Head of Content/Internal Communications

(Management retains the discretion to add or change the duties of the position at any time.)

Essential Responsibilities

In this role, the incumbent is responsible for working with the Media Relations manager to formulate and execute media strategy for the P&C Americas businesses. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to: building and enhancing reporter relationships, responding to media inquiries, sourcing and facilitating interviews, identifying and leveraging bylined article opportunities, assisting with media training and messaging, managing the measurement of media relations effectiveness.

In addition, this position provides editorial and writing support to senior leadership of Swiss Re, including but not limited to speech writing, copywriting and various writing/editing support to Swiss Re America Holding Corp., P&C Client Markets – Americas, L&H North America and Financial Services businesses. Additionally, the position supports all areas of the Communications Center, Americas, with content development, writing and editing support.

This incumbent is also responsible for ensuring internal communications, announcements and other employee communications initiatives, including Town Hall meetings and similar events are well executed in the Armonk and Toronto offices and coordinated with other locations throughout the Americas. Ensuring proper delivery of employee communications requires ability to do web publishing across all business units and to understand how to leverage the system to communicate separately via web to various audiences and deliver motivating/interesting content on the Internet and Swiss Re Intranet.

The position will also provide consultative communications planning, develop and execute strategic plans to help client managers effectively communicate, support and execute on Swiss Re Americas business objectives.

The incumbent writes and/or edits speeches and supporting presentation materials as well as other communications materials for senior executives, ensuring appropriate content, language and tone for the Americas-based audience.

The position also manages special projects developed locally or implements Group initiatives as appropriate, tailored to an Americas-based audience but with opportunities globally. This includes the launching of new tools, procedures, policies or initiatives, as well as coordinating similar activities among the business groups.

Ancillary Responsibilities – duties or activities that are not considered essential functions of the position but are responsibilities this position performs.

The incumbent assists in the leveraging publications internally and externally, including crafting by-line articles in support of the publications, in order to strengthen the brand and enhance Swiss Re’s image as a knowledge company.

The position maintains an experts matrix and coordinates flow of information regarding experts capabilities, availability, speaking engagements and other information between Business Groups and other communications functions.

Requirements – basic criteria for successful completion of the position’s essential functions. Please include educational background and relevant job skills/experiences.

Requires the highest level of written communication skills with clear understanding of the value created by professional communications.

At least 5-7 years of journalism and/or public relations writing experience as well as experience in media relations and web publishing.

It is expected that this individual will have earned at least a bachelor’s degree or equivalent in Communications, Journalism or Liberal Arts.

Knowledge of financial services and an understanding of insurance and reinsurance (preferred).

Outstanding interpersonal, teaming and verbal skills to work within a matrix organization and relationship building capabilities at all levels and across cultures.

Expert knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, web publishing and related software packages. Incumbent must be proficient in the use of Lotus Notes and have a working knowledge of web authoring software.

Must be able to work independently under general supervision.

Decision Making Level/Position Latitude – describe the type and extent of controls that limit the position's freedom to make final decisions or take action.

Good judgment regarding media relations issues management is critical to this role and media activities must always be checked with head of media relations in the Americas or the global head of media relations. Decision making limited to writing, marketing and employee communications. Management approval is needed for various matters associated with special project functions.

Position Scope Data – please indicate the number of employees that report to this position (both direct and indirect). Please indicate relevant budget, sales, or other quantifiable measurements for which this position is accountable as well.

Works closely with the P&C businesses for media. Also works closely with the Swiss Re Americas executive leaders to develop and execute an effective communications strategy.

Physical Demands – (e.g. sitting, standing, lifting, traveling, eyestrain etc.)

Position requires extensive work on computer as well as phones. Regular travel to Swiss Re Canada office (1 week/month) in Toronto and occasional travel to US offices and Mexico City.

Contact: Alayna Tagariello –

*** From Jeanne Kazmark:

Thank you for the opportunity to submit this job – this might fall under Communications as well as Hospitality (or tech jobs).

Jeanne Kazmark

46.) SENIOR WEB DESIGNER / CREATIVE DIRECTOR, Visual Data Systems, Columbia, MD


Resume & Portfolio: REQUIRED; email to

NO RECRUITERS – Interested Applicants Only

Visual Data Systems – – a leading Web Development firm and a two time winner of Deloitte & Touche's MD Technology Fast 50, headquartered in Columbia Maryland has an immediate opening for an energetic, detail-oriented Creative Director / Senior Designer to create original and innovative websites for our customer base that includes hospitality (property management), real estate, biotech and nonprofit companies, as well as mentor a group of designers/junior designers.

This full-time position is based in our Columbia, Maryland offices.


Chosen Candidate will lead a group of designers in developing and flawlessly executing unique client website designs, new product designs, email marketing designs and internal marketing projects that support Visual Data's and its customers' business strategies and marketing needs.

In this position, you will consult with other senior team members to produce design projects, internal marketing campaigns and identify new innovations and opportunities in the On-line ecommerce and marketing industry.

Your understanding of the design expectations within the industry will enable you to process each client's unique visual communication objectives into a successful final project at launch.

For FULL JOB NOTICE, requirements and contact information, visit our website:

47.National Election Web Editor, Australian Greens, location negotiable

(preferably Canberra)

The Australian Greens website – – is one of the

Greens' most important tools for strategic communication, particularly

in election times. It tells our story, our way and needs to be highly

responsive to current issues. Information is drawn from a variety of

sources within the party – primarily from our Senators, the party's main

spokespeople. The site attracts more than a thousand unique visits a

day, but in the weeks immediately prior to the election we anticipate

around 100,000 visitors each day.

The objectives of the position is to ensure that:

* Appropriate election content, integrated with the election campaign,

is sourced and published in a timely manner;

* the strategic communication objectives of the Australian Greens

website are met; and

* all material on the site is kept current and that front page features

are regularly updated.


* Excellent written communication skills

* Excellent organisational and time management skills

* Experience in journalism or editing

* Ability to manage relationships with a number of stakeholders

* Ability to work under pressure to achieve an outcome

* Experience working with a range of text and image editing applications

* Understanding and commitment to Green principles

* An appropriate Australian or New Zealand work visa (if applicable)


* Experience in management of CMS-driven websites

* Experience authoring or editing online content

* Experience with layout and design in print or online environments

* Understanding of Australian Greens structure and decision-making


* Ability to work from home, with a broadband internet connection.

Part-time 30.4 hours (4 days) per week; Salary: $50,680pa pro rata +


Applications MUST address the selection criteria. Further information is

available from our website ('Party & Policy')

or from Mia Kelly, National Officer, Australian Greens, 02-6162-1093,


Please direct all applications to

Applications close 1 July 2007.

48.) Associate Creative Director, Kelliher Samets Volk, Burlington, VT

*** From Kara A. DiCamillo:

Hi Ned,

This comes from the Green Restaurant Association in Boston, Mass.


49.) Sales & Outreach Coordinator, Green Restaurant Association, Boston, MA

Green Restaurant Association (GRA) is a 17-year-old international, non-profit organization with the mission of creating environmental sustainability in the restaurant industry.

Position Goal: Expand the number of restaurants working with the Green Restaurant Associationᅠ

Position Description:

The Sales and Outreach Coordinator is responsible for communicating the business benefits of becoming a Certified Green Restaurant” to restaurants in the U.S. The coordinator fields calls and emails from interested restaurants from around the world; and he/she outreaches to restaurants in all 50 states through phone, email, mail, association meetings, trade shows, etc. All efforts of the sales and outreach coordinator have the goal of signing contracts with individual restaurants, chains, and restaurant groups. Once the contracts are signed, the restaurant becomes the responsibility of another GRA team member who helps them implement the environmental changes.ᅠ


* Expand the number of restaurants working with the GRA

* Develop Expansion Strategy with the Executive Director

* Network within the restaurant industry via trade shows, association meetings, online * Explain how the GRA works to restaurantsᅠ

* Sign contracts and process renewalsᅠ


* Excellent Telephone and In-Person Communication Skills

* Able to Speak convincingly about the business benefits of going green

* Good Organization Skills to Manage Outreach efforts, including followup

* Successful Sales Background is helpful

* Good with Numbersᅠ

Summary: We are looking for somebody who is both passionate about the Green Restaurant Association's mission& and comes from a solid business background who can speak with credibility to restaurant owners. The coordinator will work from GRA's office in downtown Boston.ᅠ

Salary range: commensurate with experience, please indicate salary history and requirements in cover letter. Benefits include health insurance and free public transportation to and from the GRA office.ᅠ

How to Apply:ᅠ

Email with “Sales and Outreach Coordinator” in the subject line.ᅠAttach Resume.ᅠ Your cover letter should focus on why you will be successful at bringing hundreds and thousands of restaurants on board with the Green Restaurant AssociationᅠIndicate what in your history demonstrates a successful track record that will help you succeed in this position. No phone calls please.ᅠ

Contact Information:

Michael Oshman

50.) Media & Extension Co-ordinator, Pork Co-operative Research Centre &

Australian Pork Limited, Canberra, ACT, Australia

The successful candidate will be working with the Pork Co-operative

Research Centre (Pork CRC) & Australian Pork Limited (APL).

The role requires skills in:

* Networking and liaising with print and broadcast media, particularly

rural media;

* Writing press releases and general positive stories on research


* Production of Pork CRC general publications and the annual report;

* CRC events management;

* Liaising with appropriate state and federal authorities to lift the

image and profile of the work carried out by Pork CRC; and

* Up-dating content and design of Pork CRC website.

For more information and to apply contact Emily Mackintosh, phone

02-6285-2200, email or fax to


Closing date: 29 June 2007.

*** From Jae Lee:

Hi Ned,

I've got a career opportunity that I'd like to share with the JOTW audience. Would you please run these in the next edition of the newsletter?

Many thanks!

Jae Lee

Office Administrator


1667 K Street, NW

Suite 270

Washington, DC 20006

p 202.363.4100

f 202.363.4106


p 410.244.6400


p 804.282.5600

51.) Senior Associate-Civil Services, McLean, VA


Our client, a world-leader in the commercial & government consulting sector, seeks a Senior Associate. In this role, you will lead the engagements for clients, specifically Federal Civil Services. Contribute to development and execution of strategic business plans and drive expansion of the company’s presence in this space. Partner with internal experts to bring the right resources to bear in meeting the needs of clients in this sector.


A key objective of this position is to provide business and market leadership in the area of strategic communications to Federal Civil Service clients. Interfacing with clients, your specific duties will include:

• Apply deep strategic communications knowledge and well-developed consulting, business management, and leadership skills in the execution of a multi-faceted communications program area encompassing both internal and external audiences

• Provide thought leadership and creative insights to clients on complex strategic communications initiatives

• Serve as both project manager of strategic communications consulting engagements and hands-on design and delivery of consulting initiatives

• Lead communications and change teams in supporting clients’ business strategies, such as: public affairs, policy support, agency integration and cross agency coordination, business transformation, strategy alignment and/ or other initiatives

• Serve as expert strategic communications coach and industry expert to change initiative teams, using expertise to develop the case for a structured communication process, standards, tools and templates for the client. Bring industry best practices and knowledge of current trends and developments in the field of strategic communications to our clients

• Use research-based, proven strategic communications model and frameworks to develop and implement communications for organizational change

• Coach executives on organizational change, strategic communications, employee engagement and other related areas

• Discern and demonstrate sensitivity to client’s functional agenda, perspectives, and agency operations

• Build client managers’ and senior client executives’ trust and reliance on strategic communications expertise

• Manage assignments within budget and manage costs associated with client engagements in support of the financial objectives of the firm

• Manage complete capture of client engagement knowledge and ensure intellectual capital is developed and available

• Lead, manage, or support marketing and business development efforts to impact current client engagements and in support of new opportunities


• Significant experience advising Army leaders in the public sector

• Extensive functional background in strategic communications and consulting. Specific skills desired include communications strategy development, planning, and implementation; change management strategy development and implementation; and stakeholder relationship management and engagement

• Demonstrated ability to conceptualize and develop innovative communications and change management strategy documents

• Ability to design, perform, and oversee complex analytical tasks across an agency’s change platform to create successful outcomes

• Ability to work with Federal Civil Service agency executives and across the organization to facilitate the application of various approaches, frameworks, and methodologies

• Proven ability to advise senior executives on appropriate communications strategies, tactics, and actions

• Outstanding oral and written communication skills

• Ability to identify, apply, and capture strategic communications best practices

• Proven project management skills including scoping, planning, metrics definition, engagement execution, financial management, and reporting

• Superior time management, organizational and delegation skills

• Strong skills in building and maintaining effective client relationships

• Strong business development background including developing market opportunities, preparing capture strategies, and leading proposal teams

• BA / BS degree required. Masters degree in a related field preferred.

• 10+ years demonstrated government and federal civil services experience in either a consulting or industry capacity

Compensation: N/A

For immediate consideration, please contact Meghan Lee at Profiles at 202.363.4100, or by email at

You may also visit our website at

Profiles is a unique staffing firm specializing in marketing, creative, and interactive. For over nine years, we have served the needs of our Clients and Talent by matching the best candidates with the best companies in the Mid-Atlantic region.

*** From Ken Mueller:

Can you post this? I believe the salary is around $50k. The job is in NYC.


52.) Communications Manager, The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History, NY, NY

Description: The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History promotes the study and love of American history through history-centered schools and academic research centers; seminars and enrichment programs for educators; print and electronic publications and traveling exhibitions; and lectures by eminent historians. The Institute serves teachers, students, scholars, and the general public.

The Institute is looking for an organized, motivated Communications Manager to administer PR and marketing activities at the Institute. GLI is a growing organization with opportunities for promotion.


1. Communicate with media representatives and other publicity sources to promote the Institute.

2. Develop ongoing press contacts.

3. Send out press releases and pitch stories, reviews, and Op-Ed pieces about our educational programs in appropriate local and national media.

4. Monitor press coverage of the Institute.

5. Conduct online research.

6. Update databases.

7. Manage online advertising accounts.

8. Assist with mail, Web, and e-mail campaigns.

9. Organize press clippings and marketing material.


1 to 2 years experience directly related to the duties and responsibilities specified, preferably in an educational or not-for-profit environment.


* Excellent communication skills.

* Good writing and proofreading skills.

* Experience with database management.

* Ability to develop and maintain files and records.

* Knowledge of Excel and basic HTML a plus.

View job listing on LinkedIn:

*** From Jennifer Howell

Hi Mr. Lundquist,

I got a link to your site from a former colleague of mine and would love to put a job announcement on your site. The information is as follows:

Please let me know if there is anything else you need!



Jennifer Howell

Office Administrator

SilverTrain, Inc.

180 N. LaSalle, Suite 1810

Chicago, IL 60601

Direct: 312-853-4444

53.) Marketing Manager, SilverTrain, Milwaukee, WI

This individual is a key member of the corporate team. This role reports to the CEO of SilverTrain. The focus of this job is to directly contribute to our growth by helping us create the service offerings, messages, and materials that will help our internal personnel and our clients to understand what we do and our differentiators. Priorities for the job will be driven by revenue impact and the needs of our field office personnel.

Specific Responsibilities:

• Oversight and execution of all marketing/branding efforts

• Design and development of all printed and electronic sales collateral

• Design and project management of all web site updates

• Design, development, and execution of all activities related to trade shows, speaking engagements, and trade show exhibit opportunities

• Creation of all messaging related to our service offerings

• Management and execution of the press-release and announcement process

• Continuous support of our field operations including delivery and sales

• Creation/coordination of efforts related to case studies, client testimonials, project synopsis, etc.

• Conducting market research

• Internal communication management

• Sales support including presentation and proposal formatting

• Continuous updating of messaging throughout all marketing mediums

• Management of contact database

• Creation and execution of outreach programs to prospects including email and print campaigns

Skills and Background:

• Bachelors degree with a marketing emphasis

• 7-10 years of experience in sales support focus marketing role

• Experience in a service industry is strongly desired

• Proven excellence in verbal and presentation skills

• Strong written skills including editing

• Excellent organizational and project management skills

• Ability to multi-task and control appropriate priorities

• Ability to team effectively with local and distributed personnel

• Ability to manage outcomes without direct authority

• Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop (intermediate)

• Microsoft Office including strong FrontPage skills

• Willingness to travel

About SilverTrain, Inc:

SilverTrain is a product agnostic, full lifecycle Business Intelligence (BI) consulting firm. We architect and build Business Intelligence / Data Warehouse solutions customized to our clients' unique business objectives. Combined with SilverTrain's Extended Suite of business solutions, we progressively move your organization from data-driven silos to a knowledge-empowered enterprise. SilverTrain is headquartered in Milwaukee, WI and has additional office locations in Chicago, IL and Cleveland, OH. Learn more about SilverTrain at

The email address that the resumes should go to is

*** From Tammy M. Leisses:

Dear Ned,

Mercury Marine has an opening for an Internal Communications Specialist in

Fond du Lac, WI. Please include the attached job description in your

weekly job newsletter. All interested applicants must apply on-line at No emailed or hard copy resumes will be


Thank you.

Tammy M. Leisses

Professional Recruiting Specialist

Mercury Marine

54.) Internal Communications Specialist, Mercury Marine, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

Job Description:

 Assist in the development of an internal communications strategy and annual plan that supports Mercury Marine’s business objectives and promotes an engaged, informed and motivated workforce.

 Coordinate and execute a variety of internal communications programs, including newsletters, bulletins, presentations, videos, intranet content, brochures, employee meetings, etc.

 Serve as editor of “The Wave,” a bi-weekly online and print newsletter for Mercury employees worldwide, setting quality standards, compiling content, writing and editing copy, and ensuring effective distribution.

 Serve as bulletin coordinator for the preparation and distribution of division-wide bulletins, ensuring high quality standards and an effective distribution process

 Coordinate the effective use of the in-house video system (TargetVision) on the Fond du Lac campus.

 Work with the HR team to coordinate employee events at the Fond du Lac campus.

 Provide communications support for major company initiatives and sensitive company announcements.

 Assist in the development and implementation of appropriate employee recognition programs.

 Work with the Manager, Internal Communications, the Communications Advisory Team, Mercury site representatives around the world and outside resources to plan and implement internal communications tools and programs.

 Evaluate and measure the effectiveness of internal communications programs and use results to identify continuous improvement opportunities.

 Work cross-functionally to support media relations and marketing communications projects as necessary.

 Reporting Relationships:

 Reports to Manager, Internal Communications

Requirements / Qualifications:

 Bachelor’s degree in communications, public relations, journalism or a related field.

 Minimum 3 years experience in a corporate communications environment or communications agency.

 Experience in heavy manufacturing preferred.

 Experience in executing successful internal communications programs, with emphasis on quality and attention to detail.

 Ability to work with people at all levels in the organization and with outside resources to implement programs.

 Outstanding writing, editing and oral communication skills; experience writing in clear, journalistic style; knowledge of standard software tools (Word, PowerPoint, Lotus Notes, etc.), electronic publishing tools and web publishing tools would be beneficial.

 Good organizational skills, strong team focus and ability to meet deadlines and handle multiple priorities.


The jobholder should have the ability to:

 Create a positive and innovative atmosphere which encourages people to commit themselves to the task in hand and where necessary, go beyond the call of duty in order to achieve their objectives.

 Provide optimum levels of leadership, encouragement, training and support in order to help others achieve their results and meet their budgets.

 Remain confident when dealing with negative situations, convince others to have ideas and create new options, as well as encouraging and enthusing them to come up with imaginative solutions to difficult problems.

 Assert authority in order to meet agreed timescales and deadlines and overcome any problems which may get in the way of their achievement.

 Be disciplined in developing organizational systems, procedures, rules and norms.

 Work to a high specification in order to improve and maintain quality.


 Position is based at Mercury Marine headquarters in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

 Occasional travel may be required.

 Relocation assistance is not available for this position

All interested applicants must apply on-line at

55.) Public Relations Manager, Rotary International, Evanston, IL

*** From Robin Mayhall, APR:

Hi Ned,

Attached is a job description from a well-thought-of marketing and

design firm here in Baton Rouge.

I hope this note finds you well. Have a good Sunday! 🙂


56.) Public Relations Specialist, Object 9, Baton Rouge, LA

Object 9 is seeking a Public Relations Specialist to join our growing Baton Rouge team. Object 9 provides marketing, public relations, creative design, advertising, as well as interactive services for our clients. We seek ambitious PR professionals with minimum of 2-4 years of agency experience or comparable public relations experience, and must be a strong writer, researcher and media savvy individual.

This individual will be a part of the strategic planning process to help develop and execute successful public relations programs and will be expected to lend their expertise in creating programs that exceed client expectations. BA/BS degree in PR, Journalism, Communications or related degree. Proficiency in Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Cision/Bacon’s experience a plus.

Required skills:

• Ability to manage projects

• Self starter with the ability to also work well in teams

• Strong organizational skills

• Responsive, proactive, reliable, resourceful

• Creative, strategic thinker

• Strong time management, prioritization and organizational skills in a deadline-oriented, time sensitive environment

• Proven experience in developing and implementing public relations plans

• Strong presentation and communication skills (written and oral)

• Ability to understand the needs of the media

Specific job duties:

• Write and edit several types of documents – media pitches, media alerts, backgrounders, bios, case studies, bylined articles, press releases, PR evaluation reports, etc.

• Pitch local, regional and national business, consumer and trade media outlets and secure coverage over multiple platforms (print/TV/Radio/Internet)

• Perform media follow-up and event execution

• Prepare and manage media lists and editorial calendars

• Monitor client media coverage, industry news, trends and competitor activities

• Research speaking and awards opportunities for clients

• Generate client media status reports, monthly activity reports and memos

• Maintain strong client relationships with regular contact to ensure they are updated on relevant account activity

• Manage and work within client budgets

We offer a supportive and collaborative, as well as a strong commitment to professional development and career growth. This is a full-time position; contractors and freelancers will not be considered. Learn more about us at To apply, send resumes to with your name and PR in the subject. No calls please.

*** From M. Stanik:

Thank you for the consideration.

57.) COMMUNICATIONS SENIOR ASSOCIATE, Public Education Network, Washington, DC

Public Education Network (PEN) is a national 501(c)3 membership organization dedicated to ensuring that every child in America receives a quality public education. PEN’s members include 89 local education funds (LEFs) in 34 states and three foreign countries, as well as individuals working to improve public schools and build citizen support for quality public education for all of America’s children. PEN seeks an experienced, dynamic, articulate, and motivated full-time Communications Senior Associate to initiate and lead an ambitious communications program for PEN.


Primary writer/managing editor of the online PEN Weekly NewsBlast. Assist in/assume responsibility for the production of communications products for member services. Provide media relations support/editing/other communications support. Reports to the Director or Communications.


• Gather and research story items for the PEN Weekly NewsBlast

• Prepare items to high quality content and writing standards for copy editing. Work with webmaster/web consultant to ensure timely distribution and website posting.

• Gather, research, and write materials for member communications products, including news clippings summaries, weekly briefings, profiles, case studies, year-end reports, or quarterly/monthly newsletters.

• Provide media relations and other communications support as needed. Support includes news release writing/editing, reporter outreach and service, editing, media event staffing/planning, publications management, etc. Act in communications director’s stead as needed or when directed to do so.

• Other duties as assigned or needed.


Bachelor's degree in journalism, mass communications, or English from an accredited college or university.

Five to seven years of experience in public relations/communications at a nonprofit association (preferably a membership-based organization), school district, public relations agency, government agency, corporate communications department, or news media organization. The successful candidate will have superior writing, editing (Associated Press style preferred) and research skills, along with proficiency in Microsoft Office. Prior experience in producing an online newsletter or magazine with a large subscription and/or reader base is highly desired. Some proficiency in desktop publishing is desired, along with media relations skills and experience working in a media relations environment. Experience working in the education sector and/or in Washington, D.C. is a plus.

PEN is an equal Employment Opportunity Employer. Competitive salary and benefits. For more information, visit our website at: To apply: email letter, resume, and salary history & requirements to or fax to 202.628.1893

*** From Lisa G. Noon, ABC, CAE:

58.) PR Professional, Special Olympics Virginia, Richmond, VA

Special Olympics Virginia is seeking an experienced professional to manage statewide public relations activities. Must have experience developing and implementing strategies for media coverage and media sponsorships of events. Excellent written and oral communication skills, brochure, newsletter, and website development and layout required. Position will serve as official spokesperson and liaison between SOVA and the media. College degree, travel within state and personal auto required. Willingness to work nights and weekends, as required. Knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite and Adobe software necessary. Salary is commensurate with experience. Full Benefit Package. Interested applicants should send letter, resume and salary history to Director of Public Relations Search, Special Olympics Virginia, 3212 Skipwith Road, Suite 100, Richmond, Virginia 23294 or email to Application deadline: July 2, 2007.


Senior Vice President

Special Olympics Virginia

3212 Skipwith Road, Suite 100

Richmond, VA 23294

804.346.5544 X3022


*** From Diane Meyers:

Ned–here's a job announcement for the next edition of JOTW. Thanks.

57.) Marketing Communications Specialist, Holy Cross Hospital, Silver Spring, MD

Growing health care organization is seeking a marketing communications specialist to work under the general oversight of the director of communications. In this new position, you’ll be responsible for implementing internal communications programming. Major responsibilities will include writing, editing and proofreading; writing, editing and managing the production and distribution of internal newsletters; managing the development, design and production of materials; managing the hospital’s intranet; and supporting physician communication as well as other corporate development initiatives, including event planning, media relations and marketing.

Candidates should have a bachelor's degree, preferably in communications, journalism, marketing or a related field. Minimum of three years experience in communications or marketing, preferably in a health care setting. Must have superior writing and oral communication skills. Excellent organizational skills. Must be able to coordinate multiple priorities, deadlines, people and projects. Must be proficient in computers. Graphic design experience a plus.

Apply online by going to, clicking on career opportunities, and selecting professional (non-clinical) and Holy Cross Offsite – Tech Road from the drop down menus.

*** From LaVerne Kyriss:


One offering for JOTW's main segment; the second as a possible alternate selection 😉


The City of Portland (OR) Office of Sustainable Development has two job


58.) Communications Manager, Office of Sustainable Development, City of Portland, Portland, OR

The City of Portland (OR) Office of Sustainable Development is in need of a Communications Manager who will oversee all aspects of OSD communications and media and public relations, as well as provide high-level guidance on developing strategies for sustainable economic development. Please see the official announcement ( for a more complete job description as well as application instructions. The deadline for submission of application materials is 4:30 pm on Thursday, July 5.

59.) Business Recycling Specialist, Office of Sustainable Development, City of Portland, Portland, OR

The City of Portland (OR) Office of Sustainable Development is in need of a Business Recycling Specialist to work directly with businesses to help them improve recycling and waste prevention and implement sustainable purchasing practices. Please see the official announcement ( for a more complete job description as well as application instructions. The deadline for submission of application materials is 4:30 pm on Monday, July 2.

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*** Weekly Piracy Report:

13.06.2007: 0108 UTC: Posn 03:05N – 054:50E, Somalia.

Three boats approached a tanker on converging courses. As the ship altered her course, the boats adjusted their course and continued to approach the ship. As the ship increased speed, the distance between the boats and ship increased which prevented the boarding.

10.06.2007: 0522 LT: Posn 06:00.6S – 106:53.2E, Jakarta, tanker anchorage, Indonesia.

A few fishing boats diverted the attention of the watch keepers while two robbers boarded a tanker at anchor using grappling hooks. The robbers stole two life rafts and escaped. Port authorities informed, however no action taken.

07.06.2007: Off Eritrean waters, Eritrea.

Pirates attacked and fired upon an Egyptian fishing vessel underway and forced the vessel to stop. They hijacked the vessel to Eritrean regional waters and held 23 fishermen and sailors as hostages.

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