Third Inning

Sage: Master just said that every time Dice-K throws the ball, it costs them $32,000.

Kali: Do the Indian's have a musical bullpen like the Sox?

Sage: In late innings, the Indians’ bullpen have been known to break into an acapella version of “Who Stole the Kishka?”

Scout: At what point do you yank Westbrook?

Sage: I would never yank Westbrook. I don’t like being yanked, not even when I’ve stopped walking with Master to figure our which 300 dogs have visited the tree we passed just on scent alone.

Scout: Does your master bring a plastic bag with him when he takes you for a walk?

Sage: Yes. And a bottle. You know how animals like us can sense danger? Well, I smell a lot of fear in Fenway right now.

Kali: That's not fear. It's beer.

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