Red Sox and Indians

Ned: They play “Sweet Caroline” during the game, and the Standels

“Dirty Water after wins, along with “Tessie” by Dropkick Murphys. What

do they have in Cleveland?

Mike: Ned, in Cleveland we have John Adams, who plays the bass drum in

the bleachers. If you listen carefully, you can discern what tune he is

playing in his head. During game 5, I distinctly heard “Smells Like Teen


Ned: What do these players have in common?

Sonny Seibert

Lee Stange

Luis Tiant

Gary Bell

Mike: My guess is that they pitched for both Boston and Cleveland at one time

in their careers.

I remember when Sonny Seibert threw a no-hitter for Cleveland. Another

time, Luis Tiant struck out 19 in a game.

Ned: How about Chuck Hinton, Joe Azcue and Rocky Colovito? I had them in baseball cards.

Mike: Chuck Hinton was the first baseball card I ever owned. Joe Azcue used to

bless himself before every pitch. My aunt the nun liked him.

Ned: Here's a question from JAH: What's up with the weird grass design on the infield at Fenway?? Around the pitcher's mound….

Judy, those are a pair of socks.

Ned: Funny to see Kevin Millar introduce the Sox. Last I heard he was still an Oriole.

Mike: His last name is a cry for attention. It should be Miller. What, he has to be different?

Ned: Think Boston needs to spread their offense out a little more?

Mike: Their production is off—compared to last night. I’d be concerned. 13 or 14 more innings and the Indians could be right back in this game.

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