Game One Continued

Scout: Two outs and the bases loaded, and varitek puts one right down the line into the left field corner.

Kali: Purrrfect!

Scout: It's now 6-1.

Kali: How come Dad's hat looks of faded and ratty?

Scout: Dad used to wear that ship when he stood bridge watches on USS Tawakoni in the Pacific. Once, when transiting between Guam and the Philippines they got into some rough weather. Dad was on the starboard bridge wing hugging the pelorus when a huge wave waswhed over the ship, and carried his hat away. He found it later stuck up in the aftrer mast. It's shrunk a little from that experience. Dad shrunk a liitle from that experience, too.

Kali: How do you know that?

Scout: Just get Dad talking about his time at sea. About the time a porthole fell on his head. Or the time he had his septum deviated in a bar in Olongapo. Or the time he was the Grand Mystical Poobah Shellback when they crossed the equator on USS Cochrane. Or the time…

Ned: Enough. Some other time.

Kali: Oohh. Sounds like Dad has a dark and mysterious past.

Scout: We have a new pitcher in here.

Kali: Francis threw a lot of pitches.

Scout: More than 100.

Kali: We're in the fifth, Morales on the mound, Ellsbury on first and Yooouuuk at the plate…

Scout: …and Morales balks.

Kali: But he looks pretty good. Morales is throwing some heat. Kind of a quirky delivery.

Scout: Youk doubles!

Kali: And Ellsbury scores.

Scout: It's 7-1 now, and we're still in the 5th.

Kali: Hey, Big Papi doubles!

Scout: Make that 8-1. And all this with two outs. The last six runs have been scored with two outs.

Kali: Make that the last seven runs.

Scout: We better finish this inning or Beckett will stiffen up.

Kali: Well, the bases are loaded. Let's unload them then we can get an out. Drew's up. Maybe he can hit another grand slam.

Scout: Hey, Drew pokes a base hit over second. Another run scores.

Kali: Bases still loaded. Another pitcher. Speier walks a guy. 11-1. He walks another guy. 12-1. Pedroia is up for the fifth time and we're still in the fifth. He walks, too. 13-1.

Scout: I think three walks calls for another pitcher.

Kali: Let's post this while we bring in a new pitcher.

Scout: Okay. We'll be right back.

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