Help Ned launch “Your Very Next Step” Newsletter

Experience the planet!

Help Ned launch “Your Very Next Step” Newsletter for November 2007

This is to announce the first issue of “Your Very Next Step” newsletter,

and represents the first step of a new adventure for me, and an

adventure I hope that we can share together.

I will establish a website in 2008 for this newsletter and increase the

newsletter to a weekly. But for now, the next two issues will be

monthlies as I try to develop a personality for this community and this

attempt to bring us together to share ideas, encouragement and direction

to help us all step off on paths to new places.

Be a charter subscriber: Send a blank email to:

What will “Very Next Step” focus upon?

Travel: From Fais to Firenze; from Singapore to Sigonella; from

Tasmania to Tetuon…your journey there starts with the very next step.

Outdoors: From hiking, climbing, camping, canoeing, kayaking, biking

and bird watching to fishing, floating, flying and festival-attending.

Adventure: That can be just about anything. From skydiving to

snorkeling; from white water rafting to rump bumping; from body surfing

to bobsledding.

People we met along the way: You meet the most interesting people off

the beaten path. And when you listen, you hear the most interesting


So here are some of the topics we'll be covering, maybe, perhaps, in no

particular order. And remember, this isn't about me and my life, it's

about you, your's and all of our experiences on this planet.

Outhouse surprises

Tips for sanitation sanity

Technology on the trail

Packing light

Staying dry

Staying warm

Best airports for layovers

Off-season surprises

I don't want this anymore. Would you like it?

The most amazing place I've ever been

Most interesting uses of duct tape

Emergency repairs

Product Reviews – by both you and I (sleeping bags; hiking boots; rain

gear; travel luggage; hydration equipment; lights; sunglasses; cameras;

noise canceling headphones; and anything that helps us take another step

on a new adventure)

If you have something to share in the newsletter, send it to me at Please indicate “Your Very Next Step” so I keep it

sorted out from the other email traffic I get.

Your contributions between now and next week will constitute the first

edition of the newsletter, to be released on Thursday..

Sign up for your free subscription. Send a blank email to

Until the website is created, you can read the

newsletter at

If you represent a company with a product, place or service you would

like to have myself or our network review or consider, contact me at:

Edward Lundquist, ABC

Editor and Publisher

Your Very Next Step

7813 Richfield Road

Springfield, VA 22153

Home office phone: (703) 455-7661

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