The JOTW Blessing for 2007

In what has become an annual tradition, I have again asked Pat Tracy to

offer a blesing for us all.

Happy holidays to each of you and those you care about, and may we all

have the best year ever in 2008.

Ned Lundquist

The Job of the Week


This year, I'm [again] taking a different tack on this. I look at last

year's blessing, and wonder how we have responded to its challenge.

HAVE WE TRULY BEEN THANKFUL for the blessings God has bestowed on us

as individuals, as families, as a nation?


or have recently been IN HARM'S WAY, to ensure we maintain those


HAVE WE DONE SOMETHING to improve the lot of those less fortunate

than ourselves?

For our “community blessing” this year, I propose we each consider those

questions, and send in our responses –> not just our “yes” or “no”, but

specific actions people took. Reading the collective responses will

certainly be a blessing to all who participate, and clearly show the

impact the JOTW network has, right around the world… and hopefully

will spur us on to more (and even greater) outreach in the coming year.

I realize my job has more 'built-in' opportunities than most, but

overseas travels this year included stops in China, Hong Kong, Macau,

the Philippines, Korea, Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Serbia and

Croatia. I helped to build a community center, am engaged in a start-up

effort to bring training and affordable permanent housing to homeless

people in Asia, Africa and India, and am working to provide both

monetary and practical aid for those who are sacrificing daily to get

good literature into the hands of readers formerly behind the Iron

Curtain. As a family, we

have supported various efforts equipping and encouraging Soldiers,

Sailors, Airmen and Marines serving in Iraq & Afghanistan, plus those

preparing to go from CONUS. We also return thanks by serving our

community through our local church (both financially and with hands-on

help). Along with 4 other couples, we make and deliver 75 meals to

local homeless shelters on a monthly basis.

Thank you, Lord, for making all this possible. It is only because of

Your gifts that we are able to share with others. Keep us healthy in

the coming year, and alert to the opportunities You send for us to

continue helping


For His glory,


Psalm 107:23-24

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