Ned and Mike need a catchier title for their blog

Ned and Mike are “blogging” the IABC conference. They need a catchy titel for this report.

*** From Kris Gallagher, ABC:

Mike and Ned's Excellent Adventure, of course

*** From Karen Young:


*** From Kim Perz:

How about 'our docs can kill your pox'?

*** From Jon Gagné:

Playin Pepper

*** From Susan Baker:

Ned, how about “Ned and Mike's Excellent Adventure”. *grin* Susan

*** Marti Davis gives all she's got:

2008 IABC International Conference Blog:

Biannaul Blabbing? Big Apple Blab…that's all I got

Best Regards,

Marti Davis

*** From Susan Burnell, APR:

Hi Ned, thanks for keeping those who can't go, in the know.

I'll be following your every post, no matter what you title it (Biting the

Big Apple? Live from NY? Musing and Amusing in New Amsterdam?)

Let me know if you spot any of the Houston contingent, to make sure they are

behaving…uh, well, if they choose to hang out with you, all bets are off


Holding down the fort in Houston,


*** From Ray Atkinson:

Ned and Mike's Excellent Adventure

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