Your Very Next Step newsletter for March 2011

Your Very Next Step newsletter for March 2011

By Ned Lundquist

“Fashion is something barbarous, for it produces innovation without reason and imitation without benefit.”

– George Santayana

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”

– Lao Tzu

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*** In this issue:

*** Travel news

*** 10 best U.S. airport restaurants

*** Frazil ice

*** 10 Things Hotels Won’t Tell You

*** Gorman Chairback Lodge & Cabins

*** Virgin Fires Flight Attendant After He Puts a Toddler In An Overhead Compartment

*** 8 Delicious Drinks – Bars In The Spanish Culture

*** What are your favorite local alcoholic favorites?

*** Jägertee:

*** Check in then check out these cool hotel lobbies

*** Gear Explained: Sleeping Bags

*** Embark on an Epic Train Journey through Africa

*** FlightView lets you track the progress of any flight in the U.S

*** FlightView iTunes Playlists

*** Overnight Paddling Escapes

*** Indian Market, Navajo Rug Auction, Archaeological Tours

*** National Train Day!

*** If the government shuts down, can government shut down access to public lands?

*** Virginia Summer Adventure Camps:

*** Trail volunteer opportunities:

** Parks Volunteer Coordinator, Clallam County Parks, Port Angeles, WA

** Billy Goat Trail Steward Volunteers, C&O Canal National Historic Park, Potomac, MD

** Camp Host Volunteer, Dungeness and Salt Creek County Parks, Clallam County Parks, Port Angeles, WA

** Volunteer opportunities at Mission Trails Regional Park

** Adopt-a-Trail (AAT), Great Smoky Mountains National Park

*** Rail Trail of the Month – Illinois' Fox River Trail

*** Travel/Adventure/Outdoors/Conservation employment opportunities:

1.) Forestry Technician (Smokejumper),Bureau of Land Management, US Department of the Interior, Boise, ID

2.) Non-Game Bat Technician, Wyoming Game and Fish Department, Lander, WY

3.) Public Relations Coordinator, JanSport, San Leandro, California


5.) Sales Rep or Distributor for fishing lures, Angler's Ammo, Jacksonville, FL

6.) Sport Fishing Guides, Kulik Lodge, Katmai National Park, AK

7.) Mountain Man Interpreter, American West Heritage Center, Wellsville, UT

8.) Park Guide, GS-0090-04, Fort Laramie NHS, Ft. Laramie, WY

9.) Seabird Monitoring Volunteer, Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge, AK

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*** Here’s the YVNS Travel News for March:

Continental, United frequent fliers can transfer miles between accounts

*** 10 best U.S. airport restaurants

Some airlines are offering nutritious items in the air, and airports increasingly are featuring local restaurants with high-quality, healthful food. “Airports are trying to improve the experience for travelers, and part of that is bringing in restaurants serving fresher, local foods,” says Rick Lundstrom, editor in chief of PAX International, a trade magazine that covers airport dining trends. Here, Frommer's Travel Guides names its 10 best U.S. airport restaurants.

*** From Susan Burnell:

Hi Ned,

Hope your day is perfect in every way!

For your birthday (and maybe for Your Next Step) a close look at Yosemite’s “frazil ice” likened to lava floes, by the National Park Service.

With cheer,


Susan H. Burnell, APR

*** 10 Things Hotels Won’t Tell You

From discounting creatively to obsessing over online reviews, here are some things hotels do that might surprise you.

*** Gorman Chairback Lodge & Cabins

Located on the shore of Long Pond near Greenville, in Maine’s Moosehead Lake Region, and surrounded by 66,000-acres of AMC-owned conservation land, Gorman Chairback is the newest stop on AMC’s popular lodge-to-lodge ski route, as well as a spectacular wilderness destination on its own. Gorman Chairback offers unlimited opportunities for hiking and skiing on 70 miles of AMC-maintained trails, paddling and fishing for native brook trout, or simply enjoying the quiet beauty of the region. Newly refurbished private cabins include queen beds, wood stoves, and gas lamps. Home-cooked meals are served in the main lodge.

*** Virgin Fires Flight Attendant After He Puts a Toddler In An Overhead Compartment

Virgin Blue is in trouble today after a male flight attendant placed a woman’s TODDLER in an overhead compartment during a flight from Fiji to Sydney. The flight attendant claims the kid’s father was playing hide-and-seek, and he decided to join in. But the mom freaked and Virgin fired the guy. The mom also scored some free flights out of the deal, which she’s refusing because of how “traumatic” the ordeal was. Whatever lady. You and your son may have been traumatized, but I’m sure the other 200 people on that flight were overjoyed when that flight attendant stuffed your noisy, snot-filled tot into a place he couldn’t bother anyone

*** 8 Delicious Drinks – Bars In The Spanish Culture

By Nancy Todd

I know you know how to order a drink in a bar. But in the Spanish culture, there is a very big difference between bars and restaurants compared to other countries. Bars serve excellent coffee, wine, beer, soft drinks, pastries, sandwiches, and tapas. Tapas include sardines floating in olive oil, patatas bravas, meatballs, artichokes in olive oil, and all kinds of sausages. Service is slow. The Spanish culture offers some unusual drinks.

*** What are your favorite local alcoholic favorites?

The world is full of surprises. Share some of your drink-discoveries that are specifically local to a certain country or region.

We all know about Tequila in Mexico, Sake in Japan, and Ouzo in Greece. But what are some of the other exotic or little-known beverages. Share them with Ned at and we’ll all get a taste in the next issue of Your Very Next Step.

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*** Jägertee:


In response to your latest invitation about “local beverages.”

At least two decades ago, I was blessed to board a MAC flight to Germany before enjoying a rental car journey to Lech, Austria for a ski vacation over Christmas.

Beer and schnapps were abundant local beverages. Then there was Jägertee. (Pronounced YAH-gurr-TAY). In an effort to be completely honest, Jägertee somehow disconnects the 'common sense' synapses from the 'daring' synapses. I'd say it makes you stupid but it's not that simple. Stupid people do not ski. People who have lost their minds choose to go skiing.

I learned many years later that Jägertee is dark tea and dark rum with a few secret ingredients. I encountered some Austrians later in life — first time visitors to the US. We struggled with language until I mentioned my experience in Lech.

I asked what was in Jägertee.

“Ohhhh. Yaaaa. (pause) You had Jägertee!” (Glances between the two)

Me: “Yes! It was good.”

“Jägertee…it makes you ski like GOD!”

I think God would have skied with fewer injuries and a lot more grace, finesse and style. And I hope God would have better gear than I had…


*** Check in then check out these cool hotel lobbies

Hotels from Anguilla to Paris putting an emphasis on impressive entrances

*** Gear Explained: From

Parts of a Sleeping Bag

Sleeping Bag Shapes, Sizes, Fits

*** Embark on an Epic Train Journey through Africa

*** FlightView lets you track the progress of any flight in the U.S., so you can see where your mother-in-law is when she's coming to visit from St. Petersburg.

But this is cool, too: FlightView iTunes Playlists

Need the perfect soundtrack at 30,000 feet, waiting at the gate, tracking a flight on your FlightView app, or just planning your next vacation? Check out our FlightView's iTunes Playlists:

Here are some of the selections:

Born in Chicago

Boston Bound

California Dreamin'

Caribbean Cool

Hawaii 5-0


London Calling

New York State of Mind

*** From AMC Outdoors:

Overnight Paddling Escapes

Compiled by Marc Chalufour

Few wilderness escapes are as satisfying as paddling to a secluded camping nook. In every corner of the Northeast there are opportunities to launch into lakes, rivers, and bays and, within a few miles, be setting up camp where only boats can reach. In the quietest moments, your only company might be the waves lapping against the shore and the loons calling across the water. By practicing Leave No Trace, you'll leave these remote havens pristine for future escapes.

See the list.

*** Juried Indian Market, Navajo Rug Auction, Archaeological Tours Highlight Southwest Colorado Event

— Mesa Verde Country® hosts 11th annual Indian Arts and Culture Festival —

Cortez, Colo. – The 11th annual Indian Arts and Culture Festival will take place May 27-June 5 in southwest Colorado’s Mesa Verde Country®.

Featured as a “must-attend festival” in Patricia Schultz's best-seller, 1000 Places to See Before You Die, the celebration begins on Memorial Day Weekend with events in Mesa Verde National Park. An authentic juried Indian art market features world-renowned Pueblo, Zuni, Hopi, Navajo, Ute and Apache artists; all representing tribes who claim a cultural affiliation with Mesa Verde National Park.

The festival, recognized as one of the “Top 100 Events in North America” by the American Bus Association, also features a Navajo rug seminar and auction, a Native American concert, Native American dancers, traditional foods, and cultural programs. The Anasazi Heritage Center will feature a special exhibit, Sacred Images: A Vision of Native American Rock Art. This photographic exhibit joins the talents of three wilderness photographers with the storytelling skills of indigenous peoples to present the visionary power of Utah’s rock art.

Guides from Ute Mountain Tribal Park will offer special archaeological tours during the festival, including a Porcupine House and Ute Petroglyph Tour and an Anasazi Sun Calendars and Petroglyphs Tour in Mancos Canyon. Ute Mountain Tribal Park is an area set aside by the Ute Mountain Utes – one of the seven original Ute bands that inhabited Colorado – to preserve Ancestral Puebloan (Anasazi) architecture.

This year’s festival featured artist is the exceptional Hopi potter, Valerie Namoki. She received her gift of pottery making and carving from her late grandmother and father. As a young girl at the age of 12, she learned the art of traditional polychrome pottery from her late grandmother, Carol Namoki, and carving techniques from her deceased father, Virgil Namoki, in the Hopi community of Polacca, referred to as First Mesa. Incorporating the coiling method and carving into her sculpturing, Namoki sculpts indistinguishable pieces she hopes will please the eye of an artist or collector and leave them mystified and perplexed. To view examples of Namoki’s work and review a full schedule of festival events, visit:

Mesa Verde Country® (

Mesa Verde Country® is the southwest Colorado travel destination surrounding Mesa Verde National Park. The towns of Cortez, Dolores, Mancos and Towaoc, and the entire Mesa Verde Country® area, comprise the archaeological center of America.

Mesa Verde Country® Visitor Information Bureau, 800-530-2998

*** National Train Day!

*** If the government shuts down, can government shut down access to public lands?

*** Virginia Summer Adventure Camps:

A number of conservation organizations run a variety of summer workshops, camps and adventure programs that teach students life skills, respect for the environment and experience fun, exciting and sometimes life changing adventures. Here are a few programs that our Outdoor Report Team has experienced first-hand as either participants or instructors.

Holiday Lake Forestry Camp – More Than Just Trees!

One of the longest-running Forestry Camps in the country – Holiday Lake Forestry Camp – is seeking youth ages 13 – 16 for its 65th annual week-long camp program that will be held June 13-18, 2011 at the Holiday Lake 4-H Center, located within the 20,000-acre Appomattox-Buckingham State Forest. Teachers, natural resource professionals and others may nominate youth for this outstanding program. Nomination forms are available on the VDOF website and will be accepted until April 8, 2011. Financial sponsorships from forest industries, conservation agencies, associations and individuals cover most of the cost of the Camp. Each camper selected to attend receives a $200 “scholarship,” which means each camper pays just $75 to participate in the week-long, residential program.

“Forestry Camp is much more than a walk in the woods,” said Ellen Powell, conservation education coordinator with the Virginia Department of Forestry. “Campers experience hands-on learning about wildlife habitat, tree identification, timber harvesting, reforestation, environmental protection and more. They also take part in exciting field trips, exploratory classes, outdoor recreation and a Lumberjack Field Day.”

Youth Conservation Camp Sponsored by Soil & Water Districts

The Virginia Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts (VASWCD) has sponsored a week long summer conservation camp for Virginia high school students (grades 9-12) on the campus of Virginia Tech for 30+ years,. The program brings together about 90 interested students for a week of learning about Virginia's natural resources by conservation professionals and faculty from Virginia Tech. Most of the instruction is hands-on and outdoors. The 2011 Camp is July 10-16, 2011. Applications are available online and must be submitted to your local soil and water conservation district. Check with your local office for due dates. Contact information for your local office can be found at VASWCD's website. For further information please contact Beth Sokolik at or (804) 559-0324.

Trout Unlimited Tri-State Conservation & Fishing Camp

Trout Unlimited is hosting their annual Trout Unlimited Tri-State Conservation & Fishing Camp Sunday, June 26 to Friday, July 1, 2011 at Graves' Mountain Lodge in Madison County adjacent to Shenandoah National Park Enjoy an exciting week of hands-on action packed fun in our mountain stream environment that will help you become a skilled angler and an experienced conservationist. You'll learn firsthand from officials of the National Park Service, professional conservationists with state natural resources agencies, environmental educators, professional fishing instructors and guides, and experienced members of Trout Unlimited. For information contact George Gaines, Executive Director, at, (202) 904-3547 or

Summer Fishing Camp Adventures

Outdoor Report Fishing Report contributor Tee Clarkson runs a series of summer fishing schools and canoe adventures. Visit the Virginia Fishing Adventures website for details and schedule of sessions and registration.

*** Trail volunteer opportunities:

Parks Volunteer Coordinator, Clallam County Parks, Port Angeles, WA

Billy Goat Trail Steward Volunteers, C&O Canal National Historic Park, Potomac, MD

The Billy Goat Trail Stewards help to educate the public about the value of the Billy Goat Trail.

We're looking for volunteer trail stewards willing to hike parts of the trail, or educate visitors at the trailheads, to protect the incredible natural resources of Bear Island, which this rugged trail traverses.

Stewards have been active now for several years, educating hikers about Leave No Trace principles, helping to ensure they are prepared for the strenuous hike, sharing stories about the sensitive vegetation, and reducing trampling of the Bear Island's many rare plants. Active trail stewards can go out any day of the week, can hike the whole trail or just part of it, or can stay near the trailhead and connect with hikers before they begin. Trail stewards wear park volunteer identification, carry park radios for emergency communication, and can benefit from basic first aid training to help with minor injuries. They are the eyes and ears for the National Park Service, and The Nature Conservancy, who co-own this biologically diverse island, and help us protect the rare habitats from the estimated 50,000 hikers on the Billy Goat Trail on Bear Island, known as “section A”. Stewards have also been instrumental in reporting emergencies back to park staff for a more rapid response.

To apply as a volunteer for the Billy Goat Trail Steward Program, please go to current volunteer opportunities and complete the volunteer form. Thank you for your interest in volunteering.

Camp Host Volunteer, Dungeness and Salt Creek County Parks, Clallam County Parks, Port Angeles, WA

A minimum one month commitment is requested for these positions at Dungeness and Salt Creek County Parks. Individuals assist staff with campground maintenance and visitor contact. Please contact the park in which you want to volunteer. You can find the email addresses within this web site. Both Salt Creek and Dungeness Recreation Areas use Camp Host services.

Volunteer opportunities at Mission Trails Regional Park

Mission Trails Regional Park volunteer opportunities are numerous. If you are interested in participating in any of the programs/projects listed below please contact David Lee at 619-668-3278.

Visitor Center Staff – Staff the information/ reception area welcoming visitors to the park, assist in the gift shop, introduce the video and slide presentations in the theatre.

Visitor Center Gift Shop – Serve as shopkeeper in the gift shop and assist Visitor Center staff as needed.

Visitor Center Library – Catalog books and keep the library books in order.

Tracking Team – Learn the art of tracking and help monitor the parks wildlife.

Trail Guides – Lead interpretive hikes in the park.

Volunteer Patrol – Interact with park users and educate the public about park rules. There are two types of patrol units: foot patrol and mountain bike patrol (must provide your own bike.

Trail Crew – Assist rangers with trail maintenance/ construction, erosion control, and sign installation.

Habitat Improvement Team – Assist rangers with exotic plant eradication, habitat protection and revegetation projects.

Park Beautification – Assist in maintaining and improving the appearance of park facilities, infrastructure and signage.

Campground Entry Station – Staff the entry station to welcome campground patrons. Give park and camprground information and assist camper checkin and registration.

Campground Host – Call (619)668-2748

Mission Trails Regional Park

City of San Diego and the County of San Diego

One Father Junipero Serra Trail

San Diego, CA 92119-1008

Adopt-a-Trail (AAT), Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Great Smoky Mountains National Park is recruiting for volunteers to participate in its Adopt-a-Trail (AAT) program that helps Park staff maintain the resources in the backcountry for a better visitor experience and to reduce potential human/animal conflicts. The AAT program is a long-established activity in the national park and new recruits are needed to help cover the half-million acres within its boundaries.

AAT volunteers will aid in the Park's 800-mile trail system, covering everything from picking up litter to removing treefalls and reporting trail problems to the Park.

*** National Rail-Trail of the month:

Trail of the Month: March 2011

Illinois' Fox River Trail

by Ted Villaire

Rivers are the perfect traveling companions. That's particularly true when you're walking or skiing, moving at a speed that allows you to study the water's habits. In the far western suburbs of Chicago—once the railroad hub of the nation—you'll find this camaraderie with water on the 33-mile Fox River Trail.

A green oasis located some 35 miles west of Chicago's downtown Loop, the trail extends through grassy parkland and bottomland woods, never leaving the side of the wide, eye-catching Fox River. Tree-covered bluffs swell up above the riverbanks, and wetlands flood the low spots. After a deep freeze, the river ices over. Most of the winter, though, ice hugs the shoreline and covers only pockets of backwater.

Intermingled with the natural areas along the way are old mill towns famous around the late 19th century for making a range of products, from watches to windmills. With most of the manufacturing ended, a number of these communities have made the switch to tourist destinations, creating pedestrian-friendly downtowns that boast museums, casinos, cafés and shops. Many streets still feature fine 19th-century architecture. Riverbanks are graced with pleasant walkways, footbridges and grassy parks.

Built in segments during the 1970s and '80s, the Fox River Trail occupies the former right-of-way of the Aurora Elgin & Fox River Electric Company, an interurban line that operated until 1935. Paved almost its entire length, the versatile trail invites users to walk, run, inline skate, cycle, ski and snowshoe. Except on the few on-street portions, wheelchair users will feel welcome, too.

Near the north end of the rail-trail, in Carpentersville, Fox River Shores Forest Preserve provides a good starting point for a trip. North from here, the Fox River Trail soon becomes the Prairie Trail, and then shoots up to the Wisconsin border. Headed southward toward Aurora, the Fox River Trail slips through a tunnel of trees for two miles to East Dundee, one of several towns where Victorian storefronts line shopping streets. As you enter East Dundee, you may be enticed indoors for a snack and warm respite at the Measuring Cup coffee shop, located steps from the trail on the right.

Nearly five miles ahead, in Elgin, you'll find parks and riverfront walkways with lush landscaping and arched pedestrian bridges reaching out to islands in the river. One block away from Elgin's historical downtown strip, this riverwalk replaced a series of riverfront factories. The most famous was the Elgin National Watch Company, once the world's largest watch manufacturer.

Leaving Elgin, the trail ducks under an enclosed walkway that leads to the Grand Victoria Casino, a three-story structure floating in the river and gussied up to look like an old-time riverboat. A couple miles outside town, the trail takes you on a rollercoaster ride up and down a series of wooded river bluffs. Here you'll find the first of four Fox River Trail connections with the Illinois Prairie Path, which runs east to Chicago's near-west suburbs. (Look for the other Prairie Path connections in Geneva, Batavia and Aurora.)

Four miles south of Elgin, take a stroll among the historical trolleys and passenger trains at the Fox River Trolley Museum. Some of the train cars ran along the “L” tracks in Chicago, and others were owned by the old Chicago, Aurora and Elgin Railroad. In summer, you can board a historic trolley at the museum for a several-mile trip along the river.

The natural splendor of the Fox River takes center stage one mile later, where a 250-yard footbridge connects two wooded parks. Downstream from the bridge, the river curls around an island covered by a fairytale forest. After crossing the bridge, you'll follow the trail up a steep, 120-foot bluff that, from a distance, resembles a vertical wall.

Once you've conquered that grueling climb, you can catch your breath along a mile-long gentle downhill segment on a modestly trafficked road with no sidewalks. Closing in on St. Charles, you'll return to the trail and snake through thick bottomland woods at Norris Woods Nature Preserve. As you navigate the residential streets of St. Charles for another mile of on-street travel, trail signs direct you through the town's historical district, past a bookstore, a coffee shop, gift shops and restaurants.

A couple miles past St. Charles, the trail rambles through a series of riverside parks in Geneva. One contains a five-story Dutch windmill erected in 1915 by George Fabyan, an eccentric millionaire whose estate once sprawled along the riverbank. (After a good snow, throngs of kids sled down the hill where the windmill stands.) In addition to the windmill, Fabyan's estate included a private zoo and a laboratory that performed research on acoustics, code cracking and—believe it or not—human levitation. Fabyan's Japanese garden remains, as does his farmhouse, which was remodeled by Frank Lloyd Wright. Now the house serves as a museum focusing on Fabyan's estate and the artifacts he collected over the years.

The trail runs on both sides of the river for the next five miles south of Fabyan Forest Preserve. If following the trail on the east side, cross back over to the west side in Batavia or North Aurora. (The frequently updated Kane and Northern Kendall Counties Bicycle Map shows all alternate routes, connecting trails and local landmarks on the Fox River Trail.)

In downtown Batavia, take a break to watch skaters gliding on the outdoor skating rink fashioned on one of the river's backwater ponds. A series of 20-foot-tall windmills along Batavia's riverwalk honors the town's former specialty—manufacturing water-pumping windmills.

Big views of the river and wooded islands open up to the trail as it traces the top edge of a small bluff for most of the final seven miles between Batavia and Aurora. The river threads its way among the islands, where in winter bare tree branches brush the water's surface. Other stretches of riverbank feature shelves of ice, where geese and ducks line up like statues.

A series of gentle bends in the river guides you into Aurora, the second-largest city in Illinois. The trail ends across the river from an island that once served as the city's administrative center. As you explore Aurora's downtown streets and admire its vintage architecture, you feel immersed in the town's history and commerce. But the Fox River remains close by, curving through town on its way to the Illinois River and the Mississippi River beyond.

Ted Villaire is the author of Best Rail Trails Illinois; Road Biking Illinois; 60 Hikes Within 60 Miles: Chicago; Camping Illinois; and Easy Hikes Close to Home: Chicago. He works as a writer and editor for the Active Transportation Alliance in Chicago.

*** Travel/Adventure/Outdoors/Conservation employment opportunities:

*** From Mark Sofman:

1.) Forestry Technician (Smokejumper),Bureau of Land Management, US Department of the Interior, Boise, ID

2.) Non-Game Bat Technician, Wyoming Game and Fish Department, Lander, WY

3.) Public Relations Coordinator, JanSport, San Leandro, California


JanSport is the Original Outdoor Gear Brand that embodies a culture of fun and discovery. We equip people globally with quality, enduring and reliable products that enable the freedom to experience life's adventures. We're always looking for talented and motivated people to join the JanSport team.

As Public Relations Coordinator, your primary responsibilities are to solicit and respond to editorial and broadcast placement opportunities and requests for the Brand; to manage key external partnerships linked directly to the brand (BCM, IMG, OIA, etc.), plan and execute local and national events, and to actively manage and develop trade relations through trade shows and industry organizations.



Years of Related Professional Experience: 4+.

Bachelor's Degree in Liberal Arts or Communications. Minimun of four years in public relations or related field. Experience in event planning a plus.


Excellent communication skills (written and verbal), AP Style Writing

Social Media experience

Proficient PC skills (spreadsheets, word processing, powerpoint)

Strong time management skills (deadline oriented/sensitive/attentive to detail)

Key Responsibilities

1. Serve as direct liaison between sales, creative and product teams to develop and implement strategic and integrated PR programs and events that fuel Brand awareness and activate the Brand's voice with the consumer.

2. Write and produce company-wide communications, including trade press materials, VF press materials, monthly PR newsletter, and global quarterly Press Hits book; oversee the press section on

3. Manage outside product placement agency to ensure product integration into film and television is consistent with Brand marketing objectives; conduct product seeding to support tastemaker strategy.

4. Secure national and regional press coverage consistent with Brand strategies and retail partnerships; draft media briefing docs and executive talking points; conduct media training for company spokespeople.

5. Produce large-scale consumer and trade launch events (NYC, SF, LA, Salt Lake City).

6. Manage industry sponsorships, strategic alliances, and nonprofit partnerships through ongoing outreach; seek and lead cross-promotions where appropriate; market internally Brand alliances and partnerships.

7. Provide PR support for global product launches, trade shows, and in-store events; product seeding to support marketing strategies.

8. Contribute to how JanSport’s PR/events and partnership opportunities come to life online via and social networking properties, including JanSport blogs.Facebook and Twitter.


Searching for a creative and energetic Outdoor Education Teacher to join our Recreation Department. Must have a Master's Degree in education, special education from an accredited institution and hold a valid NYS teaching certificate. Must be an ACCT level 2 facilitator and have two years professional experience working in an outdoor education, environmental, adventure or related field. Green Chimneys has wonderful onsite facilities such as low ropes course, climbing tower, high ropes, indoor gym, canoeing, indoor pool, sports fields, hiking/biking trails, cooking and camping areas and strong ties to community resources. The Outdoor Education Teacher would be responsible to plan and lead outdoor education classes during our school day. They will need to be able to work as part of a treatment team and providedocumentation of student's progress in outdoor education program. Other responsibilities include but are not limited to: plan/implement/participate in overnight camping trips, afterschool clubs and adventure course management responsibilities and to perform other duties relevant to function of department. Experience with children in psychiatric setting preferred. Experience facilitating adventure based activities such as camping, hiking, high ropes, etc. a must.

TO APPLY: Email your resume and cover letter to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


*** From Mark Sofman:

5.) Sales Rep or Distributor for fishing lures, Angler's Ammo, Jacksonville, FL

6.) Sport Fishing Guides, Kulik Lodge, Katmai National Park, AK

7.) Mountain Man Interpreter, American West Heritage Center, Wellsville, UT

8.) Park Guide, GS-0090-04, Fort Laramie NHS, Ft. Laramie, WY

9.) Seabird Monitoring Volunteer, Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge, AK

(Send you job opportunities to share with the YVNS network to

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