2nd Annual Communicating AI Survey

A special announcement for the JOTW network:


2nd Annual Communicating AI Survey


The Centre for Strategic Communication Excellence is proud to sponsor the 2nd Annual Communicating AI Survey, administered by Centre alliance member HeimannHills Marketing Group and supported by the IABC Foundation.  The survey gathers information on what communication professionals know, think and are doing with AI communication now, and what they plan to do in the future as well as what they are observing in organisations communicating on AI.  Share what you are doing or seeing in the communication of AI.  The results will be used to develop a Communicating AI Playbook that communication professionals can use to initiate a stronger, better dialogue on these issues and build capacity and sustainability for the organisations they lead.  The survey will be open until 26 March 2019 with expected to be released in late April 2019.


Mary M. Hills, ABC, Six Sigma, IABC Fellow, FRSA

Business Principal and Graduate Faculty


+1 219.613.8591

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