JOTW 14-2007


Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc., markets Toyota, Scion and Lexus
vehicles through their network of 1,427 dealers. Toyota.  Moving


JOTW 14-2007
2 April

Spring hangs her infant blossoms on the trees,
  Rock'd in the cradle of the western breeze.
      – William Cowper, Tirocinium

Welcome to the free Job of the Week e-mail networking newsletter for
professional communicators.  JOTW is a cooperative service that relies
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opportunities, news and information about the job market, as well as
swapping stories about life's peculiarities.
Ned Lundquist,

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In this issue (Note:  This list is a table of contents that indicates
what jobs are featured below.  You must scroll down to read the
listings, and contact info will be provided)

***  One Paragraph Pitch
***  “Moving Forward” photo contest
***  “Aha!” Moments
1.)  Assoc Prog PlanControl Analyst, Program Executive Officer for Ships
(PEO Ships) Communications Team, Alion Science and Technology,
Washington, DC
2.)  North Central Area Communications Director – Assistant or Associate
Director Level, Ernst & Young, Cleveland, OH
3.)  Communications Associate, National Council on Aging, Washington, DC
4.)  NASPA Summer Graduate Intern, National Association of Student
Personnel Administrators, Washington, DC 
5.)  Director of Marketing and Communications, After-School All-Stars
(ASAS), Los Angeles, CA
6.)  Technical Writer, RiverPoint, Lake Zurich, Illinois
7.)  Web Developer, Office of the Chief Technology Officer (OCTO),
VeriSign, Sterling VA
8.)  PR Account Exec, LVM Group, NY, NY
PR Account Exec, 2-4 year agency exp. sought by
9.)  Senior Account Executive/Account Supervisor, R&J Public Relations,
Bridgewater, N.J.
10.)  Seasoned Communications Professional, Public Strategies, Inc.,
Houston, TX
11.)  Director, Corporate Social Responsibility position through Cantor
Executive Search, Michigan
12.)  Interactive Communications Specialist, Children's National Medical
Center, Silver Spring, MD
13.)  COMMUNICATIONS COORDINATOR, International Team, Burness
Communications, Bethesda, MD
14.)  Sr. Account Manager, Adfero, Washington, DC
15.)  Marketing and Communications Director, Mead and Hunt, Madison, WI
16.)  Director, Public Relations at the Council for Responsible
17.)  SVP Healthcare Communications Team, Golin Harris, Chicago, IL
18.)  VP Corporate Communications Golin Harris, Chicago, IL
19.)  Internship Program, The Caraway Group, Washington, DC
20.)  Public Relations Director, consumer brand, New York, New York
21.)  Vice President/Senior Manager Public Relations. financial service
company, New York, New York
22.)  Director of Corporate Communications, public relations agency, New
York, New York
23.)  Director of Public Relations, Quicken Loans Inc, Livonia, MI
24.)  Public Relations Account Executive/Senior Account Manager,
ConnellyWorks, Herndon, VA
25.)  Head of Corporate Communications and Public Affairs – Buenos
Aires, Google,  Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires-Province, Argentina
Communications, Washington, DC
27.)  Media Relations Manager, Dentsu Communications, NY, NY
28.)  Director of Communications, National Academy Foundation (NAF), New
York, N.Y
29.)  Multi-skilled Graphic Designer, Rivonia, tchbonisa, Gauteng, South
30.)  Crisis and Corporate Communications Director, KPMG, Montvale, NJ
31.)  Intern, Writing/Editorial, Bristol-Myers Squibb Company, New
Brunswick, NJ
32.)  Intern, Web Content Management, Bristol-Myers Squibb Company, New
Brunswick, NJ
33.)  Communication Officer, MSF, Brussels, Belgium
34.)  Senior Marketing Director, The Mount Sinai Medical Center, NY, NY
35.)  Director, Marketing and Communications, The Mount Sinai Medical
Center, NY, NY
36.)  Assistant Director of Marketing, The Mount Sinai Medical Center,
37.)  SR. COMMUNICATIONS SPECIALIST, Ashland Inc., Dublin, Ohio  
38.)  SR. COMMUNICATIONS SPECIALIST, Ashland Inc., Lexington, Kentucky  

39.)  SR COMMUNICATIONS COUNSELOR, Ashland Inc., Dublin, Ohio 
40.)  COMMUNICATION SPECIALIST I, Ashland Inc., Dublin, Ohio  
41.)  COMMUNICATION SPECIALIST I, Ashland Inc., Lexington, Kentucky 
42.)  Change Management and Communication Specialist, Office of the
Comptroller of the Currency, Washington, DC
43.)  Communications Assistant Manager, National Business Travel
Association, Alexandria, VA
44.)  Assistant to the Public Affairs Officer, Office of Legislative
Affairs, Congressional Information & Public Affairs (LA-2), Department
of the Navy, Washington, DC
45.)  Corporate Communications Director for Internal Communications,
Rodale Inc., NY, NY
46.)  Editorial Director, DevX Custom Portals, Jupitermedia Corporation,
San Francisco, CA
47.)  Forum Nerd, The Viral Factory, Santa Monica, CA
48.)  Project Editor, SAP, Newtown Square, PA
49.)  Public Relations AE, 160over90Philadelphia, PA
52.)  PR Account Manager, Westaff, Middletown, DE
53.)  S.V.P., Communications & Public Affairs, ARAMARK, Philadelphia, PA

54.)  Marketing Assistant/Corp. Communications, Taylor Wiseman & Taylor,
Mt. Laurel, NJ
55.)  Media Buyer/Planner, Goffman Group, Newtown, PA
56.)  Copywriter, LevLane, Philadelphia, PA
57.)  Healthcare AE, Aloysius Butler & Clark, Wilmington, DE
58.)  Account Manager, VTM PR, Beaverton, Oregon
59.)  Internal Communications Officer, Ornge, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
60.) Public Relations Consultant, Calysto Communications, Atlanta, GA
61.)  Music Editor, 3D World Magazine, Sydney, NSW, Australia
62.)  Communications Manager, Chinese American International School, San
Francisco, CA
63.)  Communications Director, Kavli Foundation, Oxnard, California
64.)  Writer/Editor, North American Council on Adoptable Children
(NACAC), St. Paul, MN
65.)  Community Relations Director, American Cancer Society, Mendota
Heights, MN
66.)  Senior Communications Specialist, Freeport-McMoRan, Phoenix, AZ
67.)  Media Manager, Bashas', Phoenix, AZ
68.)  Grant Writer, ASU Foundation, Tempe, AZ
69.)  WEB EDITOR, ASU – Herberger College of the Arts, Phoenix, AZ
70.)  Community Relations Specialist – NCDR LLC for Kool Smiles,
Cambridge, MA
71.)  Communications Consultant – Public Affairs (DC06-049), Blue Cross
and Blue Shield Association, Washington, DC
72.)  Advertising Copywriter, Fixation Marketing, Washington, DC
73.)  Office Jester, Motley Fool, Alexandria, VA
***  Weekly Piracy Report
.and more!  All for less than the price of a pickle straight out of the
barrel at Ferns Store in Carlisle Center.

***  One Paragraph Pitch:

Aggressive, experienced, politically savvy Press Secretary to outgoing
Senator Conrad Burns (R-MT) searching for mid-high level communications
position in public or private sector.  Responsibilities included
managing the communication effort in a high-profile Senate office in a
tight re-election year, speaking on the record, handling press calls,
pitching reporters, producing press releases, talking points, media
advisories, and materials for speeches and press conferences, and
revamping and constantly updating the website.  Additionally utilized
Senate communication resources such as the Senate Recording Studio and
the Senate Republican Conference for daily audio and video statements to
improve television and radio media coverage opportunities.  Monitored
statewide and national press developments, worked closely with the
legislative staff on agenda and priorities, coordinated redesign of
  Previously worked as a press aide at the Department of Homeland
Security (clearance level: Secret), campaign staffer for Bush-Cheney
2004 in Iowa, and served in presidential advance.
  Native Texan with a degree in political communication from the
University of Texas.
CONTACT: Matt # (512) 423-6116 or

***  Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc., Our JOTW sponsor for March 2007:

At Toyota, we view building vehicles as a community project.  We invite
you to learn about where the thousands of Americans who make up Toyota
live and work. Not only the individuals who sell Toyota and Lexus
vehicles, but those who design, test, and manufacture our vehicles and
components using many U.S. sourced parts.

***  In case you missed it:

You can read this year's March 32nd issue, and previous year's editions

***  “Moving Forward” Photo Contest:

Attention JOTW networkers.  Send us a photo of you and your Toyota. 
Don't own one?  Go to a dealer and shoot your photo there.  Send your
photo to  I'll post them on JOTW, and the coolest
photo each week will get an awesome prize.  At the end of the month
we'll have a vote to select to most interesting photo of all, and the
winner will receive an iPod!

***  Portable DVD Players:

Some of you may recall how I was working to help the Greater Washington
Chapter of the Surface Navy Association obtain portable DVD players for
Sailors and Marines recuperating from wounds received in Iraq and
Afghanistan. On Friday I ordered 155 units of the Audiovox D1708 slim
portable DVD player.  Each unit includes two headsets and a carrying
case.  The total order was for $14,554.50, and will be shipped directly
to the Marine Liaison Office at Bethesda, for the use of our wounded
shipmates recovering there.  For those of you who contributed, I thank
you for your generosity.

***  The “Aha!” moment contest:

We've been discussing those “Aha!” moments.  You know, when the clouds
clear and our clarity of purpose becomes blinding and the way ahead
suddenly appears before us, paved in gold.  As you know, Imre
Communications has made it their purpose to create those “Aha!” moments
for their clients.

Several of you shared your “Aha!” moments in our newsletter last week
and in this issue..  Here are four that were selected for their passion
and purpose.  Each of these people will receive a $25 gift card for The
Home Depot, courtesy of Imre Communications. 

Some of the other “Aha!” moments and most gratifying volunteer
experiences are posted her, too.

Please go to and look for the survey poll on the right
side of the website and select the communicator who offered the most
convincing “Aha!”  The winner will receive a $100 gift card from Target,
courtesy of Imre Communications.

Voting ends 4 April 2007.

The winner will be announced in JOTW 15-2007.

*  Isabel Kaldenbach

*  Faye Rapoport DesPres:

*  Janet Knudsen

*  Donna Papacosta:

***  Aha Momment:

My AHA moment came when as a 40 year old not-particularly-maternal
divorcee I entered into “experimental parenting”  to answer the
question, “I wonder if I'm ever going regret not having had kids?”

Our county (Arlington, Virginia) offers, in addition to traditional
foster parenting, a type of foster parenting called “respite care”,
which means taking care of kids when their regular foster parents have
to be out of town or just need a break. That seemed the easiest slide
for an ambivalent parent but experienced babysitter. So I took the
foster parenting courses, did the background check, got certified, and
signed up for respite care.

My first placements were 12 and 7 year old sisters. They were with me a
couple of weekends before their original placement (with well
intentioned but unprepared relatives) fell apart, and they came to live
me full time. A year later, their parents' rights were terminated, which
obligates the state to put them up for adoption. This meant they'd most
likely move, be separated from each other, who knows. Meantime, while I
loved them tremendously I thought I was still an ambivalent parent as
far as the long-term view goes.

That month I happened to have a week-long business trip away from and
that's when I had my AHA! Moment. I not only DID want kids, I wanted
THESE kids.  Our adoption became final June 2005.

I've also continued to take in kids on emergency and respite basis.
While I'd like to imagine I've changed the lives of every kid who's
stayed here, I realize that for many all  I've probably done is provide
them a few days of solace and safety – and that's OK!  I know this is
not technically “volunteering” since I do get per diem reimbursement
from the state. But I'd still call it “volunteering” since the $15/day
is instantly absorbed by the costs of  feeding, sheltering, clothing,
and transporting a kid around Northern Virginia .

PS. Anyone interested in foster parenting, please feel free to contact
me directly. It's the most gratifying and spiritually rewarding thing
I've ever done. And I got two kids without having to go through caffeine
withdrawal, labor, or stretch marks.   ;>)

Isabel Kaldenbach

***  Most gratifying volunteer experience:

I needed *something* with meaning to do in the afternoon when my friends
were still at work and I was free because I was working a morning
drivetime radio news schedule.  I made arrangements to read to a blind
76 year old woman one afternoon a week. Turned out, she wanted to talk
more than be read to, and she needed assistance in maintaining her
correspondence with folks back in England, where she had been born and
lived until she became an adult and moved to New York State. Of course,
a few months into it, I went from a morning drive schedule to a more
normal, daytime schedule.  But I was able to continue taking a few hours
off one afternoon a week to meet with her; this lasted for several
years.  After she died, I visited her home town just outside of London
and saw many of the places she had talked about, the old biscuit factory
where her father worked, the girls school she attended, etc. I still
exchange December holiday cards these many years later with one of her
correspondents, who sought the continued contact in response to my
letter letting her know of her friend's passing.

Julie K. Davis, APR

***  A memory of a lifetime:

A few weeks ago I was on a bus returning from New York City with a
church youth group. My agreeing to act as chaperone for this trip was
key to the trip happening since no one else at our church was willing to
do it. The trip was a great success. We spent a night at a cathedral,
participated in a midnight service, explored New York, and met kids from
youth groups all over Massachusetts. As I was relaxing on the bus, I was
remembering a similar bus trip to Washington, D.C. when I was in high
school. It then occurred to me that these kids would remember this New
York trip their whole lives.

Janet Knudsen

(I was on that bus, wasn't I?)

Since it's one of those lifetime memories, I seem to recall you were.

(What else do you remember from that memory of a lifetime…ago.)

Being chased by the secret service on the White House lawn (“I had
separated from the group”), seeing the pandas at the zoo, beer in the
bathtub, matching shoes from The Barn, the Vince Lombardi Memorial Truck
Stop, the Boston Plan, my first exposure to grits…and lots more.

(Was that the time I tried to interview the president and the Secret
Service yanked me away when I pointed my microphone in his face?  And
was that the invention of Party Central?)

***  Historic volunteer opportunity:

Ned –

No teenage Frankenstein, I was a weekend living history blacksmith at
Fort Vancouver National Historic Site (Vancouver, Washington USA). Shop
volunteers provided visitors an interpretive experience based on fort
life in 1843.

The work gave me great insight into the reality of frontier life — both
harsher and, in ways, more advanced than I had been taught in school —
and the remarkable skills obtained and used by pre-Industrial Revolution
metalworkers. More than that, though, I got to meet people visiting from
all over the world. Kids could be an absolute treat. Only a six-year old
would come back after one visit to the forge and ask without reservation
in front of a crowd, “Have you made a straight nail yet?” (His father ,
shaking his head: “I don't tell him to say these things.”)

For four hours a week I got to be somebody else living in another time
and hold court to visitors who came from near and far to share the
variety of human experience. Rare and very rewarding.

Joel D. Freeman
Madison, Wisconsin

***  From a NYC recruiter:

I filled a very big job from your newsletter and for that I am eternally
Thanks for your help and your service.

***  JOTW Safety Tip of the Week:

Drive carefully in Braxton.  Here's why.

***  Upcoming IABC International Conference Accreditation Exam

The next IABC Accreditation Exam will be held at the International
Conference on 23 June 2007, from 1-6pm, at the Hilton New Orleans
Riverside in New Orleans, Louisiana. To sign up for the exam, please
contact Olivia Nucum at

Further information regarding the International Conference is available

***  IABC/Washington April 12 meeting:
Accessibility and the Web

***  Avoid a crisis:

Most organizations don't have a good crisis plan for two reasons:
1) They cost so much ($25,000-$75,000)
2) They take too long to write (Usually 6 months or more.)

Gerard Braud has developed a way to help you write a $25,000
crisis plan in just two days, for only $5,995. And, if you are one
of the first 3 organizations to sign up for his May 30-31 master
class in New Orleans, you'll get a $1,000 discount.

Those who have been through this master class rave about it. For
more details, contact  Subject
Line: Crisis Master Class

***  March 32nd Issue:

🙂 I actually got to #5 before I figured it out.  Duh.

Happy day.

***  What were you thinking?

Ned — 
I just unsubscribed from JOTW. The “jokes” that weren't in bad taste
were just stupid. I no longer can regard your newsletter as a source of
credible information — are the people who submit listings of similar
taste in “communications”? I certainly don't want to work for anyone who

Philip Rink Jr.

***  March 32nd Issue:

Ned, your April 1 “add-on” had me laughing so hard I couldn't draw
breath.  Had to compose myself in order to sit here and write this…
Many, many thanks for brightening a cloudy April 1!
Kristin M. Rohr

***  March 32nd Issue:

LOL or, as we used to say in the old days HA HA HA.
GOOD ONE NED…You're such a card!
Donna Marie

***  March 32nd Issue:

your jobs are bullshit.

Caitlin Jacobson

***  March 32nd issue:

OK, I get it; this is April Fool's Day, right? I'm glad to know that
there's not a Cockfighting Underscores Male Pride organization…or
there may be, but I doubt they're advertising here…!

Happy April Fool's Day!

Margaret Daniel

***  March 32nd Issue:

I am on the floor! March 32 edition is the best ever! There's enough
here to offend everyone equally. Well done.
Ken Jensen

***  March 32nd Issue:

Another brilliant April Fool's issue, perhaps the funniest one yet!

***  March 32nd Issue:

Ned:  I have to say you've outdone yourself this year!!!  Yet another
great edition of the JOTW!!! Thanks so much for many good laughs today! 
Hope everyone is well.  Best/Geri R
Geri Rosman

***  March 32nd Issue:

If there is a JOTW Hall of Fame, the “evasive feces” job is a lock.

Mike Greenberg

***  Food for the massive JOTW staff provided by the JOTW official
caterer, Fern's Country Store, Carlisle, Mass.

Are you talking about my weight again?

Ed Kavanaugh

***  March 32nd Issue:

Ned, I'm cracking up here. You win the prize for the best April Fool
Donna Papacosta

***  Here are the REAL jobs this week:

1.)  Assoc Prog PlanControl Analyst, Program Executive Officer for Ships
(PEO Ships) Communications Team, Alion Science and Technology,
Washington, DC

Provide public affairs and media support to the Navy's Program Executive
Officer for Ships (PEO Ships) Communications Team in responding to
national, local and trade press requests to Department of Defense and
Department of the Navy for information, briefings and prinicipal support
used in interactions.  Coordinate interviews, draft press releases,
staff answers in response to media questions; coordinate review of all
Government and Industry material (briefings, papers, video, photos, ads,
etc.) submitted for public release approval; communicate PEO Ship¿s
acquisition program information and themes to program stakeholders and
external audiences; inform PEO Ships leadership of relevant news
articles; draft and solicit journal articles and/or commentaries for
publication in defense trade press; update the PEO Ships Communications
Plan as required; and maintain archive of PEO Ships-related media. 
Applicant must have 3-5 years of related experience in public affairs
and media relations.  Prior experience working in strategic
communications, outreach, writing and editing is preferred.  Applicant
must be a self-starter, proactive, be able to work independently,
possess attention to detail and be able to meet hard deadlines. 
Applicant must hold active SECRET security clearance.

(Note:  If you wish to submit your resume for this position, please
follow the instruction to apply online, but also send your resume to Ned
at, and I will also upload it into the
system as a “refer a friend” submission for you.)

2.)  North Central Area Communications Director – Assistant or Associate
Director Level, Ernst & Young, Cleveland, OH

***  From Donna Childress:

Hi, Ned.
Here is a listing for JOTW:
 2.)  North Central Area Communications Director – Assistant or
Associate Director Level, Ernst & Young, Cleveland, OH

3.)  Communications Associate, National Council on Aging, Washington, DC

The National Council on Aging ( in Washington, DC is
looking for a Communications Associate.
Reporting to the Vice President of Communications, this position
provides administrative support to the communications area.  This
position offers the opportunity to a junior level professional to learn
a great deal about the field of aging, health care, non-profit
organizations, working with the media and integrating online and
traditional outreach approaches.
Job Qualifications include strong administrative skills, including
advanced knowledge of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook) and the
desire and ability to learn other software programs quickly. Good
communications, both oral and written, are necessary to do an
exceptional job in this position. An undergraduate degree is preferred
as well as at least three years administrative experience, preferably in
a communications or public relations environment. 
Apply by mail or e-mail to Human Resources Director, National Council on
Aging, 1901 L Street NW, Washington, DC  20036 or
***  From Debra Bethard-Caplick, APR

Just received this from the school where I got my master's LAST fall,
and where I completed my internship/research project LAST summer, so I
thought I'd pass it on. Timing is everything, y'know? Maybe it will help
someone else out.

4.)  NASPA Summer Graduate Intern, National Association of Student
Personnel Administrators, Washington, DC 

NASPA, student affairs administrators in higher education, is the
leading voice for student affairs administration, policy and practice
and affirms the commitment of student affairs to educating the whole
student and integrating student life and learning. With over 11,000
members at 1,400 campuses, and representing 29 countries, NASPA is the
largest professional association for student affairs administrators,
faculty and graduate students. NASPA members are committed to serving
college students by embracing the core values of diversity, learning,
integrity, service, fellowship and the spirit of inquiry.


The person in this position will help with some of the below projects
based upon their interest areas.  The purpose of this position is to
give a Master's student experience in national association work.

.         Membership marketing campaign
.         Educational programs and workshops
.         Graduate program directory
.         Knowledge community leadership manual
.         Knowledge community logistics (i.e., webpages, listservs)
.         Knowledge community hot topics
.         Regional community logistics (i.e., webpages, listservs)
.         Community college library
.         Community college newsletter
.         Student Services Institute for Community Colleges
.         National Conference for College Women Student Leaders
.         NUFP assessment – alumni, current fellows, current mentors
.         Leadership transition manuals – Academy, Center for Women
.         Website updates – Academy, Center for Women, NUFP

Possess strong administrative, organizational and interpersonal
communication skills.

The ideal candidate for this position will be available 20 hours per
week during the summer.  Start date and end date are flexible.  The pay
rate is currently $12.50 per hour.

Zaneeta E. Daver
Director, James E. Scott Academy for Leadership and Executive
1875 Connecticut Ave, NW
Suite 418
Washington, DC
Deadline to Apply: April 27, 2007
***  From Rebecca George:

I would like to post the following job opening on your list server. 
If you have any questions, please email me.
Rebecca George
Human Resources

5.)  Director of Marketing and Communications, After-School All-Stars
(ASAS), Los Angeles, CA

ASAS, a leading after-school provider founded as a national organization
by Arnold Schwarzenegger, is currently seeking an exceptional leader to
serve as Director of Marketing and Communications (DMC) for the National
Headquarters in Los Angeles.  Reporting to the President and CEO, the
DMC's primary responsibility will be to refine and implement the ASAS
Marketing and Communications Plan with input from the CEO, the Board of
Directors, the ASAS Marketing Advisory Board and the leadership of the
local ASAS affiliates.  This is a senior management position in a highly
visible national not-for-profit.  The individual is expected to be
experienced in corporate or large nonprofit communications, cause
marketing, and brand development. This individual will have demonstrated
success in working with local affiliates of large organizations,
building new relationships, and working in a collaborative style. 
Ideally, the DMC will be an open, confident, professional who enjoys
working in an entrepreneurial setting that places a premium on
flexibility and innovation.  Excellent writing and speaking skills are
required.  The successful candidate should have five to seven years of
experience with a corporation, national not-for-profit organization, or
large agency — with demonstrated success in marketing a cause.  An
undergraduate degree is required and an advanced degree in journalism,
public policy, communications or business is preferred.  Please submit a
cover letter and resume via e-mail to:  
Please put “DMC” and your last name in the subject heading.

6.)  Technical Writer, RiverPoint, Lake Zurich, Illinois

***  From Kate Gordon:

Hi–I would very much like to post the following position!  Thanks so
much for your help!

7.)  Web Developer, Office of the Chief Technology Officer (OCTO),
VeriSign, Sterling VA

Today and every day, VeriSign intelligent infrastructure services enable
and protect an ever-increasing number of interactions over the world's
voice and data networks, helping to drive a dramatic transformation in
the way people work, play, and live.

The Office of the Chief Technology Officer (OCTO) at VeriSign is looking
for a Web Developer to provide web development and graphic design
support. This position requires a highly creative and motivated person,
with a high level of skill and proficiency in graphic and web design, as
well as, a strong interest in working with web technologies such as
videos, blogs, podcasts, and wikis. This person must be able to execute
projects with little supervision and have demonstrated skills working in
a multi-media environment, a must.

*Work with internal VeriSign resources and outside vendors to define,
develop, and implement web design layout, navigation, graphics, and
multimedia for the Office of the CTO.
*Coordinate and participate in all facets of web design, production,
maintenance, upgrades and quality assurance.
*Developing and maintain web based tools, department links or pages on
several sites, and publish documents to HTML.
*Design and build flexible email and web templates, and marketing
assets, including email announcements, newsletters, promotions, event
announcements, holiday and seasonal messages, using Illustrator, Flash,
and Photoshop.


*2-3+ years of experience creating and managing internet/intranet sites.
*Strong skills in HTML, CSS, Flash, and JavaScript skills.
*Expert capabilities in graphic design using Adobe
*Knowledge of video, Flash, podcasts, and wikis.
*Working knowledge of scripting and database skills.
*Keen eye for clean UI implementation
*Knowledge of website design best practices
*Working with graphics in PowerPoint, a plus

VeriSign is always looking for exceptional people throughout the world
to join our organization. Career opportunities exist in technology,
finance, sales, and marketing. Visit to review a list
of current openings or send your resume to for

Kate Gordon
Senior Recruiter
Human Resources

***  From Rachel Antman:

Dear Ned,

I'd be grateful if you could include the following ad
in your next Job of the Week email.

Many thanks!

Rachel Antman

8.)  PR Account Exec, LVM Group, NY, NY

PR Account Exec, 2-4 year agency exp. sought by
award-winning midtown boutique firm. Will work closely
with partners and clients. Good journalistic writing,
knowledge of business media, and ability to handle
detailed projects required. Real estate experience a
plus.  Employer-funded 401K, fully-paid health and
dental, private office, other excellent benefits. Send
resume/cover with salary requirement <>. Put “job
ad” in subject line. No phone calls.

***  From Ken Hunter:


Below, I've pasted a job announcement.  Could you run it in JOTW?


Ken Hunter
Vice President-Account Services
R&J Public Relations
1140 Route 22 East, Suite 200
Bridgewater, N.J.   08807
Fax: 908-722-5776
9.)  Senior Account Executive/Account Supervisor, R&J Public Relations,
Bridgewater, N.J.

R&J Public Relations ( is looking for a hard working,
self-starting PR pro who is interested in personal and career growth,
and who will have a passion for achieving results for clients. Our
agency is growing quickly, and we are looking for a senior-level client
service pro who can function seamlessly within a team structure, but can
thrive when working autonomously.

This position requires creativity, strategic thinking, and outstanding
written and oral communication skills.

The ideal Senior Account Executive/Account Supervisor candidate will

-A minimum of four years of public relations agency experience
-Recent experience in professional services industries (business
consulting, real estate, etc.)
-Experience leading PR accounts as a primary point of contact,
strategist, team manager, and client consultant

Additionally, candidates should have:

-The ability to build and nurture relationships with target media and
-Experience developing and pitching story ideas to media contacts
-Strong aptitude for writing press releases, white papers and media kit
-The ability to handle the logistics of media interviews and press tours
-Excellent client relations skills and service ethic
-Sound PR and “news sense” instincts
-Strong organizational skills and the ability to manage multiple
deadlines on multiple projects

Please send all replies to Ken Hunter at: (no phone
calls, please) with:
-A letter identifying the position in which you are interested. Please
explain your interest in this position and tell us how you fit the
-Your resume
-Specific salary requirements (range is OK)

***  From Jane Day Rich:

10.)  Seasoned Communications Professional, Public Strategies, Inc.,
Houston, TX

Seasoned communications professional needed for a short-term contract
position in Houston, TX. Candidate must have experience in internal
communications and media relations, be able to demonstrate strong
writing and research skills, and know healthcare preferably. The
position is 30 hours/week for approximately 6 months @ $5k/ month.
Please respond to Jane Rich at

Jane Day Rich
Recruiting Director
Public Strategies, Inc.
Direct Line: 847-433-0346
Cell: 202-230-4300

***  From Marie Raperto:

11.)  Director, Corporate Social Responsibility position through Cantor
Executive Search, Michigan

This position, located in Michigan, will direct and lead all aspects of
the corporation's community relations and social responsibility
partnerships.  He/She will drive the development of the company's
partnership vision into the future, develop the programs to achieve this
vision, and drive the implementation of the programs through all aspects
of the business.  This individual will also be responsible for further
developing the company's relationships with other community
organizations as well as cultivating new relationships.

Requirements include a minimum of 10 years of experience in
communications/ brand and/or non-profit management preferred; a
comprehensive understanding of brand and non-profit management; a
comprehensive understanding of integrated communications including
marketing and public relations; a willingness to travel, demonstrated
leadership skills; ability to effectively interact and communicate with
diverse populations.

Resumes to Marie at Cantor Executive Search

Marie Raperto
Cantor Executive Search Solutions
250 West 57 St. Ste. 1632
New York, NY   10107
T:  212-333-3000

***  From Katherine De Guzman Jaucian:

Hello, I was referred to you by Emily Dammeyer. I have an opening for a
web specialist who works in the marketing department. If you can please
post it, that would be great. Thank you!!!

12.)  Interactive Communications Specialist, Children's National Medical
Center, Silver Spring, MD

Responsible for the daily maintenance of the Children's National Medical
Center website using established templates, ensuring accuracy and
timeliness of all information posted. This person will ensure web
content meets established CNMC web guidelines and policies. Individual
also manages and presents reports on all web services and makes
recommendations for web modifications based on learned needs.

Candidate will be responsible for all electronic communications
requests, including writing/developing PowerPoint presentations,
scanning images, coordinating file transfers with external vendors (e.g.
logo requests, PDF files), and developing creative. Assists with other
public relations and marketing activities as needed. Candidate must be a
self-starter, who is detail oriented and can work independently with
minimal supervision. Strong project management and organizational skills
a must.  Working knowledge of SEO techniques and its role in increasing
search engine ranking a plus.

Education and Training Required
Bachelor's degree, preferably in Interactive Communications, Web Design
or equivalent experience in a related field.

Experience Required
1 to 3 years of experience preferred with Java Script development and
hand coding HTML; basic knowledge of ASP and .Net and Web Server
technologies. Good understanding of web site technical architecture, and
experience with web technology and web site tools. Good organizational
and project management skills a must.

Special Knowledge, Skills, Abilities
Working knowledge of Java Script. Ability to hand code HTML. Basic
understanding of general programming. Must be proficient in Microsoft
Office Suite and Macromedia and Adobe Products- Photoshop, Illustrator,
InDesign, Acrobat, Image Ready or Fireworks, Flash, and Dreamweaver.
Strong graphic design skills and web writing experience a plus. Video
editing experience a plus.

Thank you!
Katherine De Guzman Jaucian
Manager, Interactive Communications
Children's National Medical Center
Public Relations & Marketing
111 Michigan Ave., NW
Washington, DC 20010
Ph: 202-884-4211
Fax: 202-884-3696
Pager: 202-259-1215 Text Page
***  From Katy Lenard:

13.)  COMMUNICATIONS COORDINATOR, International Team, Burness
Communications, Bethesda, MD


Burness Communications, rated by Washingtonian Magazine as one of the 50
Best Places to Work in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, is
seeking a Communications Coordinator to support its international team. 
Burness Communications is a public relations firm, serving nonprofit
organizations around the world.  Requirements of the job are to be
bilingual, have a BA/BS, and possess strong MS Office and research
skills, and to have an interest or experience in the field of
journalism.  The team represents the work of foundations and nonprofits
in the areas of global health and international environmental and
agricultural issues.  The following are activities to be performed. 
This list is not inclusive and other activities may also be included or
replace what is below.  But this list provides the most accurate
description to date:

Daily or Weekly Activities

– Media list development and maintenance, including developing lists
from scratch and updating them on an on-going basis in database and
creating reports from database.  This is a detail-oriented project that
is critical for the work of the team.
– Providing clerical and general research support to the team.
– Fact checking for various written products of other team members,
including press releases and communications strategies.
– Media monitoring for international clients, including producing daily
news reports on issues of concern to client and stories mentioning them
and tracking news stories generated by the team.
– Keeping track of team's internal filing system, making sure to obtain
and keep updated final documents for each project, including press
releases, proposals, and final reports.

Monthly Activities

– Organizing and preparing newspaper articles for presentation in client
reports.  Retrieval of original newspaper articles.
– Coordinating and conducting mailings, electronic distributions of
press releases, media advisories, and other written materials.
– Compiling lists of the media coverage generated as a result of press
outreach efforts.
– Tracking time sheets of other team members and compiling client
– Developing portfolio entries for the team for marketing and archival

Several Times a Year Activities

– Coordinating various press conference logistical arrangements.
– Depending on progress in managing all of the above activities and
grasp of substantive issues being promoted by clients in their media
outreach efforts, the job could also include pitching of stories to
media outlets.


To meet the needs of its staff, Burness Communications offers a
competitive compensation and benefit package, including flexible health
benefits, family-friendly policies, and a 401K plan, among other

Comprehensive Health Benefits

Burness Communications offers a HMO and a PPO healthcare plan with Care
First, Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Family-Friendly Programs

In keeping with its commitment to a work/life balance, Burness
Communications has family-friendly policies and programs that help staff
balance their personal and professional lives. These include: 
– Three weeks paid vacation leave
– Up to five days of paid annual volunteer leave
– Matching charitable contributions up to $1,000 annually
– Flexible work arrangement policy when appropriate
– Family and medical leave
– Long-term disability 
– Reimbursement accounts for tax savings on medical and dependent care
Tuition assistance.
Burness 401(k)

Burness Communications will match an employee's deferral 100% up to the
first 4% of their contribution. After the first 4%, of their deferral,
they will match 33% of an employee's deferral
International Team, Burness Communications
7910 Woodmont Avenue, Suite 700, Bethesda, MD
No calls, please.  Please submit resume and cover letter to Katy Lenard

***  From Phil Jones:

Hi Ned,  Here's a job posting I received today.  Thanks, Phil Jones
14.)  Sr. Account Manager, Adfero, Washington, DC
o   Lead day-to-day management and optimization of client public affairs
campaigns and provide strategic analysis and advice;
o   Assist Vice President with overall client management and client
o   Develop and maintain relationships with client contacts;
o   Develop and maintain relationships and contacts with members of the
o   Pitch stories and promote client issues, perspectives and campaigns to
members of the media;
o   Help clients build grassroots and coalition networks;
o   Develop and implement direct communications tactics, such as online
marketing and campaigns, direct marketing, event planning, etc.
o   Assist in overall strategy development for clients;
o   Demonstrate working knowledge of each area of agency's resources, in
order to evaluate recommendations before presenting to the client;
o   Proactively find new ways to build the client's business and grow
existing Adfero accounts by communicating and promoting new features,
Adfero Group services and company highlights;
o   Manage client contract renewals;
o   Master and maintain vast knowledge of client's business, competition,
and latest industry news and trends.
o   Monitor agency/client budgets and billing process for accuracy and
o   Manage new client implementations.
o   Have 5-7 years experience in public affairs, public relations or
communications (Capitol Hill experience a plus);
o   BA/BS degree in related field;
o   Excellent written and oral communication skills;
o   Strong organizational and analytical skills;
o   Excellent project management skills and attention to detail;
o   Ability to work individually and as part of a team;
o   Creative and open to new and innovative ways to serve clients;
o   Political or campaign experience a plus.
Please feel free to forward to anyone you know who might be interested
in one of two senior account manager positions we have open. Resumes
should be sent to

***  From Joel Freeman:

15.)  Marketing and Communications Director, Mead and Hunt, Madison, WI

Mead and Hunt is experiencing unprecedented growth and has an exciting
full-time opportunity for an individual with a strong
marketing/communications background to oversee the marketing and
communications department. This position involves working with upper
management, overseeing proposals, research and marketing plans,
overseeing QA/QC process, and managing marketing staff. Experience with
an engineering or architectural firm a strong plus. To learn more about
this position, including how to apply, please visit us on the web. No
phone calls please.

MEAD and HUNT, Inc.
Attn: HR Dept.
6501 Watts Road
Madison, WI 53719-2700
***  From Judy Blatman:

Dear Ned,

We've had good luck posting positions with you before.  This is a new
position at our association and I'm hopeful we'll have good luck posting
with you again.  Thanks very much for your help.  (Information also
attached in word document.)

Best regards, Judy 

16.)  Director, Public Relations at the Council for Responsible

The Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN), based in Washington, D.C.,
is seeking to fill a new position-Director, Public Relations-in the
association's communications department. 

Job Summary:  This position reports to CRN's Vice President,
Communications and also works closely with CRN's Director,
Communications and Communications Associate.  We are looking for a
smart, self-starter with good communications skills, both oral and
written.  The job requires someone who enjoys and is skilled in media
relations, including the ability to build relationships with reporters,
proactively develop and pitch story ideas, and respond in a timely
fashion to reporter queries.  Excellent writing skills are required. 
Additionally, the person selected will need to demonstrate an ability to
distill complicated scientific and regulatory issues for the general
public and should have some experience (and/or strong interest) in
issues management.  Good organizational skills, attention to detail and
follow-through are also important, as is the ability to work
cooperatively with others in the organization.  We need someone with a
can-do, flexible attitude who is service-oriented and will welcome the
opportunity to support our member companies. 
Additional Requirements:  College degree; computer skills; professional
demeanor; hard worker; good proof-reading skills; team player; ability
to work quickly, juggle projects and meet deadlines.  Approximately
three to five years public relations experience suggested.  Some travel
About CRN:  The Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN), the leading
trade association for the dietary supplement industry, is a small, but
influential and highly respected organization.  CRN's membership
includes mainstream ingredient suppliers and manufacturers of a range of
supplement products, including vitamins, minerals, botanicals, sports
nutrition supplements, weight management supplements, and specialty
supplements like glucosamine/chondroitin and omega-3's.  For more
information, visit  CRN provides excellent benefits and
a small, congenial, metro-accessible working environment.  Please note
no relocation assistance is available for this position.  

To Apply:  Please fax cover letter, resume, and public relations writing
sample to Judy Blatman at 202-204-7980 or email
Please reference JOTW-R in the cover letter.  No follow-up emails or
follow-up phone calls please.  Unfortunately, we will only be able to
respond to those selected for an interview. 

***  From Ashley Houston:

Hello Ed,

I have 2 job postings for your newsletter:

Thanks in advance and please advise if you need anything else from me.

I learned of your newsletter from a subscriber, Debra Bethard-Caplick,
who had great things to say about it.

Ashley Houston

Ashley K. Houston
Director of Recruitment
111 E. Wacker Dr.
Chicago, IL 60601
o: 312.729.4388
Large PR Agency of the Year 2007
PRWeek's  Editors' Choice 2007
Join our discussion on the future of public relations.  Visit our blog

17.)  SVP Healthcare Communications Team, Golin Harris, Chicago, IL

GolinHarris, part of The Interpublic Group of Companies (NYSE: IPG), is
ranked as one of the top 10 public relations agencies in the world, with
more than 30 offices and 450 professionals in major media, business, and
government capitals around the world.
GolinHarris is proud to be PRWeek's 2007 Editor's Choice and Large PR
Agency of the Year!
Our vision is to set the Gold Standard in client service, agency
performance and corporate culture. What really makes GolinHarris special
is our people-centered culture. We are proud of the friendly,
collaborative environment that exists in our offices. Around the world,
our people are committed to their clients and are passionate about their
Our Chicago office is currently seeking a Senior Vice President for its
growing Healthcare Practice.  In this position you will have the
opportunity to partner with other offices within GolinHarris, and lead a
talented staff of PR professionals.
We want to hear about your 10+ years experience in public relations,
with a focus on and a passion for healthcare communications.  Our
successful healthcare team specializes in pharmaceuticals, consumer and
public health, as well as emerging life and bio sciences.  A strong
pharmaceutical background is required as you will get the opportunity to
lead the strategy and direction of one of our largest and
longest-standing accounts. Expertise in virology is also of interest.
This position will also be a part of our management committee and you
will be a key driver in the strategy, direction & future of our
healthcare practice.
If you are looking for a new challenge and want to be a part of an
incredible team, send your resume to,
referencing SVP Healthcare in the subject line.

18.)  VP Corporate Communications Golin Harris, Chicago, IL

GolinHarris, part of The Interpublic Group of Companies (NYSE: IPG), is
ranked as one of the top 10 public relations agencies in the world, with
more than 30 offices and 450 professionals in major media, business, and
government capitals around the world.
GolinHarris is proud to be PRWeek's 2007 Editor's Choice and Large PR
Agency of the Year!
Our vision is to set the Gold Standard in client service, agency
performance and corporate culture. What really makes GolinHarris special
is our people-centered culture. We are proud of the friendly,
collaborative environment that exists in our offices. Around the world,
our people are committed to their clients and are passionate about their
We want to hear about your 10+ years experience in public relations,
with a focus on and a passion for corporate communications.
Be a part of GolinHarris' Insidedge group…  our team of dedicated
specialists combine the rigor of management consulting, the science of
research and the art of marketing into a strategic package to motivate
and mobilize our client's internal audience.  We believe the strongest
brands are built from within and want to learn more about your passion
for corporate internal communications.
We are looking for a public relations professional with stellar people &
project management abilities, prior PR agency experience, and experience
in the development & implementation of internal communications programs
& strategies.  We want someone who can reach our client's internal
audiences and take their communications program to a whole new level.
If you fit the above description and are interested in making a huge
impact with an industry leader, please forward your Resume and Cover
letter of accomplishments to, referencing
VP Insidedge in the subject line. We look forward to hearing from you.

***  From Rae Robinson:


The Caraway Group, a strategic communications firm located in friendly
Georgetown, is looking for energetic and enthusiastic students to
participate in this year's summer internship program.  The Internship
Program offers students rich, hands-on experience in the exciting field
of media relations, public affairs and event management.  This
experience provides interns with lessons no textbook or classroom can
provide because they are immersed in real situations, creating a context
for the work being done that is honest and genuine.  Interns, therefore,
come away with a full understanding of the critical link between
practice and theory. 
Please distribute this announcement to interested students. Feel free to
contact me if you have questions. 



Rae Robinson
The Caraway Group, Inc.
1010 Wisconsin Avenue, NW
Suite 550
Washington, DC  20007
202-243-7653  (office)
202-965-2812 (fax)

19.)  Internship Program, The Caraway Group, Washington, DC

The Internship Program at The Caraway Group (TCG) offers undergraduate
and graduate students rich, hands-on experience doing staff-level work.
Students are engaged in a variety of duties including media relations,
public affairs and event management. This experience provides interns
with lessons no textbook or classroom can provide because they are
immersed in real situations, creating a context for the work being done
that is honest and genuine. Interns, therefore, come away with a full
understanding of the critical link between practice and

As an intern, you will work closely with the TCG team to develop and
execute projects to meet our clients' communications needs while
allowing you to broaden your professional experiences and sharpen your
communications skills. Intern projects are based on individual interests
and qualifications in addition to the needs of our clients. Interns are
treated as members of the staff and are expected to perform a range of
tasks. Project areas include:

. Media Relations
. Public Affairs
. Community Affairs
. Event Management

While the focus is on specific clients, it is important that interns
have exposure to all aspects of TCG's work. To ensure that this takes
place, interns participate in a series of brown-bag seminars hosted by
team members within the organization, as well as in cross-team meetings
and collaborations as relevant to their work.  Internships last for 10
weeks and carry a modest stipend. Academic credit can be arranged
through the intern's sponsoring institution. Interns are expected to
work at least 25 hours per week.

Qualified applicants will have:

. Interest in and familiarity with media relations, communications and
strategic planning
. Self-motivation and ability to work both independently and
. Strong written and verbal communication skills
. Creativity
. Spanish language, oral and written, a plus

Applications should include the following:

. Résumé
. Cover letter (must include availability and specific areas of interest
from the above list of project areas)
. Writing sample

About The Caraway Group, Inc

TCG is a Washington, DC-based strategic communications agency
specializing in Public Relations, Public Affairs, and Multicultural
Strategies. For two decades, TCG has offered Fortune 500 companies,
nonprofit organizations, governments, and high-profile individuals
strategic counsel and services renowned for vision, creativity, and
precise implementation.

TCG's client roster includes Microsoft, MGM MIRAGE, Robert L. Johnson's
RLJ Companies, the Annie E. Casey Foundation, the American Federation of
Teachers, and the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal
Employees, among others.

Mail or email material to:
Donna Riley
The Caraway Group, Inc
1010 Wisconsin Avenue, NW
Suite 550
Washington, DC

***  From Barry Piatoff:

We're having a good week with jobs. Thanks for your help.
Barry Piatoff
20.)  Public Relations Director, consumer brand, New York, New York

Our client is a leader in its field in the consumer products category. 
Though the company has been around a little more than a decade, they
have made a name for themselves, and their leader is well-known.  Due to
growth and restructuring, there is a need for a Public Relations
Director in their Manhattan office.

You will devise creative pr plans to raise the company's profile in
North America, create new stories about the company, their products and
CEO, work closely with journalists, translate brand objectives into
strong pr campaigns, write in a variety of styles (i.e. press releases,
op-eds, etc.), be able to manage crisis communications and occasionally
write internal communications.  We will share a detailed job description
when we meet you.

This is a great chance to work with a product that IS better, with a
great leader, for a company that believes in the value of public
relations.  Your thoughts on public relations, strategy and business
will be challenged so you must be able to defend yourself, your ideas,
and hold your own with high-level professionals.  The company has a very
flat structure and has new products involving new technologies that are
on their way to market.

Reports to VP of Marketing and work closely with Global Head of PR. 
Manage 1-2 people plus 2 public relations agencies.  Some corporate
experience a must.  Need to have worked on at least one high profile
global brand.  Approximately eight years experience. Salary $120K-$140K.
Local candidates only.
To be considered for this position, e-mail your resume and cover letter
as a Word Document attachment
No calls please.

21.)  Vice President/Senior Manager Public Relations. financial service
company, New York, New York
Our client is an overseas financial services company, of which more than
half its profit is from investment banking.  The communications
department in New York is small so you will have the advantages of a
boutique operation backed by global resources of an international
corporation!  It's an non-hierarchical, open environment that wants “no
egos and no prima donnas.”  You'll have a terrific boss and beautiful
offices in midtown Manhattan.

This opportunity is to be responsible for public relations in North
America.  Your  role is to be a key member and play an important part in
the management and strategic execution of the company's external
reputation.  Work with the company's different business units around the
region and the transactions/activities they are involved with.  It's a
new position due to the growth of the firm.

*Develop communications strategies and associated materials(including
press releases, key messages, Q&A documents, executive briefing notes,
speeches/presentations) to meet the communications needs, objectives and
transaction requirements of the firm and its various businesses in North
*Liaise with media in the region; respond to media inquiries and arrange
media interviews as appropriate.
*Identify and execute upon opportunities to raise the profile of the
organization and its various businesses.
*Identify and assess reputation risks to the organization and develop
methods for their effective management on a strategic and tactical
*Work directly with communications staff at specific company-owned
managed assets  to ensure consistency and appropriateness of
communications/public affairs strategy at the asset level.
Contribute to short and medium term regional communications and public
affairs strategy developed by team *for recommendation to senior
business leaders.
*Oversee relationships with public relations agencies and other vendors.

*5-10 years in a public relations agency and/or corporation that focuses
of financial communications.
*Strong knowledge of the financial media.
*Outstanding writing, editing and proofreading skills.
*Strong-minded, confident, self-starter
*The ability to handle complex issues which are always changing and work
under deadline pressure.
*Well-developed interpersonal skills and the ability to win the
credibility and confidence of the media, executives and staff.

Salary $90K-$120K plus 20%-40% target bonus, excellent benefits
including 4 weeks vacation.

Local candidates only.
To be considered for this position, e-mail your resume and cover letter
as a Word Document attachment
No calls please.

22.)  Director of Corporate Communications, public relations agency, New
York, New York

Our client is one of the largest and most prestigious international
public relations firms in the world. It's a place where you will be
recognized, advance quickly, and be rewarded both professionally and
financially. But this is not a public relations job. Our client is
looking to add a Director of Corporate Communications. Use your
leadership, planning & implementation skills. This position is located
in midtown Manhattan.

As you would expect, you will do a lot of internal and external writing.
Write press releases, intranet/internet content, collateral material,
PowerPoint presentations and other vehicles about the firm's services
accomplishments, reputation, new hires, business wins, employee
communications, ad content, events and thought leadership. Collaborate
with the agency's offices throughout the world. There is some media
relations in the job and you will proactively pitch the public relations
trade publications. Reports to a Senior Director of the firm. Manage a
team of communications professionals. Our client will be sharing more
details on the job when you meet them. People with business acumen and
savvy, who want to work with smart people and enjoy interesting
assignments will be the best match.

Requires 8+ years experience, some of which must include time at a
public relations firm. Salary $90K-$115K + excellent benefits.
Local candidates only.
To be considered for this position, e-mail your resume and cover letter
as a Word Document attachment
No calls please

***  From Elizabeth Jones, APR

Hi Ned –   Can you share this with the Job of the Week network?
23.)  Director of Public Relations, Quicken Loans Inc, Livonia, MI

Quicken Loans is the nation's largest online retail mortgage lender,
closing loans in all 50 states via, and 11th largest
residential retail lender in the country. We have a fun, fast-paced
entrepreneurial culture that has led to our ranking in the “top 20” of
FORTUNE Magazine's annual list of the “100 Best Companies to Work For”
in America for the last four consecutive years. At Quicken Loans, our
team members cite “the ability to make a difference” as the biggest key
to their job satisfaction. We consider this one of the most important
facets of our company and culture. For more information about Quicken
Loans, visit and if you really want to know
what makes us different, check out our blog at .

Reporting to the VP, Communications, the Public Relations Director will
plan and execute communications, public relations and media relations
strategies to build consumer awareness and position the company as an
industry and community leader.


– Develop and implement innovative communication strategies to position
Quicken Loans as an industry leader and top employer, ensuring all
external and internal communications are integrated and consistent with
the Quicken Loans brand.
– Build and sustain effective, long-term working relationships with
regional and national consumer, business and trade media.
– Work with all areas of the company to identify and develop new story
opportunities, or develop response to emerging situations.
– Help prepare senior leaders for interviews and public speaking events.

– Help develop the communications skills of all senior leaders and other
members of the public relations team.
– Ensure internal communications programs are in place to keep all team
members informed of important company news and events.


– BA degree in Public Relations, Communications, Journalism or Business.
– Preferred 7-10 years experience in fast-paced environment; consumer
finance experience a plus.
– Solid knowledge of consumer, business and trade media; able to build
and sustain long term relationships with key media.
– Superb writing, editing and verbal communication skills; ability to
convey complex matters in simple terms.
– Strong coaching and mentoring skills.
– High energy, passion, drive and curiosity about all facets of our
– Quick, proactive thinker with superb judgment, able to take
independent action.
– Must be self-starter who is detail-oriented, deadline-driven and have
high standards for excellence.
– Ability to deal well with multiple deadlines and changing priorities
in a fast-paced environment in which desired results must be achieved.
– Excellent project-management skills (prioritizing, organizing, problem
– Solid computer skills, knowledge of MS Office Suite programs and
latest communication technology and channels.

Quicken Loans is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
Apply via or email your resume to
Elizabeth Jones, APR
VP, Communications
Quicken Loans

***  From A.J. Guenther:

We have a job opening for a Public Relations Senior Account Manager. 
Please share this with your database as appropriate.


A.J. Guenther
Director, Public Relations
ConnellyWorks, Inc.
SSCi Building
2214 Rock Hill Road
Herndon, VA 20170-4227
Home Office: 703-721-0541

24.)  Public Relations Account Executive/Senior Account Manager,
ConnellyWorks, Herndon, VA

ConnellyWorks, Inc., a full-service marketing communications firm
located in Herndon, VA, is seeking a public relations professional with
at least 5 years of experience.  The ideal candidate must be able to
manage all strategic and tactical components of a public relations
program; demonstrate strong written, oral, project management, and
people skills; be able to multitask; and have experience working in the
public sector marketplace.  Specific responsibilities include account
management, proactive/reactive media relations, and press release/case
study/speaker abstract/award nomination development.  Experience in
marketing information technology (IT) companies is a plus.

ConnellyWorks is a small, woman-owned business – focused on the
government IT market – that is rapidly growing its client base.  We
offer competitive salaries, health benefits, and an excellent working
environment that enables professional and career development.  For more
information, please visit:  Email all resumes to

25.)  Head of Corporate Communications and Public Affairs – Buenos
Aires, Google,  Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires-Province, Argentina

***  From Steve Ellis:


Hope this finds you well.

I'd appreciate your posting the embedded/attached in the next issue of



Communications, Washington, DC

Levick Strategic Communications, one of the nation's most widely
respected high stakes communications firms, has an immediate need for an
exceptional account supervisor or director in its Washington, DC
headquarters. We are looking for a self-starting PR pro with seven to 10
years of experience-up to half of it in an agency-who can successfully
pitch the media, provide solid client service, and direct multiple
accounts. The successful candidate will understand the PR product and
how to manage it from creativity to profitability. We have an array of
national and international clients who retain us for crisis
communications, litigation support, and no nonsense media relations as
well as public affairs and issues management.

Levick is a dynamic, exciting place to work. We move fast, think fast,
and act fast. Our clients are demanding, and the people who work with us
are pros. Our agency will challenge you to succeed, and we will reward
you for your success.

If you have an interest in seeing if you and your skills are a match
with what we need, please take the next step and contact us at In the mean time, we invite you to check us out
further at

Levick Strategic Communications is an equal opportunity employer.

Levick Strategic Communications, LLC
1900 M. Street, NW
Suite 400
Washington, DC 20036

27.)  Media Relations Manager, Dentsu Communications, NY, NY

***  From George Pender:

28.)  Director of Communications, National Academy Foundation (NAF), New
York, N.Y

The National Academy Foundation (NAF) has an immediate need for an
experienced communications professional to direct NAF media,
communications, policy, and web-based activities. This is an exciting
opportunity to contribute to shaping the direction of NAF's
communications efforts and to building a department to support our
goals.  NAF encourages applications from high energy, enthusiastic
professionals who meet the position's requirements (below) and are
interested in making a difference in the field of education by improving
public high school education through public-private partnerships.  NAF
supports the concept that diversity in the workplace results in an
enriched environment and enhanced work product, and encourages qualified
women and minorities to apply for this position.

The director of communications, reporting directly to the President, is
responsible for developing and building a robust communications effort
encompassing planning and implementing all media, communications, and
public relations activities.  The Director will develop measurably
effective communication strategies for media outreach, program and
organizational promotion, and other NAF communications functions.  Also
within the directors purview is brand continuity and the management and
the overhaul of the NAF website.

Professional Qualities
The selected candidate will be a problem solver, an effective
communicator, and will exhibit outstanding initiative and leadership
qualities. The director must be highly organized, entrepreneurial,
flexible, and self-motivated, and will show evidence of excellent
planning skills and a refined ability to multi-task. The director must
posses the ability to train staff, including consultants and
Media and Public Relations Responsibilities
*   Assess and evaluate NAF's communication efforts and advise senior
staff regarding need for and feasibility of new communications efforts.
*   Develop media releases, negotiate, and manage media partnerships
*   Increase the level and quality of NAF media contacts to refine and
enhance communications and public relations activities

External Communications Responsibilities

*   Create a style guide and ensure consistent messaging and look across
all NAF materials
*   Direct the design, production, and updating of all broad
communication formats, including printed publications and brochures,
newsletters and annual reports
*   Collaborate with teams across the organization to create
communication tools targeted to their specific audiences
*   Oversee all promotional activities for NAF programs and publications

*   Maintain records and provide evaluation summaries for promotional

Web site Responsibilities
*   Supervise the redesign of NAF's website while collaborating w/senior
*   Regularly monitor NAF's website to ensure the latest content is
accurate and timely and create workflows to insure the same
*   Develop and execute measurable plans to enhance website quality,
accuracy, and timeliness
*   Coordinate web site management and enhancement activities with NAF
staff, consultants, and subcontractors

Preferred Experience

* At least eight years of progressively responsible experience in
communications, preferably in education or public policy
* Significant experience writing for the media with evidence of
excellent writing and editing skills
* At least three years of press relations experience, including media
contact development and management
* At least three years of supervisory experience
* Experience in product marketing, development, and branding
* Experience with communications software, including databases and
tracking/monitoring technologies
* Experience with New Media, including web-based marketing and promotion
and web-site management

NAF's standard work week is thirty-five hours, Monday through Friday, 9
am to 5 pm, with exceptions or variances in standard schedule agreements
granted by the president and CEO. This is an exempt position that often
requires extended work hours, particularly during program launch periods
and NAF's annual Institute for Staff development and Leadership Summit.

Equal Opportunity Statement
NAF is an equal opportunity employer affording all employees and job
applicants fair and equal treatment. NAF complies with the letter and
spirit of all applicable federal, state, and local laws prohibiting
employment discrimination, including discrimination based on race, age,
color, gender, religion, national origin, marital status, family
responsibilities, sexual orientation, veteran status, and disabilities.

For more information about NAF, please visit .

All qualified applicants are invited to submit resume and writing
samples to: and write Communications Director in the subject line.

Electronic submissions are preferred.  Only qualified applicants will be
considered. Deadline for submitting resume and writing samples is May
21, 2007.

George Pender
Chief Technology Officer
National Academy Foundation
39 Broadway, Suite 1640
New York, N.Y. 10006
Phone: 212-635-2400   Fax: 212-635-2409

29.)  Multi-skilled Graphic Designer, Rivonia, tchbonisa, Gauteng, South

Graphic designer equally at home on a PC or Mac, able to jump from
producing an Annual Report to a MultiMedia application.

Company Description
tchbonisa has a graphic design studio catering for everything from
annual reports and brochure layouts to multimedia interactive stuff,
Large format poster design and event related material

A boffin on Flash
A fundi on Freehand
Can do Photoshop in my sleep
Excellent communication skills
Adobe InDesign is a dwaddle
Can conceptualise and write creative concepts
Video experience

Personal Skills/Attributes
A team player but can also work as an individual
Not a premadona
Take pressure in my stride
Understand that in an urgent situation interruptions happen

Remuneration: circa 8K dep on experience and capabilities
Job level: Mid
Own transport required: Yes
Travel requirement: Occasional
Type: Permanent

30.)  Crisis and Corporate Communications Director, KPMG, Montvale, NJ

***  From Linda Jordan:


I'm looking for two interns, as described below, to help out in our
Communications department on an indefinite basis.  I would appreciate if
you would post in next week's JOTW.


Two Communications interns – Indefinite temporary help needed,
Bristol-Myers Squibb Company, New Brunswick, NJ

The Communications department of Technical Operations, Bristol-Myers
Squibb, is looking to hire two interns.  We are looking to fill both
positions immediately.  Duration of internship is until at least
September 2007, and perhaps beyond.  We would prefer candidates who are
able to work two to three days a week throughout the duration of the
internship at our offices in New Brunswick, New Jersey.  Candidates will
work directly with the Director and Associate Director of

31.)  Intern, Writing/Editorial, Bristol-Myers Squibb Company, New
Brunswick, NJ

Main responsibilities will include developing articles for online
publication, assisting in developing website content, supporting global
town hall meetings for the division, conducting research on
communications practices, researching external publications on the
pharmaceutical landscape, proofreading/editing, as well as other duties.

Preferred candidates will be pursuing a Bachelors degree in
Communications or related field, such as Journalism, Public Relations or

32.)  Intern, Web Content Management, Bristol-Myers Squibb Company, New
Brunswick, NJ

Main responsibilities would include maintaining the Technical Operations
webpages (posting new content, working with others in the department and
the technical groups to enhance the useability of the site).  Knowledge
of HTML and Dreamweaver essential.  PhotoShop, Fireworks and
Plumtree/BEA Aqualogic highly desirable.

Preferred candidates will be pursuing a Bachelors degree in Information
Technology, Web Design or similar fields.

General skills for both positions include:
–   Strong written and verbal communication skills
–   Well organized and attentive to detail
–   Flexible and adaptable to accommodate changing priorities and
–   Ability to work effectively, both independently and as part of a

Technical Operations is Bristol-Myers Squibb's worldwide supply
organization with more than 10,000 employees in 28 plants throughout 18
countries.  The Technical Operations Communications team is responsible
for developing and implementing a worldwide strategic internal and
external communications program for Technical Operations that will drive
employee behaviors and actions in support of Technical Operations goals
and objectives, and those of Bristol-Myers Squibb overall. 

Bristol-Myers Squibb is a global pharmaceutical and related health care
products company whose mission is to extend and enhance human life.
These positions are part of the company's Business and Corporate
Communications Group. 

Interested candidates should forward their resume and a short cover
letter stating your availability (days/hours per week; starting date) to

33.)  Communication Officer, MSF, Brussels, Belgium

***  From Ariella Levine:

Ariella Levine
The Mount Sinai Medical Center
Marketing and Communications
One Gustave L. Levy Place, Box 1107
New York, New York 10029

34.)  Senior Marketing Director, The Mount Sinai Medical Center, NY, NY

Reporting to the Chief Marketing Officer, you will help lead the
development and implementation of integrated marketing initiatives to
strengthen our brand identity, while reinforcing our strategic
positioning in the marketplace. You will help to oversee our marketing
and communications programs; identify specific themes,
objectives and strategies to increase the visibility and reputation of
each department; and enhance the Medical Center's stature as a leader in
clinical care, education and research. Additionally, you will
participate in editorial and creative concept development as well as
contribute to various publications, including annual reports,
newsletters, speeches and press releases.

The ideal candidate must have a Bachelor's degree with at least 10-15
years of proven experience leading multimillion dollar marketing and

Quantitative and qualitative market research experience essential as
well as knowledge of the healthcare industry and a facility for
translating scientific topics
for the public.

Experience in business to business and/or consumer marketing with an MBA
is preferred.

Must be able to negotiate and manage contracts with outside consultants
and call upon your extensive network in the New York market to
capitalize on strategic partnerships. You will be required to write
persuasively, develop strategic marketing plans and partnerships, and be
proficient in working with local, national and global press. A creative,
pragmatic and enthusiastic team player who builds trust is vital.

We offer a salary commensurate with experience and a competitive
benefits package. Visit our website and apply online, requisition # 07-45959. We are an equal
opportunity employer and foster diversity in the workplace.

35.)  Director, Marketing and Communications, The Mount Sinai Medical
Center, NY, NY

Reporting to the Chief Marketing Officer, and working closely with the
Sr. Director of marketing and communications, you will help lead the
development and implementation of integrated communications initiatives
to market programs, strengthen our brand identity and reinforce our
strategic positioning in the marketplace. You will help with message
development, issues management and media programs as you help to
identify specific communication's themes, objectives and strategies to
increase the visibility and reputation of each department and enhance
the Medical Center's stature as a leader in clinical care, education and

Additionally, you will participate in editorial and creative concept
development of all written materials, both on-and-off-line, as well as
originate, research, write and edit for various publications, including:

annual reports, executive profiles, major features and bylined articles,
white papers and editorials, speeches and press releases, newsletters
and fact sheets.  Further, you will help to define and align
organizational image and mission in collaboration with staff and
free-lancers and supervise art directors, photo editors and other

The ideal candidate must have a Bachelor's degree with at least 10-15
years of proven experience leading multimillion dollar integrated
communications campaigns for multiple internal and external audiences
and developing strategic communications plans that include local,
national and global press.

Knowledge of the healthcare industry and proven ability translating
complex, scientific and medical topics for the public is essential. You
must be a quick study, a fast, facile and persuasive writer able to also
edit all content for clarity, accuracy, style and organization under

A creative, pragmatic and enthusiastic team player who builds trust is

We offer a salary commensurate with experience and a competitive
benefits package. Visit our website and apply online, requisition # 07-45958. We are an equal
opportunity employer and foster diversity in the workplace.

36.)  Assistant Director of Marketing, The Mount Sinai Medical Center,

Reporting directly to the Chief Marketing Officer, you will support the
development and implementation of strategic communications and marketing
programs to strengthen Mount Sinai's reputation as a world leading
medical provider. We will rely on you to field inquiries and research to
develop and write materials, establish and maintain databases for
research and analysis, and liaison with both internal and external
stakeholders. You will also contribute articles to various publications,
including: annual reports, newsletters, medical and scientific
backgrounders, speeches, ad copy, and more.

Working to broaden market awareness of Mount Sinai's unique work in each
of our clinical, educational and scientific disciplines, you will
formulate a proactive press strategy and target innovative venues to
communicate the brand. Maintaining solid working relationships with
broadcast and print news executives and managing outside vendors,
including contract negotiations, will also be important to your role.
Additionally, you will develop materials for internal and external
communications, both on and off-line, including updates, news briefs,
bulletins, announcements, and press releases. Administrative tasks will
entail scheduling meetings, and travel arrangements, processing expenses
and reimbursements, preparing reports, and distributing materials.

The ideal candidate must have a Bachelor's degree with at least five
years of experience in media or marketing, along with exceptional
writing and creative skills. Strong analytical and research capabilities
and a refined sense of detail will be vital. The ability to work
independently, a professional demeanor in dealing with sensitive issues,
and the ability to build trust in a team environment will be essential.

We offer a salary commensurate with experience and a competitive
benefits package. Visit our website and apply online, requisition # 07-46000. We are an equal
opportunity employer and foster diversity in the workplace.

***  From Harry Wiley:


According to the Ashland Inc. Web site, the company has openings for at
least five corporate communications personnel, in Lexington, Ky., and
Dublin, Ohio. See

Harry T. Wiley
Total Communications
1401 Winchester Avenue, Ste 45
Ashland, KY 41101
37.)  SR. COMMUNICATIONS SPECIALIST, Ashland Inc., Dublin, Ohio

38.)  SR. COMMUNICATIONS SPECIALIST, Ashland Inc., Lexington, Kentucky

39.)  SR COMMUNICATIONS COUNSELOR, Ashland Inc., Dublin, Ohio

40.)  COMMUNICATION SPECIALIST I, Ashland Inc., Dublin, Ohio

41.)  COMMUNICATION SPECIALIST I, Ashland Inc., Lexington, Kentucky

***  From Bryan Hubbard:


Having benefited from JOTW at least once, I wanted to give back by
giving your readers a heads up about a job coming at the OCC.  No not
the custom chopper builders, but the more exciting Office of the
Comptroller of the Currency.  The job is a new position — Change
Management and Communication Specialist.  It will be posted at We will take applications from
Friday, March 30 through Friday, April 20.  Depending on qualifications
pay ranges up to $121K with great benefits.

42.)  Change Management and Communication Specialist, Office of the
Comptroller of the Currency, Washington, DC

The Change Management and Communications Specialist is responsible for
researching, planning, executing and evaluating programs supporting
organizational change and organizational development with in a federal
agency business unit with agency wide implications.  Incumbent will
plan, prepare and coordinate communication and learning management
activities to facilitate organizational change and the adaptation of new
processes and procedures to modernize and enhance organizational
performance.  Incumbent will provide overall project management and
leadership and will be expected to develop detailed project plans,
manage and track tasks, prepare and coordinate communication and
training materials, and provide metric-based reports on project

The incumbent serves as the organizational change management expert on
implementing new business unit systems, policies, and procedures and
serves as the focal point for organizational communication. The
incumbent analyzes, provides advice, coordinates activities, writes and
edits material, monitors and updates internal business unit Web content,
and evaluates program activities in support of the organization's change
management needs as directed by the Deputy Chief Financial Officer
(DCFO). Coordinates closely with OCC Public Affairs on agency-wide
communication related to the business, serves as the single point of
contact for business line change management activities, and represents
the business line at agency-wide meetings related to, or affecting
awareness, understanding, adoption, and support of financial management
and workforce effectiveness initiatives, programs, products, policies,
and procedures. The incumbent researches, writes, and edits articles for
publication in agency-wide communication channels, develops collateral
for use in change management training and learning programs. The
incumbent prepares and presents business line briefings and
presentations to agency governance bodies to describe and report on
business line activities that require agency-wide support, compliance,
or approval.  The incumbent is responsible for identifying, engaging and
managing stakeholders throughout the organizational change engagement.


This position requires one year of specialized experience equivalent to
the next lower pay band, NB-III for the NB-IV and NB-IV for the NB-V.
Specialized experience is experience that equipped the applicant with
the particular knowledge, skills, and abilities to successfully perform
the duties of the position and is typically in or related to the work of
the position to be filled.

Highly-competitive candidates will have 5-7 years experience in the
change management with mid-sized to large corporations, consulting firms
or government agencies with a proven track record of developing and
executing change management and targeted communication plans. 
Employment history should demonstrate progressing responsibilities and
success in helping organizations adopt new business practices by
employing sound change management principles.   The ideal candidate must
have strong project management skills and experience in leading large
change management programs (Business, Technology, Process and/or
Organizational change).  While not required, a BS/BA in Organizational
Development, Business, or Communication is desired.

Specialized experience is evidenced by performing a variety of
progressively responsible and mid-level assignments or activities
associated with executing a change management program  and advising
business line leaders on the impact, tactics, and effect of
organizational activities requiring or relating to change management
activities. Experience should include developing and executing change
management, communication and training plans; writing and developing
support material; and preparing and presenting reports and proposals to
senior leaders.

Find out more at
Bryan Hubbard
Special Advisor to the Deputy Comptroller for Public Affairs
Office of the Comptroller of the Currency
250 E. St SW (Room 9072)
Washington DC 20219
(202) 874-5307

***  From  Alan Greilsamer, who got it from Sallie Dietz at NBTA

Did you get this one from Sallie Dietz at NBTA?
Thanks as always.

43.)  Communications Assistant Manager, National Business Travel
Association, Alexandria, VA

National Business Travel Association seeks an individual to support the
development and execution of the Association's member and external
communication strategies.  This position serves as the primary contact
for media outlets and develops proactive outreach strategies that
support the positioning of the Association.

Responsibilities include: Preparing speeches and presentations, writing,
editing and formatting electronic newsletters, member communications,
media relations, media tracking, web writing,    and editing, assisting
with media relations for several events, drafting letters on behalf of
NBTA leaders for placement in industry, business, and consumer
publications, maintaining a high level of industry knowledge.

Qualifications:  3-4 years experience in Communications/PR environment;
bachelor's degree in related field.   Experience with basic public
relations techniques. Experience with one or more of the following:
speech writing, press release writing, web writing, marketing writing
and copy editing preferred.  Knowledge of travel industry/transportation
issues preferred. Bilingual a plus.

The National Business Travel Association (NBTA) is a solid growing
association located in the heart of Old Town Alexandria.  NBTA offers an
excellent benefit package, and competitive compensation in a pleasant
modern office setting.  Qualified candidates should send a resume with
salary requirements to or fax to 703-684-0263.  No phone
calls, please. 

***  From Chris Dour:

44.)  Assistant to the Public Affairs Officer, Office of Legislative
Affairs, Congressional Information & Public Affairs (LA-2), Department
of the Navy, Washington, DC

About Us:  The Office of Legislative Affairs (OLA) is the
primary interface between the Department of the Navy and Congress.  It
is the principal office through which Congressional requests for
budgetary and program matters flow.  The Congressional Information and
Public Affairs division support the Chief of Legislative Affairs, Deputy
Chief of Legislative Affairs, and Division Directors in all Public
Affairs matters.  Additionally, the Congressional Information and Public
Affairs division is responsible for all Capitol Hill notifications,
including contract notifications.

About the Position:  The incumbent of this position serves as the
Assistant to the Public Affairs Officer, responds to requests for
information and assistance from Members of Congress and their staffs;
ensures Congressional queries about Navy plans and policies are answered
in a timely manner; provides public affairs guidance concerning
congressional relations to Navy Public Affairs Officers; arranges visits
by congressionally sponsored civic groups from across the country with
Senior DOD and Navy officials in the Pentagon; and provides current
information about congressional activities and interests for the use by
the Navy's leadership.  Responsible for coordinating congressional
requests for Navy units such as Blue Angels, ship port visits,
fly-overs, and tactical demonstrations.  Primary advisor to the public
affairs officer on congressionally sponsored Chamber of Commerce and
special interest group visits to the Pentagon for visits with senior DOD
and Navy leadership.  Maintain superb interpersonal skills in order to
effectively liaison with the Navy Office of Information to obtain
materials and information to respond to congressional requests.
Provides administrative guidance and support to the public affairs
officer to include applicable procedures, research and data processing.
Sole responsibility to review, evaluate procedures and provide guidance
on a wide range of legislative matters.  Possess a comprehensive and
thorough knowledge of contracts notification in order to assume this
function independently in the absence of the Notification Assistant.  Be
competent in the use of various computer software applications including
Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.

If you are interested in being considered for this vacancy, please
contact CDR Chris Dour at 703-695-0395 for further information regarding
the application process. 

***  From Kim A. Hanson, ABC:


Here is a posting I am happy to pass along to your readers (see copy
pasted below)

Kim A. Hanson, ABC
South County Communications, LLC
Phone: (203) 543-2826
Member: CCM, IABC
45.)  Corporate Communications Director for Internal Communications,
Rodale Inc., NY, NY

Rodale Inc. is currently seeking a NY-based Corporate Communications
Director for Internal Communications 
Responsibilities include:  
.  Developing internal communications strategy 
.  Oversight of internal communications for Rodale, encompassing
primarily writing and editing communications for Rodale President and
CEO Steve Murphy.  Writing will include company-wide internal memos from
Murphy, internal presentations for key meetings (such as management
meetings, business meetings), key speeches for Murphy for external
audiences (such as annual meeting for International partners and other
speaking engagements)
.  Gather, write, edit content for corporate award applications, such as
Fortune, Working Mother magazine and pitch letters related to Rodale
being a great place to work and other key award applications. 
.  Plan and oversee the execution of corporate capabilities brochure
.  Develop an electronic week-in-review newsletter on Rodale News for
distribution companywide  
.  Oversight of intranet and Internet 
.  Manage Manager of Corporate Communications as well as Corporate
Communications Coordinator
The ideal candidate will possess:
.  5-7 years' experience
.  Excellent Writing skills
.  Strong Communications, Organizational and Interpersonal Skills
.  Work within a fast paced, entrepreneurial environment
.  Must be able to multi-task
.  Good leadership and management skills
.  Ability to work on a variety of genres a plus
.  Must be creative, assertive, and persuasive

Interested candidates should contact: Sandra Matthiessen, Rodale's
Senior Director of Human Resources, at

46.)  Editorial Director, DevX Custom Portals, Jupitermedia Corporation,
San Francisco, CA

Jupitermedia Corporation (Nasdaq: JUPM), (
headquartered in Darien, CT, is a leading provider of original images
and information for creative, business and information technology
professionals. Jupiterimages provides photos and other graphic images
electronically while JupiterWeb is the online media division of

Jupitermedia currently has an opening for an Editorial Director within
our DevX Group for a qualified candidate with experience in developer

The successful candidate will be comfortable talking with both marketing
professionals and product managers; understand current issues affecting
developers; and have a track record of accomplishment in producing
quality articles on IT issues. Minimum five years experience. San
Francisco/Bay Area based with occasional travel. Telecommuting NOT an

We offer competitive compensation and a generous benefit package
including medical, dental, vision, 401K with company matching, life
insurance, commuter discounts, fitness reimbursements, EAP, FSA,
vacation and more!

For immediate consideration, please send resume as a Word document
attachment and cover letter to

47.)  Forum Nerd, The Viral Factory, Santa Monica, CA

We are The Viral Factory,

And we create viral videos. We are hired by top companies and ad
agencies to grow their brand in the critically important social
networking internet space. We have won loads of awards and gotten tons
of press. We've been at viral marketing long before it was considered
fashionable and way before Youtube.

Finally we have created a job for your borderline anti-social, curious
behavior. We are looking for a smart, hard working, passionate worker
who knows the web inside and out. We're looking for someone who can
spend the day chatting on forums, digging articles, and be involved with
blogs like a maniac.

When we create our videos then seed them on various websites and
networks to gain maximum exposure to the most relevant audience. Your
responsibilities will include development of viral networks, executing
and designing seeding strategies and writing seeding proposals.
Basically putting videos out on the internet and monitoring viewer's
conversations about it.

Applicants should be:

Dialed in to social networks and multiple communities
Live and breathe viral videos (i.e. watch stuff on the internet)
A pop culture junkie
Self-admitted nerd a plus

The is a fulltime entry level position that is freelance to start, with
an opportunity for a permanent salary job. We are a fun, growing company
located in Santa Monica. Please check out our website at

Job Requirements
Hard working, smart, knowledge of social networks and viral videos,
passionate about forums and communities, must be apart of at least two
social networks, must have a personal avatar.

Education RequirementsHigh School Graduate
Please check out our website at

***  From Bill Seiberlich:

48.)  Project Editor, SAP, Newtown Square, PA

49.)  Public Relations AE, 160over90Philadelphia, PA

50.)  Graphic Designer, The News Journal, Wilmington, DE

The News Journal, Delawares most valued information source seeks an
experienced Graphic Designer to join its Design & Support Services
Department. The ideal candidate will be responsible for producing highly
creative and effective ads and advertising materials on a quick turn
around basis. Other responsibilities include assisting sales executives
and customers with ad campaigns and strategies.

Requirements: Must meet the following qualifications:
– Prior experience in graphic design
– Advanced Macintosh OSX computer skills
– Complete knowledge of Quark Xpress, InDesign and Adobe Photoshop
– Typing speed: at least 35 wpm
– Able to work nights and weekends
– Typesetting and proof reading skills are preferred

The News Journal appreciates the benefits of a diverse workforce through
a commitment to equal employment opportunity.

Contact: Individuals with demonstrated success in the areas outlined
above are invited to apply. Please forward your resume, letter of
application and salary requirements to: Human Resources, The News
Journal Company, 950 West Basin Road, New Castle, DE 19720 or Fax: 302

51.)  Director, Global Advertising, Godiva Chocolatier, Campbell USA,
Camden, NJ

General Summary
– Strong advertising and communications leader and a visible champion of
advertising and brand building.
– responsible for the quality and impact of the company's advertising
and media development. Responsible for managing and motivating creative
and media agencies domestically and worldwide.
– Thought leader on interactive/online advertising and communications
plans with the ability to positively impact the marketing and
communications strategy of CPG companies
– Develop and leads inculcation of best practices
– Provides council to internal clients and agencies on all aspects of
advertising and media.
– Provides training to marketing managers around the world.
– Provides thought leadership and forceful advocacy on strategic issues
relating to advertising, media and broader communications plans.
– Communicates and draws implications from key trends and competitive
– Ability to interface with CEO, Chief Strategy Officer, Division
Presidents and ELT, Agency CEO&apos;s and Senior Agency Management,
Legal and all Marketing Staff organizations.

Principal Accountabilities:
– Overall Advertising, Media and Interactive strategy development (30%)
– Advertising Copy Development (25%)
– Media and Interactive Marketing Planning and Execution (20%)
– Agency Management and Leadership (15%)
– Training (10%)

– Provide strategic leadership by facilitating the development of an
ownable strategic positioning for every brand.
– Lead the development of persuasive single-minded concepts and
– Provide thought leadership on new business opportunities and develop
new ideas via out-of-the-box thinking, competitive and trend analysis
and exposure to search and reapply opportunities across countries and
– Key member of Campbell USA Business teams
– Work closely with all staff functions (CCID, Package Design,
Promotions, Legal, Public Relations, Finance, Campbell Kitchen,
Nutrition), providing key strategic and tactical counsel on corporate
issues and opportunities.

– Develop an efficient and effective copy development process including
advertising policies and procedures.
– Provide objective, disciplined, expert point-of-view to guide
development of all creative, including evaluating advertising executions
presented by the agencies in copy meetings, interpreting details of
advertising research results, and fine-tuning finished production.
– Partner with CCID to uncover new consumer insights from qualitative
and quantitative research.
– Provide input on pre-production of advertising — director selection,
casting, scene objectives — as well as post-production editing.

– Lead the strategic development and implementation of Campbell's
Interactive marketing and e-commerce plans.
– Influence planning and buying of all media
– Lead and develop leading edge online and new media communication
– Lead the development, maintenance and marketing of Corporate and Brand
specific websites.
– Stay abreast of new media opportunities.

AGENCY MANAGEMENT AND LEADERSHIP: Liaison between Brand and Agency to
lead and manage the Client/Agency relationship.

Education & Experience
– Minimum education required: MBA degree
– Minimum Experience: 10+ years of CPG marketing experience, ideally in
brand management and advertising services

– Track record of successful, business-building
advertising/communications plans in a demanding consumer company or
– Television, Radio, Media Planning and Buying, Production and
Interactive Marketing experience.
– Track record of strong people management and training experience.
– Ability and willingness to travel 15 to 20% of the time.


Campbell, the ingredients to be extraordinary. Where icon brands thrive.
People are valued. And you can make a difference.


52.)  PR Account Manager, Westaff, Middletown, DE

Westaff is doing a search for an entry level public relations dynamo! If
you have an outgoing and dynamic personality, then this is the position
for you! As Public Relations account manager, you will manage a national
program. You goal is to keep the clients happy with the businesses
performance. You will handle press releases, support events, come up
with creative marketing ideas. There is definite growth and opportunity
with this business. There may be some travel involved. If you are ready
for a fun challenge, call Westaff today! Salary is $25-35/yr depending
on experience.

Position Requirements: You must be self confident, energetic, detail
oriented and customer focused.

Benefits: Westaff also offers a competitive benefits package, including:
– Health, Life, LTD, AD&D Insurance Coverage
– Vacation, Holiday, Birthday and Sick Pay
– 401(k) Savings Plan
– Employee Stock Purchase Plan
– Flexible Spending Accounts
– Educational Reimbursement

About Westaff: With more than 57 years of practice, it's no wonder that
Westaff has earned the reputation as one of the largest staffing
companies in the country, and one of the most experienced. Our success
has continued throughout the rest of the world, supplying business
solutions in every major market in the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

Westaff is an Equal Opportunity Employer. AA M / F / D / V


53.)  S.V.P., Communications & Public Affairs, ARAMARK, Philadelphia, PA

54.)  Marketing Assistant/Corp. Communications, Taylor Wiseman & Taylor,
Mt. Laurel, NJ

Taylor Wiseman & Taylor, a civil engineering and environmental
consulting firm, is seeking a creative, outgoing person to join its
Marketing department, based out of the corporate office in Mt. Laurel,
NJ. As a Marketing Assistant/Corporate Communications individual, the
candidate will be responsible for, but not limited to, the following
– Writing, editing, and sending out press releases to media
– Designing and sending out client mailers
– Developing and posting intranet content
– Preparing, submitting, and monitoring all print advertisements
– Coordinating registration, shipping, travel, and exhibit logistics
for all trade shows and show attendees
– Preparing exhibit graphics and printed materials for all trade shows
– Designing and producing marketing materials
– Coordinating event selection, registration, and staffing for all
college recruiting fairs

The ideal candidate should possess a B.A. in Communications, English,
Marketing, or a related field; 1-2 years marketing experience; excellent
oral and written communication skills; excellent graphic design skills,
particularly in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign; proficiency
in MS Office; excellent time management and planning/ organizational

Taylor Wiseman & Taylor offers a salary commensurate with experience
and excellent benefits.

Contact: Qualified applicants, please send resume and salary
requirements to: Joseph Scimone, Human Resources, Taylor Wiseman &
Taylor, 124 Gaither Drive, Suite 150, Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054

55.)  Media Buyer/Planner, Goffman Group, Newtown, PA

Goffman Group, Inc., a small, full-service advertising agency is
seeking a mature, motivated Media Buyer and Planner to join our growing

Candidate must possess excellent communication and negotiation skills,
and the ability to analyze data and market research.

Responsibilities include: Implementing buys for radio, cable and
broadcast for client list; working closely with AMs to relay
information; developing media plans for new and existing clients. Should
feel comfortable speaking to clients as there is some client/buyer

Candidate must be a self-starter, capable of working as part of a team.
Great opportunity to be a part of a rapidly growing agency. At least 2
years of media buying experience a must.

Our agency, located in Bucks County, has built a reputation of being a
fair, consistent, and customer service oriented company.

Contact: If this interests you, please forward resume and salary
requirements to to be considered. No
phone calls, please

56.)  Copywriter, LevLane, Philadelphia, PA

LevLane is a growing full-service communications company, providing
strategy creativity and counsel to its clients for more than 20 years.

We are current seeking a Copywriter. Minimum 5 years advertising agency
experience, retail chops, conceptual strength in all media/collateral.

Please visit our website at

Contact: Send resume and samples to:

57.)  Healthcare AE, Aloysius Butler & Clark, Wilmington, DE

Aloysius Butler & Clark is seeking an Account Executive with Healthcare
Experience. You understand and enjoy healthcare marketing. Youve
serviced healthcare accounts in an ad agency and maybe even worked in
marketing for a hospital or health system. You have at least five years
of experience, maybe more. Were a solid, 35-year-old, 53-person agency
with most of our business is in healthcare. We have a national
reputation and are growing. Great work environment. No cubicles. No
tantrums. No tyrants. Only 20 minutes from Philadelphia. Join a team of
creative, smart, fun-loving people.

We offer unlimited potential for motivated professionals, great
compensation, full benefits, including; 401(k), bonuses, financial
planning assistance, profit sharing, medical insurance, pre tax accounts
for health care, life insurance, paid holidays & vacation time, free
parking, job training programs, tuition reimbursement

Contact: Send resume and salary requirements via email Include HC AE in the subject line, or mail
to Human Resources, Aloysius Butler & Clark 819 N Washington St, Wilm,
DE 19801

58.)  Account Manager, VTM PR, Beaverton, Oregon

We offer competitive salaries for PR professionals with 6+ years
experience. Join a seasoned leadership team to accelerate your career
growth. Capitalize upon our formal training program and benefit by
working in small teams with our seasoned experts. Energy, drive, and a
commitment to excellent, accurate work are essential. Prior journalism
and agency experience is desirable. We will consider candidates from a
variety of organizations who have the years of experience desired.

We hire account managers with experience in:

Media and analyst relations
PR planning
Leading and building teams
Top-notch verbal and written business communications skills
Time and project management

In addition to our base compensation, we offer a generous benefit
package. Let's talk soon.
VTM, Inc.
3855 SW 153rd Drive
Beaverton, Oregon 97006 USA

59.)  Internal Communications Officer, Ornge, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Preference given to those applicants who have earned the Accredited
Business Communicator designation.

60.) Public Relations Consultant, Calysto Communications, Atlanta, GA

61.)  Music Editor, 3D World Magazine, Sydney, NSW, Australia

3D World Magazine is looking for an experienced music editor to fill a
full-time vacancy. Copy writing and sub-editing experience is absolutely
essential to this role, as is passion for and comprehensive
understanding of the local music industry. You'll need to be comfortable
working to tight deadlines and able to effectively manage multiple
stakeholders. We're looking for someone who really understands the youth
entertainment market, with the vision to take our brand forward. The
ability to work with advertisers on effective communication strategies
will also be highly regarded. In return we can offer you a youthful,
energetic workplace with a great range of staff perks.


* Experience working within a team environment and managing editorial
* A background in editorial planning and managing freelance writers
* Experience managing multiple projects and deadlines
* Experience managing budgets
* High level of written and verbal communication


* Experience with database management
* Client management skills, particularly within the sales arena
* Experience using web publishing and content management software
* A background in feature writing

Expressions of interest can be emailed to

62.)  Communications Manager, Chinese American International School, San
Francisco, CA

Chinese American International School is seeking an experienced
Communications Manager to join our team of dedicated teachers and
administrators. We are an independent school in San Francisco serving
pre-kindergarten through 8th grade students. Our mission is to educate
children for academic excellence, moral character, and international
perspective through immersion in American and Chinese culture and
language. CAIS was founded in 1981 by a multi-ethnic group of parents,
educators, and civic leaders. Our bilingual community is friendly,
caring and fun. Mandarin language ability is a plus for this position.

Job Description:
The Communications Manager is responsible for increasing the visibility
and raising awareness of Chinese American International School by
working with the Institutional Advancement Committee to develop and
implement a comprehensive marketing and communications plan. This may
include, but is not limited to, printed publications, electronic
publications and notices, website, marketing, advertising, community
relations, media relations, and public relations. The Communications
Manager works with every group in the school to ensure that all internal
and external communications are consistent and reflect the marketing
goals, objectives, and mission of the school. The Communications Manager
develops and updates a timeline of communication activities including an
annual communications plan.

Collateral Material
The Communications Manager writes, coordinates and produces the primary
collateral pieces such as the Annual Report, newsletters, promotional
materials and brochures, as well as electronic newsletters and flyers.
Other responsibilities include:

Capturing stories and photos from school events to use in marketing
materials, such as publications and website. Reminding all members of
the community to anticipate events and provide information and photos
about them.
Serving as advisor and editor to groups within the school that generate
brochures, handbooks, guides, and other printed materials, as well as
certain electronic notices. For example, the Communications Manager
proofreads and grants final approval to such internal materials as the
Family Handbook and external materials such as the Summer Program
Ensuring consistency in messaging, use of brand, and tone in all pieces
of communication generated by all members of the school.

The Communications Manager is the writer, copyeditor, and graphics
editor of the website. Quality control rests with this person. The
Communications Manager is the school's main liaison with the webmaster.
Responsibilities include:
Keeping site fresh: Regularly checking site for timeliness of content;
instructing webmaster to update or take down content.
Managing all content and design, submitting edited, final content to
Maintaining photo gallery with webmaster's assistance.
Maintaining online calendar.
Soliciting, collecting and editing submissions of content (text, photos,
videos) from various community members for the website (e.g. News from
teachers or parents about student achievements in contests, fairs,
Ensuring accuracy of content.
Keeping site sharp: Regularly visiting websites of similar organizations
(e.g. peer schools) to ensure that the CAIS website is comparable to, if
not ahead of, others; find ways in which the CAIS website can be more
user-friendly and dynamic when it comes to web presence, aesthetics and

Media Relations
The Communications Manager manages all external communications and
maintains the media contact database. Responsibilities include:
Developing and maintaining relationships with local and national
education, international, business, and culture members of the press.
Developing, producing and updating press releases, media alerts, press
kits, speaker kits, sponsor kits, and calendar announcements throughout
the year.

Other Duties:
Other responsibilities include.
Keeping up the main bulletin boards for news on school-wide events,
press clippings, calendar notices, photos.
Working with Institutional Advancement Committee to plan and promote
Working directly with Director of Admission to create admission-specific
promotional pieces and notices.
Collecting and maintaining media and photo library for CAlS-related news
and events.
Assisting with the writing and editing of letters and articles.
Working with professional printers, including pricing jobs, sending
files and signing off on proofs
Working with Parent Association to produce electronic and print notices
to families.
Working with PA to maintain branding on CAIS items.

Skills: Excellent oral and writing skills. Attention to detail and
follow through on projects.
Motivated self-starter with good organizational and interpersonal skills
who enjoys working with a team.
Ability to handle multiple projects simultaneously to meet deadlines and
work effectively with multiple groups, including: staff, faculty,
students, Trustees, alumni, clients and volunteers.
Marketing and market research background a plus.
Excellent computer skills are a must such as Word, Powerpoint, Excel,
Adobe Photoshop and InDesign. Dreamweaver is a plus.
Speaking, reading, and writing Mandarin is a plus.

Experience: The job requires a person who has strong, demonstrated media
and public relations skills; writing, editing and print production
skills; and experience in writing press releases, and managing marketing
Previous experience in media relations, website design and management,
and contractor management desirable. Prefer a degree in communications
or marketing with 5+ years in Marketing Communications and/or Public
Relations in designing, composing, and editing written material for
newsletters, press releases, annual reports, collateral material and/or
websites. Must have ability to work as a collaborative team member in a
small, dynamic organization. Must be available to work occasional
weekends and evenings.

Your application should include:
a cover letter

Please send your application via one of the following:
Email: (please indicate Communications Manager) in the
subject line.
Fax: (415) 865-6089. Attention: Heather Lin
No telephone calls, please.
Chinese American International School
150 Oak Street, San Francisco, CA

63.)  Communications Director, Kavli Foundation, Oxnard, California

***  From Mike Pina:

64.)  Writer/Editor, North American Council on Adoptable Children
(NACAC), St. Paul, MN

Manages all phases of publishing the NACAC Bulletin, the
association's online monthly newsletter, which is emailed to members and
housed on the NACAC Web site. The editor handles advertising, marketing
and dissemination strategies for the Bulletin and assists in the
development of advertising policies for national conference
The editor also provides writing, editing and design support to other
association publications, including research reports, textbooks,
marketing brochures and advertisements and writes articles for outside
publications that help build the organization's reputation with the

Position requires a bachelor's degree in journalism, English or
communications-related discipline, along with a minimum of one to three
years of editorial experience, including some experience in online
publishing and experience working with printers and other vendors.
Ability  to manage multiple projects under tight deadlines is a must.
Expertise in Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, graphics tools, HTML, content
management systems and other online publishing tools a major plus. Mac
Great benefits and working environment.

Send resume, cover letter, salary requirements and three recent clips to
Kristen Bourke at No phone calls.

65.)  Community Relations Director, American Cancer Society, Mendota
Heights, MN

***  From Ken Jensen:

66.)  Senior Communications Specialist, Freeport-McMoRan, Phoenix, AZ

Job description
Responsible for overseeing and implementing Human Resources
communications to include, but not limited to communications about
benefits, compensation, savings plans, retirement plans and related

Additional responsibilities:
Research and write Human Resources communications regarding, but not
limited to, benefits, compensation, savings plans, retirement plans and
related items.
Counsel and coordinate with Human Resources on the appropriate methods,
messages, vehicles and timing for an effective, year-round Human
Resources communications program.
Develop and execute communications project plans in conjunction with
designated HR coordinator.
Work with vendors and consultants to ensure superior working
relationships, delivery of quality products on time and in budget.

Strong demonstration of writing, editing and verbal communication skills
and knowledge of AP Style.
Five or more years experience in corporate communications.
Deadline driven.
Ability to manage multiple projects with accuracy and meet deadlines in
a fast-paced environment.
Ability to understand and effectively communicate complex subject
Proficiency in MS Office applications, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint
and Outlook.
Bachelor of science/arts degree in journalism, public relations, mass
communications, English, or equivalent work experience.

Preferred qualifications:
Strong experience in employee communications.
Accredited business communicator or accredited in public relations
HR communications background.

Click here to apply

When applying, reference job number 0700489.

Also, please send your resume to Barbara Deters, manager of internal
communications, at

67.)  Media Manager, Bashas', Phoenix, AZ

When you join the Bashas' team, you're more than an employee, you're
part of a growing family! We are currently seeking an efficient and
creative individual to analyze, recommend and perform buying functions
for all types of media. Responsibilities include: contract negotiation,
maintain media budgets, and manage media-buying agency for television
and radio.

Ideal candidate will possess a BS degree in Marketing and a solid
foundation in media buying, 5+ yrs electronic media buying exp. in an
agency environment and 5+ yrs exp. buying print media, negotiating print
contracts & direct mail. Exp. in media buying for retail format a plus.
Excl'nt accounting, communication & analytical skills required.

We offer a competitive salary, opportunities for advancement and a
generous benefit package, incl. member discounts, tuition assistance and
company-paid Medical, Dental & Life. Apply: online at or
email resume/cover letter to Steve

68.)  Grant Writer, ASU Foundation, Tempe, AZ

The ASU Foundation, one of Arizona's longest established nonprofit
organizations, exists to raise private contributions for Arizona State
University. Located on ASU's Tempe campus, the ASU Foundation's 150+
employees and partners are committed to helping ASU achieve its vision
of becoming a world-class university exemplified by excellence in
teaching and research, a talented and diverse student body, and
effective and meaningful partnerships between academia and the

The ASU Foundation's rapidly growing communications and marketing team
is currently searching for a Grant Writer.

Essential Functions:

Develop effective grant materials, proposals, case statements,
conceptual plans, letters of inquiry, acknowledgement letters, progress
and stewardship reports, and other corporate and foundation
Research and analyze information and data for proposal development.
Prepare attachments and other collateral material for proposals.
Complete funder's forms required for submission.
Prepare customized proposals according to each corporation's and
foundation's guidelines.
Create customized budgets and developing project summaries for use in
the field and in reporting.
Coordinate successful proposals with appropriate personnel and
Apply for renewal grants.
Administer the acknowledgement letter and grant agreement process.
Maintain all hard and electronic files for all donor/potential donors.
Prepare presentations and other written materials for events related to
donors and potential donors.
Maintain an active, current body of knowledge relative to ASU.
Oversee the development of a library of commonly required data for grant
writing skills.
Perform other editorial assignments and projects as assigned.

Skills & Abilities:

Four or more years of grant/proposal writing experience with a record of
success in securing large gifts from corporations and foundations.
Ability to synthesize complex ideas into coherent, compelling grant
proposals seeking major philanthropic support from foundations and
corporations, under the guidance of the VP for foundation relations and
the VP for corporate relations.
Excellent proofreading and editing skills.
Strong interpersonal and communication skills, along with demonstrated
personal initiative and willingness to learn and share the learning.
Must be a team player who understands and accepts the necessity of
working toward a common goal with maturity, poise, initiative, and
Ability to work successfully with diverse constituencies of an academic
Must be proficient in Word and Excel; PowerPoint experience desired.
Must have understanding of nature of corporate philanthropy as it
relates to higher education.
Creative and professional self-starter with an entrepreneurial spirit
and precise attention to detail.
Must have ability to discern and maintain confidentiality.

Education / Qualifications:

Bachelor's degree, preferably in communications, marketing, journalism,
English or related field, AND four years of business and/or marketing
writing experience.

Contact us today.

The ASU Foundation offers a competitive compensation and benefits
package, including medical, dental and vision insurance; a 401(k) plan
and reduced tuition at ASU. For more information on the ASU Foundation,
visit our web site at If interested in the Grant
Writer position, please send your resume and cover letter to indicating the job title in the subject line.

69.)  WEB EDITOR, ASU – Herberger College of the Arts, Phoenix, AZ

Join the ASU Herberger College of the Arts award-winning communications
staff and help develop the optimal online experience for college
constituents. The Web Editor provides strategic development of Herberger
College electronic communications, including content, market
effectiveness and overall utility. This is an editorial-focused position
reporting to the director of communications.

As the college's online “editor-in-chief,” the Web Editor will write,
organize and manage a diverse range of original, customer-centric
content to create a rich, multi-media Web environment. The Web Editor
will solicit and manage the aggregation of interactive audio-visual
content (both original and third-party), including RSS feeds, videos,
podcasts, blogs, wikis, visual tours and online exhibitions.

The successful candidate will coordinate a college-wide Web advisory
team and must be able to work in a collaborative environment as well as
be a strong individual contributor. Must work well under deadline
pressure, successfully manage multiple projects simultaneously and have
basic knowledge of how database-driven Web sites work. This individual
must be able to think strategically and creatively, while demonstrating
hands-on skills and project management.

Deadline: 11:59pm, 4/20/07. Salary: DOE. AA/EOE. For
qualifications/application info, see Job ID # 10814 at:

70.)  Community Relations Specialist – NCDR LLC for Kool Smiles,
Cambridge, MA

***  From Todd J. Gainer:

Mr.  Lundquist,

My name is Todd Gainer and I am the Senior Recruitment Specialist with
the BlueCross BlueShield Association.  I wanted to follow up on your
posting service.  I am very interested in posting a Communications
Consultant position based in our DC office.  I appeciate you posting
this position on my behalf.

Please let me know if you have any questions.   Please refer to our
website at for additional information.  Thanks for your

Todd J. Gainer
Senior Recruitment Specialist
BlueCross BlueShield Association
1310 G  Street, NW
Washington, DC  20005
202.942.1120 – direct
202.942.1054 – fax

71.)  Communications Consultant – Public Affairs (DC06-049), Blue Cross
and Blue Shield Association, Washington, DC

The Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association is a membership organization
of independently owned insurance companies and is the strategic leader
behind the Blue Cross Blue Shield brand, one of the most recognized
brands in America and the choice of over 98 million Americans for their
health care coverage. We now have a great career opportunity available
at our Corporate Communications & Public Affairs department in
Washington, DC.

This Consultant will be involved in the strategic development and
implementation of high visibility initiatives that impact national
health care agenda.  The Consultant will interact extensively with
national and trade health care media.

Required Qualifications: minimum three years of related, progressive
experience in strategic communications, public affairs; proficiency in
Microsoft office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint).

Preferred Qualifications: Bachelor 's degree in Journalism, English or
Communications; knowledge of national media; familiarity with Capitol
Hill and the legislative/regulatory environment (preferably health care
related); demonstrated professional-level writing and editing skills;
excellent oral communications and sharp analytical skills; sound
judgment; effective presentation skills and the ability to engage and
deliver clear and concise presentations; demonstrated ability in the
development and management of business relationships; ability to work in
a fast-paced environment with changing priorities and tight time

We offer an exciting opportunity to bring your skills and talents to an
organization committed to providing the most advanced technology and
services. We offer a great benefits package, work & family balance, a
diverse workplace and much more!  Please apply online by going to: CSSPage_Welcome.asp

and search for job number DC06-049.

Equal Opportunity Employer

***  From Jean P. Whiddon:

Hello Ned. Your Job of the Week website was recently recommended to me
by Christie Susko.

We are currently seeking a full-time copywriter. Here is the job
description. I'd like to have this included in your job postings. Is
there something else you need me to do?

72.)  Advertising Copywriter, Fixation Marketing, Washington, DC

Fixation Marketing, a full-service marketing communications agency
(moving to Bethesda as of 5/26/07), has an immediate opening for an
Advertising Copywriter.

Fixation serves clients in the tradeshow industry and is regarded as the
country's leading tradeshow marketing agency, with many of the Tradeshow
Top 200 events among its clientele. Its tradeshow clients represent many
different industries, including biotechnology; direct marketing;
plastics manufacturing; food, beverage, and dairy manufacturing;
amusements and attractions; hearth, patio, and barbecue; Christian
retail; metal manufacturing; education; municipal government, and

In addition, Fixation Marketing works with for-profit and non-profit
organizations in industries such as sports & entertainment, information
technology; real estate development; publishing; and others.

In this full-time position, the copywriter will–
– Brainstorm with other members of the creative team copy/graphic themes
for presentation to client  
– Conduct extensive background research, interviews, face-to-face
meetings as needed for background research
– Collaborate with the creative team and the client to develop the
“creative strategy brief”
– Write copy for all components of promotional campaign, including
direct mail, advertising, websites, interactive marketing, PowerPoint
presentations, letters, brochures, etc.

In addition to ongoing client work, the copywriter plays an important
role in marketing the agency by writing new business proposals and
presentations, marketing letters, agency marketing, and articles for
industry publications.

The ideal candidate will–

– Have 5+ years of agency copywriting experience
– Have a degree in marketing, English or related field
– Demonstrate superb command of the English language, its usage,
spelling, and vocabulary
– Be familiar with various style manuals including the Chicago Manual of
– Be the agency's primary copyeditor and proofreader
– Be able to manage and meet a non-stop stream of daily and weekly
– Participate in new business pitches
– Have a record of outstanding client service skills
– Embrace a work environment that is open, collaborative, flexible and

Please send resume and at least 3 relevant work samples to Final candidates will be asked to complete at least
one freelance copywriting assignment.

Jean P. Whiddon
President + CEO
Fixation Marketing, Inc.
1225 Eye Street, NW, Suite 1225
Washington, DC 20005-5918 USA
+1.202.371.0700 tel.
+ dir.
+1.240.463.5863 cell

***  From b j Altschul:

Hi Ned and fellow JOTW-ers — ya gotta love this one!

73.)  Office Jester, Motley Fool, Alexandria, VA

The Motley Fool seeks an outgoing, multi-talented Fool to be our
full-time Office Jester. That's right; we work hard and have fun too. We
couldn't be the Motley Fool without our own Jester, after all. The ideal
individual will embrace our core value of Joyful Optimism, bringing
humor, entertainment, and amusement to all employees and visitors of
Fool Global HQ. This is not a new position but it offers great
flexibility in execution.

Primary Responsibilities/Objectives
.   Roam office entertaining employees
.   Plan and execute parties and happy hours
.   Participate in all company meetings and gatherings as an interstitial
.   Identify struggling or overworked Fools or Teams and brighten their
.   Function as office DJ, managing/programming the office sound system.
Manage musical requests efficiently, while keeping the office bumping.
.   Order pizza for Pizza Day
.   Repair damaged jester caps
.   Construct complex balloon animals
.   Care and feeding of the office monkey, Dr. Zaius
.   Ride in Foolmobile as body double decoy for Gardner brothers
.   Piggyback carry the winner of The Motley Fool Stock Picking Contest in
St. Patrick's Day Parade
Core Competencies:
.   Current on all reality TV
.   Pop Culture expert, able to postulate about Season 3 of Lost
.   Always at the ready with a quip or comeback.
.   Equally comfortable in a jester cap and bear suit
.   MS Excel
.   Proven game room skills as a formidable adversary in Halo, Ms. Pacman
and Bubble Hockey; ability to convincingly let management win on
.   Juggle chainsaws, bowling balls, and one item of your choosing
.   Have >50 answers to knock-knock jokes, at least half of which must be
.   Must have authored at least one viral video of moderate fame.
.   Can tap a keg on the first try
.   Extra napkins and utensils at the ready for Fools eating at their
.   Can chug beer, shotgun beer, guzzle beer, snort beer, play beer pong,
flip cup, 3 man, do beer bongs, beer cheers, keg stands, and bluegills
with the best of them
Preferred Qualities:
.   Friends would tell you that you are “seriously funny!” but they are
laughing so hard they can't breathe
.   Tall or short but we prefer that you not be of average height, as it's
not as funny
.   Crazy hair
.   Annoying and easily recognizable laugh
.   Friends with at least one B list celebrity. (No reality contestants)
.   Experience in three of the following: Stand up, Street mime, rally
racing, horticulture, pottery, rapping, paragliding, cattle ranching,
roller skiing, ballet, actual break dancing/popping, ice fishing, chess
.   Blood type AB (or equivalent)
.   Ability to type 90 words a minute, replacing all vowels with various
forms of smileys
.   Clown college, Improv school, Brown, or equivalent experience
Apply at

***  Weekly Piracy Report:

22.03.2007 0705 UTC in position : 08:43.0N – 076:14.0E, SW Coast, India.

Three pirates in two speed boats boarded a rig under tow by two tug
boats. Pirates were noticed preparing to transfer equipment from the rig
to their speed boats. Master raised alarm and pirates jumped overboard
and escaped in their boats.  
21.03.2007 1855 UTC in position : 01:41.20N – 101:27.90E, Dumai port,
Three robbers armed with knives boarded the tanker from port quarter.
They entered accommodation.  Master raised alarm, crew alerted,
authorities were informed.  Search party conducted a thorough search on
board and nothing found missing / stolen.  
***  Public relations info served straight up to PR pros as sassy
articles about public relations, cheap media contacts and public
relations jobs

***  Ball cap of the week:  Washington Nationals (Today is opening day,
and I'll sneak out and get over to RFK (section 454 I think) after my
meeting at the National Press Club, but I'll probably be wearing my Red
Sox hat.)

***  Coffee Mug of the Day:  Ballard Spahr Andrews & Ingersoll (Thanks
to Christine Kuhinka)

***  T-Shirt of the day:  Public Strategies (thanks to Michelle Lewis)

***  Today's musical accompaniment: Gomez

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