Daily Archives: June 25th, 2007

If You’re Not Here, This is What You’re Missing So Far

A few snippets of things that have happened so far at the IABC Conference in New Orleans…

You can just say…

Ned sees Laurie Krechner who is married to Ned's friend Gary lash who Ned used to do stuff with when they were Explorers. Ned introduces Mike to laurie, and decides to impress her. Mike: I was in Nice, France… Laurie: You can just say “Nice.”

Life is a journey

JOTW 26-2007

If it's Monday, this must be Ned's Job of the Week (A special edition from New Orleans, Louisiana)

Hospitality and Event Planning Network (HEPN) for 25 June 2007

More jobs for you!

Ned Continues to Pester Mike with Questions.

I am unapologetic in my belief that steroids have made me a better blogger. I’ve hit a couple out of the park.

Ned and Mike Sighting

Ned and Mike with Iqbal Parupia at the Pakistani Hospitality suite.